Posted by: tirkaro | December 19, 2011

tirkaro’s Sunday Recap X: Command Hunter Revengeance

Oh god what is this Sunday Recap nonsense, I swear if I find that guy who stuck me in here, I swear-

Anyway, the continually shambling corpse known has the MYM Thread had some things happen in it this past week or something. First there were some stickers written by some people, but mostly Katapultar, who puts an awful lot of effort, including a sticker that makes you into a little animu cancer patient, an intentionally overpowered sticker that turns you into EA (for some reason called “Vampire” here),  one that lets you become Meguca, the powers of a sorceress, and one that turns you into TWILT’s departed soul or something.

But onto what you really care about: The bountiful plethora of Movesets these poor nerds waste their time on for some reason.

HAHA IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT SAYS FUCK IN IT HAHAHAThe first we have to unfortunately endure through is Invidia by SirKibble, some villain from a shitty porn game-turned latest shameless Dogakobo cash-grab 11eyes. She attacks using the spine of a Dragon, but the only real thing anyone cares about is her OH MY GOD SO EDGY HARDCORE XXX I’M GONNA GO LISTEN TO LINKIN PARK ability to have explosive blood. She starts dripping these drops of angsty nobody-understands-how-I-feel explosiveness upon taking 40% damage, before finally exploding herself whilst presumably yelling crraaaaawwwliing in my skiiiin or some shit. Reception was generally lukewarm for it’s solid playstyle sans some oddities here and there, but generally being quite unremarkable compared to other Kibble offerings.


Next up is Okami Amaterasu by Holder of The Heel, a relative newcomer to MYM. Amaterasu is actually pretty impressive for a 2nd moveset, most notable for a rather…unique writing style which is told directly to the reader by no other than Issun, whilst Amaterasu herself acts out her moveset screenplay-style on a few Demon thugs. I actually really, really like it for this one reason. But besides that, it’s a rather direct transition of Amaterasu from her source game over to Smash Bros.

Finally we have the main event, and the real reason why nobody could be assed to do this week’s recap, and why they shoved the job over to me and my black ass: ForwardArrow’s ungodly Phyrexia 1-man-movement. They’re apparently a bunch of bad guys from Magic The Gathering’s shoddy excuse plot and this is somehow enough for ForwardArrow to waste my perfectly good afternoon recapping. Well, let’s get this over with.

First is Elsh Norn who summons generic minions to fight her battles for her and doesn’t want to get in close, further cementing that the only way to make a good MYM set is to just make a League of Legends character and stick fighting game inputs on it.

Next is Jin-Gitaxias who is apparently a significantly more attractive MasterWarlord. Playing like a strange variation of a Combo Heavyweight, he has the ability to mutate both himself and his foes for increased combo potential and loads of ways to get creative with with status effects. However, he’s also a rather huge huge target and has little KO ability.

Next is OHMYGODSOHOTITOTALLYWANNABANGYO- I mean, Sheoldred. Surely chosen for no other reason besides exploiting my crippling weakness to monster girls, she’s the absolute biggest and baddest of all the Preators whilst attached to her body. However, she can fall off of it if damaged enough. She’s mostly a mindgame-type character, setting up foes and other weapons in her sticky black ooze, cowering away whilst detached from her body, and generally using her disjointed parts to her advantage.

Next is Urabrask the Hidden, who is pretty crazy just going by his Stats. He is also a MASTER OF MAGNETISM being able to attract of repulse his foes, along with the ability weld metal blocks on stage and set up various traps for additional stage control. In fact, most stage control type tropes seem to apply here, his main weakness being an opponent smart enough to see past his master plans. And likewise, there’s near endless amounts of potential to set up your fortress of death.

Finally ending this off is the aptly named Vorinclex who likewise is very hungry. He’s one huge customer at that, being a super-heavyweight with gdlk attack range, high attack power, the ability to plant entire mountains, can munch the crap out of the stage for added control,  and is much faster on his feet than one would expect. However, he does have various weaknesses to attack for massive damage, and his large size makes him unwieldy and an easy target without proper setup. From what I’ve skimmed through these sets, this one seems to be my favorite, and ends the mini-movement off on a high note.

In other news, no less than 2 new Pokemon movements have started up: One where a bunch of MYMers decide to make a bunch of movesets for a single character, and yet another 1 day Pokeset movement, this time your pokemon being chosen for you at complete random. The first seeds of the latter movement have already been planted, but that is a recap for another time.


Hey, you know that random Pokemon movement? How about we do something like that, but with this weeks mini? Let’s see what we get out of this….






  1. Excellent recap Tirk… and that is quite possibly the worst mini I have ever seen. Which probably means we get a gazillion entries.

  2. I don’t even know what I think of this recap. But Jumpluff mini is (Y).

  3. Jumpluff is a blatant Hoppip luigi set.

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