Posted by: MarthTrinity | November 11, 2011

MT Actually Does Something

Where those nine extra points went…

Hey they boys and girls. MT here for a…well…I’m not really sure why I’m here. I guess I feel the need to address everything in general with one nice, neat article. So here goes. First of all, I may as well address my own inactivity this contest so everyone gets the situation straight from my mouth.

Simply put, I really don’t have time to be movesetting at this point in time. No, I’m not pulling some sort of MYM5 Tanookie and saying “I have a life, I can’t be bothered with MYM!” (which is of course an exaggeration of what he really meant I’m sure) as I’ve put far, far too much time and effort into this contest to just toss it aside and not give a shit. I’m legitimately saddened by the fact that I’ve had such little time to actually participate and I realize that this has impacted my commenting and set production tremendously. I also realize that this has all but killed the Recap from me…but once again, I don’t really have the time. Working about 30-35 hours a week at my job is a MAJOR time sink…but seriously? I need the money. Badly. I haven’t visited my friends or my girlfriend in over a year now and I -JUST- got caught up on my school payments. Speaking of, my college courses are year round; I don’t get a summer vacation…I get about a week or two off between terms, then I’m right back to it.

So in short for that part…I really don’t have the time or the energy to be as active as I previously was. I still love MYM and the people here and it really does suck that I’m just inactive…but really, my chatlife is the full extent of my MYM’ing time as of now with the way things are for the foreseeable future. No this does NOT mean I’m retiring or anything like that, I’m just takin some downtime I guess. If it makes me a “chatleech” or whatever, I apologize. But I’d rather stick around in the community, be called a chatleech and keep interacting with others than simply vanish off the face of the earth.

Moving right along…let’s address the most recent drama; the voting scandal.  First of all, I certainly believe that -SOMETHING- was majorly screwed up here. There is  no way on God’s green earth that -MY- moveset should be almost ten points off in the rankings. I’ve already told Smady that I -DO NOT- believe it was something malicious…but admittedly, it’s either that or you’re goddamn terrible at counting man. I truly don’t believe that anyone would alter the votes they sent to PC/agi just to screw with you or whatever, so I wish you’d accept full responsibility for what happened. And if someone -DID- alter their votes just to fuck with your reputation, they should feel far, far worse than you should for simply screwing up counting. It’s good to see that lessons have been learned from this however and that precautions will be taken to assure that it doesn’t happen again. But yes, Junahu did offer repeated help and, if you truly did feel overwhelmed by the responsibility, you had a whole team of fellow leaders there for support. Simply put, something got screwed up and now it can’t be  fixed properly. And it can’t be fixed properly because the votes were all deleted. Herp. I -CANNOT- stress this enough to whoever becomes the Vote Guru(s) this contest; keep all the fucking votes for as long as you can. Inbox space is HUGE. Make use of it.

So what about that MYMX Top 50? Well it’s corrupted somehow. No I’m not going to call for a massive redo or demand Smady’s head for what was (hopefully) an honest mistake (everyone makes them sometimes). It’s just really disappointing to see a set that I believe to be one of my best (regardless of what Warlord or whoever else may say) missing out majorly on where it should be. I -WOULD- appreciate a retroactive exchange with Slowbro, but I’m not gonna throw a fit over it or anything.

Then we have Warlordgate. I was sorta surprised that there were people who were unaware of this, seeing as I vaguely remember Warlord wearing this on his sleeve that he fucked with the results in the past. I agree with Smashbot in that we should forgive but not forget. Warlord’s changed a lot since MYM4…like…people actually talk to him and stuff and he doesn’t break their legs over the smallest stuff, but stuff like this shouldn’t be forgotten. Forgiven for sure, no use holding grudges (same goes for Smady’s voting scandal) as it just creates a negative atmosphere for the whole contest.

So uh…yeah. I guess that’s it really. I sorta cleared up my situation while discussing the situation of MYM as it is. Again, don’t think that I’m leaving or anything like that as I have no intention of doing so anytime soon. Also, if this came across as harsh to you or anything (mainly directed at Smady), it’s because I want MYM to be the best contest it can be without stuff being screwed up. I’m not trying to paint you as a bad guy here or anything as I do believe accidents happen, I just wanna make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Same goes for everyone else too! We’re a big ass community now who’re pretty damn close at this point. If something’s going on or you feel overwhelmed by something, just say so. Hell, I just did it for the past seven paragraphs or so and I bet you didn’t even notice 😉
MT out~<3



  1. Dooter (SMIRK2)

  2. I know that feel MT.

    Growing up sucks.

  3. It was a shock to hear how far off my count apparently was. Saying that, there are several contributing factors and RD may just be unlucky in fitting into all or most of them. Either way, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind a retroactive switcharoo, but yeah, a total recount is not going to be perfectly accurate anyway. It’s very screwed up and I’ve put my hands up for my part in it.

    My only defence is that I was under a lot of pressure from all sides and there seemed to be no help. Junahu only wanted to do research and never talked about voting data after we argued about who would get the guru position on SBC, so I would not have considered going to him for help. In hindsight, I should have, but everything seems clearer in hindsight.

    In the least, improvements and reforms – drastic ones – will come from this situation to ensure nothing like this happens again. Even you have to admit that you did cheat a bit with the picks in MYM9, so no guru gets off from this scandal with their hands clean.

  4. Whoa, that didn’t sound quite so disingenuous until after I’d posted it. I am truly sorry for the part I played in all of this and didn’t mean to cast off blame at others. And liking the article seems sort of sinister, when I meant to say I’m glad you are just in a lull and not planning on leaving us. I miss being able to edit my stupid comments.

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