Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | November 20, 2011

In Which Dave recaps Week #6

Poker Night with Leadership.

This week seemed to be the slowest week so far, only 6 sets and 3 minis posted. Still, quite a bit of activity compared to the dry periods in other contests, proving this as possibly the most active MYM.

First up is Mello by Majora. Sheesh, Majora, don’t you ever worry about vote split? Mello relies on his assistant, Matt, to bring objects onto the battlefield. Mello is rather weak without the advantage Matt gives him, thus, the majority of the moveset is dedicated to protecting him. The main methods in which Mello accomplishes this is to summon mafia goons to distract the foe, or herd them onto his motorbike. While these are the most major options, he also has a slew of other options to protect Matt such as generic smoke bombs, sabotaging the foes’ attacks or even playing a game of hot potato with a bomb. The moveset received praise for it’s concepts, with the overall consensus being that it was one of the better Majora sets so far. However, the most common criticism was the lack of detail put into the concepts. The moveset was also criticized for  ignoring Mello’s trademark chocolate-eating, which was retroactively added in the form of a taunt.

Pokemon Trainer Mark by flyinfilipino is a set for a pokemon trainer of a different sort: a pokemon TCG trainer! Mark’s pokemon are all cards, being able to be summoned with about 95% of his attacks. The pokemon act as lingering hitboxes, meaning he can devastate the foe with co-ordinated pokemon attacks if he plays his cards right. In addition to this, the attack animation for almost every attack is a simple card swipe, meaning Mark is able to add a new depth to these co-ordinated attacks with a simple mindgame.  The reception for this set was mixed, many felt that it was a fitting set for a card game, with the trickery and planning involved. This was a mixed opinion, however, as some felt that it wasn’t a good take on the trading card game on which Mark plays, as well as the evolution concept oddly being present in only one move. Warlord ranked this the lowest set in the contest until he decided to read Kyubey.

Marian by Koric hails from the Double Dragon series, and uses many of the same attacks from said game, to the point where it feels like one of those fighting game copypasta sets. The set’s playstyle mainly seems to be a generic rushdown set, with the majority of attacks being some form of melee or projectile. Reaction to the set was mixed from those who commented it, they noted that Koric’s writing style had improved over his previous work, but noted that the set was incredibly simplistic.

The Carnival by MasterWarlord was originally supposed to be a joke Hugo set, but was eventually demoted down to a random extra. The stage stays true to it’s jokey origins from Darkseed. The stage features many things you would expect in a carnival, such as unwinnable carnival games, clowns that are deathly ill and teddy bears that morph into shrimp. Yes.

Ayano Minegishi by Katapular takes the next spot. The moveset is incredibly fun and educational, as you might expect a Kat set to be. Plus, he finally got to make a Lucky Star character! Good for you, Kat. Ayano mainly wants the foe to hit her teddy bear, once they do so, she gains a plethora of buffs and becomes an overall devastating character. A good majority of the moves are dedicated to this purpose, attempting to get the foe to hit the bear. Though, she does actually like this teddy bear, making the characterization come off as incredibly awkward. Ayano received mixed reactions, while Jun felt the moveset was incredibly fun, FA had a more negative opinion. He did, however, not that the moveset flowed particularly well.

Following my hostile takeover of MYMinis, Sweet Tooth by MasterWarlord was posted. Sweet Tooth appears in Brawl as a fiend, upon spawning, he drives around in his titular vehicle, setting up shop on occasion to sell the player characters ice cream. After a few meaningless rounds of this, Sweet Tooth will perform one of two maniacal options: attempting to run over the foes with his truck or detonate bombs that he laced the ice cream with.

Krabby Land by myself was posted following this, the mini itself is based on a crummy themepark from a Spongebob episode, appearing in Brawl as a stage. The stage is littered with crummy theme park rides which foes will likely be attempting to knock each other in to, performing obvious effects like forcing them to slide down slides or getting stuck in a barrel, which can lead to a KO. Foes can attempt to resist this by destroying the rides, however.

Teru Mikami by Kholdstare is the second Death Note character posted this week, and actually makes use of the titular notebook outside a random input like neutral aerial. Teru’s neutral special focuses on writing in the notebook, which will automatically KO them after 30 or so seconds. Sound familiar? Just like Ryuk, Teru has a fake version of this as well, making it feel almost like a nostalgic callback. The rest of the set focuses on DELETING the foe’s attacks, each attack Teru performs corresponds to one of the foe’s attacks, meaning Teru can delete their library of moves and make them almost helpless to resist. The set recieved positive reaction from both Kat and Silver, though Silver did declare that many others may not like it. This was proven when Warlord stomped into the thread, manboobs swinging wildly. Smashboards crashed when Warlord declared that the set was 1 star in his massive, booming voice.

To close off the week, we have Beezwax by MasterWarlord. Beezwax is a character who hails from a vehicular combat series, and stays true to his roots by remaining within the safety of his stag pickup the entire match. This obviously leads to things you would expect from a character inside a vehicle, such as near-immunity to grabs and absolutely huge weight. Outside the car-based shenanigans, Beezwax’s attack library largely focuses upon various weapons attached to his camper van, such as rockets and machine guns. He also keeps several bees with him, which he can use to juggle the foe upwards, making them sitting ducks for his over-the-top weapons. Of course, he can use the bees to follow the foe himself, this being the only way to get into the air with him. The moveset received praise from both Kat and Smashbot, with Smashbot declaring it was Warlord’s best set this contest despite the slight momentum-based nature of the camper van.


Jun is the biggest turkey.

Since Junahu is too busy writing his story mode (which will likely be level-focused and feature Chief Quimby as a tutor character), Dave is performing a hostile takeover in terms of minis. Yes.

This week’s mini, in honor of Thanksgiving, is based around two concepts: eating or food. Either may be focused on, make an extra for a big eater or a savory-looking piece of food, make extras that encourage the act of eating, what you do with this one is up to you.

Of course, don’t forget you will still be able to submit entires for last week’s mini, Clowns, until Tuesday. This is due to the delayed start of said mini.

Stage coming later.



  1. Perhaps we should set up a rotation, with a different person creating the mini (and selecting the winner) each week?

    • I actually like this idea, though I don’t know how many people would be interested in participating in the rotation.

    • I for one would be interested in this suggested rotation. Having everyone pitch in an idea for the mini once in a while allows for some more variety as I’m sure a number of people have an idea of what kind of mini they would like to suggest. If anything the question now is, how will the rotation work? Perhaps a new page could be created on the Bunker and those who want to volunteer can respond with an idea; whoever responds first gets their idea done for next week’s and so on.

  2. I was under the impression that the next mini would appear on Tuesday, when the previous one ends. But whatever you’re doing a mighty fine job or picking up all my slack.

    ¬_¬ and stop poking around in my drafts

  3. What! Momentum? Anything but that!

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