Posted by: Junahu | December 14, 2011

Junahu’s Remixes (Part 1)

For those who know me outside of my sporadic article and moveset activity (believe it or not, I used to post comments!), one of my more controversial opinions is that remixing (I.E. remaking a moveset that already exists in some form) “is a sign of weakness”. I doubt I’ll ever change that opinion, I respect the past too much to give new movesets an easy ride.

But that’s not to say I’ve never felt the urge to remix things myself. A lot of my movesets have some key flaw that I wish I could purge, or at least flatten out. After all, I really want to imagine all of my movesets coexisting in the same game without falling over, and that’s not going to happen without some heavy duty remixing. Naturally, if I ever did start remixing sets, I assume I’d be ostracised from MYM.

So, instead, I’ve been bottling up all the little changes, keeping them to myself and letting my movesets age naturally.

Of course, you’re here right now because I’ve finally decided to start officially documenting the changes I would want to make, in a sort of ‘wishlist’. Right now, we’ll head through my MYM3, MYM4, MYM5 and MYM6 output

As my first moveset, Donna is missing quite a lot of detail. More specifically, most of the regular attacks use placeholder animations, and poorly thought out knockback variations. The key idea was to mix the energy of early era cartoon animation, with the more solid feeling of a straight up fist fight. “Energetic” is at the core of what I wanted Donna to be. She’s wild, unpredictable, and you never know whether she wants to keep her camera or not. Her combos involve constant switching between her two stances, and thus revolve entirely around her ability to manage her throwable camera item.

In terms of specific changes, her photo taking needs to stun the opponent, at least long enough for her to use a quick attack, or throw her camera. Taking the opponent’s picture would be a great opener for combos, and works thematically as her ‘catching the opponent red handed’ which I believe is another core aspect to Donna’s style.

Her Side B (Without Camera), which is an almost entirely useless clone of DK’s Up-Special, should have a grab hitbox, spinning the foe around with her in order to gain more height. This could also be an additional way to grab an airborne camera.

Animation-wise, she needs to take much more from early cartoons, such as walking with a constant spring to her step, and an occasional/subtle stretching of limbs during attacks. Many duplicate attacks could be made more unique. Mainly, the “Without-Camera” attacks should feel more ‘physical’, more ‘punctual’. The loss of range and knockback, along with the additional grab options, already makes Donna feel more frustrated without her camera, but the attacks themselves could do with a bit more visual feeback (perhaps an angry facial expression, some hitlag, or more shouting or something).

I maintain the opinion that Donna is an absolutely exquisite moveset, though it does need a lot of work in order to make other MYMers see her the same way I see her.

Mega man is tricky to change, most notably because NOT changing much was the entire point of the moveset. Whatever changes I make to the moveset need to be in service of making it feel closer to the feel of the game’s relentless, puzzling pace.

I’ve already gone through a list of changes in my Megaman10:Protoman moveset, and those all still apply today. I want to include Protoman’s weapon switching and items too, since those are incredibly useful and open many new options for Mega Man. Though various (silly) exploits of Mega Man’s weapons would need to be removed to compensate, such as spacing Laser Trident in order to combo all of them in a row. Mega Man should also be brought closer to Proto Man’s weight. Jewel Satellite should be its own weapon, rather than the shield option.

Specific changes on the weapons themselves are mostly related to what the weapons do when they hit. Black Hole Bomb needs to hold the foe inside it with numerous flinching hits, rather than dealing a single hit and then letting them go (Since that way is pretty easy to shield against).

Plug Ball, as much as I loved it, should not spike if it hits while falling. It’s an electric attack, and should have the correct properties of such a move, lotsa hitstun.

Concrete Shot blocks should not be able to hang in midair (unless attached to the ceiling or wall), and should fall, causing 7% damage and downward (or floor bouncing) knockback on contact. Concrete blocks should also be allowed to form on top of foes who are already encased in concrete. When the foe is freed, the block falls, bouncing them up off the floor. Foes also should be able to dodge immediately after being freed from concrete shot.

Magma Shot should have better knockback growth at higher levels of charge, along with better damage.

The various Final Smash forms stay a little too true to their inspirations. They should be free to move without too much restriction.

Anyway, yeah. Point is, the moveset needs a fair few functional changes in order to work. Playstyle wise little changes. It’s still about using limited options to overcome dynamic and difficult foes.

As more of a writing experiment than anything else, Wispa has little to its name as a moveset. The point of the moveset was really to sell the character, in this case a bar of chocolate. That’s not to say there’s no moveset at all in here. Wispa occupies a reasonably cool niche, of a barely mobile combo character. She slowly advances on the foe, using her projectile and her short frame to keep her safe, before launching into some nasty ground-aerial-ground based combos. The specifics of these combos are missing from the original moveset, though Wispa could be quite excellent at it with a little tweaking. One obvious change right off the bat, is to give Wispa seperate Down/Up airs. As it is now, they’re the same attack.

