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Nate’s Ever-Expanding Graveyard – Holocaust

With a face like that, it must be a protagonist


The son of X-Men villain Apocalypse, Holocaust is an extremely powerful mutant hailing from an alternate reality ruled by his father. As one might expect, Holocaust has genocidal tendencies, and is in favor of wiping out humanity entirely and establishing a mutant supremacy. He has the ability to drain various forms of ambient energy into himself to power up his other abilities, which include flight, super-strength, and the ability to fire beams of plasma. While he originated in an anternate reality, he followed Nate Grey into the main universe, where he became a servant of Onslaught. Later, he was trapped in yet another alternate reality, and reluctantly joined the Exiles as a hero, in order to return to his home. He is currently believed dead, but you know what they say about death and comic books. . .


Ground Speed[8]
Jump Height[7]
Air Speed[10]
Fall Speed[10]
Holocaust has disappointingly low weight for his size, and frustratingly easy to combo, thanks to his combined size and fall speed, but makes up for this with fantastic flight-assisted mobility that far outclasses that of most heavyweights. He can even glide at the speed of Meta Knight!


Neutral Special[Energy Drain]
Holocaust holds his non-cannon hand over his head, as faint lines of orange energy move from the nearest fighter’s head to his hand. While draining energy, Holocaust is unable to use his other Specials, but can walk back and forth at Ganondorf’s movement speed, use standards, or cancel the attack by shielding, jumping, or using a smash attack. For every second you spend draining energy, the opponent’s movement speed is debuffed by 10%, maxing out at six seconds of drain, which reduces the drained foe’s speed to 40% of the norm. That “speed” applies to both ground speed and air speed, as well as glides, floats and crawls, so it will bog down opponents no matter their preferred method of getting around. Unless they teleport, or something silly like that. The speed debuff lasts for the entire time Holocaust is draining the foe, and goes away five seconds after he stops. Once the speed debuff goes away, Holocaust will lose any stored energy. Holocaust can start draining again to prevent the speed debuff from ever ending, allowing him to retain his energy.

With enhanced energy, Holocaust will become much more powerful; the effects of absorbing energy will be described in more detail on a move-by-move basis. Also, this move has no visible meter, but there is a bright orange glow around Holocaust that grows larger as he absorbs more energy, and fades as the energy ebbs away, so it’s possible to tell at a glance about how much you have.

Forward Special[Plasma Cannon]

As the end of his cannon flares up, Holocaust points it straight ahead and unleashes with a bright orange blast of plasma the width of Pikachu, that travels forward at much the same speed as ROB’s fully charged laser. The plasma beam can be aimed either straight forward or upward. The damage dealt by the beam is dependent on how much energy you’ve absorbed. Without any energy, the shot deals 10% and flinching. At a full six seconds of energy, the beam deals a whopping 38% and strong knockback that can KO reliably in the 150% range. The startlag also increases as the move gains power, starting out comparable to Samus’s (uncharged) Charge Shot, and building up to the point where it’s nearly as slow as Falcon Punch. Beware using this too often; it will drain Holocaust of two seconds of absorbed energy.

In the air, this can’t be aimed, and is always fired downward.

Up Special[Fireflight]

Holocaust superheats the air around him as he lifts off. Yes, Holocaust has MYM’s favorite recovery: analog-controlled free flight! This lasts for a mere two and a half seconds, during which Holocaust moves at the speed of Charizard’s dash, rather than the usual five, though. Holocaust does go into helpless at the end of his flight, but it’s possible to cancel into this from a glide, so it shouldn’t be too hard for him to find his way back to the stage. Holocaust can attack while flying.

But how does flight play into Holocaust’s main game, you ask? Well, as I mentioned, the air around him is superheated – anyone who comes within a half-platform of him is subjected to five hits of 1% (as much as 4%, with maximum energy absorbed) and no knockback per second, with the hit at one second and the hit at two seconds dealing flinching knockback. Also, if Holocaust touches down on the stage diagonally, he’ll retain his forward momentum, allowing him to slide across the stage at Charizard’s dash speed (which is slightly less impressive than his own) for as long as he would have been in flight. And the superheated air effect will last until he stops sliding. So in essence, Holocaust can perform what is essentially a wavedash, except with a weak hitbox all around him.

