Posted by: katapultarr | February 26, 2012

The SeCoNd Re-Cap

Totes better than nothing.

Regardless of whether anyone else was planning on doing so, I’ll be taking over the second recap because I think I could make it fun to read.

Catching up right to where the first one left off, we started off with Smash Daddy’s User Rankings which added a new tang in that any peeps who manage to get more activity in get a super-cool avatar on there! I’m sure you all know about that of course, and that there’s obviously no need for me to say any more, just that if you wanna be a really cool guy you have to do lots of commenting and movesetting…will the following stuff lead you the motivation to do that?

This week, Sirkibble made a set of Team Swords, which look pretty damn cool in my opinion; they essentially act as Beam Swords, except you need to hit the person who was hit by them with both swords to make them fly away, and you can accumulate quite the damage by mindwrecking the enemy by hitting them lots of time with one sword before killing them with the other. This is a good way to encourage people to make more hugo-igogo sets or possibly form a Gym Leader movement so you can make items like this possible to use.

Kits then graced us with a set of literal Intersections which seem rather bland at first glance given you’re looking at a sign, but then you’ll realize that it is basically a game mode in a game mode which you can play to annoy the crap out of your other enemies while they wait for you to do that, which explains why the mini got its name. Essentially, the concept of the mini in itself is rather complicated, but pulled off quite reasonably and well were I to say so myself. To get the maximum amount of enjoyment of this item, you totally need to have friends over who you can piss off, because CPUs have no feelings.

Now for moveset. Waver, a newcomer that I possibly hope named himself after Waver Valet of Fate/Zero, posted a fun little jokeset for the Megaman X6 Gamebox which I keep instinctively thinking is a set for Megaman or something, much as I’m sad to think that this won’t be a MYM without pokemon or megamen. I ended up looking up some of those Youtube links and thinking to myself “why the hell hasn’t this megamen dude had a set made for him yet?”, which essentially make sense of the rather overpowered attacks that kinda make the fellow unplayable…except here Waver did say he was trying to have a little fun and possibly lampshade how crappy the X6 game thingy is, which I learned about because I don’t know anything about the Megamen game franchise: the only game I ever played was this one on a DS lite that I have randomly sitting behind me as I type which was apparently supposed to be owned by little cousin peeps, but they said it wasn’t theirs: I Think it is fake anyway. Anyway, given that this was supposed to be a jokeset and not Waver showing his true potential as a participant of the 12th Holy MYM War, it makes me wonder just what he’d be able to do and what other franchises he is interested in…anyways, if you want to know, Professor Peanut typed up a comment and advice for fellow beneath his mini which I will tell you about later on if you haven’t seen it, but it might be hard for peeps to recognize due to there being a line that separates it from the mini and makes it look like apart of his signature…

Kholdylocks then made a set for The Black Puddle Queen from an American Cartoon lots of peeps in MYM and America like, except for me, because Disney is the only form of Western Animation I don’t dislike. It was a set made for a rather ugly-looking woman shark person who takes Khold’s trademark seduction effect and amps it up to eleven whilst dragging foes to the bottom of the ocean, but to be fair the big fellow did say he wrote it out of sheer boredom, which was quite good because it added yet another number of movesets onto our little count, even if it did distract him from making other planned sets for THIRTY MINUTES…seriously, you can do a lot in that time, like, make TWO 15 minute movesets! And considering we got comedy masterpieces like Gobstopper and what not from that, I’d say that’s time well spent. I won’t bother telling you about the reception, because you should just look at the thing yourself and comment instead!

A third set in a row brings us with some hero dudes called Heroes of the Trine, which is essentially a take-on of the 3-men archtype except you switch out and get 3 specials x 3 = 9. I’ve never heard of the franchise they come from, which quite frankly, isn’t ever listed there due to Lollypop being a Type 1 MYMer; the characters do not look Japanese however, that much I can tell you. You basically have a fatass knight who is strong and defensive, a hooded woman assassin person who does assassin things like shoot bows and turn invisible, and a wizard dude who looks rather goofy just like the fat guy only here he can conjure stuff but in really specific manners like summoning blue balls. Uniquely enough however, you swap out with each of the dudes for specific attacks, which creates some cool strategies if used correctly but the moves are otherwise simple and easy to skim through for those who like it in bite-sized proportions; pretty short but sweet, and something you may wanna look up at for your leader fellow.

