Posted by: TWILT | February 8, 2012

TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview #10: Davidreamcatcha

Y'know, if Dave was my boss for whatever I worked in, I'd totally be okay with it.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen for another exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z MYM interviews!

This time, we got the one and only Dave. Unlike the past interviewees, he hasn’t been part of MYM for THAT long of a time. That said, he has made his own impact for it. Sadly, after what happens in recent events, he chooses to not attend the MYM chat anymore. One day, I hope he returns to the chat, better than ever, and continues making movesets. Anyway, enough of that stuff. On to the interview!

What do you consider your best moveset and why?

After a long time of inner thought, my favorite moveset is probably still the Flying Dutchman. It’s probably the most in-character thing I’ve ever made, and has the largest amount of depth to it.

“The Dutchman often escorts what he calls “Bad Undersea Folk” to Davy Jone’s lockers, them kicking and screaming all the while…” That’s a sentence from the short bio I gave Dutchman, and looking back, probably the one sentence that can define how I feel about this moveset’s characterization: that’s exactly what he does in the moveset. He drags the foe to their certain doom, despite their efforts to fight back. Of course, trailing closely behind Dutchman is The Grinch; probably my favorite MYM11 work for similiar reasons to Dutchman: characterization and depth. He can place TRAIN TRACKS OFFSTAGE, PEOPLE. TO BUILD MOMENTUM WITH HIS -SLED-. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT?

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

The top dog in my top 10 would have to be Dr. Strangelove. Strangelove is a set I can forgive for being so out of character: it wrecks the character of Strangelove because it’s not trying to represent him. It is instead trying to not only represent the movie and it’s themes, but an entire time period as well. Outside Strangelove, the ten sets that hold my interest the most would have to be Headless Horseman, The Spy, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Jafar, Bowser, Fluttershy, Dr. Nefarious Tropy and Hugo. Man, I really need to put out a personal Top 50 one of these days…

What do you look for in a moveset?

For me, the characterization of the moveset is the most important factor by far. Even if it defies the source material in some way, as long as it all comes together as a fitting representation of the character it’s being made for, I’ll be perfectly behind it. Outside that, it’s largely a matter of how you execute your concepts: a major factor in the movesets I enjoy.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

I get inspiration from just about anything, really. I was in a big moveset mindset for a while at the beginning of MYMX, to the point where I would watch Cocoa Puff commericals and think “Huh, the bird could have a moveset. The parachute is his uspec and he chases the Cocoa Puff Box slab-style!” I did start to mellow out around Kraehe’s release, and my inspiration from that point forward came from viewing a character’s personality and thinking: what could they possibly due to attack? The biggest example of me working with that style is probably Dr. House.

How often do you cut movesets?

Trust me when I tell you: I cut a load of movesets everyday. Angry Birds, Mr. EAD, JJJ, Captain Hook (who I intend to pick up again at some point) and Rawk Hawk are just a few of the movesets I cut in MYM11 alone, all with different reasons. And all of those had at least one special done!

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

My discovery of MYM comes through an unusual source: I was applying for an RP as Heavy Weapons Guy, the app required a picture of the character. I -really- wanted that one shot from Meet the Heavy with his big boisterous grin, and through the magic of Google, found the header picture for IcedDonut’s MYM5 Heavy Weapons Guy set. Naturally, after learning the premise of MYM, I became hooked and lurked for a while. Movesets are an interesting writing prospect, and crossovers are a big interest of mine. It just tickles me to imagine characters like The Joker or The Count locked in fierce battles against Pennywise or Dingodile.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

Surprisingly, my personality in real life differs much more from my MYM persona – I am still rather sarcastic and do tend to crack jokes on occasion, but I am for the most part rather quiet. Outside this, I’m an average high school student. I do manage to get rather excellent grades and have partaken in numerous clubs, the most major of which include Archery and Ping Pong. I am, however, exploring the option of joining the Drama club in my school, which would likely overtake the others.

What’s the inspiration for your username?

My new username was actually created in a failed attempt to create another account to get into a forum that my other username had been banned from, we were studying the intricacies of Native American culture at the time and their dreamcatchers stuck out to me. The ‘a’ at the end was done because of the other letters going over the character limit. It just kind of stuck from me from there, considering how retarded my other username was.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

My closest friend in MYM would probably have to be the big guy: Warlord, he’s pretty much the one I talk to the most and one of the few I’ve talked to after leaving the community. After Warlord, Kupa and FA were the ones I talked to the most. Though I do like all of you guys. (wary)

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

None of them. (dhat)

In all seriousness, it would probably have to be…Duskull. Mewtwo and Cyndaquil are close runner-ups. I dunno, something about Duskull’s appearance just appeals to me. That and shadow/ghost pokemon are best pokemon.

