Posted by: masterwarlord | December 31, 2011

MW Mockingly Stereotypes Everyone: Batman and Joker


On the surface, the Batman looks like the good guy in a mess of criminals, as he’s one of very few with a sense of justice that doesn’t involve doing anything drastic. Some, however, would consider his methods too drastic – why should he go above the law or be better than anyone else? What gives him the right? The Batman has few friends due to how busy he is and how seriously he takes his work, and more enemies than any of the “villains” he fights. Some claim that crime might even die down if the Batman simply stepped down from his lofty position, as much of what plagues Gotham City is done specifically to spite Batman. Does he do more harm than good? Many have publicly asked him to step down or much less even start a dialogue, but the Batman is too firm in his belief that his presence in Gotham is completely mandatory. If the Batman’s going to be removed from the picture, it’ll have to be by force.


The Joker and the Batman are two sides of the same coin. While the Joker does many things that any sane man would consider crazy, he’s been done with fun and games for quite some time now. No, the reason the Joker exists now is specifically for the Batman. He only does his wily public acts to catch the Batman’s attention, intending to convince the Batman that they’re fighting for the same thing and that their ideologies are one and the same. While the Joker talks with plenty of other people in secret, it’s about how to dispose of the Batman, in public he barely talks to anyone but the Batman face to face. It could almost be argued that the Joker has an addiction to Batman, but Batman’s addiction for the Joker is even stronger – no criminal mastermind can truly challenge the Batman like the Joker can, as nobody knows the Batman inside and out like he does. If the Joker finally died, what would Batman have left to do? There’d be no point for the Batman to continue his line of work.


Originally, Harley was harmless, and all she wanted to do was just run tests and explore the field of psychology further. This all changed when she met the Joker, whom shared his highly specific psychological views with her and managed to convince her of just what the Batman did. Leaving her former noble pursuits, she fully allied herself with the Joker to the point that the pair were inseparable. Regardless of this, the Joker comes off very clearly as the leader of the pair whenever they’re seen together. Regardless of Harley fully sharing the Joker’s views, she’s next to useless on her own in further the Joker’s agenda. Not to say that’s a bad thing – if not for the Joker, Harley would’ve been too quiet to become particularly active in the movement against Batman, to the point she could’ve better pursued her more noble psychological pursuits before the Joker came along.


Originally, the Penguin was almost a comical villain in how inept he was. He was one of the easiest ones for the Batman to jail with his incompetent weaponry and short stature, and he was publicly mocked by both the public eye and the underworld of the Gotham alike. Upon his release from prison, the Penguin vowed to reform, bent on a desire to prove himself after his past failings and to do away with the cartoon villian-like image he’s built up. The Penguin gets infuriated whenever he’s mocked for his past, and will quickly shoot down anybody who so much as attempts to bring it up to the point that nobody dares talk about it to his face now.

The Penguin obtained many followers, as the Batman was too reclusive to attract many and in comparison to the Joker the Penguin looked far more sane than he was. The Penguin thinks incredibly highly of himself, and he has managed to defeat several past enemies of the Batman to back himself up. He puts his killings on display in a museum of sorts to use as examples. If you dare to cross paths with the Penguin, you’ll be on his list next.

Darth Meanie

Originally, as Harvey Dent, Two-Face was an ally of the Batman. A distant ally who disapproved of Batman going above the law, but an ally who recognized how necessary Batman was. He not only tolerated him, they even had meetings with one another to coordinate how they intended to fight the injustices in Gotham. Eventually, though, Two-Face was captured by the Penguin and left in an exploding building, and the Batman was unable to save him in time. Two-Face managed to get out himself. . .But he left half of himself inside the building, and despised the Batman for leaving him to rot, leading to him turning to the Joker’s side specifically to get back at the Batman. Regardless of the Batman racing as fast as he could to try to save Two-Face, Two-Face utterly loathed him. Two-Face cares little about the well-being of Gotham anymore, determining his actions unrelated to the Batman by coin flips, but he knows that once the Batman is gone there’ll be no need for further involvement on his part.


