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MW Top 10s – Best MYMs

It’s much easier to argue the positions of which MYMs are the best, as most important MYMers was using fairly cold statistics in determining positions most of the time. This list, however, has many factors. The most prominent factors are the quantity and quality of sets, as most other things aren’t generally directly related to MYM. There’s too many factors to really go over right here, though, so I’ll bring them up in the individual write-ups where they’re relevant.

10 – MYM 1 – Fawriel

Of course write-ups have to be negative lower down on the list when there’s a grand total of 11 subjects to judge for a top 10. MYM 1 and 2 were largely indistinguishable from bitf, with the concept of quality not existing for starters, but also due to there being little to no acknowledgement of the people around you. You would have to beg for a comment here even more-so than in MYM 3, and if you got one it’d be two sentences at most. MYM 1 vs MYM 2 is a complicated matter for which is better. MYM 2 introduced Kupa, Kibble, MT, Smashbot, and Silver. MYM 1 has more in its’ favor though than a few people technically existing in it – firstly, it’s the start of MYM in any form, and secondly, it didn’t have Smashbro in it.

9 – MYM 3 – Commander Blitzkrieg

Yes, this contest introduced the concept of quality. That doesn’t mean there’s any actual quality to be found – it’s more a matter of not being terrible in this contest, of actually trying to put in some form of effort at all. Friendships were formed in the actual thread without instant communications back and forth. This was good for activity in a way in that the thread actually got to be used, though this meant that movesets got minimal feedback outside of reviews which Mendez somehow found detailed. The fact that Voldo, a set which today looks very bare bones, was considered tl;dr at the time showed how little tolerance there was for quality in this contest, even if it was acknowledged.

8 – MYM 8 – MarthTrinity

MYM 8 breaks the chain of each MYM being better than the last quite early on. Things get much worse when you take things in context for their time with this MYM, and even then, the sheer low quantity of memorable sets puts this easily below MYM 6 and 7. After 15th or so, the top 50 scrambles to find any sets that aren’t of repugnant quality. This contest had countless dead periods – most infamously the week where KK’s terrible Dunsparce set was shat out for the sake of having a single set that week. People not named Warlord commenting was showcased when Antonidas went three days without a comment, apparently bringing forth “the end of MYM”, and the flop on everyone’s part of kicking DM from leadership over a misunderstanding even gave this MYM a degree of drama. More than any other MYM, the good qualities of this one stemmed pretty much exclusively from Warlord – this was the MYM that saw the original MW lists everybody later demanded to see more of.

7 – MYM 4 – SirKibble

This contest had people become more accepting of quality in general, most of the strong resistance having been weeded out. Far more importantly, this was the contest that introduced xat. The thread talk was still very large, but not as obnoxiously large as to entirely drown out any form of moveset commentary. Movesets got commented on a more regular basis here, especially when xat existed so that people could actually request commentary without looking awkward by begging for feedback in-thread. This was also the age of story modes before they were reduced to nothing but 1 chapter MW SMs, with several getting completely finished. While MW’s wasn’t finished, it was 10 chapters long and was just as long if not longer than said finished ones.

6 – MYM 5 – MasterWarlord

MYM 5 introduced the concept of playstyle, which had even more resistance than the likes of quality in MYM 3. Sundance and company were just about ready to start an uproar, as there were many who could not make the leap to playstyle. In addition, this playstyle leap did not come until later in the contest – the fact that MW already had out 8 mostly terrible sets made during the course of MYM 4 didn’t matter. Several memorable sets to this day were spawned later on, though, and this was the first contest to have an at all competitive run for the win on the top 50, after the hype trains of Kawasaki and Dracula. Still, MYM 5 against 4 is quite competitive, if only for the earlier portion of MYM 5 just being MYM 4 needless overdetail at its’ worst.

