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Dave Speaks His Mind: Batman and Joker

it’s shit but i need to dump my opinions somewhere


An article by Vicky Vale.

Batman and Joker. Ying and Yang. Two sides of the same scarred coin. These two are remarkably similar to one another, their only differences lies in their ideology and mannerisms. This article will analyze these two individuals, as well as the conflict that is tearing up Gotham.

The Batman is justice. He combats all those who attempt to attack him, and usually crushes them in defeat. Batman is unstoppable, he is unmovable and unbreakable. He protects Gotham with an iron fist, and actually gives a damn about what happens to it. Protecting Gotham is more than a hobby to him; it could be argued to be his entire life. Despite all these flaws, The Batman’s rule could could be said to be tyrannical. He can be argued to have an egotistical problem as well, as he and his group of vigilantes act incredibly elitist. I myself have told one member of this vigilante group that I would refuse to join up with them if given the opportunity due to the majority of the vigilantes following a certain outlook. I would be much happier with the state of vigilantes in Gotham if they were to act as more of a group than one uncompromising entity.

The Joker is nothing short of chaos incarnate. He wants to see nothing more than the complete and utter destruction of vigilance in Gotham City. While he is outright against the presence of vigilantes in Gotham, he is most often fighting against the Batman’s status in this vigilante group and his current position in monitoring Gotham Election votes. The most often form of attack by the Joker is the counterattack, the unpredictable nature of the Joker has him attempting to counter the Batman’s every move. The Joker and Batman are incredibly similar when looking at them side by side. In fact, many of the Joker’s attacks could be considered incredibly hypocritical. He can be argued to have an egotistical problem as well – both him and his clowns. In certain cases, he is just elitist as the Batman, as is his group of clown terrorists. Yet, just as the greasepaint covers up a malformed face, a mask covers much of his negative opinions and replaces them with ones that will leave a smile across your face. This would leave you with the impression that he is much more gentlemanly than the Batman, but the truth is that they are almost the same person.

At one point, there was much less hostility between these two individuals. This was often when the Joker himself had a similar ideology to the Batman: a childlike sense of justice. The two would often work together for the greater good in these times of carefree merriment. The two would often forgive each other when one of them did something wrong, joking and laughing about it later. Alas, the Joker decided to leave the Batman’s company at one point, claiming he was a tyrannical dictator. Both men seemed to change; while Batman became a much more aggressive man who wanted to evolve from days long ago, the Joker evolved into a mad painter who admires the primitive. In rare cases when these two giants of Gotham decide to work together today, more often then not, one of them will usually backstab one another in some shape or form. While their new ideals are the main things keeping them apart, other things do as well. Let’s look at some of the supporting cast.

For quite a while now, district attorney Harvey Dent has been amongst the vigilantes, and has had quite a good relationship with the Batman. Recently, he has been under attack from Joker’s gang due to rigging election results without anyone’s consent, somehow being allowed to stay amongst the vigilantes after this action, with the duty of viewing Election Results being taken by the Batman. In fact, many Joker supporters cite Harvey Dent’s disappointing ’07 term as district attorney reason enough for his removal from the vigilantes, yet, he has been re-elected again. But by whom? While the voting public seems to have been content with Harvey’s reign so far, a large amount of public outcry has been seen against him. Yet, it seems that Harvey refuses to step down from his position as district attorney and as an ally of Batman. In fact, it seems that Harvey has been using his position of power with the Batman to elect other people into becoming “Robins” amongst the vigilantes, notably a boy who many say is too young for the position, and has barely been seen performing his duties. It pains me to say this, but I do agree with the Joker’s gang that Harvey Dent has a power issue.

The Riddler is an incredibly recent inductee to the Joker’s gang, one of the most recent to be stating his opinion in the Joker’s hideout. He is, perhaps, the Joker to Harvey Dent’s Batman, being the most open about criticizing him while the other members of Joker’s gang have hidden their views of him from the world at large. It is perhaps this aspect of the Joker’s gang that disgusts me the most: they act as though they are the heroes Gotham deserves, but are just as willing as the vigilantes to act elitist and hypocritical.

Despite this surprising openness from a member of the Joker’s gang, the Riddler largely despises Gotham and every single citizen to the point where he outright refuses to be around them. In fact, the Riddler has even made his own hideout to escape the dreary world of Gotham, but has isolated himself from the community of Gotham in this method, save for a select few who have gained his favor. I find it ironic that he is one of the few who has demanded that the Joker and his gang stop lurking in their hideout and get their views out there, but he is so willing to escape the world of Gotham and hide from his problems in this closed little bubble. Perhaps the biggest things he wants is for more citizens to become like him: given his talk of “converting” the Batman’s vigilantes.

