Posted by: phatcat203 | January 24, 2012

It’s Been Fun, People

That is one good song.


So, as you all know, I’m leaving, for a long time. Upwards of half a year, probably. The reason for this is that I’m moving back up to ole Tennessee, and I’m not taking this computer, for reasons such as: It is stuck in Safe Mode; it has no Desktop or built-in File Explorer; the monitor is half the size of the state I live in; and I can always buy a new one.

So why not just buy a new one as soon as I get there? Well, you see, there’s something called real life, and having responsibilities. It’s kind of like when you begged your parents for that puppy, but then when they caved and got it, you just ignored it and the poor puppy starved to death. Except here, you’re the puppy. You see, I will have to get a job up there, and then a car, and I will have to save money to rent a house/apartment of some design, as I require living quarters. And those things are more important than a computer. Plus, I’ll be meeting old friends, having fun, and generally destroying my liver, so I wouldn’t really have much time to spend on the computer anyhow.

I decided to leave the xat and, for the most part, all of you, early, because I didn’t really want to drag out the goodbyes. Still, don’t take this the wrong way – once I get settled into my new life and have some free time, I’ll come back here. However, that might be a long time from now, and I honestly don’t really know if MYM will even still be alive by then, so I’m treating this as a real goodbye. And, I’ve got some things to say to some of you.


Silver: Man, you were basically my tightest friend here. I mean, I’m close to a lot of people, and I like all of em, but I dunno, you and I never really argued, you never held a grudge, and we didn’t ever really get into any spats. We were just friends, and there wasn’t any tension there.

It was cool talking to you about anything, joking with you, and when I blew my shit and ran off to the Phatchat, you didn’t hold it against me. You came and talked to me anyways, like a friend would. Nothing really changed, and that was great. You were probably the person I most wanted to be around, cause you’re so damn easy to talk to, and don’t really flip out at anything.


MT: Without a doubt, you were the person I talked to the most, MT, and probably the one who knew me best. All those long nights in an abandoned Xat, just talking about nothing, watching Digimon or Supercroc. Those days whiled away on Skype, playing Harvest Moon for no fucking reason. The LPs, man, those were some great times. We had a couple rough spots, but that’s normal, you know? They never lasted long, and we got over it. We went back to screwing around in the xat and playing games. When I left for the Phatchat, though, I dunno, I guess we kinda drifted. I understand you didn’t want to be in two chats at once, but I just wish we could have talked more.Ā  It’s my fault for leaving in the first place, of course, but I missed talking to you while I was in there, man. You were a good friend.


MW: Oh boy, here we go. Yeah, we had a lot of, uh, arguments and spats, over pretty much everything. MYM politics, PTA, Thrice, physics, which Lunchable is the best(pizza, by the way). We held grudges. But in the end, we got along alright, and we had common interests. We were pretty much the old married couple of MYM, you know? Didn’t really know why we were still together, yet we couldn’t just ditch each other. You seemed to take the Thrice scandal the hardest, I think, and I understand; we were pretty close before that, and never quite recovered. Still, I’ll miss the fights, dice, and forcefully taking over the chat with Pokemon talk, I really will.


Agi: Man. I…can’t say if I really knew you well, Agi, but I’d like to hope I did. We got along pretty great for two people with so many antinomies, I should think. I liked talking to you, man, what little I did. I guess we understood each other pretty well, even if we didn’t like it. I’ll miss you, you crazy, pacifistic maniac.


Smady: Ohh….yeah. Alright, I don’t have much to say to you, other than…well, I didn’t hate you quite as much as I wanted to. I can see why others get along with you – you do have good points – but I don’t think I’ll ever be one of them. I can’t say I’ll miss the arguments, but I guess we got along once or twice, and those times were adequately acceptable.


Just because I didn’t mention you here doesn’t mean I won’t miss you, of course, but it probably means our relationship here was just…normal, you know? Got along fine, nothing to really mention. But I’ll miss everyone here, know that, and…well, I guess I’ll be around for a bit longer, checking the comments section here and replying, or I might check Smashboards for PMs. I don’t actually leave till March, you know. Well, I guess this is it, for a while at least. I’ll try and come back soon as I can, alright? I may be able to use another computer, and come here for a few minutes every few days, but don’t count on it. So I guess I’ll end there here, with a nice



  1. It’s been fun PC. For all we’ve fought in the chat, I do like having you around and I’m really going to miss you. I already kind of did when you retreated into the Phatchat. It was pretty cool to have you around, joking around and discussing competitive Pokemon when we were both particularly bored. It was nice knowing you, hopefully MYM and myself will still be alive and kicking when you come back.

