Posted by: masterwarlord | December 4, 2011

Warlordian Sunday Recap #8

The Sword in the Stone by PK-ow! Is a random ass mini by that guy who made Will and Freedan, one of Junahu’s most beloved movesets. It’s an item that does absolutely nothing unless Saber is in the match. If she picks it up, it functions as a standard issue battering item, but makes all non player characters kneel before Saber because she’s just that antagonistic.

L by marioman19, AKA David’s alt, was then posted just for the sake of getting a moveset for L. It had to do with Sundance and Twilt being much too lazy to ever finish their L joint back in MYM 5/6 and mocking them for it. Needless to say, the fact David posted this set under his known alt means the set is bad quality for MYM 2.

The “NEW” Legion of Doom by MasterWarlord is a mini dump that was originally made for a Marvel/Capcom mini week back in MYM 9. It was supposed to be a boss rush of about 13 bosses, but ultimately I only got 5 done and it was left to rot away in my computer. Ultimately, I just posted it as is. 3 of the bosses are out at a time and more bosses come out as the one before them dies. There are some interactions between the bosses, most notably Wily’s giant mech becoming terrain after he dies and Green Goblin stealing Modok’s chair. They’re kept from being too interactiony though for the fact that they’re –supposed- to be potentially be interacting with any of 13 bosses, and also are trying to all make lasting impacts after they die for the future.

Terraria by Majora_787 is a cosplay with two specials that are specials within specials, as you equip something or other to select among multiple items for entirely different effects. I would make some not-so-witty comment about how it flows as much as Alucard’s, but this can inherently not flow due to its’ cosplay status.

Sonic the Remix by JOE! Is our first actual moveset this week, with a stellar organization that’s leagues ahead of even Junahu’s non-Viola sets. The actual set itself largely revolves around a boost mechanic that enables Sonic to go at 22/10 dash speed, which Sonic understandably prefers to use in short bursts. With said short bursts, Sonic prefers to play a hit and run like game. Junahu said it was his favorite of the remixes, which says little considering the mountain of complaints he had for it, due to it having to adhere to the “golden standard” of Sakurai, while HR largely preferred it to the Brawl set. Smashbot hated it for momentum, an opinion shared by the Master of Warlords.

Lord Poltergeist by Davidreamcatcha is a clone of the Flying Dutchman – no that’s not being insulting, it was the mini this week. Originally David talked about making this an actual moveset to try to “claim Dutchman for himself”. The main improvements in this version are more flow to make the minions relevant along with addressing the Junahulian complaint of what happens to other foes in FFAs.

Astaroth by MasterWarlord is the first of three clones dumped in a single post. Astaroth is a clone of Cairne without reincarnation, and introduces prone abuse to Cairne’s pits. While they’re in prone on a pit, they slide down the pit, and Astaroth is given some tools to play with prone abuse, potentially even becoming Hammerhead if he gets the foe in prone at the lowest portion of the stage.

Phantom Ganon by MasterWarlord is a clone of Fright Knight. This clone removes the sword mechanic in favor of invisibility and duplicates without invisibility. Essentially, Ganon’s duplicate is always a set distance away from him, and it attacks whenever he does. This causes a surprising amount of Fright Knight’s moves to flow in a more obvious manner with minimal changes, though Ganon’s usual projectile tennis is added in, with Ganon having a friend to play it with.

Raditz by MasterWarlord is the last of the clones in his block. Raditz is essentially a blatantly weaker Vegeta that can actually play on level with Brawl sets, muchso like Krillin. Raditz comes in a campier flavor, not wanting to get into close combat due to fear of getting his tail grabbed, and being able to transform into Great Ape much easier. Unfortunately he cannot control himself in Great Ape (Making him more boring to play than Spiritomb, if more in-character), so he has to set things up for his rampage before he transforms.

Skarner by Hyper_Ridley is attempting to be an interesting rushdown set without combos or antagonizing the foe’s shield/dodges. He largely does this through his unique methods of approaching and his ability to do so at mid-range. He sticks to the foe like glue, doing his best to prevent them from escaping or getting behind him. Both FA and Zook were fans of this set, with FA stating that the set had an appeal somewhat like Chaos 0.

Dedede Remix by MasterWarlord was made in a matter of hours to reply to what he felt were very offensive remarks towards Sonic Remix, regardless of MW hating said moveset. The moveset uses for the most part the same animations as the Brawl set for most moves, enabling it to still play as Brawl Dedede, while giving it a heavier focus on minions, enabling them to aid his prone abuse and gimping. With his grab-game and various other moves, they substitute as other foes for what are otherwise overly FFA focused moves. Warlord’s thoughts on this set are lukewarm due to it being made to appeal to Junahu, who liked it somewhat but had some various nitpicks which MW actually attempted to fix due to the intentions of the set. HR liked it for what it was trying to do and Smashbot liked the minions carrying him around in his chair, though FA thought there was minimal flow. MW blames this on the mockery of a playstyle summary he typed up.

Cutie Mark Crusaders by SirKibble is Ice Climbers esque in that just one of them is the clear leader, but the leader can be swapped around at will via the Specials. I honestly can’t tell you much more about the set outside mass props (Which –may- potentially be in-character) and some stage construction due to lack of comments on the set outside an unbearably long read along audio comment from FA. While I do not know why, FA hated this moveset. Smashbot liked the stage construction aspects of the moveset, but was iffy on the other parts of it, giving it a 3/5.

Black Mask by Davidreamcatcha is another clone made because nobody else made minis for that week outside of MW. Black Mask is a clone of Pussycat Puss, and has to get rid of a lot of things for the sake of characterization to be less cartoony (No magical momentum limo or stack of gangsters). It does a good job of toning down Pussycat to be no nonsense, but loses some of what made the original set good in the process.



In honor of Rool’s universally acclaimed self ranking article this week, your task this week is to make an Event Match that features at least one of Rool’s movesets. The other characters in it can be whoever you want, but at least -one- of them must be one of Rool’s sets.



  1. I’m the only one who likes House (sad)

  2. Whoa, universally acclaimed? I haven’t done something like that since 2009!

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