I may as well come out and say what I think: Do we need vigilantes in Gotham? Yes, we do. Without the vigilantes, Gotham would fall apart piece-by-piece. The Joker needs to step back and look at the city of Gotham from a perspective, a perspective from which he can see exactly what it is. Does he have any idea what he’s doing? His acts will result in completely burning down the city of Gotham and it’s storied history: he wants it to be reborn in a state of madness, a state in which we cannot recover. Or the worse result: completely turn it into a No Man’s Land, causing hundreds of citizens to leave the city. Sure, a few stragglers might stay behind, but we will either have to gain new blood or die in this case. The Joker and the Batman need to reach a peaceful alliance once and for all if the city of Gotham is to stay alive. If Joker wants his gang to state their opinions aloud, they can do so, a compromise just needs to be reached before it’s too late.

However, I do feel that certain changes should be made: should Harvey Dent retire from his current position in Batman’s group? Yes, he should, in addition to his ilk. I feel as though his two-faced nature can no longer be ignored, yet, I feel as though he should still have a minor position of power. A much less powerful position than the one he is currently in, but he should remain one of Gotham’s top citizens.

As for the Batman: should he stay a vigilante? My answer to that would be yes. However, have him be closely monitored by a fellow vigilante (preferably a former member of Joker’s gang) and remove him from his position of monitoring votes. The Batman’s presence in the community has been too large to simply remove him; he is one of the few in Gotham to regularly monitor the work of other citizens.

Boiling it down to it’s simplest point: I am just as hypocritical as everyone I have written about. I am treating Gotham seriously, when everyone knows why they’re here. We need to forget about our political problems entirely. In fact, I’d say we need to be more like our neighboring city, Metropolis. Metropolis is by far the superior city, perhaps the superior utopia. Political problems barely exist in Metropolis while they reign here. The citizens of Metropolis have not forgotten why they have been placed there, and when they are attacked by an evil force like Lex Luthor, it is quickly brushed off and forgotten with. We need the vigilantes to turn into heroes that we all can be proud of: a Justice League.  We need a Superman to make us remember why we’re in Gotham.



  1. tl;dr Warlord and Rool need to chill the fuck out and I need to stop being a dickbutt with such terrible articles.

  2. Joker supporters?

    Dent electing multiple Robins?


    Fun article, though.

  3. The Riddler does not hate the citizens of Gotham, though finds some of them incredibly irritating, I should think, and prefers to work in secret.

  4. The main thing the Joker wants from Batman is for him to actually reply when he’s asking for a Brawl, and not to pretend he’s AFK. (CRS)

    Barring that, I have a solution. We, uh, kill the Batman.

  5. I hate it when people say “Ying and Yang” It’s YIN and Yang. (CRS)

  6. But seriously, at this point I don’t feel compelled to see the leadership change. The only thing I’ve really wanted to see change is the attitude toward set-making, the huge emphasis on what’s negative about movesets instead of what’s positive – you know, the whole scramble to make movesets in a way that is Warlord-sanctioned – and that has already gotten much better lately. I still wish Warlord would do away with his rankings. But in the meanwhile I’ll emphasize diversity and positivity in my reviews and whatever else I still have it in me to contribute, as I’ve been doing, and hope MYM keeps on the way it’s going.

    You guys should have caught me on all this stuff two months ago, when I was passionately anti-leadership. Right now I feel like I’m being called out on things that have already been settled to the satisfaction of all involved parties. (wary)

  7. Also, can I be Man-Bat?

  8. I’m Mr. Freeze. You didn’t take me seriously at first but over time, I evolved into something respectable.

  9. I am uncomfortable with the fact that Smady is Two-Face.

    I made Two-Face. I’m in law school. Why does Smady get to be Two-Face?

  10. You’re Penny Plunderer. Or Doctor Doom.

  11. so…. wait. The moral here is, what? That we all fall neatly into sociopathic roles? That we aren’t human, but rather playing characters in a comic book? That Smady is Two Face? That we need an invincible alien to solve our problems by force?

    Pidgeonholing ourselves into roles is what caused the animosity between everyone to begin with.

    And Superman is a total elitist dick.

  12. It’s… not a PERFECT analogy, but it’s one that gets the message across.

    I was disappointed with the lack of “BAAAAAAAAANE,” though.

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