Posted by: Junahu | November 10, 2011

Junahu’s MYM votes (MYM4-MYMX & MYM14)

Howdy hoes! What is this? Why, it’s every single vote list I’ve ever made for MYM! If you’ve ever wondered what sets I voted for at Top50 time, well… your strange and petty prayers have been answered!

Why am I posting this? Because I think some of these votes might leave Warlord a little… cold.. and that’s always good for a laugh. Plus I don’t post enough articles.


Super Votes:
Skyler Ocon (SkylerOcon)
Snorlax (KingK.Rool)
Mr.Shine & Mr.Bright (Sir Kibble)
Pokey (The Trophy Master)
Jonathan Morris & Charlotte Aulin (Spadefox)
The Joker (Master Warlord)

Regular Votes:
Lyon (Spadefox)
Harkinian, The King of Hyrule (Spadefox)
Kefka (Spadefox)
Advance Army (SirKibble)
Super Star Helpers (SirKibble)
Gemini Man (SirKibble)
Jafar (KingK.Rool)
Electrode (KingK.Rool)
Aladdin (~Cruxis~)
Dr Cid (~Cruxis~)
Nack the Weasel (Hyper_Ridley)
Wheelie (Hyper_Ridley)
Mega Man (Chief Mendez)
Hades (BKupa666)
N (Agidius)
Charley’s Ghost (cheap_josh)
Castform (Baloo)
Marina Liteyears (Shake~)
Raphael Sorel (Lenus Altair)
Roll (Meadow)
Klavier Gavin (Kitsuneko345)
Electroplankton (Akiak)
Top Man (Pelikinesis)
Banjo Kazooie (cena_wolf)


Super Votes
Raiden Smash Daddy
Ekans KingK.Rool
Gwen Chris Lionheart
Richard SirKibble
Ryuk MasterWarlord
Articuno Jimnymebob

Normal Votes
Miracle Matter KingK.Rool
Alphonse Master Warlord
Steven Stone MarthTrinity, Sirkibble, MasterWarlord, Hyper Ridley, Ocon, Chris Lionheart
Toadette Meadow
Heat Man SirKibble and Plorf
Bubble Man agidius
Wilhelmina Carmel SirKibble
Bass and Treble Hyper Ridley
Acid Seaforce Hyper Ridley and Spadefox
Azumarill MarthTrinity
Elias SirKibble
Metal Man Plorf
Arthas Chris Lionheart
Goemon drag0nscythe
Gengar Zook
Nature Horiin
Magmortar darth meanie
Sakurai TheSundanceKid
Roy Mustang Chris Lionheart
Birdon The Trophy Master
Lemmy Koopa Hyper Ridley
Bowser Jr. / Shadow Mario BKupa666
Count Cannoli KingK.Rool
Paint Roller Wizzerd


Super Votes:
Dingodile: MasterWarlord
Tycoon: MasterWarlord
TAC: KingK.Rool
George A. Romero: KingK.Rool
Will & Freedan: PK-ow!
Vaati: SkylerOcon

Regular Votes:
Gluttony: MasterWarlord
Bear Hugger: MasterWarlord
Mr. Sandman: MasterWarlord
Espeon: KingK.Rool
King Hippo: KingK.Rool
Hades: Bkupa666
Bleak: Bkupa666
Spadefox: Hyper Ridley
Edward Elric: Hyper Ridley
Velociraptor: JOE!
Mewtwo: JOE! and darth meanie
Nanoha Takamachi: darth meanie
Takaramu: Wizzerd
Paper Mario: SkylerOcon and Wizzerd
Adeleine: SirKibble
Negative Man: MarthTrinity
Neku Sakuraba: Apemasta’
The Black Knight: Chris Lionheart
Kholdstare: kholdstare
Toadsworth: meadow
Banette: Katapultar
Specter: Usershadow
Maximillion Pegasus: DancingFrogMan
Scyther: Hobs


Super Votes:
Super Macho Man: Hyper Ridley
Spy: MasterWarlord
Abra: KingK.Rool
Sho Minamimoto: SkylerOcon
Mario & Luigi: darth meanie
Cirno: Tirkaro

Regular Votes:
Venusaur: MasterWarlord
Huff n Puff: MasterWarlord
Team Rocket Grunt: KingK.Rool
Kamek: KingK.Rool
Videoman.EXE: darth meanie
Subaru: darth meanie
Rider: darth meanie
Dodongo: Kholdstare
Axel: Kholdstare
Chucky: Bkupa666
Sandshrew: Plorf
Samus Remix: JOE!
Gambit: half_silver and Smash Daddy
Fat Bastard: Bkupa666
Sheep Man: Agdius

Weak Votes:
Ninetales: MasterWarlord
Valozarg: MasterWarlord
Cairne Bloodhood: MasterWarlord
Ocelot: UserShadow7989
Hunter J: Katapultar
Sandslash: Kholdstare
Nero: Chris Lionheart
Onix: Plorf
Saber: darth meanie
Swalot: MarthTriniy
Madeline: Meadow
Yukari: Emergency
Rena: half_silver28
Deadhand: Wizzerd
Sableye: Zook


Super Votes:
Magmortar: DarthMeanie
Hariyama: DarthMeanie
Octillery: JOE!
Antonidas: MasterWarlord
Strike Man: MarthTrinity

Regular Votes:
Dark Bowser: MasterWarlord
Exeggutor: MasterWarlord

Hannibal: MasterWarlord
Slinky: BKupa666
Dionysus: BKupa666
Cacturne: Usershadow7989

Scarmiglione: Usershadow7989
Van Pookin: Plorf
Kingdra: Plorf

Sarisa: Katapultar
Suzu: Katapultar
Spartan Warrior: JOE!
Axel Gear: Hyper_Ridley
Haunter: n88_2004
Archer: DarthMeanie

