Posted by: Junahu | November 9, 2011

Junahu Review: Fright Knight

You lucky boys! You get two helpings of suck this time!

This is the follow up review, which basically goes over the few real points I actually made in the review. It’s recorded at a blistering 1 frame per second, so just treat it like an audio comment.

This is the blind review itself. It’s long, and boring, and the audio lag is in excess of 5 seconds.

If you don’t like videos involving my face, I’ve included a quick text summary below. (Scores are relative to the MYMer’s potential and are not meant to gauge the set’s “value”)

Visual Impact 5/9

[While very passable, it does little in the way of capturing the spirit (lol) of the show. You also fall into the trap of using a contrasting colour for the attack’s name, but not the input’s name, making the latter sink too much into the background]

Writing & Style 6/9

[Similar to the Visual Style, the writing does not, in my opinion, match the entertaining pace of the cartoon it’s based around]

Suitability of Detail 7/9

[An awful lot of detail, superfluous or otherwise, floating around made it a tricky read, though it’s hard for me to pinpoint any specific details to prune, since most of them were actually useful. There was also a pacing problem where I forgot Fright Knight could even summon things, until I reached the few moves that specifically affect summons]

Brawl Relevancy 7/9

[Beyond the “foe must summon me by picking up my sword”, which I predictably loathe, the rest is very in keeping with the spirit of Brawl]

Character Relevancy 7/9

[The set almost seems to declare itself a fear based set in the character description at the start, but mostly ‘appears’ to neglect that aspect of the Fright Knight throughout the set itself. I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad though, since Fright Knight is indeed a cartoon character]

Attack Flow 8/9

[I was rather surprised at how well the moves seemed to play off of one another, at all three points of his playstyle, and not just at one individual stage or another. So, well done there.]

Playing Style 7/9

[A clever, though ultimately restrictive playstyle with three distinct ‘stages’ to it; racking damage to retake the sword, planting the sword to spread chaos, and finally taking advantage of that chaos to KO the foe.]

Additional Work 6/9

[A satisfyingly lengthy and well organised Playstyle, along with matchups (though they do little to add to my understanding of Fright Knight, instead acting as fantasy battles). The inclusion of a stage is also very welcome]

Overall 53/72


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