Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | November 8, 2011

In which Dave responds to the article.

This entire article will be attempted to be written to address the article in question that it is attacking, though I feel these two quotes deserve attention first.

“Also yet another discovery made by this voting scandal to fuel flames of this article: David SV’d Spiderman.”

What, exactly, is wrong with supervoting a set I like? How the hell is this character bias in any way? What gives you the idea I like Spider-Man as a character? Spider-Man is an extremely bland character, he’s the definition of an overused character archetype: character who uses comedy to hide all his hidden wangst. If I did like Spidey as a character, wouldn’t I be absolutely disgusted with how OOC the damn set is? Spider-Man’s combat in both the film and comics is based around melee and acrobatics with a bit of web thrown in. The set uses webs on practically EVERY MOVE. It’s my favorite Nick set, outside Mime which is dominated by Smady. I clearly can’t SV anything that is under 6 stars, can I?

“I voted Spider Man. Nothing against it. It just seems a bit convenient for him. Two ponies, Edgar, Pennywise, AND Spider Man. . .”

Yet, you have no problem with the Tropy supervote.

Now, lets assume your supervotes are the same as the top 6 in your rankings. Hey, I have to assume such because you’re so damn secretive with your vote lists. For those who have not been familiarized: Roolenstein, Pennywise, Banny, Gengar, Dutchman and Kabutops. It goes without saying you are a massive fan of K. Rool, seeing as you have made him yourself -twice- and played as him on Celestial Refresh for about…a day. Pennywise, you have gone on record saying the character is “amazing”, in a discussion of MYM6 Pennywise (“Pennywise the character is amazing, the set is not” I believe the wording was.) Dutchman is a character you liked prior to the making of the set. Gengar is from a series you have made several movesets for, as well as being a damn antagonist. The only ones that don’t have an actual argument against them are Banny and Kabutops, though I could easily assume you like Banny due to your knowledge of Illbleed. You’re being just as much of a hypocrite as I apparently am.

Now that these comments are out of the way, lets’ take a skim through the rest of his article.

“David is a guy who likes extremely over the top cartoony characters, and will stop at nothing to get them movesets, doing actual serious consideration to get movesets made for characters like bloody –Dan Backslide-“

Yes, I like cartoony characters. Yes, I make sets for cartoony characters. The only person who has a problem with this is PC, who hates every single moveset that isn’t a pokemon/Danny Phantom character and absolutely despises me because I apparently “blackmailed” you. But here’s the thing: I LIKE making movesets for cartoony characters and primarily make movesets for them. YOU LIKE making movesets for antagonistic characters, and primarily make movesets for them. I wouldn’t be disgusted if you decided to make an incredibly serious, grimdark villain who broods all the time. Point is: why can’t I make what I want to make? Besides, it’s not like you have any problem with Dan Backslide, considering you wanted me to rush him out for that dead story mode of your’s.

If you’re really so disgusted by the thought of me making comedic characters, you’ll be happy to know that Kraehe is a sympathetic villain and my next moveset is for a liveaction protag just as cynical and close-minded as you. Of course, Kraehe is a lightweight female antagonist and the other character has very little potential and is just being made so I can put him into Order and Chaos, meaning you’ll find something to hate about both of them.

“When somebody else makes a moveset for a similar character he likes and is overly hard to do, David gives them tons and tons of pity based off the character.”

If this was the case, Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy would be my favorite damn sets of all time considering all they do is advertise cereal and be generic wolf/generic mummy. I dislike both sets, in case you haven’t heard by now.

“David was utterly disturbed when I put Edgar at the top of 6 star and that I wasn’t super voting him”

Pretty big accusations there, big guy. The first part is somewhat true, but I never suggested anything beyond six star: mainly it was a question of why his Edgar comment didn’t match with the ranking of the set. Said comment was extremely positive, with the only real nitpicking being in the form of complaining about the mechanic which everybody but Kupa hates. The second part is a bullshit statement with absolutely nothing to support it, especially considering the fact I never said such a thing.

“it was one of his absolute favorite sets just because of how difficult it was to do a moveset for Edgar”

Edgar is not as difficult as you would imagine; I wanted to make the thing myself before Kupa decided to do it as a one-night set for “maximum (hippo)”.

Yes, I overhype Edgar. I have already stated this a multitude of times in the chat, FA can back me up on that. Why did I overhype Edgar, then? I really liked the damn set and wanted to ensure it wouldn’t be overlooked in the final day rush. You know, the one where 13 sets were posted. 7 movesets were posted just the day before: ponies and Silver’s “last set ever”. Overhyping the thing would be the most obvious way to ensure the thing actually got read, especially when it’s up against a set by you, an MT set, two Smady sets and a fucking MEANIE SET.