Professor Peanut gave us the controls to his mini, which is De-volitionator from ummm, some random Western Cartoon, probably freakzoids or something I don’t remember and wish I actually had no idea. Pretty simple stuff coming from the bite-sized peanut, with someone being able to put on the helmet and the other being able to play around with them like a toy, though the fellow who first put on the helmet shouldn’t have been stupid enough to do so in the first place! Unless you’re in a Team Match or something, though it doesn’t sound like a rather fun way to work together, though peanut kind of makes it sound like that you have to use it to fuck over your enemy when they’re not dumb enough to do so or put the helmet on. Perhaps the helmet would be good as a throwing item or something you can force on your enemy.

Hot Bomb-Omb is a Mario-themed mini by MasterWarlord which you throw a bomb like a hot potato and make it blow up after a while. You can throw it at your enemy to make them carry it, but the point is to make two peeps carry it and throw it at the enemy so they die.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…now for the mini Potara Earings which from Dragon Ball Z and made by Rool. Cool. Very small but detailed, it makes two people fuse together and does it in a manner that makes sense, and is fun to imagine; it is also hilarious to think that Rool thinks that Wizzerd made Golem, or so that’s the idea I got from his phrase in the mini stuck up there above the cool image. Unfortunately however, there are too many things to imagine, given that there are like, 3000 movesets, but that is not something that can be blamed on anyone. The first thing I thought up of was Princess Kraehe and Invidia for some odd reason, but I’d like to be able to think up of other things…

The Groosenator is filled with mystery. Made by our Khold man, it was probably taken from Skyward Sword and features a red-aired man who strangely appears to have boob…….WHAT. Also a sexy GIF that alone makes the mini funny and would totes be my fave were it not for the awesome one above. Given the weird name doesn’t tell you jack-shit about the mini, it is basically a catapult that two people operate, and one is flung forward and can use their body and momentum to damage enemies for lots of damage.

Vulcan Cannon. It is a serious mini made by the equally serious Smash Daddy, just like with his last mini. This one is a gun that you need two people to operate and it does lots of damage. It is also from Gears of War because you can totally tell just by touching the picture and you’ll get a little URL. Despite how easy the weapon is, Smad goes into a good deal of detail regarding the strategies, which makes it cool.

FROY gives us a Sacrifice of time that could be spent on another Yu-Gi-Oh! moveset and gives us yet another trademark pictureless mini, because the power of imagination is much more awesome. It is a halo, and you throw it at somebody else and you give them your life! It can also be used by bad people as well, who can chuck the ring at the poor 3 peeps to drain their lives!

Ju-boy then posted a picture of a sleeping Yuffie because it was designed to promote the 3rd mini in her tone of voice…I won’t ask you what that reminds you of. Anyways, despite apparently being designed half-assed for the better, the mini was probably a conspiracy to make everyone waste their time on Tv Tropes and get absorbed into it for like, 10 hours, so they lose all that time in movesetting! It’s like taking drugs on the internet! It was horrible, because I actually ended up falling for that dastardly trap to the point where I pondered over the idea of making a mini for barber peeps, but didn’t due to having to read those 2 sets from the last comp and because of the fact that I want to do something that represents my likings and not America. For those reading, perhaps you might be able to be saved from the trap that has been set, but otherwise it does not really concern me.

FROY gives us a HEROIC SACRIFICE of his time yet again and in a rather quick frame of time, where he took Mario and Bowser and made them fight. Another Event Match as well, but this one had Ike fighting Bowser. Sounds like something you’d see in Brawl…come man, this is MYM for motherfucking Haruhi’s sake!

