Posted by: bkupa666 | March 4, 2012

Em-Why-Em 12 Sunday Recap 3-2

Will be visiting your clown college momentarily

Coming to you live, from my laptop…it’s the MYM12 Weekly Recap! For the first time in its history, I, Kupa, will be covering this third week’s second segment, which, like its first segment, won’t be excessively long due to the relative inactivity in the thread. Of course, we’re still a far cry from what used to qualify as inactive; the contest still received four sets, most of which brought some level of intrigue to readers, regardless of their quality. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business (and not to defeat the Huns…that’s for Disney’s Minion Rumble).

Our first mini this week comes from kitsuneko345, who brings us the The Ugly Barnacle event match. Feeling down? Select this match to play as the ever-cheery Cradily, facing off against a trio of seemingly-random opponents…while adhered to the edge of the stage. While these opponents are busy kicking the crap out of each other with Soccer Ball *gasp* items, the player must retaliate with a big black (and white) ball of their own to hopefully earn a victory. Although nothing is unlocked upon beating the event, the player can rest assured the skills they proved by winning will carry over into real social interactions. If not, they may wish to seek reassurance from one of Patrick Star’s stories.

Next on our list is Sentinel, MvC’s iconic large character, by lordvaati. In his transition to Smash, he retains all the explosive wonder of his previous incarnations as a fighter, with a multitude of powerful extended punches and projectiles at his disposal. Although he found the humorous writing style and imaginative nature of the moves impressive, n88_2004 was a bit hesitant about exactly how true Sentinel was to his MvC counterparts, rather than innovating all that much. Regardless, at the very least, lordvaati demonstrated why a good number of MYMers wish he would stick around longer than he has in the past, not to mention spitting in the face of the “Sentinel is too big” movement prevalent in the SSBU thread.

Davidreamcatcha regaled us a post later with a cosplay for Santa Claus, who he claims is pretty much the big mascot of Christmas University. In this set, Santa summons elf minions to help him construct various toys, such as rubber balls and toy trains. He must defend his frail elf minions as they construct these, of course; it is implied this is where he sits the giant stage-ripping monsters on his lap and ‘ho-ho-ho’s’ them back with great force. Unfortunately, the reception for Santa was exceedingly poor, as MYMers became strongly opposed to the set’s mechanic; if a Santa player ceases to believe in him for even a fraction of a second, he is immediately wiped from the game disc.

A wild mini has appeared! It’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All by ProfPeanut! In this event match, Brawl’s Pokemon Trainer squares off against that of JOE from MYMX, who foreshadows the lengthy nature of his goal: he must summon each and every one of Brawl’s Pokemon from the cornucopia of Pokeball items that spawn during the match. To make matters more interesting, the Pokemon MYMers have brought to life with movesets are summoned instead of their Brawl counterparts, having to be KOed with a slightly easier difficulty than usual. All the more reason for Warlord to stay far away from this event: he must deal with the unimaginable horrors of MYM5 Metagross all over again to win.

Extracting a character from source material outside his usual realm, n88_2004 brings us this week’s final set with Angel. This sparkle-free vampire amps up the use of items during his matches, having the option of bringing swords to the stage to maintain an environment of fairness. Otherwise, he becomes a ‘pseudo-combo borderline heavyweight’, stringing together moderately powerful moves to engage his foe at melee range. Once he’s taken a few hits himself (or once Down Special is inputted), he reveals his inner demon, and not the one all females MYMers want to see; Angel becomes more vampire-like, gaining feral nuances to many of his attacks, but becoming a more reckless character overall, potentially becoming easier to finish off. Angel has not yet received any comments praising his item game or bashing his (moderate) simplicity, thus implying the usual commenters are still cleaning off their keyboards after Angel winked at them.

Our final point of discussion this week revolves around KingK.Rool’s mini, Mouse World, which is not affiliated with Disney Rumble or Duck Twacy in the slightest. Instead, a brave E.E.D. Soldier must excavate a group of ten Digletts from Luigi’s Mansion, which has been packed full of solid earth. As he does so, a relentless Golem remains in hot pursuit, attempting to hinder him from penetrating the elusive subterranean world. Fortunately, using his stage manipulation to its full potential, E.E.D. Soldier can unearth his opponents in a variety of ways, although he must ensure the Digletts don’t open a fissure to turn the tables on him. Aside from warning players of the dangers of crack(s), Rool also introduces two-player connectivity with the event, ensuring fun is had for all involved.

Aaaand that’s a wrap for this Recap! Tune in next Sunday to see what prized weekly weekend coverage lies in store. Until my next recap (or…other project), this is Kupa, signing off. Peace out, MYM!


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