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The Last Chapter -Conflict 1.1-


A Preface:

Welcome to possibly the most hopelessly ambitious MYM Story mode ever. Though perhaps a “Story Mode” is really pushing it. Probably a better term for it is “random non-fighting game spun off from a fighting game kinda like that one crappy beat-em-up starring Nina Williams.” Because trust me, if people still cared about SMs at this point, it would be the most controversial since Battleheart had an affair with Sonic and Tails. It’s also long. Really long. It’s probably best that I’ve split up what was supposed to be the First Chapter into two parts. Seriously, it is a BEAST. But if you can trudge through all this text, then prepare yourself for the Alternative MYM event of the century, all time even! You know it’s good because there’s tits at the end! Welcome to The Last Chapter.



The name is Hiro. I’m pretty sure I once had a last name, probably started with a “K” or something, but I couldn’t care less at this point. Hell, I’m not even sure if that’s my real name. It’s not like I have amnesia or anything. No, I just have a slightly different upbringing than everyone else. For all I can remember, I was raised as simply “Hiro.” All I remember before is that I was born an ordinary Japanese child, somewhere on the outskirts of the naval city of Yokosuka. All I can recall from those days is the warm, salty air filling my senses- a feeling that sometimes re-manifests during particularly good days.
But in the end, all that matters is that I’m a special agent, soldier, and leading Guinea pig for the LAS. Don’t be surprised if you never heard of it. LAS, short for the rather nonsensical name of “Last Alert Service”, is known as the United States’ 5th best kept secret. The other 4 even I’m not allowed to know about.
It’s not all bad, living your whole life like I have. I’m considered one of the top 10 ranked super-soldiers within my class. My entire body has been enhanced with some of the most advanced bionics not even known to 99.99% of the human population. I’m a master at 10 Martial Arts from around the world, fluent in 8 different languages, and my physical prowess can put even the most experienced of Gold Medalists to shame. At least, I can do all those things when my superiors want me to. My mind is wired up so that LAS can freely manipulate the bionics and nanomachines within my body to suit their own needs. Don’t worry, they don’t have full control over everything I remember and do, but they could probably kill me off with a press of a button if I defected.

With that said and done, I’ve now been stationed by the Agency back in Japan, this time in Sendai. I’m supposed to attend a public showcase by technology company Fuinco, going in undercover as a completely fabricated University graduate and JSDF recruit Akira Hashimoto. While this would seem like any ordinary technology convention, it seems the US Government has some extreme doubts about it if they had to send me there. Namely, they’re having trouble believing it’s simply a privately owned technology company, and not something much more. That, and several documents mentioning it were leaked, all of them tracing back to rogue organizations with a history of terrorism. They said it seemed unlikely that Fuinco was associated with any of them, but rather they’re doing something that’s causing them to become potential targets to these criminals. Either way, there’s something amiss going on, and I’ve been tasked to observe if anything unusual goes down.

It was rather chilly that fateful day in Sendai. There wasn’t any snow to be found yet, but the cold was biting all the same. Hiro, or rather, “Akira Hashimoto, slowly took his strides through the increasingly crowded streets, growing closer to the rather hefty looking Fuinco building. The cell-phone in his heavy jacket started vibrating, leading Hiro to plainly put it up to his ear, receiving a code language that only him and few other people understood. Translated, it said, “Remember to stay on guard. If you see any suspicious activity, you are to report it as fast as you can. If anything gets too difficult, we will allow you to use force so long as it doesn’t draw attention. If you do draw any suspicions, you are to abort the mission as fast as possible. Remember, simply getting the information is the highest priority.”
It was all the usual diatribe Hiro was used to. Things like this had happened before, and they were all false alarms. Despite being raised as a government dog, He did indeed have feelings and opinions of his own, and they were telling him he was in for yet another day of sheer boredom. Though he probably wouldn’t have it any other way, as peace was always the better alternative.

Just as he started to merge into the sizable crowd surrounding Fuinco’s building, he bumped into an unadept young lady carrying a Tripod Camera on her back.
“Gah!” the lady grunted, as she averted her gaze to Hiro’s hood-obscured face. “I’m sorry, bu-”
before she could continue, she flinched a bit in realization, took out a book from her back pocket, and started thumbing through it.
“Uh…suimasen mister- I mean, moushinikui…um..anone..” she clumsily belted out. She was clearly attempting some form of communication with her book.
“I’m guessing you don’t speak Japanese to well huh?” Hiro uneventfully said in plain English.
The woman jumped a bit in surprise. “Oh thank god! Someone who speaks English around here!” she said while putting away her little dictionary.
“It’s been pretty rough trying to get around by my lonesome with just this little book”
Hiro casually turned away with his hands in his pockets and said, “I suppose you’re a reporter trying to cover whatever’s going on with Fuinco then, huh?”
She nodded her head. “Hell yes! Why would I ever miss out on this opportunity?”
She turned her head towards the building. “Fuinco seems like the bigfoot of the technological world. It’s been said they’ve been getting some amazing things done, and they’re just now about to show it off! It’s like history in the making!”
The crowd started to move a bit. “Hey! Looks like it’s starting soon! Let’s go!” the woman hyperactively shouted, as to have her voice heard over the crowd. Oddly enough, she tugged on Hiro’s hand while making her way through the thick droves of people. Hiro didn’t really mind, but found the sudden close gestures to be rather uncomfortable. “C’mon! I’m gonna have to rely on you to translate everything, so you better stick close!”
This was all getting a bit too much for Hiro’s head, but he still passively accepted everything.

It was now about a quarter after the intended 7:00 time of the press conference. Everyone was now well seated at this point, even though the camerawoman was bouncing around impatiently in her seat. “C’mon, this is taking for-ev-eeer!” she loudly moaned, drawing a few heads here and there.
Hiro irritatingly stretched the collar of his shirt. “Aren’t you supposed to be a professional or something?” he asked in hopefully the least offensive way possible.
“Oh of course I am! What would make you say that n-” her face jolting in realization before she could finish her sentence.
“Oh right, what kind of Ace Camerawoman am I? I haven’t even told you my name yet!”
she reached into her breast pocket to take out a small card.
“The name’s Donna. Donna Levmen. The heart and soul of The Daily Action, and photographer extraordinaire!”
After a brief awkward pause, Hiro took the card from Donna’s hands and observed it for a bit.
“That’s interesting and all but that’s not really what I-”
Upon looking back up, something caught Hiro’s attention in the corner of his eye. Somebody was moving alongside the top balcony of the showroom, that person wearing a black trenchcoat and what appeared to be a mask. If that wasn’t suspicious enough, the trenchcoat wearing man was later met with some resistance with the security guard blocking the area. While he couldn’t hear them, it seemed that they were in some sort of argument. This seemed to continue on for about a minute until something unexpected happened; The trenchcoat man dashed directly behind the guard in the blink of an eye, looking more like a teleport than any sort of physical maneuver. He then grabbed the guard by the neck and cleanly slit his throat, leaving him bleeding on the ground as Hiro watched in horror. The murderer started to frantically look around for witnesses, and promptly made eye contact with Hiro. Shortly, the man frantically sprinted away, almost tripping on his slightly bloody trenchcoat.
Hiro stood up. “Sorry miss, I really have to go right now.”
“No, wait!” Donna shouted. “I still need you to translate this conference for me! At least watch it with me! I didn’t even get your name!”
“My name isn’t important right now! J-just stay here, and don’t move at all! I need to do something.” Hiro said as he took off his jacket and made his way through the rows of seats.