Khold insisted in Calling Out Your Attacks, which had an epic GIF of FALCON PAWNCH but because no Black Shadow moveset exists you fight Captain Falcon’s evil clone instead with the fellow instead.

Next is Equius Zhaak dude fellow from motherfuckingshitfucking Homestruck, which has had 3 fucking movesets now within such a short fucking timeframe. It was made by PostmortemMessiah who can be recognized by his blue horsey avatary, and told us to be nice to him due to being submissive. DM sure wasn’t :3 (but that’s okay). I don’t really know anything about the character however, and I don’t really care due to him being American. Ummmmm. If you like Homestruck, you could probably read it or something, and help PostmortemMessiah out…all I can say is, keep at it! And look around.

MasterWarlord then decided to Go Karting with Bowser and make fun of the fact that Bowser is invited to do so with Marthio, and the Match involves you actually knocking your adversaries off their karts and making them fight you. The concept behind it is actually quite clever, and I for one found it quite good and to be my favorite event match posted so far.

Our next set was a god-like one for an anime character known as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!, made by the willing Sirkibble; if you haven’t heard of the awesomeness, you have now! With organization fitting for an anime set, the set revolves around using your toolkit hand to change between weapons and wreck your enemy whilst playing cautiously, which now that DM mentioned, was quite well-done given the nature of the character. Said fellow gave more elaboration on his desires for the set than I ended up doing to the point where I ended up sounding rather cruel in my comment, with the set having been cited as having a mechanical feel albeit a super-awesome Up Special…then again, just being an anime moveset in the first place makes it awesome, does it not?

Davy Jones then gave us a taste of his American Soul via a cleverly placed Batman Gambit that forced all of MYM to suck on the American mini after experiencing the awesomeness of anime. You basically play as MasterWarlord and have to go up against Smash Daddy, Nate, Sirkibble, Darth Meanie and King K.Rool all in an epic battle for MYM, but you have to KO the 5 fellows when they’re in the middle of an attack or else they will not die, of which the set is probably a metaphor for one of Warlord’s detailed and specific comments attacking one of the other fellows’ movesets. Talk about G.A.M.B.I.T to the Extreme!

WorkingClassHero then got his heroic triumph and return with his Naoto Shriogane moveset from Persona 4, which I suppose is nice to shelf with Adachi. A simple set, albeit interesting in that it betrays a good deal of expectations fans of the series would have like not making Mudo and Hamon OHKO moves despite that being impractical as hell, and making the Persona not able to be attacked. Make your P4 sets now peeps cus later on that fighting game will come out and fuck you up big time! Anyways, nobody has commented on the set yet, but I suspect Smash Daddy will.

Ju-boy then posted some of his Ju-s in the form of the Kirby Enemy Team, which I kinda forgot about for a while before reading it back again now. You basically play as five Kirby enemy characters that look like they were drawn by a 5-year old in a hugo-igogo style, except some of the inputs are changed a wee bit so that not all the 5 sets of moves are simply given to an individual character. They move around on their own, and you control a magical purple mist as to prevent the usual awkwardness. Nobody has commented on this either.

Right before the week can end, Natey then comes out of nowhere and shocks us with his 4th moveset for Tit Queen, I mean Veran which came all the way from MYMX or so. Shocking indeed. The set is for a Legend of Link character whom can do many things like possess people, make buildings, summon giant hands and make doppelgangers of the enemy of which all seem to be rather tribute-orientated to the game itself, which is quite nice. No comments yet, because it was posted very recently…seems like nate’s gonna win this MYM comp if no other peepy weepy does something!



  1. Kat has been watching Fate/Zero?

    • Yup!

  2. Apparently.

    Also what the heck why did you steal the recap (CRS)

    • Because I couldn’t wait. :3
      I didn’t know you were in-charge of the whole thing, but I won’t infringe on your territory if that’s the case.

  3. It’s all cool, don’t worry about it.

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