Posted by: masterwarlord | December 17, 2011

Universal Pokemon Movement — Phase 3

Yes, I did indeed cave. Everything that got a vote is viable for voting in this round. The list of remaining contenders is as follows. . .

Mew, Gardevoir, Nidoking, Alakazam, Arceus, Sunkern, Shaymin, Raichu, Kecleon, Dragonite, Chansey, Porygon, Smeargle, Deoxys, Golduck, Castform, Koffing, Trubbish, Sudowoodo

There’s going to be no poll because just one vote with this voting format would mean that we wouldn’t have gained anything from phase 2. Instead, you get two votes. Vote in the comments. Whoever comes out of this round on top wins.

When are we going to actually do this? God knows. I was thinking after Christmas, say, New Years’ Eve Eve or something, but post what you think would be good in the comments. If there isn’t enough outcry, though, that’s what we’ll be going with. In any case, voting for this phase closes Sunday 7 PM EST.



  1. So you plan for this to be a sort of end-all be-all for MYMXI? Pretty cool. Anyhow, I’m voting for Gardevoir and Mew. Yeah…not much changed for me, really. Nothing else jumps out for me.

  2. Smeargle, Alakazam

  3. I’ll go with Dragonite and Mew.

  4. My votes go to Shaymin and Kecleon.

  5. Kecleon and Gardevoir.

  6. Alakazam and Porygon

  7. That was me, was not aware my name wouldn’t come up. My bad.

  8. What do if there’s a tie?

  9. The fucknuggets are you? And I assume we revote

  10. Dragonite

  11. Gardevoir: 2
    Mew: 2
    Alakazam: 2
    Dragonite: 2
    Kecleon: 2
    Smeargle: 1
    Shaymin: 1
    Porygon: 1
    Golduck: 1

  12. Dragonite and Shaymin.

  13. Trubbish and Trubbish

  14. Mew and Nidoking.

    Fun fact: Nidoking was who I considered making back during MYM7’s Pokemon movement before settling on Arbok.

  15. I would not do mew

    So, Dragonite + Deoxys

  16. Kecleon and Porygon

  17. Dragonite and Sudowoodo

  18. also, many rages if keckleon is picked 😡

  19. Alakazam and Dragonite

  20. ^twas me by the way

  21. Well, Koffing is fucked.

    Alakazam and Kecleon.

  22. I have to say I would have preferred some sort of discussion, rather than (or at least in addition to) an open poll where everyone can see the results, for the final round. Rarg. Perhaps I’ll vote in a bit

  23. Nidoking and Porygon, I think.

  24. Well, at this rate it’s going to be Dragonite for sure. (SAD)

    • On second look, maybe our little chameleon friend still has a chance after all. (I really don’t want to make Dragonite.) Alakazam is doing well, too.

  25. Dragonite: 6
    Kecleon: 4
    Alakazam: 4
    Mew: 3
    Porygon: 3
    Gardevoir: 2
    Shaymin: 2
    Nidoking: 2
    Smeargle: 1
    Golduck: 1
    Deoxys: 1
    Sudowoodo: 1

    Not counting the anon vote for Trubbish.

    • Ha, five minutes apart and we got the same results (since you didn’t have my votes to add in). Who says vote gurus can’t be trusted?

  26. Like n88, I would have liked to have some actual discussion instead of everybody throwing their votes out willy-nilly. I can’t for the life of me imagine why people would want to make Kecleon, and neither Alakazam nor Dragonite really provide much open-endedness at all.

    My votes are for Porygon and Smeargle, putting us here:

    Dragonite: 6
    Alakazam: 4
    Kecleon: 4
    Porygon: 4
    Mew: 3

    Gardevoir: 2
    Nidoking: 2
    Shaymin: 2
    Smeargle: 2
    Golduck: 1
    Deoxys: 1
    Sudowoodo: 1

  27. I’ll go ahead and vote for Alakazam/Kecleon.

  28. I’ll just vote for what I’ve been voting for all along.

    Chansey, for one, and Alakazam since at least Psychic shenanigans >>> generic dragon

  29. ^ I call metavoting (smirk)

  30. Kecleon, Mew.

    Is that a three way tie? Can people sit down and discuss this now?

