Posted by: forwardarrow | February 19, 2012

MYM12 Sunday Recap #1 Part 1

Welcome to MYM12, everyone! This week has… actually been rather slow by opening week standards, especially with commenting. But hey, at least the mini has been obscenely active right, with EIGHTEEN entries. EIGHTEEN. So now I, FA, am going to recap and tell you all what happened this week. It’ll be full of me not getting to the point and making awkward jokes that don’t make you laugh, just feel uncomfortable. Well hey at least I’m not doing the whole thing, right?

Much to Junahu’s dismay, we started of the contest with The Necromancer by MasterWarlord. Based on an amped up version of the generic Warcraft 3 unit, the Necromancer spawns mass zombies and fires projectiles, which he can freeze in time. Oh yeah, and his zombies will stick around and keep fighting after he’s dead, in which the foe has to basically kill the whole lot of them to finish of the Necromancer’s stock. His playstyle tends towards extreme set-up, but he’s actually got a few neat tricks he can use to gimp at early percentages to help mitigate his weakness to pressure. Kupa and n88 both gave extensive praise to the set, and while Smashbot and LL seemed to enjoy it, they felt there was a disconnect between the two main parts of The Necromancer’s game.

Up next we have Dry Bones by Junahu, a “recreation” of the first MYM3 set by Iron Thorn. Dry Bones is updated in some ways to be more modern, changing his body structure throughout the moves in a random way, which the player has to adapt too. His playstyle comes down to survivability, which is made ridiculous healing he gets from his Down Special. While some hated Dry Bones for its random effects and dismissing of the adapting at the end of the set, others praised it as well characterized and having an interesting concept.

Next on the first page we have an ungodly wall of text, or rather Agiri by Katapultar. The set is famous for being one of the longest sets ever written, which has deterred a lot of people away from reading it. Agiri functions largely around a bomb which she can power up and pull out at any time, as well as some very complex, intricate mindgames suited to a ninja. While not a lot of people managed to finish it in time for this recap, those who did actually seemed to like it a fair bit, praising it for the shocking degree of depth to the mindgame, though noting the tackiness and major balance errors.

After that we have Coachman by Smashbot who was only made to force Warlord to play that stupid visual novel he wants everyone in the universe to read. My Katawa Shoujo bias aside, Coachman is about what you would expect, using his giant stage coach to beat around foes and drugging them in order to turn them into Donkeys. Though, Smashbot ended up cramming in a bunch more things and ended up calling him versatile. Ultimately, that seems to have been the sets undoing, as people praised some of the concepts, but felt that ultimately it tried to do too much at once and fell on its face.

And then, yet another set in a row is posted, in the form of Karkat Vantas by Majora_787. People mostly took note of the set for it’s writing style, in which Karkat insults the reader about 20 times every single move, which apparently made it nigh unreadable for some. The set revolves around a blood mechanic, which allows Karkat to bleed out the foe to inhibit them, or make himself bleed as a weapon. Better yet, he can make a pact with his opponent or go God Tier to make those self bleeding attacks far more effective. Karkat recieved a mixed reception, some felt the God Tier/Blood Pact mechanics were awkward and imbalanced while others thought they were unique and enjoyable.

Now, after all those sets we still aren’t even done the first page. Don’t worry, it slows up a lot after this. Scizor by FrozenRoy is up next, a relative newcomer who seems to at least be aware of how MYM works. Scizor is an “anti-camper” who can fight through projectiles and agressively rushes down the opponent, forcing them to either be offensive or die trying. The set received some praise for the ideas and the core playstyle, but was criticized for leaps of logic, Pokemon Syndrome, and in some cases being too effective at what it does. Still, it’s a heck of a lot better of a start than most of us have had.

After that we are done those first page sets, but now we have minis and dear god did we get a lot of those. First up is Sir Kibble‘s Assist Trophy based on himself. He’s basically a Kirby cosplayer who throws plush waddle dees and attempts to inhale the foe despite not actually being Kirby and as such just making himself look silly.

Then we have JUNAHU Part 1. This mini consists of two Junahu’s, one being an older sister and one being a younger sister. The older one slaps the younger, and she spits out a cheesecake at people. Very bizarre mini, and it apparently made Smash Daddy rage to the point that Junahu made a sequel later on this week. But that’s for LL to talk about, not me.

And here’s Smashbot, which basically consists of him running up and yelling profanities at people. And then getting banned by me. Because apparently I’m not just Dave Killer, now I’m Smashbot Killer. Or something like that. I told you these jokes would be awkward.

And now, ladies and gentleman, the first extra Rool has made since… dear god how long has it been? MYM5? Rool shows up in Brawl as a Heffalump/Woozle/potato. Anyway, Rool is a doppleganger who can either pretend to be the summoner and take damage for them… or he can pretend to be a foe, which will make them start shedding duplicates all over the stage. It’s shockingly clever considering how long Rool has gone without making extras.

Dave’s mini for Davidreamcatcha is up next, which has him take on the forms of various characters he tends to associate himself with. Namely, JJJ, Wario, and Pennywise. He makes smoke to obscure the screen as well as tripping traps and running around beating the foes up as Wario. The abilities actually work quite well together, as opposed to just being random and thrown together.

Frozen Roy
comes back again to post his own mini, which is basically him playing a bunch of game consoles and creating enemies/altering the stage based on what game he’s playing. It’s chosen at random and such, and he can also switch the stage to 75m out of nowhere. The horror.

And now, MasterWarlord in his continuing mad desire to show Rool who is the boss, posted his own mini. Which is basically him giving sets help based on their star ranking. Or hurt, if they happen to be under 4 stars. He’ll feed them cheeseburgers, summon minions, grab like DeDeDe, spike foes through the stage, or devour some poor 1-2 star sap. It’s ridiculously Warlordian as you might expect.

Then we have Smash Daddy, who posted a mini where he murders Junahu, presumably out of hatred for his mini or just because they don’t like each other. He then tries to convict people with a swat team, but he himself can be found guilty and get shot to death. He also sits at his desk and shoots people, but really I don’t think you lot are interested in that.

And here we have Darth Meanie posting a mini about himself, him showing up as some random loli and making a giant golden egg. This either produces edible gold or shit, chosen at random. Presumably this represents how inconsistent he is or something, I dunno.

Then there is Marth Trinity, who shows up as what appears to be a girl. But we all know there are no girls on the internet, and as such MT is in fact a guy. This revelation startles the heck out of everyone. It is also Khold’s favorite extra ever because of reasons I don’t really want to get into.

Finishing out my part of the recap is Mona by lordvaati. From the genius who gave us the amazing Masked Man and Meowth (funny they all start with M), we get yet another moveset full of 1 line attacks with no effort put into them. Plus massive pictures, a cloned Side Special from Wario that removes the best part, and random transformations that change her stats. In response to this, people decided to see if they could make better sets within 15 minutes, and with the exception of MDA we succeeded. And on that rather grim note, I leave the rest of the recap to my fellow leader/archnememis LL.



  1. Ah, damn, I never checked the front page before. I might have actually made something with that mini. Maybe make a character disappear from the match for a while and come back as a clone of themselves for a stock…but that would have required work, as I would have to make a clone for every character that does not already have one.

    Anywho, sorta slow opening week, but at least a good few people participated. Not that I can really talk. Oh, and Warlord, be aware that if you make Ronnie, I will probably still finish mine whenever I come back. I don’t really care how we go about that…

  2. You inactive bastards.

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