Posted by: legendoflink64 | February 20, 2012

MYM12 Sunday Recap #1 Part 2

15 minutes. 15 minutes is all the time I have to make this moveset for you.

And now we’re on to Part 2!

Fist up, we have another self-insert AT from Katapultar. Kat can only be summoned by Lucky Star characters, and will protect them from any and all damage that comes their way. Once his time expires, Kat departs, leaving the character with a leek whose power is dependent on how much HP Kat had left. As if that wasn’t enough, the leek enables a Final Smash-esque Moe Beam from the characters which charges when they take damage. Sure, it’s weird, but at least it’s not Ronald McDonald.

Next we have a pair of bosses from MasterWarlord: Mr. Lugs and Yeto. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen Mr. Lugs posted before, and I’m not sure about Yeto… In any case, Mr. Lugs likes to eat, and will go berserk if you steal his food., but if you don’t, he’ll end up healing himself and making your life a complete hell. Yeto also likes food, in this case, soup. He’ll try to put you in his soup and eat you, or he’ll try to jam a saddle on your head to make it easier to put you in his soup and eat you.

The next mini posted is Kholdstare. It… well… you can read it for yourself if you really care. It just really creeps me out.

This is where the 15 minute movesets began. Dave posted one, but it they were quickly moved to the Social Group.

ForwardArrow, however, kept his in the thread. The moveset is for Slughorn, the “villain” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Slugworth does completely random things, like shooting people with a gun, laying mines, giving out healing money, and harassing the opponent with children. The most interesting thing is that he can demand gobstoppers from the foe, and if he gets one, he gets a power-up.

In terms of real movesets, next is Zasalamel by MasterWarlord.  Zasalamel can summon giant Cogs of varying sizes to ram, crush, and trap opponents with. He also uses his scythe to impale and abuse prone opponents, and he can control the scythe independently of himself to further trap the foe. Combined with a minion and some portal magic, and you have an extremely interaction heavy moveset.

Hyper_Ridley was the next self-isert AT posted. HR will sit in the background, only intervening if a character in a FFA match is ganged-up on by multiple opponents to stun the offending characters. He also singles out and attacks MYM6 Spadefox, while only rarely appearing if any n88 sets are in the match.

ProfPeanut also joined in on the AT fun, with him taking on a scientist persona to mess with the physics of Brawl, altering the knockback ratio of the match at random.

The next moveset posted was Night’s End Sorcerer by FrozenRoy. The moveset is focused on manipulating and interacting with ghostly wisps, creating explosions and even directly grabbing people with the wisps. It also has a lot of quick and simple scythe attacks that tend to both attack the opponent and move wisps around.

Junahu then posted the second half of his AT, and it’s quite a long read, with the two halves of Junahu doing random thins, including becoming AI controlled fighters with their own movesets.

BKupa is next in self-isert land, becoming a Bowser-esque character that spams fireballs, combos opponents, sings random songs (?), and… summons explosive balloons? Yeah, that’s pretty weird, but we’re pretty much used to that by this point, right?

TWILT then posted an AT of himself as JustinTWILT Wong, who  summons a character from a fighting game to fight for him. He can either play SSB, which he sucks at, SSF4, which he’s pretty good at, or MVC3, which he is godlike at. Of course, you can always attack JustinTWILT directly, making him salty and causing him to quit.

Unsurprisingly, Gettocoolaid’s AT is of him as a phone. Unfortunately, while it isn’t as creepy as Khold’s AT, it’s still plenty creepy. Why are asses such a popular target here?

ForwardArrow’s AT is about as self-depreciating as you can get. He stalks and murders sets made by Dave (and Linebeck, he hates that set so much), but he will commit suicide if you taunt him enough. Geeze, it’s not that bad in the chat, is it?

ForwardArrow also posted the next moveset: Doc Scratch from the webcomic Homestruck. Doc Scratch plays like some unholy combination of Teferi and Gamma, warping time and space however he sees fit while knocking pool balls around to attack the foe. It’s kind of hard to get much crazier than this. He can even transport foes intoSPAAAAAACE where they will constantly take damage from the lack of oxygen (though how this works when plenty of character don’t need air, and plenty of stages are set in space already, I don’t know.)

Junahu then announced the next MYMini theme: Cooperative Items! the first of which was Tony and Joe by Davidreamcatcha. Tony and Joe spawn a table with spaghetti, which two players can sit down at and eat. True to the source, if they try to leave they will end up kissing, damaging them (or healing them if they are on Dave’s list of “kinky” characters).

Junahu‘s mini entry was the Strife Ball a ball that traps players inside a bubble when they strike the ball simultaneously, forcing them into a cage match.

Hellmaster Fibrizo by Katapultar was posted next. It is a 3v1 boss set with a strong focus on projectile camping and status effects, forcing foes to pick the right composition of characters to stand a chance. He can move foes around and mess with their positioning, making things even harder to dodge, while also spreading some classic obscuring fog to make things even worse.

Elastic Ring by MarthTrinity is an item that tethers two characters together, causing all of the shenanigans you would expect from such a situation. Heavy characters get to drag lighter ones around, while light ones can’t get knocked away without dragging the heavy one with them.

The last moveset this week is Gardevoir, by ProfPeanut. Gardevoir focuses on placing many psychic barriers around the stage, which absorb power from the foe’s attacks, weakening the attacks and storing the power for later use. Combined with levitation and Future Sight shenanigans, Gardevoir can really mess wit the foe’s offensive capabilities, weakening them enough to make it far easier to win herself.

That’s it for this week, folks. Sorry for the late post, but at least it’s still technically Sunday (for me) :p.


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