Posted by: darthmeanie | January 26, 2012

Real MYMXI Top 50

*Hey Cousin!*

My, my. Is someone there?

*Let’s go to the Top 50. Together.*


It’s not too late to join the war against feminism!
Lightweight Female Protagonists threaten our very existence!
Vote a Warlord Set today!



  1. top 50 is getting old now. No one will read the actual top 50 because they will think it’s another fake (tipsy)

  2. God you guys are sodomizing something unfunny I used to do.

  3. This Top 50 thing is quickly going from fondly-remembered unfunny running gag to “arrow to the knee” levels of humor.

  4. Silver caught onto my plan. Curses.

  5. I thought you were above this sort of thing DM. For SHAME

    Also there is only so much more Katawa Shoujo I’m going to be able to stand before I completely snap.

  6. Did you think I still had a sense of shame?

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