Posted by: masterwarlord | February 20, 2012

MW Top 10s – Most Important MYMers 2.0

This list does indeed put more emphasis on relevance to the modern day in comparison to the original, though considering the original had Mendez at the number one position I’d argue that most would consider that a good thing. Considering the fact that Mendez is still on it at all, though, shows it still is far from exclusively based in the here and now, if anything still leaning more towards overall. It should also come as no surprise that the list is based heavily on activity above all else – it doesn’t matter how loud one shouts about something if they never make their opinions known on most issues, and their opinions don’t matter if they can’t prove that they can make the sets themselves – and not just by measure of a fluke one hit wonder.

10 – ForwardArrow – MYM 10

FA is rather limited simply by how long he has been with us more than anything – it’s no secret that the top MYMers are dominated by people who have been around since MYM 3 or even 2,  essentially the start of MYM as anything outside of a generic forum game. Of course someone will have some of their worst bombs early on their career, and most of his less popular sets have niche audiences none the less. His top 50 showings are unparalleled for somebody so early in their career, nobody having claimed second and third since the MW/Rool joint rape of MYM 6, much less getting the vast majority of their other sets on the top 50 as well in one of the most competitive top 50s we’ve ever had. This largely comes from FA being a highly intelligent long-time lurker, and he’s directly competing for the title of the biggest commenter with Smashbot as of now.

9 – LegendofLink – MYM 9


LoL is a similar case to FA in how new he is, though he hasn’t been lurking for such absurd periods of time. None the less, he has another MYM under his belt, and when you’re this fresh that’s pretty bloody important. Lol’s commentary only ever faltered because of real life, and even during those times he was able to keep posting movesets on a shockingly regular basis. Regardless of most of his sets not placing top 50 in MYM 11, this is largely because their cult followings did not vote – all four of the main Hideout people were in love with Farfetch’d (For one reason or another. . .). Aside from this, LoL is just about the closest thing MYM has to a peacekeeper since Kibble became far less outspoken, always thinking rationally and never stepping on anyone’s toes.

8 –  SirKibble – MYM 2

Kibble is essentially the only MYMer who’s left who was forced to do so, not leaving out of spite or disinterest. He was very much like MT is now in being a beloved xat figure who everybody found time to hang out with, and it was incredibly dramatic to see him finally go. His movesets were groundbreaking for MYM 4, yes, but Kibble was also a proponent of the rise of playstyle in MYM 5 – without his endorsement, lazy people like Sundance might’ve successfully killed it off. He was considered a member of the big 3 with Rool and myself for a reason, and while didn’t have much to speak of in the ways of a front runner had plenty of competent sets for the time in MYM 5, as well as leaving us with his fantastic “swan-song” in Adeleine. While Kibble unsurprisingly struggled to adjust in MYM 10, he was able to be one of the few people to read enough to vote in MYM 11 and was essentially robbed of a top 10 placing with a set that had near universal acclaim.

7 – Darth Meanie – MYM 5


Considering MYM 6 his first contest, DM was a model newcomer, having a better first contest than just about anyone with sheer quantity of movesets. While few stood out, almost none of them were bad and plenty were memorable, and he managed to break top 10 with a joint set. MYM 7 is famous for DM and needs no introduction, being his most universally loved contest as he placed top 10 3 times and had a potential fourth entrant in Harbinger. MYM 8 was a step down, sure, but it was a step down for everyone, and he still placed top 10 twice. MYM 9 was a criminally underrated contest for him in hindsight, with such memorable sets as Bizarro, Electivire, and Nero Chaos. Even when DM’s moveset activity faltered later on, he still finds time to make a handful of comments, and is pretty much the only person besides myself to make extremely negative comments on a regular basis, something others may disapprove of but I commend him for. As far as his more infamous sets, these are more testament to DM’s willingness to experiment, as he’s dabbled plenty in both schools of thought in MYM.

6 – n88_2004 – MYM 6


N88 isn’t exactly a “peacekeeper”, but he’s pretty much the definitive middle man, immune to MYM politics. Unlike Kupa, n88 is still a very strong chat presence, though, and somehow doesn’t manage to get on anyone’s bad side. His consistent quantity of movesets helps in this, but his movesetting as a whole is anything but consistent. He makes simple sets for simple characters, and Warlordian sets for Warlordian villians, having a good mix of both. This earns him the respect of Junahu while he still manages to place top 10 on a regular basis with his more Warlordian sets. The system’s been going on for quite some time now, and his MYM 12 showing is a more exaggerated than ever version of it. N88’s even done a fair bit of commenting in comparison to the army of chat leeches we have running amok nowadays.

