Posted by: katapultarr | March 11, 2012

4th Week Re-Crap

Teach me, Katpachi-sensei!

Unofficially speaking, I’m taking over when it comes to every 2nd week of MYMXII. Or at least I wanted to do this one in order to get some stuff off my back, and further explain some of the crap I did this week, selfishly enough.

Week 4 was followed up by Nate’s 5th set Angel and that of Rool’s mini that put a close to week 3, yet funnily enough, the rest of the page had nothing interesting to see…except for the rather specific yet incredibly intriguing mini Ju-boy posted, where he got us to post our 4th set as boss form – the number is perfectly understandable, considering it was the 4th mini, though I kinda wish it wasn’t given the character I had to go with for the mini…

The next page then had a moveset posted by newcomer webcoroma for Frank West, though either due to inactivity or the fact that lecturing newcomers on things that could improve their sets is simply…tiring, the set was downright ignored upon its posting. The moveset is simple enough in that it makes references to the game and has Frank use props, though it does have some major balancing issues regarding the percentages of the throws and how his camera stuns enemies for a ridiculous 20 seconds…not a character I’d want to fight against. The set unfortunately did not have a picture posted along with it initially, a trap that caused it to not be included in the moveset list with the likes of Birdo back in the last contest, but going back and re-looking at the set webcoroma did in fact edit a picture into the set, so if you want your 31st set for the contest, add the set to the list after Angel’s.

And after a long period of inactivity, Sirkibble kickstarted the mini-movement of sorts with a boss battle for Biospark, who, despite the rather sciency name, is actually a ninja from the Kirby series. In my eyes, a very simple yet fresh boss, heightened both by Kibble’s enjoyable writing and the fact that he in fact used Kanji alongside the “Skill” and “Attack” headers instead of what you’d usually expect for a boss set…that and Biospark only has one kill move. Quite possibly the winner of this particular mini, especially in contrast to…

My one. My 4th “official” set, which was my 3rd set of MYM6, for a character whose name I do not want to say…one of the reasons why I took over this recap to begin with. Dubbed “Deformed Blonde“, you end up fighting what is Ronald McDonald to the untrained eye (a reference to the fact that I now fap to him instead of the boss whom this mini is really supposed to be for), who attacks you with naked soldiers, blowing up the floor and trapping you in a hamster ball. The effects are rather tacked-on however, and the boss is waaaaaaaay too easy for its own good to the point where if put in a real game the fight would be completely unenjoyable, and going outside to watch grass grow would be a lot more fun. Said easiness is really supposed to be a reference to the character however, and that they do nothing in actuality.

Later on, I then posted a moveset for Kirika Ueno, a lightweight female protagonist character from an anime series called C3 that can be viewed on Funimation’s Youtube Channel in Japanese, which I was thankfully able to watch on a day of boredom not too long ago as Funi’s channel blocks over half its contents from my screen due to me living in Australia. Anyways, Kirika’s set boils down to her being able to regenerate hits she takes over time but also having to watch out for her curse which makes her take a massive amount of damage after 30 seconds, which she has to watch out for; she wants to control her damage and use the fact that she can be immortal to her advantage by suiciding with the enemy via the enemy-tether cliche done in sets contests ago. The set hasn’t gotten any comments yet unsurprisingly given how long some of my sets can be (trying to improve on that) and that my characters aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but compared to my previous works this contest however, Kirika’s has a crapton of problems I could probably go on all day talking about: the moveset has too much emphasis on suicide KOing, has its fair share of cop-out inputs that could have otherwise focused more on masochism, damage/knockback, and overall simply could have been a hell of a lot better had I given it more time, though in my defense I made it in a short timeframe in order to save the thread and try to compete with Nate in terms of set quantity, as not having made it in the first place would’ve foiled my future plans. But hey, better than having no set in the first place, right? That, and knowing where you go wrong is an excellent virtue, and the fact that this experience was not one I didn’t learn nothing from. I still reckon the set is pretty fun in its own way, and has some decent organisation to it however.

Having hoped I had saved the thread, as well as fearing negative comments to my set, I then went back and saw that Professor Peanut had posted a set for Tropius! Oddly enough, I was thinking about a variation that had him grow big-macs on his beard, but here the Professor turns the big beasty into a jungle fungle mockery diner zone thingy, flying back and forth with words of fun. As you’d expect from the big green dinosaur, Tropius can make bananas grow from his beard, and control wind and leaves….almost makes me want to go back and read that manga about the girl who can control bananas. Despite the jungle-brown theme of the set, Bobby Dave Killer Arrow, which some people seem to call him, commented on the set saying it was fun but kinda lacking compared to the other green Pokemon which the Professor coincidentally made and posted a set for right after my second one…

The Professor then followed up his set for a rather awesome mini about Boss Po fighting against 4 peeps. He uses his boss form and is permanently in his Final Smash, with you fighting against him in a chinese restaurant that’s designed to emulate the feel of the film and presumably mark your characters as thugs of sorts….totally not something MY characters would fall under. To further emphasize this, the characters get wooden sticks to smash the legendary warrior with like the cowardly thugs they may or may not be, but in the end the whole thing is revealed to be a dream Po had whilst playing Brawl late at night, hilariously enough. Overall, if you don’t mind digesting a helping of information, a pretty cool mini that pays tribute to the film it was born from.

The Final Boss…I mean, mini of this week, is MasterWarlord’s Voldo, a boss that seems to emulate the under-elaborated feel of Voldo guarding his money pits like with the Professor’s mini but via the Warlordian style of less-talk-more-action. Truedat as the boss instantly ramps up the difficulty to levels that make Intense Tabuu look rather Easy, but then again the actual Brawl game never gave their bosses damage percentages so the average player had no way of knowing just how much HP was normal for a boss…that, and my sense of judgement is rather different, especially given I was told by a friend years ago that Voldo was gay due to loving Madonna music and saying “Wonderful”, but then this same friend also told me that Raphael was a Disney character….and I believed him. Anyways, there are plenty of attacks and stage hazards in the mini to keep the average reader entertained.

Our friend Waver all the way back from the second week then posted his first official moveset in the form of the X-Naut from Paper Mario game. At first glance the moveset -appears- to be a simple newcomer moveset reminiscent to that of Brawl’s design for the sake of feasible implementation, respectably enough, but the true genius of the set lied in the links to very cleverly-made GIFs that actually detail not only what the attacks looks like in real-time but also detail the hitboxes, both sweet and sour, a stroke of awe that’s arguably one of the most well-done in terms of set presentation…he even stated he had Brawl’s new DS game in mind when doing them! I’m not sure how long it took Waver to make this set, but knowing he is capable of this much truly leaves one in awe as to what his next project could be. Oh, and Waver also posted a remark to acknowledge webcoroma’s Frank West set in a gesture of kindness…almost feels like watching children interact with each other, with innocence of sorts that allows them to appreciate what others cannot in a moveset.

Also joey-joe-joe snuck in at the very last moment and posted a random one-liner that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, which kinda makes a detail-guru like me rage…kinda.

That’s all for now, but there’ll be more as time passes…who knows which MYMing peeps might MAKE THEIR MOVE in the following week?



  1. Doggonit Kat, this was my week (sad)

    I guess we’ll have to race you next time, ah well.

  2. You’re becoming the recap bandit, Kat.

    All power to you, I guess.

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