Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | January 7, 2012

Riddle Me This – The Universal Riddler Movement

The Riddler. A character declared to be impossible many times, the iconic Batman villain has been considered and dropped by so many. In a recent debate on the character, n88 brought up the Riddler as a candidate for that dead pokemon movement. I don’t know whether or not he was joking, but that sounds orgasmic. Considering how inactive the Universal Pokemon Movement has been due to SELECTING the character, having the character prepared in advance would be the easiest way to actually get something like this done.

Point is? We want to see your take on the Riddler. All those who are interested in making him and posting your take with other versions of the character should make their intentions clear in the comments below. The closing date for sign-ups is January 23rd. If you didn’t sign up but still want to make the Riddler, let us know as soon as possible so you can be added to the list. After January 23rd, those who were part of the initial sign-up will discuss a posting date. Once we’ve reached a majority, the date that the Riddler invades MYM will be decided. Good luck.



  1. Making my intentions clear. (HIPSO)

  2. *was joking*

  3. I would support this, but nobody is in fact going to join.

  4. Sure I’ll join, why not?

  5. Count me in, bitches

  6. I had really hoped to participate in the Universal Whatever movement, buuuuuut this is just a character I’m almost totally unfamiliar with. Son, I am disappoint.

  7. You guys are just never going to get a Universal ‘anything’ off the ground.

    The Riddler is probably the right KIND of choice for a character.
    But, honestly, you guys need to pick a character that NO ONE is familiar with.

    Interpretation (which IS what this movement is about, right?) comes from unfamiliarity. The challenge of making a moveset for something truly alien would result in a product that drips with the individual MYMers own talents and quirks.

  8. I think the whole point is that there’s so many different interperetations of the riddler regardless, that he’s got a good chance of being able to pull off very different movesets. A moveset for, say, Jim Carry’s version would be different from a moveset for the Arkham Asylum Riddler, or a Frank Gorshin Riddler, or even a A LEGO Riddler.

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