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Majora’s Mishaps – Rhi’a (MYM5)

* * * Rhi’a Dragunel * * *

Orphaned Dragon Feral

Rhi’a Dragunel is a female dragon Feral who looks young, but has actually lived for over 300 years. As the last survivor of the dragon race, she believes she must live to see the end of world, because dragons must witness the beginning and the end. She wields a pair of handguns and is able to grow wings, tail, and horns when she is enraged. All her magic and attack names are music themed, but she otherwise shows no signs of being musically inclined. In the game, she also has precognitive abilities, but the traditions of the Dragons won’t allow her to do anything to change the future she sees.

* * * STATS * * *

WEIGHT: *****
SIZE: ******
AIR SPEED: *******

Rhi’a is a character who is mid-weight and somewhat slow on her feet. However, with her projectiles she doesn’t need to be fast! That is, until she runs out of ammo… When Rhi’a engages an opponent in hand-to-hand, taking to the skies is the worst thing you could do: Rhi’a, being a Dragon Feral, is fully capable of hunting most fighters down in the air and clipping their wings.

* * * SPECIAL MOVES * * *

Rhi’a starts the match with her twin handguns. When the B button is pressed, Rhi’a will arm herself to shoot at a press of the B button. The control stick can be tilted up and down to altar her firing direction. Pressing A will immediately pull Rhi’a out of the vulnerable aiming pose. Bullets are extremely fast, do low shield damage, and deal 4% per bullet. Each gun has seven shots, and Rhi’a has four on her person; When she runs out of ammo in her first gun, she will toss it over her shoulder, which will deal 1% and abysmal knockback to anyone behind her. If she runs out of ammo in two guns, she will do the same animation, but will then pull another pair of guns out of holsters she wears on her thighs. Running out of ammunition for all four guns will switch Rhi’a to Melee mode until she wins or dies and respawns.

When in melee mode, Rhi’a’s (oh my god…) neutral special becomes an attack called Dragonfire. It can be used in the air, and will allow Rhi’a to create a sort of flamethrower attack like Bowser’s; however, she can sweep this attack 360 degrees around her at .75 times the speed of Bowser’s flamethrower movement speed by rotating the control stick. Rhi’a can shoot flames consistantly for 4.5 seconds before stopping and taking a half second end lag. The flames will deal multi-hit damage at about 5% damage per second and low knockback. The move can deal up to 30% damage if the opponent is hit at 0% damage and is pinned against a wall; an unlikely combination of events.

Rhi’a will close her eyes and cross her arms over her chest as she closes her eyes, lost in thought for a half second. If Rhi’a is attacked by any damage-dealing force, she will not take damage or knockback from it, and will instead backflip quickly two platforms away from the target and will fire either seven free rounds of ammo (if in Ranged mode) or a much larger burst of fire than usual (if in Melee mode) at the opponent. The damage % the attack would have dealt will be the percentage of strength this attack gains from its normal version. For example, if Rhi’a were hit by a 100% dealing attack and countered it in melee mode, her 5%-per-second attack would increase by 100%. This means the resulting fire burst will do 10% per second instead!

Rhi’a’s wings will spread from her back, each one reaching a half battlefield platform on each side of her. This will give Rhi’a an additional four jumps in the air and raises her air speed drastically. However, she forfeits her guns and ammo when this move is used, and switches to melee mode. Also, they do not do damage normally, but Rhi’a’s (…) wings will increase the size of her hitbox as well. Using this move sparingly is a must!

Rhi’a will put her fingers to her temples briefly and hold the position for a full second. If any form of damage-inflicting contact is made with Rhi’a during this animation, she will disappear and appear behind the nearest opponent if they are within two battlefield platforms. If there are none, she will appear in place a half second after disappearing, and will be facing the opposite direction. This move can be used as a sort of evasion tactic, and can even be used very nicely to counter edgeguards.


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