Posted by: masterwarlord | December 14, 2011

The Universal Pokemon Movement – Phase 2

In this phase, any Pokemon that does not get 2 votes will not move on to the next round. We’re killing the massive vote split we’ll have later due to only having one vote with this phase – so that your vote won’t be wasted and you won’t be forced to make something just because you were a loner and voted for your favorite candidate. Phase 3 will be the final phase, as we vote among all remaining candidates that survived this phase. Phase 3 opens at Friday 7 PM EST.



  1. not gonna vote until it’s 0 = eliminated only (d)

  2. Public polling? Isn’t this like the least trustable means of opinion gathering out there?
    Why in the name of heavens did you leave the option to VIEW THE RESULTS on there? You’re just asking for metavoting here.

  3. *metavotes and sees 2 for keckleon, 1 for various others*

    looks like keckleon wins due to both 2, and meme status, (sad)

  4. I didn’t particularly think that this was a poll that people would go out of their way to rig, and even then, they have to have different computers and what have you.

    But yes, I -wanted- view results on there, so that people could actually see what their vote could immediately put onto the list.

    And yes, at this rate, I may well just go with having any votes putting you into the next round.

  5. Like JOE, I would rather see this round only eliminating those that get 0 votes. THEN we can start restricting the conversation and actually discussing this stuff. There are too few of us and too many options to just bulldoze through with some poor imitation of democracy.

    And if we do that, the round doesn’t need to last as long.

  6. Well Warlord, it’s that or we all make a moveset for Kecleon.

  7. Come now! Dragonite has 2 as well now!

    But yeah srsly, that’s what we’ll be doing now.

  8. I wonder who voted Koffing.

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