Posted by: smashbot226 | December 13, 2011

Facilier’s Grab: How it should have been

So after a while, I figure I should actually put this up on the bunker.  Not edit it into the moveset because nobody does that anymore, right?  Right.

It’s The Green That I See

First off, this move will only work when Facilier has an active talisman.  Trying to use it otherwise results in an agitated Facilier tapping his foot, with his shadow doing likewise if it’s out.  However, let’s say you DO have an active talisman: Facilier opens his palm, releasing some magic dust similar to the one in his FSmash.  Unlike his FSmash, however, this specific kind of dust transforms the first contacted foe… INTO A FROG!

… Granted, it’s not a photo-realistic frog but a highly stylized amphibian version of whoever you cursed.  With a chuckle, Facilier quickly hops backwards as he lets his foe wallow in their new-found misery.  While frogified, the foe only has access to a very high-reaching jump followed by a pitiful second jump and two moves.  Additionally, their walk/dash is replaced by hops, with each individual hop taking them an extra Bowser-length forward while hopping to the Koopa King’s height for each hop.  The frog’s normal attack is a simple flick of their tongue, which deals a measly 2% and barely enough knockback to kill Jigglypuff at 250%.  However, it CAN grab Facilier’s talisman straight from his neck, so nearby bystanders/enemy allies can take advantage of this sudden turn of events.  The tongue itself doesn’t reach TOO far though, only about two Bowser-lengths.  If frogs tap the special button, they expand their cheeks/throat with a loud ribbit.  This does… nothing.  Outside of pushing anyone nearby away without any sort of stun and slowing their descent in the air.

Frog foes also very light and just as small, being around the size of a Deku Nut.  Still, Facilier can pretty much end the fight if he goes after the frogified foe, although the entire process takes three seconds and both Facilier and his foe retain hyper armor, meaning advantageous foes can wail on either competitor during.  Most importantly, however, is how long the foe lasts as a frog.  The answer being indefinitely.  Yes, they can stay as a frog so long as they don’t kiss a princess (Or a prince, depending on who you’ve froggified.  If you transformed a genderless foe, it’ll be GLaDoS in a dress.).  You see, as soon as a frogified opponent touches the ground, a princess/prince/GLaDoS appears somewhere on stage.  If the frog somehow makes contact with this important person, they’re put in a near instant and hyper armored animation during which they transform back into their old selves through a kiss.  Or spark.  Of course, Facilier wants to stop this from happening, but he can’t do anything about the V.I.P. in question: they’re stuck in the background and roam the battlefield.  Luckily, Facilier has ways of obscuring the foe’s vision and redirecting them as he sees fit.


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