Posted by: forwardarrow | December 12, 2011

FA’s Sunday Recap #9

This week has been incredibly dead in Make Your Move-ville, with a grand total of 3 sets posted and two minis. I would like to believe this is because everyone is working on their big sets, but more likely it’s just because everyone is lazy and or busy. But anyway, on to the recap.

Kholdstare started us off this week with his MYM3 Free For All, a fight between the 4 winners of MYM3. These include Rool’s Headless Horseman, as well as Cervantes, Donna, and Dracula himself. It’s a very straightforward match with no real twists on it, but at the same time it’s a great tribute to some classic sets. And it includes that wonderful little piece of artwork from Mendez, gotta love that.

Next up for this week, we have Elspeth, Knight Errant by Legend of Link. Elspeth here is a minion character, horror of horrors, but actually does it somewhat differently that usual by having the minions bow down to speed up her attacks. She also tries to fence of the foes so she can have one on one combat with them, or put one of her minions in one on one combat with him. The set was mostly well recieved with Kibble and myself praising it’s uniqueness, though Smash Daddy hated it for what he believed to be a complete lack of depth.

After that we have Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha, his self-proclaimed best set of the contest and an early Christmas set. Anyway Yukon basically digs a billion pitfall traps all over the stage, including in the background and foreground. He’s vulnerable to them too, but he can ride over them in a sled, and also dig up boulders which he can knock into foes and cover in snow. Yukon was pretty well liked on a whole, with Smady and Kibble praising the characterization, if nitpicking the set a bit. I went a bit crazy on the nitpicking and complaining and was a lot more negative than the other two, but I still gave it some credit for the boulder being pretty cool.

Then we have Chain Chomp’s Chompers by Davidreamcatcha again, this time as a mini. It’s a fairly cool little mini about Tutankoopa fighting off with Iggy where they both use the same Chain Chomp. And if they give it too many orders, the Chain Chomp will go berserk and attack both. Not really a ton to say I guess, it’s a mini and as such doesn’t have “much too it”, though it’s an excellent tribute to one of Rool’s most popular sets.

Then we have Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel, a newcomer to the thread. Ghirahim plays as a bit of a typical swordfighter, though he’s also very flamboyant and true to the games. I haven’t read much of it since well I don’t really feel like spoiling Skyward Sword, but it was apparently pretty darn good for a newcomer set. And with that we’re all done for the week, damn that was short.

Alright since Dave basically didn’t have a mini for this week, I’m going to give you guys one.

MYM Mini Week #9: STICKERS
Your duty this week is to make a pile of at least 10 stickers for whatever the heck you feel like. They can be themed, they can just be random stickers, whatever they are they have to be stickers. And you might think “STICKERS HAVE YOU GONE MAD FA”. Well maybe I have, but I’m sure you guys can come up with some nifty things for stickers to do. If we can be clever in our movesets, we can be clever in our stickers.




  1. Stickers could potentially be fun to work with, the Brawl stickers weren’t completely devoid of creative stuff themselves.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my MYM3 top 4 winners event match, FA. I appreciate it.

  3. *MYM3, whatever. Not that it matters, you clearly don’t care about it.

  4. Ugh I’m so frustrated I’m fucking up. I guess I’ll piss off then.

  5. Sorry Khold, I totally blanked that it was this week. I really didn’t mean too. I’ll edit it in now.

    Edit: And now it’s in. Hopefully I won’t make this sort of mistake again.

  6. Stickers? How… BORING.

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