  31. Why people hatin’ on Dragonite? 😦

  32. Voting Dragonite / Shaymin

  33. I don’t get Dragonite either. It’s defining characteristic is that it can fly really fast. That pretty much leads to Rainbow Dash/Burter/whatever in terms of movement, and it isn’t very interesting otherwise, either. Kecleon, on the other hand I think has a good bit of potential for development, as it’s defining characteristic, imperfect invisibility, is a mechanic that is usually frowned upon in MYM due to its perceived uselessness, and would present a great challenge for a moveset. Honestly, though, Shaymin would is still my first choice due to the massive amount of things it can do and the potential for variation between two very different forms. There’s my two cents on the subject.

  34. 2 different forms?


    bitch please

  35. I honesty think that there’s a danger both in having it be a Pokemon with ‘too much versatility’ or with ‘an extremely obvious mechanical direction’

    Honestly, I think that the kind of Pokemon that would fit best is one that has doesn’t have a particularly deep or shallow movepool, and doesn’t have one overarching theme to portray, so all the movesets can take their own perspectives on it rather than just different mechanical ways of representing the same idea.

    Similarly, a Pokemon with a theme of versatility like Porygon or Mew is going to have to deal with a threat of lack of cohesiveness.

    Dragonite certainly wouldn’t be my preference, but he would be over Alakazam and company.

  36. Voting Kecleon/Alakazam. Dragonite would be… neatish, but like someone before me said, he can fly at mach speed and be a giant yellow Barney with wings. Alakazam at least has telekinesis and lord knows what else and Kecleon is motherfucking Kecleon.

  37. Dragonite wins without Smashbot’s vote, which brings it back up to a 3 way tie. Again.

  38. Vote for Dragonite. Your welcome.

  39. Edit: Oh wait too late. lol

  40. I would like to retract all of my votes and put them evenly into Kecleon and Alakazam. We have a Dragonite now. Circumstances have changed! We’ve all got Junahu as a reference point now, and we won’t be able to approach the character without his ridiculously recent take colouring our perceptions.

    Give us Alakazam, or even bloody Kecleon, but Dragonite can no longer fly. Unless I’m alone in thinking this, in which case more power to you.

  41. At this point, I think it’s best we just talk it out to decide. The Pokemon of most effective compromise seems to be Alakazam. There are a few who don’t want to make Dragonite or Kecleon, but I can’t recall any real strong sentiments expressed against Alakazam. This is coming from the first guy to nominate Kecleon, mind you. I think in the interest of what we’re doing here, Alakazam is our best choice to maximize good participation.

  42. I voted for Kecleon and Alakazam, but admittedly by heart lies with Alakazam. After Junahu’s Dragonite, Rool is right in pointing out that we all have a point of reference and some would likely use it to construct a spiritual successor rather than something based off their own ideas. Perhaps not consciously, but people can’t just ignore Junahu’s set either. Aside from that, Dragonite’s potential is limited, in my opinion, and Junahu took advantage of much of it… so not much to go on now without ripping him off.

    On Alakazam, the guy has a vast amount of potential due to his over-abundance of psychic powers and his spoon could have a hundred different interpretations. He’s an open character, a popular Pokemon and no one [with a couple of exceptions] holds anything against him, unlike Kecleon. I’d be all for Alakazam here.

  43. “…and no one [with a couple of exceptions] holds anything against him, unlike Kecleon. I’d be all for Alakazam here.”

    You mean, unlike Clefable. (smirk2)


  45. On the Kecleon/Alakazam debate, I’ll have to say the latter. Kibble and Smady make a good point.

  46. So close and yet so far

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