Posted by: TWILT | February 20, 2012

TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview #12: phatcat203


And welcome back to another episode of the MYMer Interviews!

Yeah, you’re probably wondering why this interview is coming out early this week. A couple reasons: 1st is that I’m gonna be extra busy on Wednesday, with school and such. The 2nd reason is that Phatcat is gonna leave on the 24th, so I figured it’d be nice to get it out early this week incase you guys have any final goodbyes and such. And finally, the 3rd reason is that Silver would not stop bugging me about it (crs) (I still love you bro =P).

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the cat that is phat!

What do you consider your best moveset and why?

Hm. Honestly, a little while ago, I would say Bass.EXE. Now, however…I think my favorite is Erufuun(no Jun I am never going to call it Whimsicott). I had the most fun making that set; it’s the only set I changed constantly, as I got so many ideas, I had to rearrange the set multiple times and completely scrap a ton of moves. Unfortunately, that caused it to turn out a lot worse than it could have been, since some ideas were disjointed, and the organization suffered a lot. Still, I like most of the ideas I had for the set(scrapped and used) and I feel like it’s the set that’s the most “Phatcat.” Take that as you will.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

Well, Dimentio deserves a special mention. Even though I understand it’s not exactly a stellar moveset by today’s standards, it was the set that got me to join MYM in the first place, and it still holds a place in my movesetting heart, cold and shriveled as it may be. As for my favorite (somewhat)recent sets…Well, I’m gonna have to say Gallade and Vlad. I like sets that are easy to understand and play, but still not bland, and both of these pull that off pretty well, though Vlad kinda pushes it. Sadly, I don’t like most MYM11 sets…

What do you look for in a moveset?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I like movesets that can be understood without the writer explicitly telling you how to play(though that’s partly just writing style). Things like being in-character count too. And I can’t really enjoy a set unless I think it would be really fun to use, for both you and your opponent. I don’t like sets that lock the foe down or prevent them from doing anything(MYMXI K. Rool), or, nowadays, sets that require massive setup time to be viable(Gamma). Also, I generally dislike sets made for characters with little to no potential, like random humans with no powers or weapons.

However…I also look into why the set was made. If a set was made for some arbitrary reason, like one of these ever-popular deals, I’m not going to like it as much as one made simply because the writer likes the character. It just doesn’t have the same feel, doesn’t matter how “good” the set is.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

Basically, I get ideas for characters from any manga I read or TVTropes page I stumble upon. Basically, if the character themselves doesn’t suck, and their ability is cool and/or interesting, I get ideas for them. When it comes to making the movesets themselves, I mostly get inspiration from the source material.

How often do you cut movesets?

Used to, I almost never did. Because I never planned any. Nowadays, though, I cut movesets constantly, and have like 8-10 half-finished or mostly finished sets just sitting in my inbox. I won’t submit them to the graveyard, though. I feel like, eventually, I’ll finish them, even if it is in the cyberpunk days of MYM15 when I come back.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

I…honestly, I discovered Smashboards itself while looking for how-to-play guides for Brawl. From there, I just kinda looked around the site and saw MYM. I remember thinking that Dimentio was the best thing since unsliced bread, and I watched from behind the scenes for a few months before joining.

And as for why I make(made) movesets – the community, hands down. If it wasn’t for you guys, I’d have never come back after my initial leave. I kinda felt that if I didn’t make sets, you lot wouldn’t like me as much, and that’s why I left – I didn’t have as much time to devote to MYM then. Course, I found out later that that only really applied to the leadership. In MYMs 10 and 11, I just made sets when I got the itch to do it; there wasn’t really any reason behind it.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

Well, I’m mostly the same IRL as I am in the chat – loud, assholish, and generally unlikeable in every imaginable way, but still liked by some people for whatever reason. As for interesting stuff… I don’t really have anything. There’s the whole insomnia thing, I guess, but you all know about that already. And, uh…I have a high tolerance for medication? I don’t know, ****.

What’s the inspiration for your username?