    And also

  2. (SAD). I can’t say I approved of everything you ever did (especially as Thrice, that guy was a dick). But you were always nice to talk to after Thrice was purged and I enjoyed PTA aside from the stupidly late nights and Delphi. My quitting PTA was more due to my own shortcomings as a real-time RPer and sleep issues than anything else, though I admit I might have enjoyed a non-pokemon tabletop game more.

    But yeah, I’ll definitely miss you man. I can’t guarantee I’ll still be around MYM when you get back, but I’ll be sure to show up when the day comes. (HUG)

  3. (HUG) It’s been good knowing you Phatcat. I remember back when I knew you only as Thrice and we played through Visual Novels together. And when you got into PTA and those wonderful arguments and hippo contests that the chat would have.

    You’ve been an… good might not be the best word, but certainly an interesting addition to the community and will be sorely missed. By someone at least, I’m sure.

    Yes, I’ll miss you, although I suppose I’m barely present enough to even notice. There will still be a little Phatcat shaped hole in the community without you, waiting for you to fill it.

  4. Taking a breather from my own self-imposed exile just to return the sentiment, Phatcat. (name here used non-ironically for once)

    Y’know, whatever the motivation, I’m really glad you decided to make that whole Thrice persona of yours – if you hadn’t, I might have forever gone without realizing what a cool, rational (if that’s the right word) dude you were. I’d already begun to miss you, but feelsbadman.jpg to know you won’t be there if I ever decide to hit up the chat again. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck as always. Don’t push your liver too hard.


  5. I didn’t think you’d be leaving from the chat so shortly and had I known you were leaving/were seriously going to not visit the chat at all I would’ve/should’ve made that extra effort to keep in closer contact with you. I pretty much agree with everything you said there; all those late nights playing games or just generally Skyping were insanely fun, whether it be from retarded stuff like you eating a tube of Baby Orajel/me drinking a gallon of milk in an hour to the more typical stuff like chatting about random shit, it was always fun and worth being a bit tired the next day for.

    While the whole Thrice thing certainly was a weird change, especially since I had spent many nights Skyping/LP’ing with “Thrice” only to find out he was “fake”, it didn’t really take me long to get over it seeing as I knew more or less that the person I had been talking to had been the real you, or the you you really wanted to be instead of the Thrice you.

    Either way, we had a lot of good times and while we did fight sometimes as you said, all friends do that; it’s just how friendship is. Unless you’re Silver. Regardless, it was truly a great time getting to know you throughout these past well…Jesus it’s been probably two fucking years now. Looking back at the videos, we posted out first SMW LP video nearly a year and a half ago.

    To sum up this rather lengthy comment…please don’t forget about your friends in MYM because we’ll always be here. I understand real life happens and boy does it fucking happen hard sometimes but we’ll always be around when you have the time. Even if for some strange reason MYM doesn’t exist anymore, the friendships it helped craft will remain for quite the long while after it’s gone. So in short, stay safe man, enjoy life to its fullest, have fun doing what you’re doing and don’t forget you’ve always got a friend in me, no Toy Story quoting intended. I know there’s nobody I’d rather be forced to endure Shaq Fu with. Take that as a compliment šŸ˜‰


  6. Also (HUG). In that massive web of text I somehow remembered to include everything but that.

  7. Don’t worry MT, I won’t forget you or any of the guys. And once I get settled, I plan to come back, but…well, like you said, life can be tough. It’ll be a while, and I probably won’t be as active as I was. Still, you guys are important to me; I don’t like leaving, and I’ll certainly not forget any of you. It’s good to know you’ll remember me, too. And damn, it has been about two years now, huh? Silver was my most consistent friend here, and a really good one, but you were my closest, MT. I’ll miss all the days and crazy shit we did, and I hope we can pick up where we left off when I come back, whenever that may be.

    Agi, I dunno if rational is the best word. Maybe like a madman who knows he’s mad, and uses that to its fullest potential. Or a sane man who thinks he’s mad, and doesn’t use it at all. Putting quasi-philosophical bullshit aside, I’m glad you came back, even if it was just to say goodbye. I wish you’d stick around, MYM needs someone who can and will(as opposed to watching Tatsu streams and ignoring the whole thing) take arguments and opinions at face value without flipping out. That and you’re generally a good guy to be around. Maybe you’ll have come back when I eventually do, that’d be great.

    DM, I remember those times as well. Man, that was forever ago. Well maybe not the hippo contests, those went on for years to come. I’m surprised you didn’t come back for a while when Katawa Shoujo was released, honestly. I played it and enjoyed it, then came out from exile to find that a ton of other MYMers were loving it too. And you matter too, man, even if you’re just a ghost by this point. I…well I can’t say I’m glad you’ll miss me, as that’s not a very joyous emotion and I’d rather you not have to, but I appreciate it, man.

