Posted by: n88 | February 5, 2012

A Bet with Nate

I shall use this image as a header for all future articles

So, as you can guess from the title, I’m taking the chance before MYM12 starts to offer up my own Junahu-style blockbuster bet, open to any MYMer who wants to get in on the action. Simply state your intent to join in right here in the comments section of this very article before the beginning of our twelfth contest, and you’re in.

So what’s the deal with this bet? It’s pretty simple. Anyone who joins must participate in the weekly MYmini contest every single week in MYM12. But because I’m feeling especially generous, I’ll allow participants to skip as many as four weeks, to account for the hustle and bustle of reality and similar foolish things that interfere with MYM. So in a three month contest that’s about eight minis, which is hardly a taxing burden at all.

Anyone who joins the bet but fails to follow through with the minis will have to make a moveset for a character of my choosing (though I’m willing to be flexible – if you have a serious problem with the character I give you, such as that character being offensive to your religion, sexuality, or mother, I will be willing to provide a different one) during MYM13. If you write all your minis like the honorable people we all strive to be, then I will have to write a moveset of your choosing during MYM13. Junahu only accepts one moveset for every three people he bets with? Phooey. I’ll take on an individual moveset for each and every person who fulfills the terms of the bet, in exchange for a smidgen of work. And yes, this is on an individual basis – if Phil writes all his promised minis but Billy Bob doesn’t, then I write a moveset for Phil, but Billy Bob has to write one for me.

Just be aware that anyone who half-asses their minis is unlikely to get more than a half-assed moveset in return.



  1. I’ve never made an MYMini in my life. But I’d relish the chance to match you to a character I think you’d do well with and maybe changing the game for a while is just what I need to get the creative juices flowing again.

    Let’s do it.

  2. I’m game. I was typically one of the few to post in most MYminis anyway…until I died last contest that is.

  3. This sounds fun. Count me in.

  4. Eh, I’m already making a shit load of movesets, commenting everything due to a deal I made with someone else, and writing Bunker articles. Why not add another thing to my workload? (SINISTER)

  5. Oh, and if I’m successful, I want you to do Moon Knight. 8D

  6. Why not. Challenge accepted.

  7. I’ll join in on this bet, most definitely if Rool is in it. Hyper competitive minis are go.

    • You’ve got years of experience over me, but you’ve also used up lots of your ideas already, and maybe I’ve got a few tricks stored up my sleeve…

  8. I don’t like minis at the best of times, but hey, why not. The other bet I’m involved in requires no work on my part [except when Junahu inevitably wins it], so this should be interesting.

  9. I honestly feel I’m going to fail this bet, but you know what, I’ll try it anyway.

  10. I was going to anyway, this just makes it more tempting. Count me in.

  11. Nine challengers so far? Nifty

  12. I’ll take this on, even if it’s probs fails for me.

  13. Good to have you aboard! Don’t worry, though, f you don’t pull through I won’t give you anything too crazy.

  14. I just want you to know, n88. If I win this, you’ll have to make Dress.MOV Rarity.

  15. Lately accepting challenge

    • To steal a line from Junahu, ¬_¬.

      Very well, you’re in, but no more latecomers after this.

      Also, you should probably tell me who you are.

  16. I am a fallen soldier.

    • Yeah you suck haha

    • Totally.

    • :C

    • And I still need to settle on a character for you. You’re damn hard to shop for, you know that?

    • I’m sure I’ll love whatever you buy me, as long as it comes from the heart. =)

    • Actually, I think I just picked something. I’ll have to shoot you some links on SWF

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