Posted by: Smash Daddy | December 31, 2011

New Year’s Address 2011

End date: January 10th. If I hadn’t made that clear enough before, know it now – lets ride this hippo train right to the station, MYM boys.

A lot of stuff has happened this year in Make Your Move, to put it lightly. We began this year in the midst of Make Your Move 9 after a huge Christmas boom, with the highest expectations ahead of us – much like the Halloween just passed, also a huge achievement by the whole community in revitalising the thread with horror-themed sets. Similarly, we have seen a downturn, but this is actually going to be the first contest that ends in just three months since MYM6 – over two years ago from the present day. This is an accomplishment which everyone deserves credit for and I dearly hope it can be replicated in the future. The more sets, the better – I think that’s a motto we can all agree on.

That is not all that has gone on this year though, my posting this article on this website is an indicator of a huge amount of reform in the running of the contest and generally how things all come together; how we view things has changed insurmountably in a short amount of time. Despite a recent bit of controversy, I still have to tip my hat to the people who worked on the Bunker in the first place – allowing anyone in the community to put their thoughts out there is an incredible improvement over the needlessly centralised system prior in place. And let us never forget that they did this without: destroying the Stadium [which is now far less significant, but still has a purpose], dividing the community or undermining the current leadership. It was a shaky start, but everything is going smoothly now and it really feels like where there is change, it’s where people want it, and it’s for the better. I have said before that it is good to see non-leaders critiquing leadership, and this is a perfect example of why.

Leadership itself has had a bit of an existential crisis, but it still remains a core part of Make Your Move, though it serves more of a figurehead role than a central one. We took in a new member in Make Your Move 11, Nick, and I am sad to announce that he will be standing down in Make Your Move 12. I have to thank him for his time given to us, and hope that he remains with us, as a good friend and as the strong contributor as he has always been. We have seen many passing influences in leadership this contest alone, with LegendofLink coming into leadership as well on the back of an attempt to allow people who hadn’t been leaders before a chance to get into the establishment. I wish LL the best, but would also like to put my full support behind similar movements to keep the leadership fresh – there’s little reason not to open leadership up to whoever deserves it.

We still have ten good days of submission time left, though, so I look forward to stuff like the Return to Dreamland [Kirby] movement, which I’ll be taking part in. On top of that, I hope to see some good end-of-contest sets, though a last day rush may be pushing it a bit. It has been an excellent year for Make Your Move, and I hope next year is even better. Cheers.



  1. I like the part where I have a great ass.

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