5 – Chief Mendez – MYM 3


Mendez was number one because of his technical importance – Fawriel created the first thread, sure, but he just created another generic forum game like BiTF MYM. Mendez introduced the concept of quality. Why Mendez has fallen, aside from having been dead for such a long period of time, falls down to two reasons. The first is something Junahu pointed out back on the original top 10 MYMers list – that MW and Mendez get joint credit for introducing the concept of quality (In any form whatsoever), as Mendez was content to let people like Baron and Blitzkrieg derp about as they pleased with their MYM 2 sets. The second is on how low of a note Mendez left, yelling out at people for asking him to admin/de-admin people and holding the detonation button to the Stadium for so long – something we’ve since averted with the creation of the Bunker. For his time period, Mendez had almost no sets that were “bad”, all getting some kind of praise, even posting the first (Admittedly aged) momentum character in Mach Rider.

4 – BKupa666 – MYM 2

Kupa and n88 are quite similar, straight down to their quantity of comments. The main difference is Kupa does not excessively dumb down characters as a crutch when they’re simplistic, but still keeps them well differentiated from the Warlordian villians he makes. While Kupa is not a chat presence, this enables him to focus more on his MYMing career and less on the drama, and he’s been a consistent MYMer for each time period he’s been in literally since the start of time, going back all the way to MYM 2. As more and more people have dropped out, Kupa’s consistency is all the more noticeable. As of late, he’s been flooding top 10s and even top 5s, with many being immediately bitter over Pennywise’s loss to Gengar.

3 – KingK.Rool – MYM 3


The good aspects of K. Rool rather go without saying – MYM 3 to 6 is nothing short of masterworks, and MYM 7 was also quite. . .Memorable. This write-up, like the Mendez one, has to be negative to justify why he is not higher on the list, if anything. The problem is it’s been 4 MYMs since MYM 7, and after MYM 7 Rool caused the Warlordian leadership takeover by leaving for no reason that he became so adamant about stopping later. Posting one set per contest afterwards and only reading sets every other contest, Rool mellowed out from his top-tier position. MYM 10 will be his most fondly remembered recent contest most probably, as he had –three- sets that contest that all had fans. In MYM 11, he had four, but three of these went against where he was most at home with high potential characters and it showed while the other one was, as Rool calls it, a very divisive moveset. Now that he’s stopped what he’s started, he seems to be starting his cycle over with the MYM 8 portion. Not to say he’ll die, but he won’t ever be what he once was.

2 – SmashDaddy – MYM 3

Hoo boy. Now, if this one comes across as obnoxiously positive in comparison to the last one, that’s because I have to justify Smady being above Rool. Smady can be compared to LoL and FA as a MYM 9 “newcomer”, but the fact that he is not literally a newcomer and has been observing MYM throughout his entire career enabled him to not have a rocky start. While MYM 9 in particular had plenty of bombs, it also had its’ fair share of direct hits, and it paved the way for his fantastic MYM 10 and 11 showings, 11 giving Smady a landslide win on par with the likes of Doppelori, Kawasaki, and Dracula. Smady’s also one of the biggest commenters, and was the outright biggest before Smashbot and FA came along, commenting almost every set in the contests. Said commenting was around before MYM 9, making him the most historically consistent commenter after Warlord. Said commenting was horribly needed during MYM’s many dead periods, such as MYM 8, and unlike the other commenters and the people who emphasized accessibility to newcomers, Smady was pretty much the only one to ever do proper mentoring, endlessly previewing sets for countless people, newcomers first and foremost.

1 – Junahu – MYM 3

Junahu has absurd quantities of movesets. For every MYM 7 where he’s slightly below his usual incredibly high standards, there’s a MYM 11 to make up for it. Granted, this quantity of sets is due in part to Junahu’s movesetting philosophies, him not having to worry about what the majority thinks about his sets, but he almost always manages to have something that appeals to Warlord and company every contest, if unintentionally. Jun’s commentary is sparse because he is aware of how controversial he is and has the sense to not start arguments on a regular basis whenever he disagrees with something, in-thread in the least. They exist none the less, and Junahu’s generally been good about being more civil with what he does in comparison to others who try to push their opinions, his articles not being flamepots or completely irrelevant philosophy papers – he’s at all subtle. Jun has provided more services for MYM in terms of stockpiling things then Mendez or Agi usually get credited for with the Stadium/Xat and deserves more of said credit. He was the man behind the Bunker, and all the while he was the only one not cackling like an imp when it went up.