Hiro made his way through the door off the side of the conference room, a rather gruesome sight welcoming him upon enterance. 3 guards, all left dead and bloody. There was no doubting it this time, something serious was happening, and he wasn’t about to simply let it slide. Hiro stepped over the bleeding carcasses and hustled up the stairs, onto the balcony where the masked man was.
“87!” the two-way radio on the guard exclaimed. “87! 87, do you read me!? 87!?” It was assumed the security at the Fuinco building were about to send backup to examine the area, giving Hiro the initiative to bolt forward as to not look suspicious.

Play as: Hiro, an MYM1 set at that.
Stamina: 200%
Objective description: Move ahead and find out the identity of the mysterious man killing the guards.
BGM: Silence, save for the ventilation system and other ambient noises

Mission one is so easy, you really don’t have to do anything. The entire point is to move our hero Hiro to the end of this dreary hallway, and that’s about it. Hiro cannot attack throughout this entire mission, due to not having his blades on him. There are some things to be observed throughout your little journey though. The floor is littered with even more bodies of dead guards. You can still hear the panicked transmissions coming from their two-way radios, but otherwise they’re just for show.
So while we’re here, let us discuss the gameplay mechanics of Final Chapter. For one, the main difference you may notice is that Hiro has an inventory screen, accessable via the pause menu. So in this case, items that you pick up aren’t automatically equipped or used right away: they go straight to the inventory screen. You can see that, as of now, Hiro only has space for 3 weapons and 6 misc items, and none of them are filled out. If you don’t feel like pausing too often, you can set 4 items to a shortcut accessed by the second analogue stick; so no, there is no C-sticking in this SM.
The biggest change to this SM is that it uses the Stamina system, rather than the traditional ring-out system of SSB. Attacks now do much less knockback, characters generally move half as fast, jumping is cut in half, double/triple jumping is disabled, blocking is much weaker and only blocks from one side, and characters aren’t more prone to being knocked back when more damage is racked up. However, there is also an anti-infinite system put in place ala Skullgirls: if the game detects a chaingrab or infinite that goes on more than 3 times, the victim will enter a “burst” state where he can press the A button to push the opponent back, dealing no damage but causing them to stop thier attack.

About 2/3rds a way into the dark hallway, you can hear the sounds of the murderer going about his business, making a mess out of the guards in the hall. Just head a short distance forward to trigger a cutscene.
Hiro continued a cautious strut down the backstage hallway. He then reached a turn, littered with an even denser amount of dead security agents. Well, almost. A sole, wounded guard limped as fast as he could down the corner, collapsing upon Hiro’s feet.
“P-please…” the man weakly pleaded, whilst coughing up blood. “Don’t go any further…there’s a complete madman up ahead…he can’t be defeated with any conventio- *COUGH COUGH* conventional weapons.
“Please…he’s most likely after the contractor…get him to safety as soon as possible…”
The guard lost every bit of strength left in him, and collapsed his head on the floor. Hiro looked in disgust for a bit, but didn’t comment on anything, moving on undeterred. He was able to sense a presence in the room ahead, so he slowly crept by as to not be detected. Upon peeking past the doorway, he saw the murderer was conversing with non a guard, but a man in what seemed to be a white business suit. Hiro carefully listened in on the conversation.
“I won’t ask you AGAIN! TELL. ME. WHAT. YOU. KNOW!” yelled the trenchcoated man. He was actually a lot larger and burlier up close, and his mask looked more like some kind of helmet.
“AAAUGH! I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW! NOW LET ME GO, PLEEEAAASE!!!” the other man cried, with visible tears in his eyes.
“Hrrgh. Dammit.” The Trenchcoat man let the poor guy down. “Be thankful you’re too important for me to kill. Don’t go away from my sights though.” He then took out a Shuriken and held it within his two fingers, pointing it at the man in the suit.
“As for you…” the Trenchcoated man uttered as the less fortunate one whimpered in fear.
He skillfully threw the shuriken right at the door Hiro was standing, just barely missing his face and slicing of a few strands of hair.
“Don’t even try to hide fool, I know you’re right there. ”
The startled Hiro ducked down as fast as he could and started to alarmingly scavenge one of the guards for a gun. He managed to pick up a standard Glock 19 and dashed into the scene yelling “FREEZE! PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN!”

