Posted by: SirKibble | December 6, 2011

Kibble’s Bit — Kimiko

*Google Image search* If this is not in the moveset, I will be sad.

All right, that Review Queue’s been sitting still for way too long for my liking. I haven’t done a review for quite a while, obviously, so forgive me if my thoughts are scattered at times or I don’t have a clear pattern I’m following. It’s better than no review, at least, right?

Reading Through with Kibble

So, let me start with my initial impression, before reading the set. Based on the show she’s from (I’ve never seen it, but I have a hunch martial arts are involved), I’m expecting to probably see an acrobatic character skilled at evasion as well as hitting hard, plus you mention fire attacks in her introduction, along with technology. I don’t know how much all of that’s actually going to appear in the set, but those are my initial impressions. She looks to be a sort of glass cannon, if you will, who can dish it out but can’t take it. And reading on, the stats seem to support that–with a light weight, small size, and a good dash, jump, and air speed. But let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of the moveset, shall we?

Having read the Specials now, Kimiko is shaping up a little different than I anticipated. Not that it’s a bad thing, as everything still seems true to source–I can only guess, but you seem to be referencing and basing things off existing Xialoin Showdown moves, given the pictures. She seems to be a little more of a camper character now, with her Neutral, Side, and Down Specials all being projectiles and her Up Special being an effective escape method. Although I can see the Side Special leading into a strong close-combat game, and the Down Special would certainly have its place there if that’s the route the moveset takes. That certainly would be a good approach. The moves, individually, are interesting enough, and I’m hoping to see a continued development of the playstyle they’ve started to paint for me.

The Standards do indeed lean toward a more up-close combo character feel, with the exception of the Forward Tilt, which is more of a projectile attack in the vein of the Specials. Roller blades feel a little weird to me, since she’s been portrayed up to this point as a more typical Chinese martial artist, but based on the picture and the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to let it slide under the assumption that she does indeed actually fight like that. The duality of projectile camper and combo character certainly is making her an interesting character, as she’s not really a true camper but one who uses the projectiles probably to ease her approach, sensible considering her light weight–she can’t just spend her whole time locking fists with the opponent.

The Smashes are kind of an in-between for the Specials and Standards, something I find appropriate. Personally, I feel this is the most appropriate place for projectiles outside the Specials, and you have one on the Forward Smash that compliments her playstyle as a projectile user, while the Up Smash lends itself toward combos and the Down Smash strikes me as more of a last-ditch spacer, something a glass cannon character like this certainly has use for. I will say right now, I like how this moveset is shaping up so far.

Well, the Aerials weren’t quite as exciting. The Forward Aerial is a combo move, and the rest basically help her approach, it sounds like. Disjointed hitboxes that come out pretty quick on the Aerials generally come across that way, and sure, it fits the playstyle all right, but I must admit, I was hoping for a bit more out of this section. Though there’s nothing glaringly bad about it, it just didn’t have the same flare (lolpun) as the previous sections did for me. Let’s move on…

So the Throws set her up as a bit more of a combo character, which I think is probably what she needed, given all her spacing attacks and projectiles. This makes her worthwhile at close range, since she doesn’t have a ton of other moves that function well there. It ties in to helping some of your Specials work well, and gives Kimiko the edge I think I was feeling she was lacking. These, in large part, are functional and interesting, and I don’t have much to complain about. They serve their purpose.

Final Smashes rarely make an attempt to flow into the playstyle, though this one does a little, whether you intended it to or not. Kimiko’s basically a camper with some up-close combo options, so it’s fitting that her Final Smash is a long-range, stage-affecting KO move. In other words, you don’t force her out of her element to use the Final Smash. And you know, looking at this Final Smash as just another move, I must say, I’m a fan. Too much of the time these days it seems like we opt for Final Smashes where the player has control over some part of the Final Smash, and I thought you were going to do that with the dragon. I was pleasantly surprised when you didn’t, but had a set path for the dragon to follow. I was kind of…refreshing, I guess, to see something like this for a Final Smash. Nice work.

The playstyle you summarize is basically what I’d gathered: Kimiko is a camper at heart, with some powerful up-close options to help her out if the need arises. Without that distance, she’s probably best categorized as a combo character, where failure to combo is probably going to get you knocked out. She doesn’t have many spacing moves, so it basically becomes do-or-die once the opponent closes in. You talk about the individual aspects of her game enough in this summary, but I might have liked to see you tie them together a tad bit more.

What’s this? Extras?! Wowzer… Haven’t seen this stuff much these days. I’ll tell you what they do for me, though: they tell me you really cared about this moveset, and the character you were making it for. You wanted to put aspects of Kimiko that weren’t battle-worthy into the moveset, to really show us who she is, and here’s the place to do it. I must say, I respect that. In fact, maybe I’ll start putting some extras in my movesets…

So there’s my thoughts as I read through the set. Now, given how long ago this set was posted, I think I’d like to take a look at the comments it got, and we can consider them here. Maybe I’ll say something intelligent in-between them. Or maybe I’ll just restate what the comments already said and be a boring redundant schmuck! 😀

Other Users’ Comments

All right, after way too much non-commenting, it seems Smady gave Kimiko a comment. He had this to say:

First, I’d like to say how much I love seeing you carry on this tradition, FF, and post another set. Kimiko may yet be your best ever, as it combines some very interesting mindgames and rushdown together into a perfectly well-characterised and conceptually balanced set. I actually kind of like the lack of obvious interactions with the fire and other projectiles [generically lighting stuff on fire] as it helps to establish each move’s individual use more, mostly adding up to a character who works toward completely disabling the foe’s options. For a martial artist, this is obviously very well-suited to her and she has plenty of moves to back up when an opponent escapes her projectile spam game.