That is my cat’s name. Or rather, my old cat. He died a few years ago due to…some disease. Either way, “phat” isn’t really supposed to mean “fat,” it was a word that meant “cool” way, way back in the 1980’s. Nowadays it’s only really used by black people, though. 203/201 is just a random number that I like for no reason.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

I have to say MT, though Silver and MW are close seconds. But yeah, MT and I spent a lot of time just doing whatever – the LPs, staying up till 9 am on Skype, playing Goof Troop four ****ing times, suffering through Shaq Fu together, watching Supercroc(with Plorf)… Just **** that friends do, you know? I think we were probably spent more fun time with each other than any other MYMer pair(no homo). There was also, of course, PTA, though that ended kinda badly. Still, MT felt like a true IRL friend, not just someone in a chat room. He’s a great pal.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Luxray. This went through a ton of ****ing changes as I aged; first it was Ninetales, then Dragonair, then Quilava/Typhlosion, Sceptile, Swampert, Garchomp, and a few others in between, but finally, it has settled on Luxray. I like the whole lion deal, the eyes, the star tail, and how he looks so goddamned mean.

What is your favorite video game of all time?

Well…I’m going to have to say either Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword(or just Fire Emblem in America) or Pokemon Emerald. Chrono Trigger is also up there. Basically, I like strategy games and RPGs, and games that have a lot of character focus.

What would you consider your least favourite set of yours?

Piccolo. It wasn’t thought out at all, and I really didn’t have any idea what the fuck I was doing. One move had a 13-second charge time, I think. Might have been cancel-able, I dunno.

Why did you originally post under the alt known as, “Thrice?”

Because I thought you lot hated me for leaving like I did, with the whole joint thing. Turns out, you kinda did, which is why I didn’t reveal myself for so long. When I figured you people wouldn’t care anymore, I just pretty much said it…though it didn’t ****ing work, and I had to get into an argument with MW about Persians to get you people to finally realize it.

Why do you think you (used to) get into quite a few arguments in the chat?

I am a very argumentative person, even though I do not like arguments. Basically, if someone says something I do not agree with, I feel a compulsion to let them know I do not agree with them. Except I cannot stop there, as my very nature leads me to say outlandish things which are not meant to be taken seriously, but are. And then it derails from there. Seriously, people, when I call you a peanut-butter pickle Snausage, that is not a serious insult, and you should not take it as such.

How do you feel about being accused as a troll at times? 

Well, back in the old days, it was a serious accusation, because of Thrice. I hated it then simply because I was being called a troll when I wasn’t even trolling, and I wanted to get my point across. More recently, though, I don’t really care about being a called a troll – it’s usually just THEM trolling. The reason it still makes me angry is because, for whatever reason, it usually WORKS. Someone says I’m trolling, and that’s that. Only people who will believe or defend me in any way are LoL, MT, and Silver, the latter two of which just AFK immediately when an argument starts. I wish I could do that.

Will we see a phatcat like comeback when you return?

I plan to return as I lived; obnoxiously loudly and blaring this:

I do not, however, plan to come back as an alt, sad to say.



  1. I think Geto should be the next MYM Interviewee

  2. Aw come on, Silver, you beg and plead and perform sexual favors to get Twilt to post this, and you don’t even comment? For shame.

  3. *comments*

    but really the real reason I didn’t comment is because I knew all this stuff already. Well, most of it. I do like sets better if the writer has a passion for the character that shows in the set, and I don’t like it when their character is pushed aside in the name of playstyle/tacky effects/potato.

    Again, I will miss ya: it’ll feel weird to not have you ghost-PMing me whenever I come in the main chat.

  4. Well, hopefully I won’t have to ghost-PM you when I come back. I will just PM you from the main chat, to annoy the hell out of you with conversations nobody else can see.

    But yeah, as I’ve said countless times, I’ll miss all of you guys too. I mean, come on, I’ve spent a total of about three years with you people, I can’t just up and forget you.

    Also I’m surprised MW hasn’t imploded all over me for having a 4th-gen as my favorite..though I assume he’d already guessed that.

  5. It’s pretty hard to -not- know Luxray is your favorite, these days.

  6. Yeah, I don’t exactly hide it, especially to the PTA crowd.

  7. Well, at least I’ve got more votes than DM this time.

  8. Not anymore!

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