Posted by: frostare | February 5, 2012

All Aboard the Bet Train, Choo-Choo

Ghost Rider, motherfucker

Because I'm that badass.

So Junahu and n88 are doing their own bets, and I’ve entered both of them. I think I’ll bandwagon too, in order to spark activity. This time focusing on what everyone wants and loves: comments.

Here are the terms of the deal. If you join in on this bet, you must comment fifty movesets posted in MYM12. Not just a paltry, “I like this moveset.” No, I’m thinking more along the lines of a paragraph or so. Something substantial, giving actual criticism and insight from you. The point of this is to spark discussion and feedback for movesets in the thread, because everyone loves those.

If you do comment on fifty sets, you may choose a set for me to make, and I will make it for MYM13, since this bet will last the whole contest. If you don’t follow through, I choose one for you to make, and like n88 I will be flexible if the character completely offends you or something, like forcing FA to make a Corruption of Champions movement set.

If you’re like Smashbot or Warlord and comment on most everything already, entering this bet is practically a win/win situation. So if you’re that type, I encourage you to join.

I may be sensationalistic, sure. I may make Junahu sad because he isn’t a hipster anymore with bets like this, too. But I’ve seen comment droughts go for weeks. Oh, and myself? I’m already going to comment on every set in MYM12. Yeah, Khold. Commenting. Aghast.


  1. A bet that would be a huge boost to MYM both inside the community and out. Count me in.

  2. Eh, sure, why not.

  3. Discussion is the key word here; I feel like often people are too timid to call one another out on certain points and beef it out in-thread, as though we’re somehow afraid we’re going to get locked for discussing movesets too much. In earlier contests (very long ago) talking too much about any given moveset would steal the spotlight from other movesets waiting for commentary, but because we don’t comment that way anymore and now tend to more or less work our way through everything or nothing at all, there’s not much sense to it.

    Moveset discussion can yield some interesting stuff, certainly more than if we all comment as though we were the only ones.

    That said I’m not signing up for this one because I’m a huge hippo who hasn’t managed to comment every set since MYM 7, but it’s a great initiative and I think if people follow through with it some very good things will happen.

  4. Too rich for my blood.

  5. What if we DON’T get 100 sets?

    I’m sure you’d half-ass any set you’d have to make anyway.

    • Khold made half a dozen sets this contest, and has a stated intent to comment every single set the next one too.

      What does he have to do to get respect around here, tapdance?

    • Clearly Anonymous speaks for us all.

  6. DM, he also had the same intention last contest.
    Tapdancing would be nice, yes.

  7. 100 is a pretty ambitious amount, lowering it a little might get more people interested

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