What is your favorite video game of all time?

See, while I generally enjoy them having excellent gameplay, one of the things that my favorite games have are memorable plots and characters, which is one of my biggest criteria. My all time favorite games are the Paper Mario trilogy. Outside that, it’s a mixture of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Majora’s Mask, Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom and everything Valve has ever made ever.

What would you consider your least favorite set of yours?

When it boils down to it, I’d have to say Freaky Fred holds the title of the worst piece of crap on my roster. All of my other works have at least some redeeming factor to them, even Robo Pat has those conveyor belts. Freaky Fred is just done horribly both characterization wise and moveset wise, and something I don’t mind changing for the humor of others, e.g. changing the side special for Rool. I do wish I foresaw Sweeney Todd and just ripped off the future, since that moveset is a much more feasible taste on an “evil barber”, hell, it’s bloody fantastic. Outside Fred, I would have to say Robo Pat and Olimaremix.

Why did you have an old account known as “Marioman19?”

Marioman is an old shame of mine: a relic of my days from SSBRP and NSider. It was a rather nooby username, and I started despising it at one point. When I actually started work on my first moveset (which was an attempted Wesker set), I created a new username by the name of Davidreamcatcha, as I was growing rather fond of that username. I intended to keep the fact that I was Marioman a secret, but the photobucket username made it somewhat obvious.

How did “deals/bets” come about?

Surprisingly, the first deal was not initiated by myself! The first deal came from ForwardArrow, who proposed that I make a Princess Tutu character for a Spongebob character. I made my part, he dropped out of his. The first “real” deal that got me hooked on doing them was a deal MW proposed: Diamond Dogs for Benson. This pretty much kicked off my deal habit. The bets came off on a whim, with the first one being the Rool bet, after everyone was saying that he needed to make an MYMer Review.

After what happened in recent events, is there any chance of you coming back to the chat/community? 

I probably overdramatized my article quite a bit, though I am quite disgusted with the community for those reasons and for several other reasons, such as the treatment of thread newcomers by certain members (while this has been improved thread-wise, I have no doubt that newcomers are still being insulted in the chat.) I have been guilty of quite a bit of the stuff I’m disappointed with, so I’m no angel, but I still would like to see it stopped. My leave should probably be considered a long-term break at this point: there’s a very good chance of me coming back to the chat, but not right now.

ForwardArrow asks if you hate him? :3 

Yes. Next, actually legitimate question.

Any plans for future movesets?

Oh, of course. I obviously have the Katawa Shoujo movement coming up, which is a huge deal since I’m quite excited by Shizune and Misha. Unfortunately, I’m canceling the RDR Movement due to finding better characters to work with the concepts: John Marston’s concept is going towards an Albert Wesker moveset and a lot of West Dicken’s stagecoach stuff is going to Grinch Night Grinch. There is also that one OC I may or may not be making.

I also am looking forward to my first week set: quite an iconic villain that you ALL should hopefully be familiar with, though those of you who were told who it was might want to check with each other: something might not add up….

Sundance Question: If it is 0 degrees outside and it’ll be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be?




  1. I didn’t seriously want Twilt to ask that (CRS)

    Also I really wanted to see RDR happen just so you could prove me wrong about it, but eh, you were pretty much piled high with plans as is.

    Besides that stuff, nice interview and such. I don’t really have a lot to say but I admit reading this was quite informative.

  2. Wait, who’s bullying newcomers? No, none of em are alts of me. I’ve been too busy reading Soul Eater and Psyren to do that shit.

    Also, Duskull’s one of my favorites too. We’re going to have to fix that; we’re not supposed to agree on anything!

  3. God fucking dammit, that was me*

    Also, 9:36 PM my ass, Junahu.

  4. I’m starting to seriously wonder if you just never thought of interviewing me by happenstance, you don’t think I’d be an interesting interview, or if you’re intentionally avoiding me for some reason…

    • I’d be interested in hearing an interview from you, as well as getting my name on that list of potential interviewees. I feel for ya.

  5. You’re never fucking around, that might be a reason.

  6. I’m around enough to answer a few questions if somebody asked.

  7. Well go in the chat and tell him that.

  8. Up until I saw this interview I’d always thought you were a Type 1 MYMer, but now I know otherwise.

  9. Oh, if you catch me before the 24th, I could do an interview, though I don’t know how much interest there’d be in that.

  10. WordPress is a fucking asscunt. Yes that was me.

  11. You should make your own wordpress blog, phatcat.

    Oh and Kat, I’m up for an interview on Sunday if you’re willing.

  12. You want me to interview you?

  13. Yes. Although my time will be a bit more constrained over the week. Let me know what time/date is best.

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