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Sunday Recap #13

The first set in this monster project is Whispy Woods by SirKibble. Whispy functions relatively similar to his recurring role as Kirby boss, primarily through the use of a mechanic that makes him impossible to budge until he takes a certain amount of damage. Outside this, Whispy’s gameplan revolves around his canopy, a part of his hurtbox that deals no knockback or hitstun to him. He primarily wants to spread his canopy and roots out, keeping the foe trapped near them where he can damage them well. He can also function somewhat well as a minion character, being able to summon minions from his canopy in his…aerials? Regardless of the odd input choices, Whispy received some decent reception from the few who commented him. Jun, surprisingly, felt that the aerial minion summoning was actually natural in the context it was presented, though he did think that the clouds stopping to become traps was a bit awkward.

Mr. Dooter by Ma-SirKibble starts off the match juggling 2 skulls, with the ability to add props from his neutral special – a skull, a bomb and Ghost Rider’s skull. A majority of his moves require these to at all function, meaning he’ll have to use his props to function at all competently. Outside that, he can make props and traps on the field disappear and reappear through his down special to catch the foes offguard. Given this, his playstyle is one of chaos. Jun was a bit more positive on this than he was with Whispy, stating that it felt player-friendly, but faulting it for the playstyle being hard to pin down.

After a monument to Agi’s failure, Goriath by MasterWarlord was posted. Goriath is largely based around terraforming the stage and creating slopes to hurl rocks or camp from or what have you. Building onto the terraforming, Goriath can cling to the edge of the stage or any pits he’s made for an extended period of time. This allows his gimping prowess to excel as he tosses rocks at his foes. MW apparently didn’t enjoy making this set, as can be seen later on in the set where he starts going one sentence, losing damage percentages and ripping off already-crappy things like the Grinch’s back aerial. Jun felt that while parts of Goriath seemed incomplete, the offstage game proved interesting.

Grand Doomer by SmashDaddy has it’s main highlight through the side special black holes, which have the property of gathering Grand Doomer’s fired projectiles around themselves. As you can largely suspect, a large amount of Grand Doomer’s moves are projectiles simply to build on this fact. His game does have very large traces of projectile manipulation outside the black holes, as well as a minion game largely used to give you time to build the black holes. Jun welcomed the set far more than he did Banballow, stating that it had the same depth without being as messy. He did, however, criticize the fact that “every input is like a special”.

Metal General by majora_787 mainly wants to spend the match spreading his explosives – land mines, rockets – and use them to restrict the area the foe can move. This makes a lot of his sword game more relevant, as he can create an enclosed space for him to assault the foe in. Outside this, Metal General can also summon a robot to give him a small alternate moveset, one that is far more adept at KOing then he is. By taking damage in the robot, the robot will malfunction and start attacking everyone – only to let out a massive explosion once he dies. Jun nitpicked various areas of the set, such as contradictory parts of the writing.

Landia by Kholdstare is a tank-like character, able to soak up quite a bit of damage as he flies through the air and attacks the foe. He can hurtle his foe to the air with him using his grab, being able to toss them around. One of the more important things about the set is the down special, which allows you to heal yourself as you attack. The set also has an alternate mode/final smash based on the second half of the bossfight, in which Landia splits up into 4 different dragons and attacks through THE POWER OF TEAMWORK. Jun felt that while certain parts of the set seemed “goofy”, other parts of the set were pretty cool.

Magolor by SirKibble is a portal set, which largely deals with firing projectiles through them, as you might expect. By using his neutral special, Magolor causes energy spheres to start floating around him, which he can turn into projectiles or into sphere doomers. A large part of his strategy requires that he have these on him at all times, similar to Mr. Dooter. Junahu felt that he should’ve been able to spawn with energy spheres and portals, with the rest of the comment being mixed-positive.

Galacta Knight by majora_787 is another minion character, with a somewhat simplistic playstyle that evokes Metal General – Galacta Knight wants to restrict the area in which the foe can travel, largely by placing them between tornadoes. Once he has them there, he can toy with them by placing minions there, using his sword or simply aerial abuse them. While half of the set is based around fodder to hit them with once they’re in the boxes, the other half is based around setting up. Jun took pity on the character, overall enjoying the moveset.

The Appetizer by GetoCoolAid is the first Dave deal set not made by Dave: Hoorah! The Appetizer is practically unmovable, unable to jump or take vertical knockback unless he uses his up special, which has him make a goopey tether to the stage. Beyond that, the Appetizer largely wants to drown foes in his goop, which will mean building meatball walls to concentrate enough goop to drown them in. Beyond that, one of the more interesting things about the set is the grab-game where he quite literally shoves himself down the foe’s throat. The set has barely received any commentary, Peanut nitpicked some areas but still claimed that the set was “fun”.

Chun by Katapultar is some obscure villain from that one faggy anime that Kat faps to nowadays, rather than Pennywise (did he even acknowledge the remicks?). Chum serves as a largely generic minion character, commanding her knights around and fusing them to each other, as well as the foe. Outside some interesting gameplans and the prospect of almost instantly summoning your minions, however, Chun doesn’t bring much new to the genre. Peanut enjoyed the set a bit, it would seem, likening the set to Tutankoopa.

Will cover the rest later; just wanted to get part of this up.

MINI #13

This is a rather simple mini: take one of your movesets, past or present, and list what you would change about them. This can be a simple little changelist or a full-on Jun-style novel.


  1. That’s better (d)

  2. Mini should be about Randy Savage.

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