Down Special[H-Bomb]
Holocaust aims his cannon at the stage in front of him and fires it at is devastating full power; on impact with the stage, it creates a nuclear explosion; the blast, which is the size of Bowser, deals a terrifying 50% damage and extremely high knockback that can kill terrifyingly early (Holocaust is immune, naturally). After the initial blast clears, a mushroom cloud goes up, the stem of which blots out an area twice as wide as Bowser twice as tall as Ganondorf, and the head of which covers an area twice as wide (but half as tall) as that. The cloud lasts for but a moment (about half a second) before it begins to spread and thin out (it takes a solid three seconds to disappear entirely), revealing its contents. Holocaust’s plasma beams emit a glow that can be clearly seen even through mushroom clouds, making them always visible. Holocaust has some pretty terrible lag on both ends here, but it will be slightly lessened if you’ve got energy stored. Speaking of which, using this attack entirely drains any absorbed energy you’ve got lying around. Be careful with it.
Holocaust can take advantage of the mushroom cloud to sneak around for a moment, though he doesn’t have very long. Conveniently, if you use this move while sliding, you can slide right on into the heart of the cloud. Also, this can be used from the air to create an explosion on the stage beneath Holocaust. That, and the fact that it can be used out of a slide, make it much more terrifying, despite the awful, awful lag, which makes the mvoe slower than Warlock Punch even with six seconds of absorbed energy.


Forward Smash[Freight Train]

Holocaust lowers one shoulder and accelerates forward to his normal dash speed (if he uses this while already moving forward, it starts up more quickly). If he hits a foe, he catches them on his shoulder, dealing 4% and catching the foe on his shoulder, carrying them along with him as he continues forward. Holocaust continues to move forward for one to three platform-lengths, dependent on how much energy you’ve stored (this attack will deplete a second and a half of your absorbed energy), or until he reaches a ledge, at which point he slams the foe into the ground for 12-19% damage. They have a slight frame advantage, but they’re in their downed position, and if you’ve taken them all the way to the ledge, their options are further limited by the lack of space.

Down Smash[Blast Off]

Holocaust floats upward two Ganondorf-heights at the speed of Bowser’s dash as he blasts a stream of orange energy, slightly weaker and thinner than the one used in his Forward Special, straight downward, before he descends back to the stage at his usual fall speed. The beam deals 5-10% damage and low horizontal knockback. Doesn’t sound like much damage for a Smash attack on a heavyweight male antagonist does it? This is made up for by Holocaust’s ability to use this while sliding to create an advancing wall of death, which may hit an opponent three or four times, if they’re not careful.

Storing energy will cause Holocaust to rise higher in the air, up to a maximum of four Ganondorf-heights. One good thing to keep in mind is that if this is used while sliding, it can be a great way to dodge (and maybe even destroy) any traps the enemy has thrown down on the stage for you, but it is possible to fly off the stage entirely while sliding along with this attack. Should this happen, Holocaust won’t automatically return to ground level as he would on the stage, instead going into his default aerial state at his current height. Using this attack drains two seconds of absorbed energy.

Up Smash[Termination]

Holocaust transforms his free hand into a cannon (an ability he only makes use of when the sh*t really hits the fan) identical to his other arm. Both cannons begin to glow, weak light emanating from the holes along their sides, before Holocaust swings them both upward and fire two identical streams of plasma that stretch all the way to the top blast zone. The plasma streams are perfectly vertical and spaced just a little more than a Bowser-width apart. These are a much weaker variety of plasma stream than you might be used to, even moreso than the one used in the Down Smash; Holocaust has got to divert energy to both streams, after all. Contact with a plasma stream deals a meager 1-3% and barely-better-than-flinching strictly horizontal knockback. This attack will last for as long as two seconds (or as little as half a second), as it drains all energy you have stored at a rate of three times the length of time it took you to absorb said energy.

The real purpose of this move is to catch foes between your streams, severely restricting their mobility. You could also use this during a slide to drag them around a bit. Either way, it’s an effective method of channeling the foe’s movement.

. . .

Another dead Marvel big bad. Not sure where I was going with this one, exactly, but it’s stalled so long that I’ve lost all drive to work on it.



  1. Shame you didn’t finish it, he looks cool and the set reeks of raw epic power.

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