“All he did was prone abuse”

Yes, yes. We get that you’re still sour about Komodo Moe only placing 48th when it did, in fact, deserve higher.

There have been sets besides Edgar to do prone abuse, but you directly state in his comment that he and M. Trinity are probably the only ones to focus exclusively on prone abuse, later stating that M. Trinity boiled down to a “generic trap set”. Edgar does focus around the prone trap, but he does accomplish it in a manner that is extremely unique, using the bike to carry the foe across the stage or to spread your prone trap, giving the foe umbrellas and what not.

“So because Edgar can’t do anything, it should be rewarded because it’s the best Kupa could come up with for Edgar?”

Edgar can do plenty of things, you could have had him on the bike the entire set and it would’ve worked. You could’ve had him pulling out random butler props the entire set and it would’ve been a cop-out, but it would’ve worked. You could’ve had him use nothing but the sack the entire moveset and it would’ve worked. There are plenty of damn things that could’ve been done for the set, but Kupa’s approach should be praised because it is easily the best way Edgar could be made.

“David has gone on record saying he’ll SV Wolf Man”

“obnoxiously positive comment”

It’s so terrible to not be a cynical bastard, isn’t it?

“David couldn’t understand JJJ’s f-air and thought papers came out of his suitcase whenever he used it instead of him being able to store things inside it, and generally attacked the moveset for being difficult to understand. But the final verdict? An excellent job for the character I was given.”

JJJ is an excellent job, but some of the moves are tacky and some of the moves are so condensed in the writing that it is impossible to understand, yet, I like the set. I already told you that we had the same playstyle idea when you made the MYM Survivor entry, shouldn’t that give you an idea of how much I love the playstyle? I am willing to forgive parts of a set if the overall playstyle manages to be engaging and unique.

“Clearly it was better than Gangreen Gang.”

It was. (CHEW)

The next section pertains to Khold, I’ll go on record to say that I do think his bias is somewhat ridiculous and that I voted “No”. But I’ll also say that his opinions should be taken with a grain of salt; he’s the biggest troll MYM has had and you take everything he says 100% seriously.

But, I might as well make a little note here since MW has his huge paragraph about Krillin: among the things on my votelist were Krillin, Barbovor, Trainer Joe, Gengar, Slowbro, Haunter, Zoroark and Chess Man. All hail from series I have a bias against: Dragon Ball, Pokemon and Megaman. The bias against Megaman is much more forgiving than the other two, but Chess Man is a damn original character, which Dave hates even more than those three series. Krillin was admittedly a WV, but this is due to me not having a ridiculous love of the set, especially with Vlad being the superior duplicates set.

Add onto that my attacks against Nick, primarily due to him not reading Dutchman for having a bias against Spongebob. My other major concern was his refusal to read ponies on the grounds that they were all “average” according to your rankings. Why would I attack this so vigoriously? I highly disapprove of bias, much to your surprise. Bias does affect me, but in a way that benefits MYM more than it harms it: If there is a set for a character I know, I will read it before a set for a character I don’t know. Obviously, I decided to read Sweeney Todd before I read Grovyle, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read Grovyle.



  1. I still disagree with the notion that whatever stupid shit Khold says is because he’s trolling. It gives people bad habits of being able to say almost whatever the hell they want without consequence.

  2. You were included in the article because of you accusing me of having no reason to dislike the ponies outside of character bias. Most of the defensive points you’ve made can apply to me. The fact I included -Pennywise- on that last of SVs should tell you something, considering how much I love that set. Your N. Tropy bias I didn’t feel was as obvious to point out as the others, it’s not as public of knowledge.

    When you want to keep your votes just as if not more secretive (I never knew them until this incident), then yes, trolling that you can potentially put on the votelist is quite legitimate. Some of us actually give a damn about this and do it for more than just a little hobby.

    I also don’t care if you like JJJ more than Gangreen, but I brought it up because of how you only had negative things to say about the set then said it was good because it was JJJ. Then again, you just seem to generally struggle with comments, as Wolf Man and JJJ don’t really do much justice to your actual opinions.

    I really don’t believe you have much a case of character bias, if any. Again, it was a largely defensive measure. Because it was in my defense, no I’m not going to apologize. However; I’d rather not continue an overly hostile co-existence with you just because of Dutchman. For the love of god, peace?

  3. >overly hostile co-existence

    I really dig this phrase, for some reason. I think I’ll use it sometime.

  4. It’s kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it?

  5. Yeah, it kind of implies that co-existing hostilely is fine and dandy… unless you cross the boundary and becomes OVERLY hostile. Then we’ve got a serious problem, man.

  6. This has boiled down to finger pointing and bitching. Now, you’ve had your fun. Get back to the moveset mines

  7. fo realz

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