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TL;DR Top 20 of TL;DRness

So it’s been a long time since the last TL;DR list, nearly two years.  So I decided to make a little list of my own, considering it’s doubtful many would vote for MW to do his own.  Now the major things I took into account while making this list are pure length, amount of extras, ease of reading, mechanic length and intra-set interactions.  There are plenty of great sets on this list, so please don’t be offended if one of your sets shows up.  That being said, sets like Halberd Crew and Steven Stone won’t be included in this list, as their movesets were developed separately and don’t interact with each other.  As for honorable mentions, The Spy by MW and Parasol Lady Madeline by Meadow were pushed off the list after I found two more worthy sets.

20. Squeak Squad by KingK.Rool – MYM3

Before MYM4, most sets had a very low amount of detail as a general rule, and were readable in 5-10 minutes.  Once Warlord came about and started pushing for more detail in MYM3, the contest was well on its way to the overdetailed ways of the next two contest.  That said, Rool’s Squeak Squad is the only MYM3 set on this list and appears at the lowest ranking.  This is a tag team set for 3 members of the Squeak Squad: Spinn, Doc and Storo.  The player has no control over which member they start off playing, and they have to fulfill certain conditions in order to switch.  This forces players to adapt to their changes much like an early version of Miracle Matter.  Obviously with this you’ve got 3 sets to read.  Though they all have their own individual playstyles, all 3 have to be put together to form a whole tag-team playstyle.  As far as MYM3 sets go, this was arguably the most difficult to grasp at the time.

19. Dimentio by MasterWarlord – MYM4

Next up is one of Warlord’s more iconic early sets that shows off why he received the title of Detail Nazi.  While not every move is horrifically detailed, some of the specials and that monstrous forward smash make up for it.  The forward smash in particular was based off of Dracula’s flashy forward smash.  Quite a few moves including the fsmash have multiple levels of charge (something I myself was obsessed with in MYM4/5) that stretch them out further.  And the final thing that makes this intimidating is the giant amount of extras: stances, trophies and a lengthy SSE role.  Those aspects were pretty much trademarks of Warlord’s MYM4/5 sets, and the extras for Dimentio are actually fairly tame in comparison to others.

18. Team Rocket Grunt by KingK.Rool – MYM7

Now we skip ahead to a slightly more recent set.  At one point this was considered to be Rool’s last set ever, but didn’t exactly turn out that way.  This is pretty similar to Squeak Squad in being three separate movesets that work together, though in Grunt’s case he can switch at any time and his mechanic allows two of them to remain on stage for a few seconds.  This is more of a teamwork set, requiring Zubat, Houndour and Grimer to work together and use their move interactions to take down foes.  So with this set it’s even more vital to read all 3 individual movesets to understand how it works.  While Rool isn’t at all known for detail, Zubat and Grimer have a bit more than some of his usual works.  It’s definitely a tough read, but Rool brings it together well in the end, making this set ultimately pretty digestible.

17. Komodo Bros. by MasterWarlord – MYM8

Here we have a rarity: a forgotten Warlord set.  Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe exist in the same post but are two entirely separate sets that simply compliment each other in doubles play.  In particular they can use each others scimitar swords, which they can toss around the stage to each, and work together as an elite gimping/edgeguarding force.  While most people recognized the duo as one set, some people like Junahu actually considered them two separate sets as Warlord stated in the opening.  But it didn’t matter all that much come voting time, as no really remembered the Bros after MYM8: a contest that dragged on forever and ever due to lack of sets.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bros scared off a few readers with their combined length while in reality both could be read separately and put together later.  There are a few intimidating moves on there and 3 playstyle sections, but both sets are pretty average as far as length goes.

16. Rita Mordio by half_silver28 – MYM9

Well. . . this is awkward.  Rita was one of my more ambitious projects, not surprising since I was aiming for ‘grander’ version of Junahu’s Arche.  So I assigned a bunch of spells (perhaps a few more than I should have) to her specials: almost an entire sets worth of moves on their own.  And I still had a full set of standards.  The highlight of Rita are her spell interactions: freezing water, burning stuff up, etc.  She basically boiled down to stalling and hitting foes a bunch of times to build up her overlimit bar and set up a string projectiles and/or interactions to knock the foe around.  But I’d ultimately say that the standards lacked focus and I had more inputs than what I knew what to do with.  I definitely think I scared a few people off with that.  Part of my decision to have all those inputs came from a desire to make Rita as different as possible from Arche, but I did figure out that a healthy midway point would have been better in hindsight.

