Posted by: Smash Daddy | March 4, 2012

MYM12 Recap #3 – Part One

Yes, you made a boo boo.

Your weekly recap broadcast has been taken over by the Kupa King, and the King of Cool – that’s me. This is the first time I’ve written one of these, so you’ll have to cut me some slack if I’m not quite up to your usual standards. This week was quiet, almost eerily so, with mafia aplenty in the chat, as well as ramshackle about Disney Rumble and a very slippery goldfish to end the week on a high note… that’s what Angel is about, right? We did get some decent comments from a bunch of people, though, and the mini remains quite active, though seemingly dropping off in numbers this week, like everything else. This was strange, as the mini in question was an extremely easy one. As any good week should, this one started off with a Kat set.

So Yutaka is Kat’s third set this contest, and whether by evolution or merely changing of styles, it’s an entirely different kettle of fish to his first two. Yutaka is far simpler in concepts than Agiri or Fibrizo – successful attacks make your “shield” stronger, at any time you can launch into a trip-inducing rage that will inevitably leave you defenceless and the set largely plays upon this paradigm. As in her anime source material, Yutaka is in a way pathetic, yet also surprisingly resilient, being able to withstand damage and later paying for it by gradually being poisoned and taking any damage suffered while invulnerable with interest. It’s an interesting economy for a moveset, and one that certainly teaches whoever is controlling Yutaka to respect her limitations, whilst also pushing them at the same time to overcome what may seem like an impossible struggle. The set got almost no attention, sadly: I really enjoyed it, though, because while the set is rough around the edges [there is an overuse of poison damage and janky moves like up special here and there], it’s effectively characterised and has really poignant concepts. Like Kat’s other sets this contest, it’s a reading experience that I won’t soon forget.

Next order of business was a mini from… Sonic the Baron? That’s a blast from the past. This mini for Continuing is Painful seems to be referencing a meme. Something to do with continues in video games? Anyway, this translates to fighting three bosses at once, and in Warlordian SM fashion, the bosses get harder as you KO them, essentially turning into a survival mode that you can’t ever win. It’s a strange and nonsensical mini, straight from the Baron himself.

Everything’s Better with Penguins is up next – oh right, TV Tropes! In this case, Dedede fills in as the role of the penguin, interrupting the classic match-up between Meta Knight and Kirby where Kirby takes that sword from the centre of the stage. This is sort of a twist on that tale, as Dedede has to KO both without allowing them to KO each other, essentially becoming the top dog of the franchise! Basic, but I do love the straight-up injection of penguins into this moment, for no explicable reason. Long live the tropes.

After that, we get a mini from Kat, and on top of the mini is a nightmare fuel picture, which could be a trope all on its own. Nope, what we have here is the MacGuffin, that infamous, powerful artifact that just so happens to be exactly what we need to get from point A to B. I’m not sure how much I hate with a burning passion that M and C are yellow in “MacGuffin” here to allude to MacDonalds, lets just say it’s two buckets full. The event match is Darkseed 2-ish in how ridiculously over-the-top it is, but quite a lot of fun too. The vibe I got from the mini is that it’s satirizing the mood in the community about Western cartoons versus Eastern animes. It is curious how we’ve changed so dramatically in this respect from earlier contests.

Continuing the trend of overly long minis is Smashbot with this, the take on Monumental Theft in mini form. Like Kat’s mini, this one is all about telling a story, this time of Wario taking on a huge robbery, involving other members of the Brawl cast, and resulting in an outlandish ending fitting for the Wario name. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s amusing at times, and certainly gets its point across: don’t mess with Wario. And hey, it has Weegee, that counts for something.

Lastly [yes, this recap is short, this week was tiny], we have David’s Captain Hook moveset, the first in a planned series of sets for the fantasy game Disney Rumble, which has been a hot topic of debate in the chat and even has its own blog. Hook’s game is disabling opponents who try to attack him with weapons, unfairly stacking the match in his favour, while surrounding the foe’s every escape route with explosive presents and at times, tricking an opponent into holding one. The playstyle here is simple: your presents, in the opponent’s “hammerspace” or on the ground, act as combo breakers essentially, as the rest of Hook’s moveset is purely for spacing the opponent or reacting in a specific way to how the opponent is currently playing. The prolificness of presents and the minor changes made in transition from Disney Rumble to Smash were largely derided, though others stated that the set worked better in its intended format, noting moves like the forward smash as working particularly well in that environment.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I end my care of the recap for this week. I’ll turn you over to Kupa, who I’m sure will do a far better job at this than I have in covering the latter half of this week. In all likelihood, I will be back in two weeks to do the recap again. Until then, fare thee well.



  1. Junahu refuses to cut any slack for your half a recap.

    May I note how silly it is to divide this recap among two authors, when BOTH agree that the week had very little to recap?

    Also, you’re missing TWILT’s and my MYminis for that week. It’s usually good etiquette to start from where the previous recap left off, not from where you post your user rankings.

  2. Okay, first of all, jerk much?

    Second, not my decision, though what is more important is why does it matter. Just read one after the other. Unless you want us to fit into your fascist categorisation process.

    Lastly, Kupa told me where to start, perhaps I was mistaken and he told me to start earlier, but I hardly purposefully started at the end of the user rankings. Way to be assuming and antagonistic.

  3. If you read “Jerk” and “antagonist” into my comment, then I can’t really help you with that. I said nothing I want to take back. And the latter point is still true.

    But I have to wonder just whose decision it was then. Who DO both you and Kupa answer to?

  4. Normally, comments have anything to do with the recap’s content. Your comment was antagonistic by purposefully ignoring all of that. No no, good etiquette only applies when you say it does, I’ll keep note of that little gem.

    It was a decision made by leadership as a whole. No one wanted to pick up a whole recap per week. Personally, I’m starting to feel the recap has run its course, with the less than enthusiastic response these have gotten this contest.

  5. rowr

    Fine, you’re offended that my comment was overly focused, and apparantly spiteful/accusatory. I acknowledge why you’re offended, but won’t offer an apology. That’s pretty much it.

    I know the decision was both yours and Bkupas. You claimed week 2, then deferred to week 3 when Kat posted a recap.

  6. Fine, it’s not like I expected you to apologise. ¬_¬

    BKupa and I decided to share the recap, we alone didn’t decide to start splitting these up.

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