Weak Votes:
Komodo Moe: MasterWarlord
Komodo Joe: MasterWarlord
The Secret Apprentice: DarthMeanie
Tatari: DarthMeanie
Helios: Hyper_Ridley
Q: MarthTrinity
Weezing: SmashDaddy
Jason: Katapultar
Bob-omb: n88_2004
Skeleton: Axx o Nn
BB Hood: cutter
Colonel Sanders: john!
Kamek: n88_2004
concrete man:


Super Votes:
Hazama: Thrice
M.Trinity: M.Trinity
Jalorda: Hyper_Ridley
Dormammu: n88
Sarkhan Vol: LegendofLink
Luviagelita Edelfelt: darthmeanie

Regular Votes:
Shuna Gorath: M.Trinity
Mr.Minecraft: LegendofLink

Goruugu: n88
Tutankoopa: KingK.Rool
Ganondorf: tirkaro
Bizarro: darthmeanie

Toxicroak: darthmeanie
Baibanira: Kholdstare
Prince: M.Trinity

Amaterasu: TWILTHERO
Jeice: SmashDaddy
Pyro Jack: SmashDaddy
Auron: Smashdaddy
Micaiah: gcubedude
Sothe: gcubedude

Weak Votes:
Thanos: Cutter
Electivire: darthmeanie
Aianto: n88
KingBoo: BKupa666
Blooper: n88
Fawful: Nicholas1024
Soldier: Nicholas1024
Jack Frost: wrk
Erufuun: Thrice
Necky: BKupa666
Landlos: MasterWarlord

Shotzo: Plorf
The Medic: Kholdstare
Cody: gcubedude
Tyranitar: Tenodera


Super Votes:
Gastly: KingK.Rool
Teferi: LegendofLink
Slowbro: MarthTrinity
Trainer JOE!: JOE!
General Grievous: n88_2004 & DarthMeanie

Dark Mega: DarthMeanie

Regular Votes:
Rainbow Dash: MarthTrinity
Pinkie Pie: Davidreamcatcha
Marina: Gcubedude

Galaxy Man: Nicholas1024
Emidius: majora_787
Klobber: BKupa666
Redead: majora_787
Robo Link MK-III: Tirkaro
Trace: majora_787
OVER: Katapultar
Lv10 Fighter: Tirkaro
Tetra: ProfPeanut
Pennywise: BKupa666
Mr Mime: SmashDaddy
Gengar: KingK.Rool

Weak Votes:
Gallade: LegendofLink
Wakka: half_silver28
Aidan: Chris Lionheart
Ghost Rider: Kholdstare
Sid’s Toys: MasterWarlord
Omastar: agidius
Yanmega: LegendofLink
Chen: Tirkaro

Team Pedestal: Phatcat
Oichi: Tirkaro

Haggar: Smashbot226
Meta Ridley: vVv Rapture
MODOK: Smashbot226
Rakansen: Barbasol
Dry Bowser: n88_2004


Super Votes:
Pinsir: JOE!

Waluigi: Smash Daddy
Kudgel: MasterWarlord
Saber Alter: darth meanie
Remilia Scarlet: FrozenRoy
Bubble Witch Marin: UserShadow7989

Regular Votes:
Croagunk: FrozenRoy
Mami: darth meanie
Swallowman EXE: FrozenRoy
Gyarados: Diamondfox
Magic Knight: Katapultar
Whiscash: BridgesWithTurtles
Vespiquen: Conren
Spiderman: JOE! and n88_2004

Little Nemo: peeup
Ultron: n88_2004
Gluttony: MasterWarlord
Avalugg: ForwardArrow
Reisen: FrozenRoy

Koffing: Smash Daddy

Weak Votes:
Shadow the Hedgehog: Getocoolaid

The Producer: UserShadow7879
Rain: Z1GMA
Jigglypuff Remix: darth meanie

King Boo: JOE! and Smash Daddy
Sho Minamimoto: FrozenRoy
Lethe: FireEmblemnier
Hammer Bro: Falkoopa
Dark Falz: ForwardArrow
Necrolyte: smashbot226
Lobo: darth meanie
Heracross: TewnLeenk
Salvatore: Katapultar
Merlina: tirkaro



  1. (h) @ SVing Super Macho Man and Jalorda.

    I’m surprised Pennywise is so “low” on your list, your ad made it seem like it was one of your favorite sets ever, especially considering it was like the 4th one for him lol.

  2. Also, I remember posting my vote-lists for MYM3 and 4 in the original social group, nice to see someone else doing that again.

  3. …the heck, Toxicroak was a joint between me and DM XD

  4. M. Trinity totally wrote herself, and just gave MT credit. (HIPPO)

  5. … You voted for Haggar?

  6. Hooray, now we can all judge Junahu and say terrible things about him because he voted [Insert 3-Star Set Here]

  7. Yes, Junahu has different criteria than the rest of us. I’d think this was common knowledge by now. FA and Smashbot just aren’t quite as exposed to them yet as the rest of us, so give them some time.

    I will say nothing about your opinion, but 9/10 -do- feel quite metavotish, fully taking that opinion into account.

  8. Why are your opinions so shitty (crs)

    • (D) My opinions are just fine and dandy.

    • He ended his sentence with a period! You done ticked him off now, Dave.

  9. I won’t defend 9, because I really can’t remember my voting logic back then.

    10 had a lot of sets that genuinely tickled me. There’s probably a good 7 or 8 sets I had to prune out that I feel are just as good as the sets I actually voted. And my opinions on a variety of sets fluctuated quite wildly around that time

  10. Will you be posting future vote lists as well Junahu?

    • Damn straight… Clownbot of the distant past.

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