General all around buffs are what Wispa needs right away. Her weight should reflect her immobility, her dashing speed needs to be somewhat functional, and she needs a (low) normal jump. True, these changes detract from the overall feel of being a chocolate bar trapped in a wrapper, who needs to struggle against her packaging in order to even move, but that feeling can be reintroduced in other attacks. Aerials for example, should minorly alter her midair trajectory.

Specific move changes include allowing Down Smash to move left or right during the attack. Down Tilt should knock the foe upwards with stun. Up Tilt should fall over backwards, rather than back into her original position.

Up Special, when used on the ground, should move the foe to directly in front of her, and force them to use their Forward-Tilt. She should be able to dodge or shield this attack (she should also be able to airdodge when using the aerial variant of the move).

Chocolate chunks from her Neutral Special should be able to be knocked around by attacks, like a super weak soccer ball item. And if they hit Wispa when she’s in the middle of performing a Neutral Special, she should reabsorb the chocolate projectile, healing 5% damage in the process. And finally, Side Special needs to be chargeable. I have no idea why I took that functionality out…

As probably my favourite moveset ever (tied with Alucard), Viola is reasonably set to go without much meddling to her core gameplay. Arco, for example, is pretty much perfect as is (though I’m tempted to remove the ability to hold him like an item, and to make his negative effects a bit more consistant in regards to which moves he hates to see).

Of course, some specific changes to the moveset are absolutely begging to be made.

That Down-Tilt, for example, is an example of me attempting to appeal to the ‘current’ trends of MYM, and really serves no purpose. A simple SweepWithBow-CrouchingKick combo (a ‘press A more than once attack’, in the same vein as Viola’s other tilts) would suffice, giving Viola a bit more help in close quarters, and especially the quick poking option that she kind of needs (just use the Sweep With Bow part and ignore the follow up).

Forward Tilt’s first hit needs a small hitbox in front of her. Nothing special, just something to flinch the foe in front of her. Forward Aerial should have a maximum duration to it, after which Viola slows down enters a helpless fall. She should also be able to cancel out of the start of the attack, into a Backward Aerial.

Downward Aerial should not be a stall and fall (ever other aerial already affects her midair momentum), but rather just something simple and wide hitting for off-stage play. Upward Aerial needs something of a nerf too, lest Viola become too aerial focused.

Down Smash should create dark puddles/have a wider hitbox, at any level of charge (with bigger pools appearing with longer charges). It should not trip the foe when run over, but rather have so little traction that anyone walking/running onto the puddle slides all the way across to the other side.

Side Special should be useable in midair, albeit at a 45 degree downward angle (and with Viola falling while charging). If she lands while still charging, she’ll still fire it down at the ground. When fired in midair, it should propel Viola upwards/backwards a short distance.

Neutral Special needs a slight reduction in lag. Up Special should make Viola leap up a little when used in midair, like Yoshi using his Up-Special.

The main change however, absolutely has to be her Final Smash. Rather than all this intrusive/useless time-stopping nonesense, Viola shoud instead fire a single, venomous arrow, which  sharply reduces the movement speed of whoever it hits, for 6 seconds. Viola should also be invincible for those 6 seconds, with slightly reduced lag on her attacks.

Oh god… Team Rocket. I won’t lie, I think about remixing this moveset almost constantly, it has aged horribly, and I already have an article out there explaining why. Long story short, this moveset is a product of MYM’s expectations, or at least my interpretation of their expectations. This moveset convinced me that simply putting more effort into something doesn’t automatically make it better.

For those who have been following my more recent movesets, you’ll know that ‘teamwork’ is something I love to return to from time to time. I’m slowly exploring the subject, looking for an application of it which would fit Team Rocket’s own ecclectic style. The original moveset believed that Team work required seperation and complexity in order to work. Now that I know better, I believe a much simpler system will give Team Rocket the ‘feel’ that they really deserve.

My proposed new system has all three members constantly together, moving in an inseperable group. Using any move has Jessie and James attack, while Meowth seemingly does nothing. With a second input, however, Meowth then performs his own equivilent attack, usually quick, safe and simple scratches. You can mix and match the attacks as much as you wish; for example having Meowth use his grab while Jessie and James perform their forward smash.

Yes, it’s more or less copied ad verbatim from General Greivous’ moveset, but hey, it’s a great idea and a good fit for Team Rocket.

The rest of the changes would mainly be paring down all the needlessly complex and silly secondary effects (Sorry, James’ Down Tilt…), removing superfluous props in favour of just two or three truly iconic ones, and replacing about half of the Specials.