15. Robo-Link MKIII by tirkaro – MYM10

I’m sure most of you remember this monstrosity.  Tirk’s third Robo-Link is the craziest of an already mind-blowing series of “OCs”.  He has mechanics within mechanics within mechanics, his own summonable shop (where he has to BUY HIS SHIELD among other things) and at least twice as many multi-level charge moves as Dimentio.  Even the moves that don’t have that are fairly long, employing Tirk’s trademark writing style and often being brain meltingly epic randomness for no particular reason.  He also plays OoT songs on his sword like a guitar.  So naturally the sheer amount of shit he can do makes the set fairly long and hard to fully understand.  And your head will explode at least 6 times during and 3 times for a reread.

14. Battleheart by smashbot226 – MYM11

So I’ve somehow managed to progressively bring this list from MYM7 to MYM11, not that that has anything to do with anything.  Battleheart is a set that garnered near universal disdain due to abandoning the normal Brawl inputs entirely.  I mean to the point where there are no traditional inputs at all.  Instead the set allows players to select 4 characters out of 8 rpg archtypes (rogue, knight, witch, etc.).  Each character has one attack that they perform automatically and have to ‘level up’ before having access to better ones: the player merely moves them around and can command the support units to do things in certain situations.  The set ends up being pretty long as a result of having 8 characters to go over and its lengthy mechanic.  Due to the hatred directed towards this set though, the subject of its TL;DR factor was glossed over: several MYMers consider Battleheart to be a lackluster “mode” rather than an actual moveset.

13. Thrall by Chris Lionheart – MYM6

Thrall was the spiritual successor to Chris’ hugely popular Arthas set, and took everything he did with Arthas a step further.  Thrall focuses on constructing buildings in order to produce orcs, trolls and other such units, and upgrading both, while at the same time protecting everything from the foe.  Thrall himself is a slow bruiser: focused on landing 1 or 2 powerful blows and controlling the stage with his hammer’s electric abilities.  The fact that players had to manually place every building and control Thrall at the same time made the set seem like it’d be very difficult to play.  That aside, length of this set comes almost entirely from the listings of units and buildings that stretch on and on to the point that even the most dedicated reader would consider skimming them.  The set’s not a painful read aside from that section, so Thrall was easy enough to get through for most.

12. Chaos 0 by Dancingfrogman – MYM5

LegendofLink had a highly praised version of Chaos just last contest, but he wasn’t the only one to take on the Sonic Adventure villain.  The differences between LoL’s set and Dancingfrogman’s are very telling of what was valued most in sets at the time of posting.  LoL’s is minimalist, featuring more Dhalsim-style stretchy limb attacks than flashy projectiles or attacks that fling water everywhere.  DFM’s Chaos shared some attacks with LoL’s, but mainly focuses on shooting his watery form around the stage in the form of projectiles and traps.  This Chaos actually loses “water content” when he uses certain attacks or gets attacked, losing weight in the process (and necessitating a separate set of stats for certain water content levels).  LoL’s Chaos has a mechanic that is somehow the complete opposite: his body is invulnerable and he can only be damaged if hit in his visible brain.

Now what is it that makes DFM’s Chaos TL;DR?  Pure detail.  All of his attacks are stupidly detailed to the point of including FRAME DATA.  The fact that he has separate sections for animations, properties, and uses only makes it seem longer and more intimidating.  He also has a section that covers Advanced Techniques if that wasn’t enough.

11. Gluttony / Lust by MasterWarlord – MYM5

I’ve combined the first Gluttony and Lust here because they are Warlord sets from the same franchise and get on this list for the same reason: extras.  Oh god those extras.  Warlord had a absolutely menacing set of extras for his MYM5 Fullmetal Alchemist sets, including an infamous SSE role that you have to see to believe.  And these were copied onto the end of both of these sets as well as the first Envy/FMA man.  FMA man is perhaps worse than these two, but he’s not on here since Warlord deleted his extras as well as his incredibly long Final Smash.  As for the sets themselves, Gluttony is heavily detailed and features a hunger mechanic that players have to set into motion by having him “taste” his foes.  Lust uses her sharp, stretchable fingers to fight from a range, and possesses a seduction attack with a long listing of potential opponents and how well seduction works on them.  Of course the main reason that these sets make the list are because of those infamous extras.

10. Agiri Goshiki by Katapultar – MYM12

Now we have a set that was literally posted 2 weeks ago.  Katapultar is more known for his imaginative and often overpowered sets and putting tons of irrelevant character info in drop-down boxes (drop-down boxes being the reason Suzu or some other Kat set didn’t make it in).  Agiri fits the imaginative and overpowered criteria, but is already renowned for its absolutely insane detail levels, much of which is actually NEEDED to explain this complicated set.  Agiri basically mindgames the foe constantly, starting from the very second the battle starts.  She can spawn normally, invisibly, at the top of the screen, in the background or replace herself with a dummy, and can do several of those at once.  She has a bunch of sneaky attacks that give her unlimited mindgame potential and ninja-esque sneakiness that is augmented by magic syndrome moves that allow her to stick to ceilings or summon fog.  Added onto that is her main KO method: bombs.  Agiri can power up her bombs simply by holding onto them for a while, required to make them actually KO.  She can hide the fact that she has a bomb by pocketing it, burying it or of course replacing it with a fake, or she can make bombs stick and make them. . . stick.  And then she can pull off her own version of a cloning jutsu where all clones can be either fake or real, have their own bombs. . . Yep.  The sheer mindgame potential and the fact that every move links into 5 others makes this moveset an incredibly daunting, but ultimately very fun read.