  1. Excellent top ten, perhaps among my favourites of yours! It was really enjoyable to read through so much positivity and crediting people for their work, let alone myself, which I admit was especially gratifying. It’s interesting to me how you justify everyone’s placements, and seeing your perspective currently of who’s in this top ten is quite fascinating.

    And because no one else will say so, good on you for not putting yourself on. We all know where you ought to be, anyway.

  2. Really a good, neutral perspective in this article, and well written at that. You stepped away to talk about how people have contributed to the community without politicizing it, which everyone can commend you for.

  3. Yeah, I’m with DM and Daddy in general. Glad you kept politics out of it and put movesets and thread activity in the spotlight (trying to gauge who’s “important” by any other criteria would definitely get messy or controversial). Also impressed with you just leaving yourself as the implied #0 instead of actually writing a blurb about how great you are. Very courteous. 😉

    I’LL have to be discourteous for a minute and whine about two things, though: first, the jab at my articles as “useless philosophy papers” (yeah, okay, I wound up bailing on that Meditations series before I got to any remotely useful bit, but that’s only two articles among many!); and second, the part about my reading movesets only every other contest or so. It’s, uh, true, but hey, I read almost every single moveset in MYM 9 and 10!

    I’m going to try to launch a catch-up for MYM 11 so far soon, and maybe crack into an MYMer review or two as well. Can’t let myself slump too much or Kupa will have overtaken me by MYM 16, tops.

    • Also: Junahu’s MYM 7 showing was bad? Uh, isn’t that the one he won?

    • I think he meant solely in terms of actual moveset output, not “quality”…though it’s confusing as hell since some of Jun’s MYM7 movesets are listed under “E-Card Maker” in the Bunker set list.

  4. Also: Junahu’s MYM 7 showing was bad? Uh, isn’t that the one he won?

    I referenced Doppelori’s landslide in Smady’s section – I’m not trying to bring any ill will towards said set. Ignoring my opinion on his two other sets (And I think people would agree Badman’s aged a fair bit), it’s simply the fact it’s -two- other sets. If I consider MYM 10 a “weak” showing for me with 5.5 sets, I think I can get away with that.

    first, the jab at my articles as “useless philosophy papers”

    The jab with the philosophy articles I’ll admit was in somewhat bad taste considering the generally positive tone of the article, though with the “flamepots” bit next to it I was simply trying to downplay other articles as a means of glorifying Jun’s. Not going to claim it’s the best defense, though I’ve always had a distaste for most of your articles in general and you’ve bashed my top 10 articles as a whole in the past.

    I’m going to try to launch a catch-up for MYM 11 so far soon, and maybe crack into an MYMer review or two as well. Can’t let myself slump too much or Kupa will have overtaken me by MYM 16, tops.

    With me having to break my back to get Junahu comments, I certainly would look forward to some Rooligan ones. With David having come back to xat anyway, do you still intend to get your Heffalumps off the ground, or do you have bigger plans?

  5. Nifty. I like these positive Top 10s far more than the ranting, spiteful Top 13s, which can be a bit tiresome to read. Interesting to see how certain things have changed since the last round with this type of list. Also, I’ll use this space to applaud you for leaving politics out of it, even though you’ve heard that already.

    And I really am saddled with that Ode to Minions forever, aren’t I?

  6. Make a set for a morbidly obese, unforgivably evil, definitively male character, and MW may change your theme to whatever that guy’s theme is.

  7. Am I still lightweight female protagonist?

    Because I haven’t made one of those since… Rider.

    Luvia doesn’t count.

    • Because in case Warlord didn’t know, that badass song from Melty Blood has nothing to do with Nrvnqsr himself.

      It’s actually for a lightweight female protagonist.

  8. Naw. In comparison to modern xat, you’re quite manly.

    Considering that that theme was introduced to me by you randomly linking it in xat a long ass time ago, I didn’t know. Considering the quantity of females from that game in general, I shouldn’t be surprised it’s a LFP’s theme, though. Either way, I should hope that the theme itself is in the very least ambiguous, yes? If you didn’t know what series it was from, you’d never guess. . .

    More than anything I was just going for obscurity. Something only you’d get.

    • Going with Active Angel would have been more obvious. Hell, I even put it in my self-insert mini.

      I appreciate the good-will and gesture though.

  9. I’m going to be perfectly honest and admit I don’t even remember Junahu from MYM3. Hell, I didn’t recognize him when I came back. It’s not that I’m trying to question the validity of the list, just :/

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