A brief moment of awkward silence wrought itself around the scene, followed by the Trenchcoat man cracking up like a madman.
While directly in front of him, it was easier to make out the murderer’s appearance. He was wearing what looked like a red samurai helmet, and what little could be seen under his coat looked like some sort of purple armor. Hiro thought it looked kinda goofy in a way.
After the Trenchcoat man was done coughing for a bit, he regained his composure and more closely observed Hiro, still set on pointing his gun at his target.
“Hold on…aren’t you…” the man realized while rubbing the temple of his helmet.
“Yes, yes, you’re… Oh man! It’s my old buddy Hiro isn’t it! How has it been, friend?”
Hiro stood there with a confused face. “Don’t call me ‘friend.’ I don’t even know you. Now put down your weapons, and we can end this all with no more bloodshed than needs be.”
“Oh come on. You know better than that! Well, even if you don’t remember me so much, damn if I don’t remember you! Man, we were so good back then, we tackled missions together like bosses. How long as it been anyway? About 10 years or so?”
“10 years…you mean…wait, are you saying you’re supposed to be-?” Hiro’s grip on the gun started to loosen a bit.
“Haha, yes! I knew you were still above being brainwashed by your cowardly superiors! It’s your old, maybe only, friend Yamato!”
Hiro stood in silence, albiet with a mortified expression on his face that he tried to disguise as discontempt.
“Not even gonna respond eh? Not that I blame you. It’s not easy having your world turned over like this.”
“W-WHAT THE HELL!? You aren’t the Yamato I once knew!” Hiro went out of his combat position and assumed a more casual, distress-indicative one.
“You’re just gonna tell me you left LAS and were branded a traitor JUST so that you could become a common murderer and terrorist!? The hell is wrong with you!?”
Yamato put his hands in his pockets and chuckled. “There’s nothing wrong with me. Well, maybe there is, but there’s much more amiss with you, friend. It’s a shame it’s gonna have to be me of all people to tell this to you.” Yamato casually walked back and forth.
“Can you even recall exactly why you were sent here? And why pretty much all of your recent missions have turned out to be boring duds? Remember when you were sent on missions that actually meant something?”
Hiro reluctantly went back into combat position with his pistol. “How do you even know this? What is your business with my-”
“To be honest, I’m actually surprised you were sent here. Quite relieved too. It seems even those dirty vultures at LAS couldn’t spot this stupid terrorist plot, and had to send a dud like you to monitor this place. Just monitor! Remember when you were allowed to use weapons? I sure do!”
“A dud?” Hiro asked. “It seems even you don’t know that I’m ranked within the top te-”
“But of course.” Yamato said, interrupting Hiro yet again. “To the LAS, you’re one of the best soldiers they have….a bit too good for their tastes though.
“See, did you ever have moments where you realized you were a bit different from your brothers in arms? That despite being raised all your life as a dog of the government, you’re still able to form your own opinions, even when they strangely conflict with that the LAS wants you to know?”
Hiro did realize others mentioning he was a lot more down-to-Earth than one would assume a man raised from infancy to act as a cold, unfeeling military weapon would be. He himself never thought of it much, never questioned anyone about it. He never quite put a lid on his open-mindedness though, probably leading some strange looks from fellow informants.
“So, do you see that as a gift? To you, it most definitely is. Not so much those in power at LAS though. As good as you are, nobody wants a weapon they can’t control. At any moment, you can use your “opinions” to defect, and lie as bedfellows in the hands of an enemy. They don’t want that. They most certainly do not.
“See, those in power at the LAS actually hate you. They hated me too! They hate both of us! I was in the same position as you! Yet I did the smart thing and got my *** right out of there. Hopefully you do the same after this little history lesson.”
“That’s insane!” Hiro retorted. “Even you should know that if the LAS truly hated me, all they would need to do is press a button to send me into instant cardiac arrest, eliminating me easily!”
Yamato rubbed his helmet again. “That’s actually a major part of the problem. The thing is, they actually can’t. Did you know that you were actually put in the position where your superiors could have legally pressed your death button at any moment? Thing is, you’re completely immune to the ‘death button.’ So was I. And that’s especially bad news to the big daddies upstairs.
See, that mechanism where your bionics automatically kill themselves is something of a loophole around the fact that the LAS isn’t really allowed to execute it’s own men without proper jurisdiction. Without that power, the LAS must really be scratching their collective heads about you. You haven’t done anything of fault yet, but without that little lifeline of theirs, they’d have a huge problem if you did anything that goes against their vision. Even though they’re forced to treat you like a normal military dog, you’re secretly public enemy number 1 amongst the big daddies. Kind of a sad state of affairs you’re involved with.”
Hiro grew a noticeable scowl. “A-and I’m just supposed to trust you with this? Just come with me and we’ll listen to what you have to say in c-custody.” Hiro showed obvious signs of weakness.
“Hurumph! It seems like even you don’t want to listen to what I speak. But that’s fine, as long as I got what I wanted out of my system. I guess that’s all mud in the water to you anyway.”
Yamato took out a small Katana sheathed within his coat, and pointed it at an increasingly distressed Hiro.
“Let’s put this all aside then. Now to see the REAL Hiro in action! For the first time in years!”
Play as: Hiro
Stamina: 200%
Enemy Stamina: 1000%
Objective: Defeat Yamato at all costs

Don’t think the rather lengthy BGM is just for show; it has a rather lengthy boss battle to go with it.
First, what you’ll notice is that Hiro can now attack using a glock, but it’s not a full moveset. The glock, like most weapons, acts as a standard item, firing bullets that do 4% damage each. Each bullet moves rather fast, but has a half-battlefield firing range. A glock holds up to 25 bullets, each in 5 5-bullet rounds. However, Hiro still cannot do any other attack at this point.

The battlefield here is a walled-in room about 1 1/2 screens wide and a screen tall. Off the sides are occasional ammo banks you can collect in case your glock runs out of bullets.
For this first part, Yamato will mostly go easy on you, walking slowly and occasionally teleporting around the screen. Attacks to look out for is his Neutral B Shuriken special which he sometimes preforms while at a distance from Hiro, and his deadly Down Smash attack when he’s particularly close to him. It’s best to keep your distance and shave off his health with your glock until the next phase comes by.

Once you get his health down to 900%, Yamato will appear noticeably peevish, triggering a short cutscene.
“Really?” Yamato says. “Do you really think you can cut me down with that mere pea shooter? Let’s have at it like old times. Here, I stole these off a guard a while back. Thought they were nice, but they’re probably much better off in your hands.”
WIth that, Yamato will hand you a pair of standard-issue knives. They’re not exactly the best looking knives, but they can get the job done. Namely, you now have access to a lot more attacks this time; refer to Weapon Style 3 in Hiro’s moveset. However, the Smash and Special attacks are excluded from play at this point.
“There we go!” Yamato happily exclaims once you grab the knives. “Now we can fight as we were always meant to, blade-to-blade. Just like real Ninja! Much better than some sissy guns. Now have at you!”

Don’t let Yamato’s playful demeanor put your guard down, as he’s still one deadly opponent, especially for a first boss. This time Yamato will run around the stage, doing his Side B when close enough to you. Every 2-3 attacks, he’ll make a brief stop before running again, leaving him open to more attacks. However, he can still be easily damaged while he’s running, but it’s a bit risky. Getting him down to 800% will cause him to move more normally, but he’ll start spamming his Up B, which causes him to instantly teleport near you and gut you open, making him quite annoying. However, he does have a bit of cooldown time after the slash, leaving him open for a while. If you can get the timing down, this phase is easily dealt with.
Going to 750% will trigger yet another cutscene:
“Yes, yes! That’s the old Hiro I used to know! We made up LAS’ Ninja team together for a reason after all. Now let’s see if you’ve even surpassed the likes of me!”

After this, Yamato will move around more conservatively while doing his Smash attacks. This unfortunately means you have to get closer to him, and thus playing more offensively. However, Yamato will easily counter your moves if you don’t get the timing on his moves down. The best strategy is to actually get close to him, wait until he does a smash attack, dodge, and get an attack down on him. Repeat that until his health is shaved to 650%, by then he’ll start mixing up his attacks by using his Shuriken special, and getting up close to do a grab. It’s still all fairly predictable if you keep the right distance to him, but his grab will prove troublesome since it moves a lot faster, and thus harder to predict than his other attacks.
After his stamina goes 500%, yet another cutscene will trigger itself.

