Posted by: MarthTrinity | November 11, 2011

Blowing The Lid On MTgate

Because every single voting scandal ever needs to come out into the public eyes, I have one to admit to as well just to prove…something. I dunno. That we’re all crooks? Anyway, my hands aren’t clean either so I’ll get right to it…

MYM9 Top 50 rolls around and it’s pretty cool and stuff. Everything’s going fine on it except for one certain set…Luvia. Now, you know I bloody hate Luvia (sorry DM) with a good bit of passion…fortunately for me it placed rather lowly anyway. Shifts do a fairly good job of murdering the set but it’s somehow -STILL- hanging in there, literally tied for 50th place.

That’s when my crime occurred. In a fit of metavoting rage, I removed .5 points from a set I voted up and -.5’d Luvia. Yeah. That’s it. I just sorta retroactively reduced her score by .5. She probably would’ve lost out in tie breakers anyway but it was still a selfish action by myself (and Warlord too but I’m not pushing blame onto him for something I could’ve and morally should’ve said no to).

So yes. Even if it was only half a point based around metavoting to push a set off the Top 50 that would’ve lost in tiebreakers anyway and I realize that this sounds almost like a parody of the other scandals but it’s actually and sadly true. I had almost even forgotten this incident had happened until Smady mentioned it but, yeah. There’s the truth before it escalates into something worse or “What did MT do? Smady said he cheated as well!” It’s nothing for me to be proud of as much as I disliked the set and even such a minor “adjustment” of half a point is still dishonesty in the Vote Guru position.

I guess all I can do is apologize for that. Luvia wouldn’t have made it past 50th place had she even beaten the tie and gotten on in the first place…but it’s still a set that COULD have gotten on that I directly tampered with, no matter how small. I guess even the most honest of us have our crooked moments sometimes and I apologize for that one more.

MT out~<3



  1. Well I’m glad you at least apologized for it… this was a very harmless little thing I feel, but it’s still vote manipulation and it’s best you came out and tell everyone and that your sorry. I don’t personally feel bothered by it at all (probably because I share your hatred of Luvia), but it’s still a scandal and it is still better that you admitted to your wrongdoing.

  2. Get hype for Junagate.

  3. Junagate has already come and gone. You must have missed it, we had cake.

  4. The cake is a lie.

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