5 – MYM 6 – Hyper_Ridley

Like MYM 4, MYM 6 is the contest where the resistance to the next big step up in quality were silenced, with playstyle becoming fully accepted and there being far more good sets posted throughout the contest rather than just all at the end – Rool’s reputation and credibility rides almost entirely on this MYM, which is saying something when this MYM feels so old today. Still, this contest, like any contest, wasn’t perfect. There was too much emphasis on simply flowing in any way shape or form, leading to generic campers being the examples to follow. The most obvious example of this that set the tone for the MYM was the Punch Out movement, which was specifically trying to be overly simplistic. During this MYM at all, flow was treated as an accomplishment.

4 – MYM 7 – ???

And this MYM is essentially the end of the observable MYM evolution process. Just having a playstyle isn’t enough, said playstyle must be unique. This MYM tested the waters of unsmashness more than any other, with MW’s infamous trio of Spy, Lunge, and Valozarg, the last of which started up a now widespread genre of hypothetical movesetting that’s still well and alive today. Other sets in this vein include Videoman, Badman, and Strangelove. Still, at the same time, there are more In-Smash sets, such as Arbok, Rider, and Alucard. Alucard and Spy are especially notable for the backlash they had (Which was mainly limited to MW and Rool, respectively), being essentially the first truly modern examples of our diversity in movesetting.

3 – MYM 10 – BKupa666

MYM 10 let us experience a happy medium with creative playstyles. While we weren’t going to the MYM 7 levels of otherworldly creativity, it’s pretty hard to top the raw creativity of invisibility and duplicates, with the two winners being the most prime examples of the trope that you’ll ever find. . .Outside maybe Madrox. As another example of just what this MYM is capable of, it has half the boss sets on my list from two weeks ago. Essentially, this MYM is the most unsmash after MYM 7, but it’s at just about the perfect balance. This contest in particular also gave us the newcomers of David (Who managed to place top ten in his first contest), FA, and Smashbot (Or rather, a latecomer), who are now three of our most absolutely vital members in the community, thanks to a good chunk of the veterans being mostly MYM’d out.

2 – MYM 9 – Junahu

MYM 8 had what few movesets that showed up focus on execution in said unique playstyles rather than simply having them be unique. However; MYM 8, much like MYM 5, was too dead to really carry this that far, and MYM 9 is comparable to MYM 6 in that it’s the MYM that had the ammunition to fully run with this. MYM 9 isn’t as wacky as MYM 10, but the sets are generally much better fleshed out – no random giant electric monster nairs. BKupa, DM, n88, and myself are the main people I’m talking about with this MYM, though there are obviously plenty of other individual sets such as Tutankoopa, Klink/Gear, and Jeice. True, the top 50 can get rather iffy at times with this MYM (Victreebel is top 20 before shifts), but the actual sets contained within said top 50, ignoring position, I generally prefer to those of MYM 7, 8, and 10.

1 – MYM 11 – Smash Daddy

I’m not going to try to force this MYM into my pyramid of every MYM doing something unique, because this MYM doesn’t do anything particularly unique. It’s somewhat of a middle ground between MYM 9 and 10, as it’s wackier than MYM 9 while having sets with better execution than MYM 10. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. Aside from quality, this has the most sets of any contest of any remotely modern contest by a fair margin, with good reason considering the Halloween explosion. This has some of the better showings of a good chunk of MYMers – while Rool’s doesn’t compare to some of his others, his increased presence with four movesets made him feel more alive than what was used to at this point. Bias because of this MYM’s recent status? Perhaps, but I put MYM 9 above the second most recent contest, and MYM 12 has a very uphill climb to hope to compete with 11 as things stand now.



  1. I think it could be argued that MYM7 isn’t quite the end of our evolution. Good list, anyway

  2. I wonder how MYMs 12-16 would fare on this list?

    • In terms of set quality, I’d personally put the last three contests over 11, it’s more arguably with 12 and 13. I think 15 is the best overall contest, even if it wasn’t quite as active as 11.

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