Perhaps the true hero of Gotham, commissioner Gordon does his absolute best to try to preserve the peace in Gotham –without- transcending the law. While countless other government officials have become corrupt, Gordon still stands to prove that the traditional method of law enforcement still works. Despite this, he still recognizes that there are things that cannot be done with the law, as despite his many successes there are plenty of times where he’s needed the Batman’s help. While he does wish that he could work more closely with the Batman to prevent him from going to extremes, he’s largely content with how things currently are and sees little point in going out of his way to change it.


Robin has been more of a hindrance than a help to the Batman until recently, as his incompetence has made the Batman opt to be a loner even more than he usually does. However, despite Robin’s previous failings and the Batman doing little to actually train him to properly follow in his footsteps, Robin has shown incredible determination and persistence, constantly attempting to get out of the Batman’s shadow. More recently, though, by forming a more serious persona and better emulating the Batman rather than just being a young hopeful, Robin has become Nightwing. While this has enabled him to gain the Batman’s respect, there are those who already think that one Batman is more than enough, much less two.


Catwoman has been on every side of the equation at one point or another. . .She sleeps around. Even the Batman himself is not immune to her charms, making her quite the popular cat in Gotham. Some would ask Catwoman to more adamantly join their side, but Catwoman prefers her freedom and doesn’t care about Gotham enough to get actively involved – she’d have to lose some of her many friendships in order to. Regardless, interacting with so many people has enabled her to learn far more information than the average Gotham goer, to the point she has plenty of ammo to use against people. She was able to sneak into the batcave and the Penguin’s museum to steal vital documents, bringing them right into the greedy hands of the Joker.


Mr. Freeze is much too concerned with his work to bother caring about the political struggle going on between the Batman and the Joker. Making countless scientific discoveries, Freeze has managed to gain critical acclaim from both the public eye of Gotham and the underworld. He and the Batman can even form uneasy alliances from time to time, though Freeze still doesn’t endorse what the Batman does regardless. On the other hand, he sees no reason to go out of his way to stop it, as that’d mean stopping his work. In combination with his very cold demeanor and tone of seriousness that transcends even the Batman’s, Freeze is a loner, almost never leaving his lab.


Killer Croc thinks the Joker and all of Batman’s other enemies are a bunch of loons, and because of said beliefs he actively avoids Gotham to get away from all of the crazy hubbub that goes on inside there – he’s never been much of one for politics. Instead, Croc focuses on what he does best – killing. Croc’s always been of the attitude that actions speak louder than words, and intends to show up the likes of the Joker and the rest by being the best killer there ever was. Because of Croc wanting to stay out of Gotham of his own accord, the Batman largely lets Croc do as he pleases, considering Croc as out of his jurisdiction when he already has so much trouble to take care of in Gotham alone.


The Scarecrow is somewhat like Mr. Freeze in that he’s always in his lab, concocting some sort of new technology. Unlike Mr. Freeze, this technology is beneficial to no-one as the Scarecrow keeps it to himself, and the Scarecrow is prone to disappearing for years at a time. During these away periods, the Scarecrow interacts with few people, only seeking out those insane enough to try out his experiments, such as the Ventriloquist. The Scarecrow is strongly opposed to the Batman, though, and when he is active in Gotham he actively seeks out the Joker and Two-Face to eagerly help them prepare their next attack on the Batman, supplying them with the fear gas he’s worked so hard on over the years.


Ra’s Al Ghul was once a mighty warlord to be feared among all the nations, sending his armies out to conquer anyone. He was one of the single most respected men of his time, as his skill in combat was completely unmatched. He lived a very long life thanks to his immortality, but he never thought to change his strategies over time and was unable to adapt, leaving him as only an average combatant in modern day Gotham city. In combination with Al Ghul becoming more insane each time he refreshes his life with his Lazarus Pit, he’s come to the point where he had to lower himself to the level of such common criminals as the Joker. While he once considered the Batman as a potential ally, he eventually grew to resent him.


Before he became Clayface, Matt Hagen was a superb actor. While he wasn’t involved in Gotham politics, there was really no need for him to get involved, and he was generally a fairly likable guy with plenty of friends to spare. However, Hagen got into a horrible accident and mutated into a monstrous beast, now only known as Clayface. Many thought that Hagen was dead for the longest time – nobody would believe Clayface about who he was due to his monstrous new form. Eventually, though, Clayface discovered his shapeshifting powers. While they weren’t perfect and he couldn’t stay in his old form long enough to go back to his old life, it enabled Clayface to go around and buddy up with whoever he pleased whenever he pleased, in a manner similar to Catwoman.