“*Cough* you really do still have it my friend. Well, almost. You still feel lacking in places. Surely this wouldn’t happen if you just joined up with me.” Yamato hissed out through his helmet.
“Join up!? With you?! Just a common terrorist lackey?! Your morality and priorities have deteriorated far more than my combat abilities ever will!” Hiro responded.
“Ha…ha, do you really think that? My friend, I work for nobody, and I’m certainly no one’s lackey. I’m an independant mercenary now, boy! Even if I have to get my hands dirty, I’m still free as a sparrow in the wind.”
“So you just slaughter innocents for money now?! All this bloodshed just for your own kicks?!”
“Oh if only you knew more about it friend.”

After that exchange, the background will turn dark and Yamato will do the usual ninja thing, splitting apart into 4 different copies. These 4 copies will run around the room at a brisk pace, but otherwise won’t attack. No, your job is to sniff out which Yamato is the right one. Hitting a false Yamato will cause the rest of the copies to disappear, leaving the real Yamato to unleash a flying slash attack that deals 10%. This CAN be dodged if you’re crafty, but you have to time your jumps just right.
At first, the main indicator of which Yamato is “real” is pretty easy to discern, such as the real Yamato being a darker shade than the fake ones, and the fake ones having no weapons. Later on it gets a bit more tricky, such as the fake Yamatos having a slightly different helmet design, or different running animations.
You’ll have to keep this up until he reaches 350% damage. Once that happens, he’ll start to laugh and won’t hold much back. He’ll act exactly the same as a level 5 CPU controlling the character, albiet with all of the physics limitations of this SM. Ironically, this is one of his easier phases, since level 5 CPUs kinda suck, and Hiro is actually a bit faster than Yamato in this state. While you’ll have to keep watch for Yamato’s projectiles and teleport attacks, you can probably get him down with standard hit and run tactics. Don’t forget that you can still shave off some of his health from afar using the Glock, though he clearly doesn’t appreciate it.

Get him down to 50% and he’ll go through his final phase: Yamato will yell “I guess it has to be like this!” and instantly vanish into thin air. About 2 seconds later, Yamato will appear right besides Hiro and try to do a slash attack that deals 10% damage. Before Hiro can possibly retaliate, Yamato will disappear again and try the same thing 3 more times. The best way to dodge this is to simply keep running back and forth(and not constantly straightforward). After he does this attack 4 times, Yamato will start to limp a bit, clearly succumbing to his wounds. This is your chance to get an attack on him, and he leaves himself open for about 3 attacks before he finally recovers and tries the same attack again. The rest of the battle should be pretty easy from here.

“Hrrrk!” Yamato grunted, holding in his bleeding wounds from the battle. Hiro himself didn’t look too good either, with clear cuts on his body and heavy breath.
“It’s a shame your talents have to go to waste like this. You win this round my friend, but don’t think it’s all over.” Yamato wheezed out through his musty helmet.
“What were you even planning anyway? What goal did you even have in mind to randomly attack the security here, during a simple technology convention?” Hiro angrily retorted.
“Do you REALLY believe this is just a ‘simple technology convention’ at this point? In case you haven’t figured this out, this whole ‘press conference’ is a clear PR stunt, a full course meal of lies to keep the populace under control. The company you know as ‘Fuinco’ has much bigger things in mind. Things that even your employers probably don’t see the full picture of.”
“Once again, I’ll ask. What d-”
“Yes, yes, I know, you probably don’t care about any of that anyway. So let me finish. Do you honestly, really think I’m the only one involved in this operation? Have you ever wondered why no backup guards have come by yet? It’s because there ARE no more Fuinco lackeys not under our control anymore. We RUN this place now, and we have the hostages to prove it.”
“‘We’? What the hell kind of organization is responsible for this anyway? And what about the conference?!”
“Don’t worry about that. The conference is due to go just as planned. We’ve made sure all good men and women ready to put on that little play of theirs are left oblivious to what’s going on behind the scenes…*COUGH COUGH*” Yamato looked like he wasn’t in any real shape to do anything anymore. “Either way, I’d like to see you find your way out of this mess! Remember, even if I’m forced to retreat, I’ve still won in the end!”
“Hold on!” Hiro said before Yamato promptly disappeared behind a cloud of smoke.
Covering his face as to not inhale the fumes, he ran up to the businessman in an attempt to get some answers. The businessman had long since passed out from shock during the encounter, bringing Hiro to shake him up. “Wake up dammit!” he grumbled to himself.

Finally, the man’s eyes began to slowly open up, letting out a few signs of life left in him.
“W….what’s going on? What…just happened?” he mumbled in a just-barely coherent fashion.
“Thank god. You’re still alive.”
“W-what’s going on? You mean that wasn’t just some bad dream there? Wait, who are you now!?”
“No time for that. Now…” Hiro paused for a moment, trying to think of what action to take next. “Damn, this is gonna take one hell of an explaination” he thought to himself.
“Oh god, someone…just help me! Dear god, don’t kill me, please!” The man started shaking and sweating in his business suit.
“Dammit, I’m not here to kill you! Listen up, this is going to be a lot to take in all at once.” Hiro let go of the man and stood up while rubbing his head. “It seems that this entire building has been put under the control of a rogue terrorist squadron. They’re assumedly holding all personel as hostages, and plan to do god knows what in the end.” Even the high ranked US agent himself couldn’t quite believe what he was saying. Meanwhile, the business man had an expression somewhere between awe and disbelief on his face.
“Okay, maybe it was a bad idea t-” Hiro calmy stated before getting cut short by the business man.
“No…I think I understand now.” The corperate suit slowly regained his footing and adjusted his glasses. “I was afraid it would come to this. Heck, I didn’t even believe any of these outlandish scenarios were possible.”
“Wait, so you DO know something about what’s going on then?”
“Well, sort of. I may not actually work for this company, but I do get a lot of insider information, so I can’t exactly say this came out of left field.”
“Wait, so you’re telling me the company could have actually predicted this attack?”
“Not, er, exactly so much ‘predicted’ as much ‘recieved fair warning.’ Thing is, nobody actually took the warnings seriously. Or at least not seriously enough. See, to understand this, you have to know exactly how Fuinco technologies works.

