Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | November 27, 2011

In Which Dave recaps Week #7

Smady forcing Dave to promote Batman Movement.

The first thing posted this week was a mini: Cook by MarthTrinity takes the classic Wario Land enemy and makes him an assist trophy. Cook largely acts passive until someone approaches him. Once they do, he feeds them some cake that makes them fat, just as it did to Wario in the games! The only way to burn off this fat is by running around; you getting that, Warlord?

A pair of event matches by ProfPeanut was posted following this, one for the Clown Mini and one for the Thanksgiving Mini. The first of these has you play as Sakurai against Pennywise on New Pork City, forcing you to make him laugh with your NSpec to win. The second has you play as Kirby against that one Kat set from last week on Green Greens, acting as a recreation of the Gourmet Race minigames found in Kirby Superstar and later Kirby games.

Frank’s RedHot by Zook appears as an item in the Brawl! It acts as a generic throwing item, not even splashing hot sauce onto foes that it hits. However, when you pick up a food item while wielding Frank’s RedHot, you heal a little bit of extra stamina! This does up the lag time a bit, though…

Finally we have Cloudman.EXE by Nick, the first Megaman.EXE villain revealed for the soon to (eventually) be continued line of Nick’s Mega Man sets (coming soon/eventually to MYM/Chat/Mercurious). Cloudman, like any other cloud, plays off of his magical electricity powers. Wait…clouds do that? Huff n’ Puff does I guess but…anyway, Cloudman is all about making clouds and building up his static electricity. Overall, Nick did a pretty decent job (according to some) considering this is first Megaman.EXE villain  (although more ARE coming soon/eventually to MYM/Chat/Mercurious)…despite having a lot of good reception, many people felt that it was a copypasta of Sheep Man or Huff n’ Puff.

Jeff Madrox by n88_2004 is another Marvel character that nobody but nate has any knowledge of. Madrox functions as a duplicate rape set, with most of his simplistic animations (dodging, tripping) summoning them. Even taking damage will summon duplicates, with all of these duplicates able to summon more duplicates, with no limit on how many can be onstage. If Jeff were implemented in SSBMYM, he would probably cause your WiiStation360 to explode from having to process so many duplicates. Outside this blatant brokenness, the duplicates can’t move, meaning much of the set is dedicated to spacing them around.  The reception for this set was somewhat negative, with the general consensus being that it was just more generic duplicates.

Battleheart by Smashbot is an extremely controversial set, with you being unable to control the titular group of characters. This set recieved overwhelmingly negative reception, and has since become the grand buttmonkey of MYM11, taking the position away from Freaky Fred. Nothing more can really be said about it, outside the fact that Smashbot has gone out of his way to apologize for this set at every opportunity.

Pichu by LegendofLink takes the next spot on our list. Pichu plays a game of hit and run like you’d expect. However, Pichu enjoys playing hit and run while magnetizing the foe to the ground to make them easier targets. Among his various options lies the ability to boost his speed with Agility, increasing his speed and allowing him to carry out this playstyle even more. This moveset’s reactions seemed to be positive-mixed. While the ideas were praised, it was noted that the moveset seemed somewhat OOC with the antagonistic playstyle of magnetizing the foe to the stage. Those who commented also took notice of the pokemon syndrome present with moves like Substitute in there.

Despite him claiming that it was impossible to make this character, Davidreamcatcha posted a moveset for Dr. House shortly afterwards. House has 3 different “modes”, a normal mode focused on FFAs and team matches, an “offensive mode” that relies on more offensive tactics such as abusing your grounded foes, or a “defensive mode” that has House forcing the foe into a dirt trap he can make with his cane. The activation of these modes can be timed and delayed, meaning House can change at any time, even changing in the middle of an attack. While n88 liked the set, LoL thought it was rather messy and unnecessarily complicated. However, both declared that the set had great ideas.

No one gets recapped like Gaston by BKupa666! This set has the Disney villain firing off arrows with ropes attached at the foes, attempting to impale them. He has various ways to play around with the rope once he has it attached, he can set parts of it aflame, cut it with his knife or coil it around them. Beyond that, Gaston wants to use it to get close to his foes so he can use his melees against them. Outside this, Gaston specalizes in FFAs, with his grab able to trap multiple foes in a cartoony dust cloud. The set recieved positive reaction, with special attention being given to his FFA-focus. However, some felt that his use of the magic mirror was a bit random and that the mud effects were “tacky”.

Medicham by phatcat203 is yet another one of those characters from Nintendo’s poke-eh-mon that it seems like everyone’s trying to catch these days. Medicham’s main draw is the ability for it to meditate, allowing it to power up it’s attack library. This allows for Medicham to change up it’s game, making it a fairly versatile moveset. Outside this, Medicham can also increase it’s defense at the cost of it’s power, in addition to having a few moves that change depending on it’s current situation. The moveset has received no commentary yet, so go out and give it some..


In honor of Jeff Madrox (googling images of him will bring up nothing but MYM images, BTW) and his clone spam, we are dedicating this week’s MYMini to an obvious feature of the Smash series: Clone fighters! What you have to do is make a Clone Fighter for any moveset. These function the same way as the clones we’re all accustomed to in Smash…Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, any of them, changed stats and some changed moves. If you want an example, visit Kaptain Skurvy.

That reminds me: this week, we’re going to allow anyone to make a suggestion for an MYMini! To do this, you must have made at least one MYMini this contest, after this, send me (Davidreamcatcha) a PM through Smashboards containing the Mini Suggestion. Good suggestions will be used, so feel free to suggest!



  1. Kaptain Skurvy isn’t a clone fighter, he just happens to have Kaptain K.Rool’s cloud stuff in his Neutral Special (wary)

    • He means clone fighter as in, Skurvy’s Kutlass alt. costume, which is a clone of Skurvy with a few different moves…a “Luigified” clone, in other words.

  2. I’m guessing this mini is essentially a legal version of those “re-posts” that were all the craze back in MYM6-7. This mini looks like dynamic fun.

  3. Dave… you’re thinking “James Madrox”, not Jeff Madrox.

    And Dave… his duplicates sure can move.

    And Dave… smashbot’s constant apologies are pretty tongue-in-cheek. It’s clear that he doesn’t really think that he needs to apologize.

    And Dave… good job picking up the recap. Keep it up. 😉

    • I take back the first one. Apparently it’s n88 who botched the name, not you. (clap)

    • Perhaps it’s not a moveset for Madrox at all, and really just a rogue duplicate!

    • That explains why every Jeff Madrox search brings up MYM and then a bunch of stuff about Jamie Madrox.

  4. Scroll through the set, see the alt costume.


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