To be honest, Team Rocket probably needs rebuilding from the ground up, though a good selection of individual moves/ideas are worth saving here.

Cutesy Beau’s complexity makes it difficult to properly balance. It’s still a decent set and the concept of petal control still stands strong, but it’s pretty clearly underpowered, and more than a little unwelcoming.

First of all, she needs KO moves. Giving her a 140% average KO percent (which is still super weak) seems decent enough, at least compared to the 300% I was somehow expecting the set to pull off originally. Having her Down Smash boost her other attacks to actual KOable levels seems to be the best route for this, as it makes her use the scythe to kill.

Secondly, a 15 petal limit is just sadistic. I still want to punish stupid petal use, but gimping her so severely for it is just wrong. After having 15 petals out at once, her attacks still produce petals, but just dead petals. Her other means of producing dead petals (such as tripping over and mid-air jumping) now produce other types of petal instead, Dying petals mostly.

Speaking of mid air jumps, Cutesy now only gets a limited stock of jumps, 5, and can only regain jumps by either landing, or collecting two non-dead petals

Dead Petals can now deal damage, and even flinching if two connect in short order, but this only applies when the petals are in motion (i.e. falling or moving via Cutesy’s Specials)

Curl Petals only need a single hit to flinch on contact. Combo petals split apart into numerous petals on contact (which then engulf the foe and then pop) in order to visually represent just how much damage is being dealt. Blood Petals also flinch the foe on contact.

Beyond that, and simple knockback changes to various regular attacks, Cutesy should be just fine

As much as I adore and admire this moveset for starting my trend towards helpful and insightful prose, Clefable is kind of a mess of a moveset. Critically, she’s missing actual attacks that hurt the foe. Two of the Specials, Cosmic Power and Minimize just hog up move slots for the sake of including iconic attacks.

Encore and Follow Me could be combined into a single Special (The foe and Clefable are frozen in place until the foe hits Clefable with a regular attack, which the foe is then forced to repeat once again [or three times for short moves/jabs]). This would free up much needed inputs for offensive attacks such as Pound or Magical Leaf. Moves to help Clefable actually fight.

As for Minimize, that move is meant to show her reclusive, shrinking personality, so it would be best represented by making Clefable decent at fleeing her opponents. For a recovery move, a mix of Gravity and Cosmic Power would look great. Clefable rides up on a star at a 45 degree angle, while symultaneously subjecting nearby foes to extreme gravity. The star itself deals ordinary damage/knockback if the foe finds themselves being struck by it. After riding up a certain distance, the star arcs and falls back to earth with a crash (knockback similar to the stars produced when King Dedede lands from his Up Special). Clefable can jump off as the star falls, though enters a helpless fall once she does.

A key change that needs to be made, is my approach to Clefable’s air game. I maintain that she shouldn’t be ‘good’ in the air in any offensive capacity, but she should be great at running away in mid-air, with plenty of options to help her get back down safely. She needs better aerial movement, and a few additional jumps. This will also help her grab any wishes she makes.

Meteor Mash would make a good Down Air, having Clefable plummet down head first, and then bounce off the floor upon landing. One of the better aspects of Clefable’s original moveset is how much she loves bouncing, and that’s a theme I want to keep.

Belly Drum (renamed “Belly Drum/Stored Power”, but retaining the same animation) should give Clefable a stackable boost to her attack knockback/damage that lasts for 5.7 seconds, rather than just being burnt out in a single attack.

Snatch, that throw which steals the foe’s status effects, also needs a better visual indicator of what’s happening. Though most status effects and such already have visual indicators, so maybe it’s just a case of making sure it’s easy to notice them being transferred to Clefable.

And finally, Metronome should use a random attack from a small pool of Neutral Special attacks (including exclusive attacks like Togepi’s Night Shade), rather than using any move from any character.

There are other moves to change, though they are almost all just adding hitboxes to inputs that didn’t originally hurt the foe.

Like many movesets from my earlier days, Joe is hamstringed by numerous banal ‘weaknesses’ such as having only one KO move (that KOs at 170%), one attack to hit crouching foes, and one to hit foes above him. Basically, he’s a bit too specialised in his craft, a deliberate theme at the time, since Joe is less about being a moveset and more about being ‘Boxing’. Luckily though, he really only needs a couple of changes in order to work out better.

A faster dashing speed for starters. I’d also love him to have the ability to delay a punch by holding Neutral Special (the spacing move) longer during the start lag. An Up Tilt and Up Aerial that hits above Joe (along with a similar deal with the Down Tilt for hitting low while crouching) is kind of mandatory if Joe is going to be anything other than a joke.

Forward Aerial should be an overarm swing in the same vein as Mario’s Forward Aerial (yes, I use that aerial constantly in movesets, because it just looks so cool).

