Posted by: katapultarr | December 25, 2011

The 11th Recap of the 11th Contest!

For me in Australia, it’s currently a fun little Sunday night where an uneventful Christmas has passed. For me, the Sunday recap is more like the Monday recap due to the madness that is time zones, so, I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bored waiting for the Recap and decided to do it myself. Though it’d be quite entertaining if I did it for once!


For the most part the week was incredibly uneventful for whatever reason I’m not sure about. One thing did happen however; somebody made a Pokemon Movement! But a cunning little trick that was; all whom fell for it were peer pressured into xhausting their mental energies for 5 hours wasting their time making what was essentially a set of lower-quality-than-usual for the sake of looking cool. I bet whoever devised the movement wanted everyone else to waste their time making 1-day sets so they could get that extra day and use it to improve on their top-dog set! How tricky of you, whoever you are! Luckily yours truly wasn’t fooled however; he only makes anime moe-sets nowdays!


The first set posted right at the start of the week was Crawdunt by MasterWarlord. The moveset was thankfully made for a Pokemon who hasn’t had a set yet, but be prepared! Crawdunt is laced with pretty little lucky stars on his headers which make him cool, but even cooler than that is the much-talked about offensive and defensive switching game he can do. The set was pretty well-received by peeps like Kupa and Botty, acting as a nice-little example of expectations for one-day sets from his creator. Did the others match up? That’s up to you…


Arrow’s Slaking moveset then followed up his mass of Magics from last week, presumably just to add to his mass of MYM11 movesets that make up approximately 1/11ths of the entire contest or so. The set was written under the pretense of laziness, essentially trying to do what Sloth didn’t…or so I think. Unlike Crawdunt, the moveset was made for a character who already had a moveset made for him back in MYM6, so the character at hand you MIGHT find as boring as to what I assume Arrow felt like when typing it. Still, it presented a nice little interpretation of everyone’s favorite slothmon. The set had some pretty decent reception by Holder of the Heel and Botty (who didn’t all that much justify his average score), though I don’t think Warlord had that much regard for it. You might want to read Slaking if you’re too I dunno, lazy to do anything else…


Glaceon is a moveset made by Nate, the Pokemon at which was obviously made by Rool alllllllllllllll the way back in MYM6, just like Slaking! Glaceon seems to invoke in a common trope, which is combining ice with sliding and momentum, something you would think have had been done a long time ago (note that I haven’t read Rool’s Glaceon). Based on Warlord’s vague yet entertaining comment, I assume he hated on it like how I thought he did for almost every moveset he commented on in his block, though Botty had an average opinion and score of the moveset.


A newcomer by the name of ottobot posted a moveset for Mr. Minecraft which I have never played before or even care about in the first place, a man who apparently goes by the name of Steve with a question mark at the end of his name which makes the name annoying as hell to type. Otty put quite some love into his first set, as much as he could’ve, though few aside from Botty responded to this plea. You might want to give him a read if you have the time.


Our next moveset was then for Buizel by none other than…DM!! Huh, no applause? This was a scrapped joint project with Lollypop, with DM trying to finish it off as a test of sorts to show Master Ju-boy that he had soaked up all the Poke-lessons the games never told us. But more importantly trying to emphasize how godly Diddy Kong is or something, or so I learnt from MW’s comment. The organization is quite something here, but both Botty and MW blatantly hated on it for the ridiculous physics on Whirlpool and being boring as such…but he is a weak little wild Pokemon! Ah well, you win you lose; that’s just the feeling I seem to get with DM’s swarm of sets. 50/50. If you want to read up on a weak Pokemon, take a gander if you feel like it…or if you’re the kind of person who likes reading DM sets.


And in a response to that Pokemon Movement you should all know about where everyone wanted to do Alakazam, and presumably not to be beaten by Arrow, our Ju-boy posted his take-on of Dragonite. As you’d expect from him, he wastes no time characterizing the mon as a Fat Lady with eating problems and putting his characteristic writing style to good use, which can be imposing and SCARY AS HELL for the most part….but hey, all Pokemon can be interpreted in different ways, no? Dragonite had an offensive/defensive with moving/standing still going on for uhhh, her…and emphasized on big powerful moves that were safe to use. MW and Botty seemed to do another hate thing on it, with oh, yes, Pokemon Syndrome being a bit of an argument, along with the pointlessness of the multi-scales, all of which was probably what made Dragonite cry in the first place…explains why she’s so far and elusive…still, don’t let that get to you; the set still has that fun little quirk that makes Ju-boy’s sets fun to read, and even has animations! (at the start of the set none the less!)


Kibble followed on the mini proposed last week with his TJ Cotton Spore thing. Surprisingly enough, the mini had lots of expression implemented into it, though probably used at the wrong place, wrong time in that it would be helluva lot better implemented into a  moveset. What fun! The TM gives your character Cotton Spore in all it’s unheld glory, with Jumpluff apparently having some sort of God Complex after getting into the Top 20 in MYM5…now I know who to stay away from…


Davy Jones was up next with his Captain Olimar remix in a similar vain to Dedede remix…apparently remaking a Brawl character can actually yield you a good set; but then again those sets still have problems with them, and are not entirely perfect. Because nothing can be in the end. Not even Sloth. Here Olimar seems to focus on being more so a trap character in tribute to his in-gameness, something that would make the real Brawl too complicated. And guess what? You can have up to TWENTY Pikmin with you at once! Now which one’d you like to play as? The set had some decent reception from Botty for it’s good ideas…but of course.