“See, Fuinco is but a small division of a much larger service named ‘Nidoco.’ You probably don’t care about them, but they play a huge factor in just about everything. Not only are their subdivisions in charge of some of the leading breakthroughs in science and technology, governments from all over the world outsource services to them. They run air traffic in the UK, school systems in France, Prisons in Ireland, Trains in India, a whole bunch of other things that not even I can name!”
Hiro blinked. “So you think that has something to do with the motivations of these terrorists?”
“Hold on, I’m not done yet. See, their influence doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Nidoco runs multiple military bases, border protection in Australia and the US, and the entirety of Britain’s nuclear arsenal.”
Hiro was stunned. “N-nuclear arsenal? They’re in charge of the nuclear program of an entire country now? A public company?”
“Yeah, Britain’s entire nuclear program was outsourced back in the 60s. You’d be surprised how much of the world is run not by Government, but by public companies.”
“I guess I can see a motivation in this. Get rid of the government, and companies like these pretty much become the government. Take over these companies, and you’ve pretty much taken over the world.”
“But when you really think about it, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions even if this conclusion is correct. Like, how ambitious does one have to be to think that they can rule the next best thing to the government with sheer violent force? And even then, these companies are still reliant on government at this point, so…”

Hiro began to step towards the door leading to the next hallway. “Alright, we can discuss whatever is going on later. Right now I need to get these hostages to saftey, as well as try to quell whatever shenanigans these scumbags may be up to.”
“I assume you’re some kind of agent then? Your best bet is to probably access the computer room on B2, and quickly get the personel there to safety. You can probably take back some control from there.”
“Just the information I needed, so thanks. You’d best get yourself to safety. I believe the passageway to the auditorium should be cleared off. If it’s not, hide in one of the lockers nearby.”
“I can figure that out on my own, but thanks anyway.”

Hiro made his first steps out into yet another complex, interconnected hallway. From afar, he could see guards patrolling the area. Not the guards he just saw slaughtered before, no, these guards had clearly different coloring, uniform style, and basically different everything. These were clearly the terrorists who cleared out the area, now seizing control in top secret. Hiro took ahold of his knives and gun, and made off with extreme caution.

Play as: Hiro

Stamina: 200%

Objective description: Go to the computer room on B2 and find a way to hack into Fuinco’s mainframe.


The first thing you should take note of is that this isn’t a linear level. No, you’ll have to actually navigate Fuinco’s HQ Metroidvania style. The HQ has about 7 floors and 2 basements, with you starting on the 6th floor. Don’t think you can explore everything as you please though. The other major factor are the enemies you’ll be encountering, those being the unknown terrorists, who aren’t to be taken lightly. They each have 50% HP, and carry assault rifles that chew your stamina by 2% each hit, rapid fire. They aren’t too much trouble individually, but they’re pretty much unstoppable if a group gangs up on you. And with the limited equipment you have now, you’re best off avoiding them entirely.
And yes, avoiding them means you have to work stealthily right now. Before you do anything, you’ll have to find equipment to make your job easier.
First, you’ll have to make your way shortly to the right until you see a corridor. Go up the corridor (there shouldn’t be any guards there) and go to the 2nd door you see(It’s the only one that’s unlocked) leading you to a random office. There you should be able to find a device vital to this mission: The Fuinco HQ Map. It’s a small electronic device that gives you a real-time map of Fuinco HQ as of 2/11/2017 (two days ago). As long as it remains in your inventory, you’ll have a little mini-map of the HQ in the corner, and a full-sized map when pausing the game. Keep in mind though that it won’t track enemy locations or any little “renovations” made after two days ago.

Even though the rest of the corridor seems like a dead end, you still shouldn’t go back where you came from and head forward. No, up head is the elevator, which is being guarded enough to make going up to it a suicide mission. Instead, you should see a small air vent next to the 3rd door on the corridor. Go into it by pressing up while near it, and follow the path within. Once you go through, you should find yourself on the other side of the elevator. The rest of the 6th floor consists of 2 more similar corridors. For now, go to the second one, where you’ll see 3 unlocked doors. The first one leads to an office with a Health Pack laying around. When you pick up a health pack, it will be stored in your inventory for safekeeping, and can be used to heal 50% Stamina in the pause menu. Collecting multiples of these things thankfully don’t take up more inventory slots; instead, they stack up on eachother up to 5 times.
The second door is an office that doesn’t contain anything other than a mini-television. This isn’t very obvious, but pressing A while in front of it will cause the camera to close in on the TV and play this clip.
The third door will lead you to the stairway, and that’s probably where you want to go.

While the map will tell you the stairs go both ways, the lower part of the stairs is collapsed, leaving your only option to go upwards to the top/7th floor. Go up there to be greeted to a hallway with 7 doors and an Elevator. Fortunately there are no guards up here yet, so you’re free to explore whatever these doors have to offer. 2 of the doors in the center are locked, leaving you with 4 doors to go into. The first door to the right leads to a mini-storage room contains another Health Pack as well as 15 bullets for your Glock. Not much else here otherwise.
The next room contains some scraps that look like spare parts. But what matters most is that set amongst amongst the junk is a perfectly functional AK-200 assault rifle. The AK-200 holds up to 120 bullets in 4 30-round cartridges, each bullet doing 3% per hit. It’s rapid fire capabilities makes it desirable when dealing with multiple enemies, and Hiro can aim it up and down while firing it. However, he’s not able to move while firing it either.
The next room yet another shack full of spare parts. But mixed in with all this is yet another vital tool: The Sonar. Having this equipped along with the map will cause it to note the locations of moving objects within a 9 SBB radius. Note that not all enemies will be moving though.
The final room contains more storage along with the final item for this area: the Visor. The Visor is a convenient goggle-shaped device that when used from the equipment menu will send you into a first person view. From here, you can check what lies up ahead, as well as use Zoom functions and options for Thermal and Night Vision view.
With that, you’re now set to use the elevator and go to B2.

Shortly after going to B2, you should be greeted with only 2 terrorist guards. Take them out or sneak by them, and head to the door to the only main room on the floor: The computer room.