The set really starts to become impressive, though, when the combo comes into play and she puts herself in danger, having to use her spacing moves to doubly keep the foe from spacing her into her own trap. Alongside the swarm and fire rings, it definitely helps to make her feel like she has some depth to her playstyle and be more than just throwing out lots of traps to overwhelm an opponent. My only big complaint is that I feel you should have centred more around that concept, as opposed to simply giving her even more options at close range – it’s nothing big, though. I also feel like, while the no interactions is good, you could have made some of the moves have more point to them by simply allowing them to naturally evade her traps’ trajectories, meaning she’s able to set up to counter her foes’ attempts at evading better. Excellent work, FF.

Smady makes some excellent points here about Kimiko’s playstyle. The subtlety of the interactions is certainly a good point in this moveset. In that same vein, though, he seems to feel like some of the moves don’t really serve as much purpose. What Smady hits on the head here, I think, is the perhaps unapparent depth Kimiko has to her playstyle. Sure, she’s got a lot of projectiles, but that’s no reason to file her away under “Camper” and dismiss the moveset. She has other options, they’re just not as potent, and won’t work very well without some projectile setup. Her up-close options are greatly buffed by her Down and Side Specials pestering the foe and distracting them, causing them to trip up and take her physical attacks right in the face!

And then, a little while later, FA offered his thoughts:

I don’t really know why Filip, but I always found your sets to be fun to read. You seem a lot more enthusiastic then a lot of other moveset designers, and your stuff comes across as clever while not being weighed down with loads and loads of complexity. Anyway, Kimiko is a pretty solid set, using various projectiles and mindgames to overload the opponent’s ability to dodge you, despite her otherwise weak power. There’s certainly playstyle here, while it’s not the most unique ever she has her own merits, such as being a camper who is actually fine with the opponent coming in close. All in all, solid set here Filip and I look forward to more of your stuff.

Yes, indeed, we all love Fil’s sets because they’re so darn fun! I covered that a bit when I talked about your inclusion of Extras, but it’s worth stating twice; it’s obvious you enjoy doing this. You’ve always been that way. As much as you tell yourself that you’re on-and-off about Make Your Move, disappearing for extended periods of time only to show up again, you have a consistency to your movesetting that I would argue is  virtually unrivaled by any other regular. Mad props for that. FA also talks here about Kimiko’s playstyle, saying it’s not profoundly unique, but has some noteworthy quirks.

Onward we go, to a comment from Smashbot!

Kimiko is someone who I completely forgot about. Let’s see, proppy? Well, sort of, at least in the specials. Then again, the Shen Gong Wu are so central to the show so I think you get a little bit of flak taken off. I find it interesting how you managed to blend a defensive character with offensive properties; you want to pressure the opponent with the oodles of projectiles at Kimiko’s disposal. Although I admit, Kimiko holds a special place in my heart for a certain reason. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but she reads so much like an MYM2/3 set that’s ahead of its time. I haven’t really seen a set like this now or in MYMX. 4/5 for odd, completely legitimate nostalgia. That could also be because of the show but even then, I always prefer Clay to Kimiko.

“Like an MYM2/3 set that’s ahead of its time,” says Smashbot. The reasoning for that, I believe, is what I said in my last little blurb–you’re just so darn consistent. You’ve evolved over time without making the drastic changes most people have, so your sets now still feel like your sets from so many contests ago. Smashbot also notes his interest in the fact that you take Kimiko’s camper nature and make it more offensive than typical campers.

And LL then provided one last comment for us to look at:

Man, this set brings back great memories of Xaolin Showdown. As far as the set itself goes, it certainly pretty cool as far as gameplay goes. Usually projectile characters tend to be campers, but you’ve managed to combine it with a more rushdown orientated style that allows you to either sit back or go on the offensive depending on the situation. In fact, this set falls more into the “midrange camper” genre similar to Satana last contest. Luckily for you, this set is much more focused than Satana. If I were to level a complaint at this set, it would be that having multiple homing projectiles is a bit overpowered. In addition, those kinds of moves do nothing to test the skill of the user, only the skill of the opponent. If all you have to do is sit back and use two projectiles to keep the opponent busy, then things can get a little stale. Even dodging the Tangle Web Comb is far easier for Kimiko because she doesn’t have to worry about the swarm of insects that easily punishes most dodge attempts. Aside from that, the set looks like it would be a blast to play, so great job, Phil.

It seems LL also had mostly good things to say about Kimiko. Again, some noting of her deviation from the typical “camper” playstyle, due to the offensive approach she takes and her ability to not be useless when she can’t camp. A balance complaint against the double homing projectile, which is probably fair, considering that a good player could most likely master a way to make that virtually unavoidable. Definitely something worth considering. Still, balance quibbles have never been deal-breakers.

Final Thoughts

Well, Fil… I think, and it seems the masses generally agree, you’ve got a fine set here. Kimiko’s not some kind of revolutionary set, one that people will be talking about for contests to come, but she has that quiet flyinfilipino charm to her. On top of that, she’s actually got a more interesting playstyle than she might appear to at first. Combine your own playstyle notes with the observations of myself and those whose comments I quoted here, and I think we can all see that Kimiko does offer some neat variations to the typical “camper” playstyle. She’s not limited, she has options, and she doesn’t suck close-up like the majority of camper characters do. A few moves were a bit unimportant, and didn’t contribute so much to the playstyle, but nonetheless, this remains a solid set. Good work, Fil. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store for us!



  1. Holy crap, a review!

    Thanks for your insight, Kibble, it’s much appreciated. I hope to stay consistent in the future!

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