Professor Peanut then made his triumphant return through his awesome moveset for Po, that panda from the Kung Fu Panda series who serves as the protagonist. The Professor’s excellent sense of style once again returned with him thankfully, where he seemed to label Po as surprisingly competent for what I too him for in the first film (haven’t seen the second but it’s not anime so yeah…). Then again everyone has a different interpretation of character, so that’s alright with me!Powas a fairly typical close-range combatant, with his attacks having unique transcendent priority on his moves that isn’t actually broken, unlike Meta Knight. The set was awesomely received by Flying Fillipino and Botty, which was much expected from a Master of Writing. For those who haven’t checked outPo, you might want to!


HR, inspired by Olimar’s remix, posted what he would want ROB to be like in the next game. Definitely nice to get his opinion on the whole thing, with some random guy thinking that it was really really awesome and gave it a non-existent 10/10.


Lollypop then graced the next page with his moveset for Cubone, who apparently misses his mother posted way back in MYM5. Simple enough for a Type 1 MYMer, the set revolves around the who thing about tossing a bone, though was treated like utter crap by Botty for being bland, though he didn’t want to treat it as such.


We didn’t get too much activity until MasterWarlord posted a moveset for The Grinch, a character who he apparently think is cool. But apparently, he wasn’t the one who made it! It was actually Davy Jones who made it, both surprising and un-surprising at the same time. Don’t know what was up with that, but perhaps they may enlighten us on that someday. Or not. Anyway, umm, the Grinch involves putting things into his sack like GW’s Oil Panic and blowing them out for coolness, as well as using Davy-Brand tacky-as-hell moves that force characterization on foes. For some utterly random reason, people actually decided to comment on it, namely Arrow, Nate and Warlord himself. They all though it was alright, but I don’t know about A-boy. Khold also randomly posted some one-liner like he always does, presumably to bump up his posts, insult people and get attention at the same time.


Ju-boy then graced with a post from some, umm, random bird named Pyoro. He thought the bird was cute, but I thought it looked weird as hell. Wow, different opinions, different opinions. The writing is very, very small and unattractive, but you might find it nice.


Finally, Botty posted some awesomely awesome comments with his devilish duo and proved that once and for all he deserves the title of Funniest MYMer over that guy in the chat who literally does nothing for the thread. While some may not like the idea of moveset rankings I found some to be fun, and it gave a general opinion of the whole schnozzle. If you like a little punch-line you may want to pay your respects to the comment king of MYM11!




MYMini WEEK 11 –

Yet Another Confrontation

For this week’s mini you simply have to think of alternative endgame boss for Classic Mode. Y’know, something we should’ve done AGES AGO…haven’t you ever wanted to fight someone much, much COOLER than a white glove who doesn’t speak to you? And to make sure people actually post this time round, I’ll give you some suggestions to help you!

  • You can have your Final Boss fought anywhere you like, though it’d obviously be far, far more simple to have them fought in good o’l Final Destination.
  • Cinematic. When your character appears onstage, what kind of cinematic event would play when you encounter the boss!? Master Hand did this with his evil laugh, generic as it was; seriously, I WANT to know how your boss will show himself!
  • M.U.S.I.C! Final Destination’s theme is cool, but can YOU think up of something BETTER than that repetitive theme song? I dunno, think of your favorite boss theme…
  • Simplicity. Remember that this boss will be fought at the end of a freaking arcade mode that little kids will be playing. No, this does not mean you can’t include a gory boss, but it does mean you might want to keep things rather simple: try not to include bosses with absurdly high HP that’ll have me sitting there wacking at them for 10 hours straight, which I’d have to do for like, one billion characters. Do remember you only have 5 Stock in Classic Mode.
  • You could even have your boss be fought by a specific character! This’d be a nice test to show how much you know about your character and it can even be interactive! That’d be quite a bit of fun.
  • How will your boss die? I want to know what kind of awesome feeling I’ll inevitably feel 10 more times when I actually kill the freaking boss!
Note that it can be hard to think up of things for Bosses, which is probably why people don’t really do them. I’d suggest actually thinking of how the boss would react in certain situations, and how he’d actually want to crush you: is he in a rush? Is he cautious? Is he arrogant enough to leave himself opening? Speaking of which, DO give your boss an opening in which you can attack them! (which you’ll unfortunately have to do by making them look like a complete idiot like every boss in Smash unless you can think outside of the boss…)
Whatever happens, hope to see what you’d like to have as a Final Boss for Classic Mode, or even something for your character to fight! (a moveset from MYM11 would be very nice) In any case however, good luck with your efforts! (and don’t leave me hanging!)


  1. >No generic XMas mini

    Fuvk you, we’re doing generic Xmas Mini. Make an XMas-themed mini, guiz

    • Why the crap would we have a Christmas themed mini now? It won’t even be Christmas by the time anyone gets round to posting minis.

      Maybe if you checked your damn calander, you’d notice that LAST week was a much better time to have a Christmas Mini.

      Though, I have to admit that this mini is awfully similar to the “make a SSE end boss” mini we had before…

    • Oh, yes, Jun. I certainly know that last week was a better time to have the Christmas mini.

      But how the fuck would I be able to state a Christmas mini when I was away and the retarded Jumpluff mini happened instead?

  2. Pretty good recap.

  3. For the record, I think Pokemon Syndrome is utter crap and should die along with PTA. And Dave, this isn’t an Xmas mini because some of us are Jewish and may find this offensive…


  4. Kwanzaa mini go.

  5. Am I the only one glad we aren’t having generic Christmas mini?

    Also you did as good a job recapping as I could have asked for Kat. It was certainly eccentric, but not in a bad way. I am so gonna have to start calling Legend of Link Lollypop from now on.

    • That’s because you’re a soul-less person. (chew)

  6. Kat is the master of silly nicknames

  7. This would be a shitty week for a Christmas mini. Christmas is over already and everyone stopped caring. Not like anyone does minis anymore anyway(GRUMPY)

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