Upon entering the room and using a nearby chair to lock the door, Hiro looked upon a row of computers. Surely, one of these are capable of accessing the building’s mainframe. He took up to the nearest computer and booted it up; Lo and behold, what he feared came true.
Hiro was never really good with computers. In fact, he kind of wondered exactly what he was thinking trying to operate top-of-the-line machinery with what little experience he had. There seemed to be no real help around, so he turned off the computer and gave up hope.
“I guess this just isn’t going to work for no-”
When suddenly, Hiro was cut off by a man falling out of a nearby locker.
“WAAAAARGH!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. Hiro jumped back in shock, and quickly drew out a glock.
“F-FREEZE! DON’T MOVE!” he yelled as the man let out yet another girly shriek.
“OH GOD, PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, PLEASE!” The man started backing up on his feet and arms.
Upon closer inspection, the man looked like a rather overweight fellow with a stained T-Shirt and old sweatpants. He didn’t quite look like a professional at all.
Hiro sighed. “Listen, are you the one of the operators here? Do you know how to work these things at all?”
The fat man began to open his mouth after a moment of shaking on the floor. “I-I’m s-sorry but I don’t really w-work here. I was just ordered t-to get some c-coffee for the administriva here when all this…uh, everything happened! Now please, for the love of god, spare me! I won’t do anything!”
Hiro rubbed his forehead. “Listen, I’m not one of those people. I’m here to save you. Now, do you know anything else? Like where the personnel here might have gone? Or where the hostages are stationed? Do you have any sort of keys anywhere?”
The fat guy calmed down, stood up, and got his bearings together. “If it helps, the computer personnel as well as several other hostages should be in Experiment Room 3-4. As in, door number 4 on the 3rd floor. I recall hearing some of these…whoever-they-ares talking about taking people to that room. Conveniently, I should have the key to it somewhere.” He dug around his pockets and took out a small metal key.
“I wouldn’t quite recommend going there if you’re unprepared though. I’d imagine if it’s the room where they’re keeping hostages, they’d have it under heavy protection.”
“Thanks, that’s all I needed.” Hiro snatched the key from the fat guy’s hands.
“Say, I never got your name, what is it now?”
“Um, Akira. Akira Hashimoto.” Hiro claimed while walking back towards the door.
“Well if you don’t die or anything, I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for you.”
Hiro wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but it’s not like he had any time to.
So likewise, your main objective now is to go to room 3-4. Sneak past the guards if you haven’t killed them yet, and go to the elevator. The 3rd floor should be easily accessed.
Strangely enough, if you tried to go to the 3rd floor before your conversation with the fat man, the place would have been littered with guards. Now though, the floor is just about empty. The only of the 4 doors you have access to is door 2 (which is unlocked) and door 4 (which you have the key to.) First go into door 2, where you’ll find yourself in a junky-looking room with a bunch of trinkets everywhere. Of note is leftover ammo for your Glock and AK-200, and a new item: the Air Mask 1. It’s a mask with a compact air compartment that allows for you to hold your breath for twice as long, for when you’re underwater. Yes, you do indeed have a “swimming” system in this game, and you can hold your breath for about 15 seconds without a mask. Running out of breath will cause you to rapidly lose Stamina until you die.

So now, go into 3-4, which is sealed by a giant, metallic-looking sliding door. Thankfully you have the key for it though, so use it, go inside, which triggers a cutscene.

What lied beyond the door was a huge divergence from the rest of the building. Instead of a rather plain room, there was a gigantic, 3 story tall room painted pure white. In the center was a gigantic circular pool of water, and in the center of that was a pure white stool sticking out about 10 feet from the surface. On the upper parts of the room was a long interconnecting series of pipes, bars, and ropes. The walls were littered with 1-way windows, and there were large bags of sand peppering the place, some of them spilling over into the water. It all looked very jarring.
“Ha…ha! Congratulations my boy! Or rather congratulations me!” an unknown voice boomed in. Hiro worryingly looked around the area for a possible source.
“To be frank, I didn’t really think you’d end up falling for it. Don’t even try to get out now, that key of yours only works one way. The security in this place was much tighter than we expected. Nothing we couldn’t get past though.”
“Who the hell are you!?” Hiro shouted while pointing his gun wherever he could.
“I dunno. Why don’t you introduce yourself first? You clearly had enough chutzpah to try and challenge us head-on you superhuman manimal.”
“Who I am is unimportant! Now come out, put whatever you have down, and we can settle this peacefully!”
“Aaaw. Now who am I to say no? You’re just too adorable!”

Out from the ceiling fell a large, red blur, landing right on the stool in the middle of the water pool. The red figure stood up, revealing it’s true appearance of a man in a heavy, red power suit. He crossed his arms while looking smugly at Hiro’s nervous visage.
“So you said you wanted me to drop my weapons or something? So what, do I just lay on the floor now? Ahaha! Ah yeah, just kidding.”
“Are you at all associated with these terrorists?”
“Woah, woah, now hold on. ‘Terrorist’ is such an ugly word. Can’t you say something like ‘Those very pursuasive people’ or ‘Emotion Tycoons’? Kyahahaha, but no really, we aren’t terrorists.”
“So I’d be safe to assume that’s a yes then?”
“Holy shi- are you really that dense? YES, I am apart of this ‘terrorist’ whatever evil plot thing you stiff government types like to say all the time. Jesus L. Franklin, you guys man.”
“Tell me then! What exactly are you guys planning to do with this building? What was so important that you resorted to hostile force to fuel your own ends?”
“Y’know, you just love asking questions, don’t you? Whatever happened to just shooting anything that moves, huh? You know I’m scum, and I’m certainly never going to give you any answers, so why bother?”
Hiro clearly wasn’t getting anything valuable from this man. It looked like no matter how threatening this guy appeared, he wasn’t ready to take anything seriously.
“Can I at least get a name or something?” Hiro asked, trying his best to remain tolerant.
“Why certainly! My name is Edward Edwavich Dolomite. Or wait, is it Eric Edwin Davidson? I never could quite remember these things. So you can just call me Eddy boy my dear~! Rohohohohoh! Ahaaaahaaaa! HAAAAAFWAAAAAH!

“But no, really, my name is EED Soldier, and you’re going to die miserably here. Terra have mercy on your soul.”

Play as: Hiro

Stamina: Assumedly 200%

Enemy Stamina: 500%

Objective: Defeat EED Soldier at all costs.


“This is gonna be a fight to reme….nah, not even I’m that generous.”

The first thing you should notice is the layout of the map. It’s a very large room, and taking up about 80% of the surface is a deep pool of water. The “stool” in the center of the pool isn’t attached to the bottom of the pool, so you can freely swim around it for now. The very top of the room has ropes to swing on and bar-like structures to walk across, but you can’t access them just yet. The very right side of the room contains a health pack, AK-200 ammo, and Glock ammo. The glock ammo regenerates over time, but the rest do not.
EED initially starts on the center stool, but quickly starts to teleport everywhere. He teleports really, really fast, so the only opportunity you have is once every 6 teleports, he’ll cross his arms and laugh for 2 seconds. Your best bet is to just stay in one location and wait for him to appear right next to you, which is your cue to unleash an attack on him. His only real attack in this phase is a very devastating punch that does 50% damage. However, he only does this in close range and it’s very laggy, meaning it’s more of a free hit for you. Otherwise, this phase is just a test of patience.
Getting his health down to 450% will make him teleport to the center stool, cause the camera to zoom in on him, and say this quip:
“Damn. Well aren’t you a skilled little cucumber. Shame it had to be like this.”
EED will raise one hand into the air, followed by the room shaking violently. Hiro gets knocked off his feet, and the water starts splashing all around.
“Come to your child, sweet mother earth.”
The sand packets on the edges of the room will then explode, sending a large stream of sand to EED Soldier’s hand.
“The EED Suit gives me control of terrain, mother Terra moves beneath my feet under my command. Truly, my power moves worlds.”