    Silver, man, I’m not as upset about PTA as I let on. I don’t hold it against you or anything, I understand, especially once you got a job. It was enough just being able to talk to you normally. And I hope you’re still around, man – MYM would not be the same without you. Though really it wouldn’t be the same without any one person…you know what I mean, dammit. If you’re not I’ll pester you on Facebook till you come back.

    FA, I can’t say I loved your company all the time, but we did get along some, and those times were pretty fun. I guess our personalities just clashed a little too much to truly get along all the time, which is sad, since I know you’re liked by quite a few people in MYM. Still, the times we weren’t disemboweling each other were nice.

    Damn, I seem to have worked backwards here unintentionally. Well, no matter. Oh, and before I forget…again, someone else I wanted to mention: Tirk. Man, I understand we had our problems, mostly relating to dice and the correct method of throwing them, but I really appreciated you coming to the phatchat to talk to me, even when we didn’t really know each other all that well at first. You were a fun guy to be around, and I know my little exile would have been a lot more boring without you.

  8. We had a bumpy road, but I haven’t forgotten that we were once friends, back when you first joined Make Your Move, and for the initial Thrice period, before that incident on Skype. I’m honestly a little flattered you even mentioned me in this article given how bad things have been between us sometimes, let alone giving me my own section.

    Best of luck in whatever you end up doing. I’m sure you’ll be back with us before you know it.

  9. I did pop in to the chat a few times, we just somehow missed each other! I even made a Katawa Shoujo moveset!

  10. Shine on you crazy diamond.

    Shine on.

  11. Also I’ve started watching Durarara!!. better late than never? Also I’m watching the sub (HIPPO). mainly because I find the MC’s dub voice annoying and Johnny Yong Bosch is miscast as usual

  12. I’ve never known anybody who could be both cool-headed and short-tempered at the same time – and definitely nobody who could make that a compliment! You’ve always been a fun guy to have around… and weirdly normal. Maybe TOO normal for MYM. You never put up with my quasi-philosophical bullshit (SAD)

    Anyway, you’ve got a head on your shoulders, and you know what they say – where there’s a head, there’s hope. Hope you have plenty of mildly-intoxicated moments ahead, minus the xat-feels-so-strange-and-foreign part.

  13. Admittedly, I’m more peeved that you left so freakishly early, but I guess I’ll miss my favorite verbal stress ball/punching bag for the months to come. Though I guess leaving this early is perhaps for the better, as it gives me some actual motivation to focus my effort on making my drawings not suck rather than perfecting my silly little dice game.

    Yes, I am clearly the most selfless person you will ever see.

  14. Why the hell does Tirk have a Nrvnqsr Arc Chaos avatar?

    Tirk, have you been a Type-Moon faggot this whole time? Have you been holding out one me?

  15. Well, Smady, you can’t really say our relationship was “normal.” It felt right to mention you. That, and I’d like to leave on a good note with everyone, and that obviously includes you.

    Hopefully I can shine pretty bright, Khold.

    As for DRRR, Silver, obviously I prefer the dub, but I guess the MC’s voice is a little grating at first.Some of the characters have really great VAs though.

    I’m gonna assume you’re complimenting me, Rool, and if so, thanks. If not, well, you may find yourself conspicuously low on Purple Drank rather frighteningly quickly. And hey, we had some meaningful conversations, man. A couple of them were when I was heavily doped up on that terrible “sleep” drug that’s going around, though.

    Yes yes, Tirk, I know, sorry about killing off TnD. But I’ve got to spend this last month or so saying goodbye and having parties with the people I know down here, and of course packing. That and, again, didn’t really want to drag out the goodbyes…

    • Yeah. Yeah, it’s a compliment. I was trying to put the bottom line in less sappy terms, but the point is that you’ll be missed. We were always happy to have you around.

  16. PC, I know our relationship was normal at best. I mean, the most relevant conversation we’ve had recently that I can think of was our brief debate on your “I hate Smady” article.

    Even so, you and I have had our share of more pleasant talk, and I’m going to miss you when you’re gone. I think this is the first time a relevant MYMer has left the community during my time here.

    I’m sorry for giving everyone the link to the Phatchat a little while ago. They were all fighting over it, and I got caught up in being the center of attention for once. I’m not sure whether or not you’re actually still sore about that, but I didn’t want things between us to end on a bad note.

    In short, I’ll miss you, PC, and I wish we could’ve gotten to know each other a bit more.

    Blatantly ripping off MT,
    -Monkey D. Awesome

  17. (sad)


    (you know I’m a man of few words… but yeah, gonna miss you and all the random banter…. :c)

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