Black Mask looks around at everybody and sees nothing but masks. In his view of Gotham, everybody hates each other, and only put on public masks to try to appear to be decent people to the public eye to mask the monsters within them. Black Mask, for one, was fed up with it, and so when he went out to do his crimes he used a very monstrous looking mask to mock them for all their secrecy when any sane person should be able to see it – it’s only right in front of their faces, after all. Ironically, the Black Mask has been able to conceal his identity quite well by making use of his mask. He goes out to talk to the likes of the Joker with it on, but at the same time can still take the mask off and talk to the Batman with his true face.


The Ventriloquist has no true personality of his own, as he always uses his doll Scarface as his creative outlet. It’s gotten to the point where Scarface has become dominant over the Ventriloquist, with the Ventriloquist helpless to resist Scarface’s demands and being but a humble servant. While the Ventriloquist claims that his puppet has gotten out of control and has a mind of its’ own, the Batman and most of Gotham’s public eye don’t believe him, and hold him fully responsible for his actions as Scarface. While the Ventriloquist’s Scarface persona is capable of significant harm, it’s quite rare, leaving him low on the Batman’s priority list.


Originally without his venom, Bane was incredibly weak. He was a short scrawny fellow, and the wardens that kept him lock him didn’t take him remotely seriously. Bane was imprisoned for years before he eventually obtained his venom and became the hulking monster we know him as today, able to easily escape the prison and get vengeance upon all of the people who mocked him – even the Batman himself. After his initial vengeance was complete, though, Bane didn’t become just another criminal, as he was actually a surprisingly sensible guy after all his time imprisoned. He can even work together with the Batman from time to time.


Poison Ivy has a very different world view from any of the other villains and makes even the Joker himself look sane. She doesn’t value people whatsoever, and instead values plants above human life for all things. She realizes that for the plants to live that they need to leech off of the humans, and wants to create a world where the plants can reign supreme and the humans bow down to their whims rather than visa versa. While she’s been largely incapable of converting anyone to her views, she in the least is able to distract them from their work better than anyone else with her. . .Unique. . .Talents. She has many targets such as Catwoman, but her main target is the Batman himself.


Tick tock, tick tock. . .Calendar Man sees the days passing by, but from within the confines of his jail cell every day seems the same to him. He’s struggled to even remember the exact date while confined, but he’d off himself if he were to forget such a vital detail. Due to how weak he is, Calendar Man has never so much as attempted to escape prison, and as such has communicated with the entirety of Arkham Aslyum as they come in and out. He tells them to stay inside with him, where it’s safer, because somehow over the years he’s deluded himself that his prison cell is the only safe place left. What does he fear? Not the Batman, but the specific upcoming date of Decemeber 20th, 2012. . .


The Riddler is attempting to achieve something that nobody could ever hope to understand. Even Harley Quin, try as she might, couldn’t figure out just what the hell the Riddler’s motivations were back she was a psychiatrist. Either way, the Riddler spits upon everyone else’s views, and seeks to prove that his way is the one true way. To prove it, he regularly challenges the Batman specifically due to his stature, among others, to answer his many riddles. While he baits them into playing along by making use of hostages, he’s really trying to educate the Batman towards his point of view, that he’s the best. Of course, the Riddler’s having the time of his life doing it as well. . .



  1. Bonus points for no Plorf.

  2. Quite the melodrama you’ve written for us here. Come now, come now – it’s not as bad as all that.

    I mean, kill you? I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to dazzling the Diddy Kongs of the world? No, no, no. No, you COMPLETE me.

  3. I like the part where I have a great ass.

  4. So when is the marriage, Rool?

  5. I want to be mockingly stereotyped (sad)

  6. Silver is Alfred and Geto is Penny Pincher.

    Also does this mean I break your back?

  7. Not unless Kupa does too.

    Too few neutral characters to really include somebody like Silver – even the ones that are neutral are still considered part of the rogues gallery.

  8. Mendez is Thomas Wayne.
    Silver is Alfred.
    Geto is Batzarro.
    KoJ is Gray Ghost. (Wow, slipping into the obscure there.)
    Plorf is Dr. ED’s evil henchmen.

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