Right now the sand is situated in the air, right above EED’s fist. The first thing you should do right now is to get your ass into the pool of water as soon as possible. If you stay on the surface, EED will hit you large, nearly undodgeable stream of sand that does 18% damage. Going underwater will bring you out of his sights. Once he can’t see you anymore, swim behind him, jump up, and shoot him to get a hit in (hitting him from the front will just make him block any attacks with his sand). He clearly won’t fall for this trick for long though, since right after, he’ll send all the sand rushing into the pool, which is your cue to get out of there as well.
Once you make it to the surface, EED will create a tall pillar of sand to stand on, and will try pelting you with sand attacks from there. These attacks, however, are reasonably dodgeable. They come in the form of a ground-sweeping cutter attack that does 10% damage, a pillar of sand that comes down from the sky in an attempt to crush you out of 15% stamina, and a flying ball of sand that tries to explode in your face for 10% damage. Once you make it up to EED’s sand pillar, you have to cut it down with your knives (you CAN try shaving it down with your guns, but it’s not nearly as efficient). Once you get EED back to your level, then you can start attacking him. Which is easy, since he’s kind of defenseless at close range at this phase.

Getting him down to 400% will cause him to look clearly miffed, and take most of the sand out of the pool again, making it swimmable. Of course, not all the sand is gone; left are 2 battlefield platform-sized chunks of sandstone on both sides of the pool, leaving 3 points of surface leverage on the water. The walls will now be plastered with giant arms made of sand, that will try to swipe at you with any chance they get, dealing 20% damage. This is once again cue to get yourself back in the pool and out of EED’s sights.
“This suit may not be good with aqua, but don’t think you’ll get off this time!” EED will say the moment you get yourself in.
“GRENADE LAUNCHER!” He’ll then yell. A stream of sand will then slither over to EED’s arm, materializing an M32 MGL in his hands. He’ll then start peppering the pool with grenades, that slowly float down before exploding, having the same blast radius as a bob-omb and doing 10% damage each. This isn’t quite cue to get out of the water yet though. What you’ll have to do is dodge his barrage of grenades and get behind him yet again. This time you can get up on the rocks on the sides of the center stool and shoot him good -or- jump over onto his platform and slice him up. Don’t take too long though, as EED still has complete control over the surface and will try to smack you down with his sand attacks the moment he’s given the chance. Keep this up until he gets to 300%, by which he’ll change his act a bit.
Next time you go in the water, EED will send 2 Snake-like entities made of sand to search you out. Carefully swim by them, lest they catch you and hurl you back to the surface, doing 6% damage. Other than that, he’ll keep doing the same shtick as usual. This is perhaps his most difficult phase, since his sand snakes can be surprisingly hard to dodge, and you have to keep this up until you get his stamina down to 200%
Doing that though, EED will then introduce his final phase.
“Alright, I’ve seen damn well enough. It was nice fighting you bro, but I’m afraid it ends here.”

The terrain this time shifts entirely. A cutscene plays in which even more sand rises from both the bags everywhere, and dirt starts to rise from the ground itself. Soon sand starts to fill up the entire room, forcing all the water out of the pool, and covering the entire ground. As such, the very ground that Hiro stands on will be elevated via a pillar, alongside EED. EED will bring both pillars up to even level, far above the ground, just below the ceiling.
EED will then hold up his arms, the camera focusing in front of him, as he says “Who will make it out alive? Only Mother Terra knows.”

During this quite radical shift, the room will be filled with about 4 floating BFP sized platforms made of sand, that constantly move back and forth. These platforms are your only standing ground from now on; going below them, onto the ground will result in death. One particular thing though is that none of the platforms go within jumping distance of EED Soldier’s pillar; to do that, you have to make your way up the platforms onto the roof. The roof of this mysterious room, as mentioned before, contains ropes and bars for you to hang on. Swing using the ropes and climb across the bars in order to get onto EED’s pillar and slash him a few times. You can try and chip his health off using guns while on the platforms, which is recomended, but it’ll probably take quite a while to kill off EED without the use of close-range attacks, not to mention you have no more access to ammo during this phase.
EED’s attacks during this phase is a slightly larger version of the slowly floating sand ball/bomb that now does 15% damage, an attempt to grab you with a giant arm made of sand that comes out of the background and deals 20% damage, and a quick moving needle-like projectile (made of sand of course) that does 4% damage. Once you get close enough to him, he’ll take out his grenade launcher again and try blowing you out of the sky. But once you get right in front of him, he’s somewhat helpless until you attack, by then he’ll just push you off his pillar.
This phase, while looking overwhelming, is somewhat simple once you get his pattern down, so you should be able to take him down easily by now.
“HHRRRK!” The EED Soldier said while stumbling around, after Hiro struck the final blow. EED kneeled on the sandy ground he stood on, blood trickling through his armor, as all of the granular structures he places softened back up and flowed back to the ground like rapidly melting ice. As Hiro regained his composure, EED lied for the last time on the rocky surface he spread out.
Hiro trudged his way near EED’s body, as the Armored soldier grasped a handful of the mineral grain.
“Sand….” he distortedly spoke through his advanced alloy helmet. “It flows just like water. Unfeeling. Uncaring. Waiting for no one. Just like all of Mother Terra’s children.” He let the sand flow through his fingers back onto the ground, as he turned over onto his back, feeling the sand below him with his two hands.
“All of Mother Terra’s children. Rocks, trees, wind, fire, air, lightning…plants and animals, all stopping for no one, even when it may seem cruel. This goes for humanity too. Heh, especially humanity. No better is this represented than right now. I was sent here to kill you in cold blood. You ended up doing so to me in retaliation. We stop for nobody, and anyone who dares to stay behind are vanquished.”
Hiro didn’t really have a reaction for what was going on, so he just sighed in contempt and asked, “At the very least, can you tell me where the computer personnel are stationed? I don’t really have much time here.”
EED directed his vision at the man who bested him. “Computer personnel…right. Of course. Who am I to hold up Mother Terra’s course with my wishy-washy speeches.” He then held up his left hand and retracted out a card key.
“Thing is, I have no idea where the mainframe guys really are. But I’ve heard of something better. After I was supposed to kill you, I was to make off to Room 5-3 to secure a supposedly top-secret Fuinco project. One that would provide us so-called terrorists with vital information. But you know, in the end… fuck ’em. Fuck ’em all. I couldn’t care less about any of them. I’ve killed hundreds of people in their name, thousands in the names of others, but if it was up to me, I’d kill them all back. I might as well…get on it indirectly.”
Hiro snatched the card from his fingers, feeling any sort of emotion shown would seem awkward. EED’s arm shortly fell limp to the ground. Good luck with whatever needs to be done…now please leave me…alone…” EED uttered weakly, laying his head back down. He stopped moving entirely. “You should get out now.” EED whispered with the last ounce of breath he had left. “My EED Suit is rigged to explode exactly 30 seconds after my body dies. You should be safe as long as you get out of this room.”
Knowing there was no time for remorse, Hiro silently ran back out the door.