9. Nappa by MasterWarlord – MYM9

Returning to MW sets, this is an incredibly Warlordian set for an incredibly Warlordian character.  Nappa focuses on creating massive amounts of floating rocks by boosting his power level to 9001 DBZ-style, and then using that as cover to relentlessly pursue foes, or to camp and try to transform into a Grape Great Ape.  Nappa’s also overpowered as all hell, but that’s neither here nor there.  As for why Nappa is TL;DR, the popularity of boss sets was at an all-time high in MYM9, and Nappa essentially had TWO of them.  His Great Ape form was referred to as an “instant win button” by Warlord himself, so it wasn’t exactly required reading, but it was a part of the set proper.  And of course Nappa has a more traditional 3v1 boss mode if he wasn’t already OP enough.  The Ape form and the boss mode both have their own playstyle sections, and there’s a bunch of matchups to top this monster of a set off.

8. Mr. Banbollow by Smash Daddy – MYM10

Banbollow’s a set that created its fair share of controversy between its maligned writing style and some people labeling it the best set ever while others hated it to death.  The set focuses on manipulating Banbollow’s homemade flamethrower (a gas canister with a huge wire attached to a coke bottle).  It involves turning the gas on and off, spreading out and/or pulling in his wire and stepping on the wire to create gas bubbles and using those to space the foe.  This results in one of the most complicated and occasionally nonsensical movesets MYM has to offer, and naturally, this takes a lot of words to explain.  Now Smady’s writing style has come under fire before Banbollow, but it reached a new high when he was posted.  Many had trouble deciphering exactly how his complicated mechanic work and had to reread moves several times.  And then add a boss moveset and extra long matchups on top of that.  For several different reasons, Banbollow is one hell of a read.

7. Cortex and Tiny by MasterWarlord – MYM4

Back when this set was posted it cemented Warlord’s early legacy as the Detail Nazi in a way Dimentio wishes he could have.  The set boosted detail unlike any set before it, featuring synced and desynced moves for the duo, including separate final smashes and taunts.  In a manner similar to KoJ’s Big Daddy and Little Sister, Tiny has to protect Cortex as they fight with Cortex being essentially useless on his own.  But that alone doesn’t make Cortiny TL;DR: it’s the freaking extras that are longer than even the infamous FMA ones.  It features the Crash Warp Room stage, a stage in the style of Port Town and Delfino Plaza that’s probably most stupidly detailed one ever made, and of course, a horrifyingly long SSE role.  This set certainly deserved (and actually received) the title of Most TL;DR Moveset back in MYM4.

6. Will and Freedan by PK-ow! – MYM6

Like Cortiny (and most of the sets ranked above this one), Will and Freedan has become infamous for its TL;DR factor, and it’s pretty obvious why this is the case upon looking at the set.  PK-ow! spent almost 3 contests working on this set, and wrote it in an ultra-detailed style as if he were a programmer intending to put the set directly into Brawl.  When the set starts with detailed descriptions of the pairs animations, readers can easily be scared off right off the bat.  Past that, there are full sets for both Will and Freedan.  While not every move is that lengthy, they include minute details such as the dreaded frame data.  And the return key is horribly abused, making the set seem far longer.  The extras are actually rather brief in comparison to the rest of the set, though he noted at the end that he planned to include an SSE role.  With this set, it probably would have rivaled Warlord’s MYM4/5 material.

5. Trainer JOE! by JOE! – MYM10

Here we have what is probably the most ambitious solo project in MYM history, rivaled only by Rool’s Eeveelutions and the number 2 set on this list.  Joe put a ton of effort into putting his Pokemon Black and White-themed self-insert (and unintentional nightmare fuel; look at the guy’s face) into moveset form.  His 6 pokemon consist of his in-game team: Bacon (Emboar), Ace (Simisage), Rampage (Krookodile), Arrow (Archeops), Havok (Elecktross) and Cell (Reuniclus).  Each team member has a separate moveset that generally focuses on a single Archtype like the slow bruiser or stage control, and support and compliment each other in battle with certain moves or strategies.  The order of the pokemon is set before the fight, with each Poke having its own damage percent and going to the end of the pack when KOed.  The movesets are pretty brief for the most part, but there are still 6 of them, making this one of the longest sets ever (it just barely beats out Cortiny).  The length definitely scared some people off, but those who did read the whole thing generally liked it to various degrees and respected the amount of effort and passion Joe put into it.

4. Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario by Bkupa666 – MYM5

Why this set is never brought up as an iconic example of TL;DR is beyond me: I’m betting plenty of people were scared off by this absolute monster of a set back in MYM5.  This of course includes separate sets for Bowser Jr. and Shadow Mario, both of which are very detailed and could make this list as SEPARATE entities.  This makes the Zelda/Sheik duo the longest set on this whole list by word count (over 31,000 words!).  As for the set itself, both characters epitomize the trapper archtype that was popular at the time.  Bowser Jr. is a campy character that focuses on trapping the foe with minions, items and paint projectiles.  Of course every one has its own paragraph to make the set even longer.  Shadow Mario focuses more on spreading paint and paint-based minions around and attacking up close: similar to Kupa’s solo Bowser Jr. that won him MYM9.  Like Mr-Not-Appearing-on-this-List Steven Stone, many theorized that Jr’s top 10 placement (Kupa’s first) was due to people skimming or skipping the set and voting it due to its length.

3. Team Rocket by Junahu – MYM5

Like the last one, Team Rocket is somehow ignored when the topic of TL;DR comes up, not even being on Warlord’s old list.  Now let’s go over everything that makes Team Rocket such a daunting read.  First off there are two sets, one for Meowth and one for the Jessie/James duo.  Meowth can also combine with the duo by riding on James’ shoulders piggyback style, adding another mechanic on top of it.  Like Dancingfrogman, Junahu separated each attack into 5 different sections or so, making even simple attacks far longer than they need to be.  MYM5 was the age of overdetail, screw MYM4.  They also had about 4 different attacks that dug up or spawned items and pokemon, with the list of items and descriptions dragging on forever.  If THAT wasn’t enough, the duo can use pokeball items to catch any Pokemon playable or otherwise, and James can evolve any Pokemon by kicking it.  Cue another gigantic list of descriptions.  So basically this set overdetailed to hell and has a billion submechanics along with extras.  The only reason Team Rocket doesn’t claim the top spot is because the item descriptions are relatively brief, keeping the set from being TOO intimidating.

2. Maximillion Pegasus by Dancingfrogman – MYM6

Unlike the last two, Pegasus already has a huge stake to the title of most TL;DR, topping MW’s old list.  Pegasus plays how one would expect from a Yu-Gi-Oh set, playing those damn children’s card games.  Pegasus has a limited deck of monster, magic and traps cards, periodically drawing them into his hand and being able to play 1 monster and 3 magic/trap cards at one time.  The central part of Pegasus’ set, Toon World is always on the field, and foes have to deal 80% damage to the magical book and knock it off-stage to take a stock off Pegasus.  Pegasus also has a few attacks he can use to support his monsters and magic.  Obviously there’s a lot more to that mechanic, but that’s not the reason this is TL;DR.  All the cards have their description in a separate post, including the monsters which all have their own moveset exempting specials and down smash.  Eight of them.  You indeed have to read –EIGHT- movesets here, plus all the magic/trap cards and Pegasus’ own attacks and mechanics.

Though this is a DFM set, he at least realizes the TL;DR factor, and keeps the attacks and descriptions brief. . . for his standards.  That’s basically the only reason Pegasus isn’t number one, as more people have probably read the top ranked set in its entirety than Pegasus.

1. Cutesy Beau by Junahu – MYM5

Honestly it was very hard to choose between the top 3, as they all possess such extreme TL;DR attributes.  But in the end, Cutesy Beau’s infamous mechanic won the day.  Cutesy is an incredibly defensive set who takes absolutely forever to get a KO.  This is due to the fact that she focuses on spreading petals around the field to rack up damage, which go through a “lifecycle” of sorts where they all go about their separate functions and then die.  But then there’s the fact that there are 15 different kinds of petals, which are described with insane amounts of detail, making the mechanic stretch on and on and on until the end of time.  Comparatively, the specials are fortunately very brief.  But then there are detailed descriptions of animations and an incredibly long playstyle/faq section for the mechanic and specials alone.  Did I mention that Cutesy is separated into 3 separate posts to make her even more scary?

Once in standards, Cutesy falls into the same trap that made Team Rocket horribly long: separating every attack into different sections and making them longer than they at all need to be.  But then again, the mechanic’s so complicated that every attack has to mention how they interact with different petals.  Following that is another playstyle section, matchups against character archtypes, and a large list of extras (nowhere near as long as Cortiny’s fortunately).


And there you have it.  For those of you who stuck with this TL;DR list of TL;DR sets, you get a pickle.  And if you don’t like pickles. . . too bad.



  1. I’m surprised Trainer Joe isn’t in the top 3 lol.

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