Posted by: TWILT | February 27, 2012

MYmini Voting: Week 1+2

Hey y’all, TWILTY here. It’s been brought to quite a few people’s attention that there isn’t any voting going on for the minis. To be fair, the minis were simply a contest just for fun, but I figured it would still be nice to get some sort of reward for entering the contest.

Below are the 2 polls for the first 2 weeks of the mini. I’ll make the week 3 one once that one is over. I’ll also announce the winners of these 2 weeks then too.

For the 1st week called Self Assist Sue, you basically had to make a self insert of yourself, and make an assist trophy for you. This got a ton of entries, going up to a grand total of 18 minis. Since there were so many, I allowed people to vote 3 times.

For the 2nd week, we got Co-Ed-Operate. Here, you had to make an item where the requirement were two characters were needed to operate it. This prove somewhat challenging for the community to make, but it still got a decent amount of 11 minis. Here, I’m allowing 2 votes.



  1. Thanks a lot for doing this, Twilt.

  2. No problem at all!

    As a small note,some of you guys may know this, but for some reason, the first poll is only allowing 2 votes instead of 3 like I want, and I can’t fix it for whatever reason. My apologies.

  3. Only reason Tony & Joe is doing so well is because of character bias and presentation! >=O

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