The TKO system needs a better visual representation, perhaps an additional icon next to his own damage meter (but god I hate those kinds of special mechanics. Don’t clutter up my screen with icons and meters damn it!). Or, actually, just removing it alltogether would be better, so long as Joe gets more reasonable (70-80%) KO options to compensate. Cuts still rack up damage just fine, and knocking the foe to the ground is obvious good for Joe, who can probably prone chase better than most.

The Final Smash needs to be burned to the ground for being so offensively bad. Even a generic moveset buff would be better than what he has now. Hell, just give him invincibility, increased movement speed, and have his attacks heal Joe for half the damage dealt (for 6 seconds) and that’d be ok.

Hector is surprisingly competant, even against my now impossible personal standards (As of the time of writing, I am up to 25 canceled movesets that are over halfway finished). The main flaws he has as a set are mostly visual ones. The main problem being how to visibly represent his Battle Spirit without it taking over the way the player sees Hector. I suppose a overall nerfing of its strength is needed, along with an overall strengthening of his axe attacks.

As an axe user, it’s a little bothersome that some of his attacks have very slim, or specific hitboxes. Forward and Downward Air are both big offenders of this and should definitely be larger, swinging hitboxes.

I’m not sure what to think of Hector’s grab game. I love using an attack to get them prone, though I feel Hector should just behave as normal afterwards, without having to go through the song and dance of an obvious and pared down prone chasing game. The “grab” itself should also stun the foe slightly on the floor, to give Hector a little bit of a headstart on his follow up.

The Final Smash’s “you lose two lives” fineprint, is a bit too much. With a little nerfing to the damage and such, the Final Smash would be just fine without any penalty at all, though giving Hector himself some extra damage at the end of the Final Smash could work too.

Not too much wrong with Cloud of Darkness either. In fact, there’s almost nothing functionally troubling about the moveset at all. It more or less does what it says and is both fun and logical to boot. But still…

Her Up Special should not outright Self Destruct her after 125%, but rather become more laggy as her damage climbs. He Side B also needs a more competant hitbox, kind of like Sheik’s chain, so that players can more easily discover its actual purpose.

Her Down Smash should have a hitbox upon release, just something to clear out nearby foes, it doesn’t have to be all that great, she just pulses with dark power or something, I dunno.

Bad Breath should not invoke so many status effects, especially since the stage choice determines what her throw produces. Curse, Blind and Poison should be the standard effects. And one of Slow Numb, Float, Sleep or Mini should also occur roughly 1/3 of the time.

Speaking of Poison, I don’t like poison as a visual indicator of residual damage. Luckily, Cloud of Darkness’ version of Poison involves damaging the foe every time they jump. Therefore it would be easy to represent the effect with a different visual that makes more sense (such as brambles around the foe’s shins)

Because of its deliberate emulation of older movesetting practices, Anne does not age all too well. The overall playstyle, while kind of dull, makes perfect sense for her as an older (less materialistic?) Donna. It’s more restrained, less bombastic, but still clearly stemming from the same character.

Right away, the act of taking photos is a bit overburdening. It should just have more lag when used while moving, with no stipulations about whether the photo ends up blurry or not. Taking a foe’s photo should also deal a decent amount of stun so that, like Donna, Anne can use it to open an offensive.

Her uses for the photos also need to be buffed significantly. Up Special with Photo should make Anne perform the attack in the photo, whilst also refreshing her mid-air jump. Down Special with Photo should lower the effectiveness of that particular attack for the rest of the current stock, with a potential to nullify it completely after stacking three photos with the same attack. Side Special with Photo has much the same effect as before, though there is now a delay between when the foe receives the photo, and when they attempt the attack.

Anne’s Forward Smash, (as crazy as it is I don’t really want to change it too much) should hit the foe with static vertical knockback, the next time Anne presses A, even if A is pressed while Anne is unable to respond to inputs.

Her Down Tilt should just be a low down sexylonglegkick, which will push her away from her monopod if she ends up kicking it.

Speaking of hitting a planted monopod, attacks that hit it, should cause the monopod to reverberate for 0.6 seconds. If someone touches it in that time, they will take the same damage/knockback as the attack that hit the monopod. This can be used against Anne too, though she really shouldn’t be leaving her monopod unattended anyway.

Her Grab should actually grab the foe, though only after the grab-counter frames, hence making it a very laggy grab.

And last but by no means least, Anne should have Donna’s Final Smash, because cloned Final Smashes are better than utterly shit ones.


And I think that’s enough for today. We’ve got plenty more movesets left to get through, though my MYM3-6 work was probably my roughest (outside of specific exceptions, like MYM7’s Badman)


What do you think?

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