Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | January 1, 2012

Sunday Recap #12

i am bored and horny. is that batman?

Burgermeister Meisterburger by BKupa666 was posted at the tail-end of Christmas after years and years of deliberating who he should make as a Christmas set. If you’ve ever seen the movie that Burgermeister hails from, you know what to expect with this one: Burgemeister sets laws that outlaw the foe’s attacks, forcing them to pick up toys to KO him. But picking up a toy can lead to an instant KO from your guards…among these two shenanigans are your toy piles, which you can set around the stage and light aflame to cause massive damage. You can also fill your toy pile with chicken dinners and projectiles stolen from the foe. Burgermeister recived a semi-positive reception, with much of the praise going towards the ideas. Kat found the characterization of the set to be great, while good ol ‘ MW found the process of banning moves awkward.

After a Grinch repost made so the author could actually edit the thing and the obliitigary Khold trollpost, we reach Margaret Moonlight by Getocoolaid. Margaret is one of those fancy shmancy NMH movesets Geto loves to make, This is a movest focused on versitality and adapting to the foe as well as countering them, which Margaret pulls off rather well with her neutral special that has her enter a button mashing competition with her foe. Other than this, Margaret is a typical melee comboer with the occasional projectile tossed into the mix. MW felt the set was so awful, he couldn’t point out anything specific.

At last, we reach the long-awaited Darth Vader by n88_2004. Vader has two styles of play: a more complex one where he rips out chunks of the stage and hurls them at foes in a sort of camper archetype compared to a much more brutal melee rushdown style. The set is based around switching between these two styles of play, much like Dragonite, House and Krillin. In addition to these two styles, Darth Vader has a minor Aura mechanic that causes him to grow stronger depending on how much time passes. He can also choose to release the aura in a powerful down special blast once enough time passes. FA, the one who overhyped the damn thing, felt that it wasn’t as good as he expected and criticized how frustrating it was to play against. Regardless, he did say that he would probably vote it


MYM11: Week #13

Comic sans

[1st January – 8th January]
Your mini this week is a rather simple one: make an extra based on a comic or a comic character, there’s no limit so long as the character has been in a comic of some sort. No limits on the type of comics either; funny pages, superhero comics, Peanuts, Superman, anything goes!.




  1. “Margeret Moonlight…tacky”.

    Boy, what are you on?

  2. That’s better (d)

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