“What? I thought you were certain you had secured the area tight?” a voice worryingly gargled through a laptop.
“Don’t get your balls in a twist again, okay? We’ve been having difficulties here and there. At worst, the show will just be delayed a bit further.” A young woman standing in front of the laptop responded.
“The speech itself has been held up for far too long. It’s amazing that half of the audience is still here. I was expecting the best of the best out of you people, but yet again you disappoint on a grand scale.”
“Oh shut up dumbass. These people will stay fuck-all knows how long for this presentation. It’s not like we’re running a play here. Shit that gets revealed here is goin’ straight to the dailies, front page. All these journalist types want a piece of dat traffic pie. Once again, untwist those testicles, everything’s gonna be fine.”

Immediately, the conversation was broken by a man opening the door to the room.
“AW CRAAAAAAAP!” He yelled with an anguished face. The man was a rather obese fellow with large glasses, a stained T-shirt, and old sweatpants. In fact it was the same man that Hiro met just earlier, leading him into EED’s planned ambush.
“Hugo? What are you doin’ back so quick?” The girl asked inattentively.
The fat man, or rather, Hugo took of his (fake) glasses and threw them to the ground. “He actually did it! He actually killed him!”
“Oh, so EED killed the intruder then? Well that’s nice, but that’s not really worth getting aroused over.”
“NO! NO! I mean the intruder-the intruder! He, he! The intruder is the one that killed EED! Not the other way around!”
The girl’s expression turned to astonishment. “He wha…”
“Hold on!” The man on the Laptop said. “You mean our EED Soldier is dead? How did you let that happen? How is that even possible?”
“Bluh, bluh- I don’t know! I carried out the plan, let the chump get ambushed by the EED man, and boom! He’s just dead!” Hugo stuttered out.
“That intruder then…surely he must be no ordinary man.” The man on the laptop paused. “Most likely, he’s one of the US’ men. I guess there truly is no escaping them.”
The girl clenched her teeth in disgust. “Egh, the Americans…Those two-timing, unwashed, murdering, pig-fucking capitalist scumbags. Always barging into where they don’t belong. FUCK!”
Hugo uncomfortably stretched his shirt collar and squealed “Um, y’know, I kinda am Ameri-”
“AND THAT’S PRECISELY WHY YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE GOOD THINGS, FUCKFACE!” the girl yelled while Hugo whimpered in the corner.
“Now now, I thought we were above prejudices like this Ms. M. Trinity.” The laptop guy retorted as to calm things down. “Anyway, the real problem at hand is what our intruder could have obtained from our EED Soldier.”
“Oh shit…” the girl, or rather, M. Trinity grumbled while rubbing her face.
“Indeed. The EED Soldier was the only man in the building who I’ve given access to room 5-3. It’s wholly possible the intruder didn’t obtain it, but we can’t leave risks like these out in the open.” The man on the laptop was clearly worried about whatever was in that room.
“Room 5-3..” Trinity tried to recall. “Ain’t that the room where they were keeping Project Aka at?”
“Indeed” The laptop man sorrowfully confirmed. “This project was an instrumental part of this operation. If we obtained it, it could have been an easy catalyst to our Project Doppelori. Sadly, we had to wait until it’s showing at the press conference to get it to safety.”
“Gee, running this press conference is sounding like way too much trouble than it’s worth. Can’t we just cancel it or something and be on our way?”
“No. Cancelling the conference is strictly a last resort option, and for a very good reason. We can’t afford to risk our image by painting ourself into a corner, the only way out being to break our self-made 4th wall to the public.”
“Geez. I’ll never get you types, always doin’ shit the hard way.”
“Remember, we want a silent mystery, not a national crisis.”
“Fine then. I’m sendin’ some good ol’ boys to guard the room right now. If that don’t work, well, let’s say I have my ways.”
“Remember, stay safe Trinity. Above all the people in this operation, you’re the one I cannot afford to lose.”
Trinity bashfully held her cheeks. “Aaaw boss, stop flatterin’ me like that! You know I’m such a sucker for your charms.”
“I’m being serious here. Now godspeed to all of you.” The apparent leader disconnected from the Laptop.
M. Trinity put back on a disinterested face and sat back down. “‘Ey fat bastard, you still there?”
“Blehgh! Shut up! I’m about to catch this Moltres!” Hugo was slouched in the corner, playing Pokemon on an old Gameboy Color.
“Fuck, still playing your stupid video games on the job? I guess that’s to be expected from an Ameri-”
“Fuck off, bitch! I’m getting ready to excecute a new, off-the-top-of-my-head plan! I’ve been doing a hell of a lot more than your lazy ass!”
Trinty turned away and simply pouted. “I just hope everything goes alright.”

We then return to our hero, Hiro, closing the door to room 3-4. Briefly after, a muffled explosion can be heard. Trying to enter the room afterwards results in an inability to open the door, since the other side is melted shut.
Right now your current goal is to make it to room 5-3.Given that it’s currently only lightly peppered with guards at this moment, I’d say it’s a good idea. Take the elevator and head to the 5th floor. Once there, all you need to do is to take the first room on the right…which would be easy, except the first thing that happens once you step on the 5th floor is that a giant wave of guards run up the stairs, spot Hiro, and rush after him. That’s your indication to hurry the hell into the door.
Going into room 5-3 will, conveniently , present you with a rather long hallway for you to run down while dodging the guard’s gunfire. This should be a pretty easy feat as long as you just don’t stop running. If you do, try to shave push back some of the guards with the glock.
At the end of the hallway, you’re presented with a long flight of stairs within. Also, there’s ammo right at the bottom of it, along with an extra goodie: The Grenades. They’re pretty similar to the ones EED Soldier was launching before; They explode after about 2 seconds of being thrown, and deal 20% damage with a similar blast radius to a bob-omb. However, enemies will also try and avoid them/run away if they see a grenade coming.
This time, you have to make your way up 2 flights of stairs while being chased. If the crowd of guards get too close, try and scare them off by throwing a grenade. This should be easy enough, leading to the actual room on the 7th floor.

Running for dear life, Hiro slammed the door shut behind him, locked it, and shoved everything he could find in front of it. The terrorist guards could be heard loudly banging on the door, trying to break it down. Hiro had little time to spare.
He ran down the rather long room, taking in to notice how cold his surroundings felt. At the end of the room was a large box held up on a table, surrounded by patches of frost and what seemed to be pipes sprawled all across the walls like Kudzu. Whatever was contained inside this box, looking more like a coffin than anything, was certainly a far cry from finding the matinence man that he needed. Still, he pressed on, seeing there was no place left to go from here.
The agent set his hands on the frosty coffin, undid a few straps, and opened it with surprising ease. Opening the box filled Hiro’s vision with pure whiteness, as if he just exposed a box of Carbon Monoxide. Once the air cleared, what was contained within was quite the surprise.






    Oh and your selection of characters seems more out of convenience than actual set popularity. A decision I assume will rustle many a jimmies.

  2. tl;dr


  3. Donna, M.Trinity AND Yamato?! Hooray!


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