Posted by: TWILT | March 14, 2012

TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview #13: ForwardArrow


After a long ass hiatus, the MYMer interviews are back with your guest host, TWILTY! Yeah, as usual check every Wednesday for a new interview, and yeah. If there is no interview during that week, chances are A: I’m posting a moveset, or B: I got work to do and stuff, so sorry.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to know the forwardy, the arrowy, the Dave Killer, ForwardArrow!

What do you consider your best moveset and why?

I think it should not surprise anybody when I say Urabrask is my favorite of my sets. To me, the set really represents what made me love sets like Lemmy and Rocket Grunt back while I was lurking. Maybe those sets have “aged”, but I feel the idea of a character who gives you a few neat tools and says “go have fun with these” to create an endless array of cool strategies is something that will never die out in MYM. Forgive me for being egotistical, but it’s hard for me not to get excited about a character who gives me some new ideas about how to play him a month after he was released, and I -MADE- the set. Maybe you could debate how fitting it is to a giant monster like, Urabrask, but I’d say it captures a fair few aspects of his character quite well, such as his nature as a forgemaster, the raw strength to some of the attacks, and the color he embodies.

I don’t feel it’s objectively the best of my sets or anything, but it’s the one I feel most strongly about. I’m very fond of Vorinclex and Doc Scratch as well, for various reasons.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

My overall favorite is probably Gengar, for a variety of reasons. Obviously, I really love the core playstyle of creating mass confusion via copies of yourself which hold down an attack forever, which Gengar can just as easily disguise himself as. Not to mention the entire game around manipulating the shadow, which is incredibly unique and deep. Bizarrely though, part of the reason I love the set so much is what people often complain, the over the top ridiculous or as some would call them tacky attacks such as the Nair. Maybe it’s just me, but I really feel that helps push across the feel of pandemonium to the set, and it adds so much to his gameplay. Not to mention he’s one of the most dynamic sets ever in terms of how he’d actually play, nobody would ever play him the exact same way due to the nature of his game, and you’d have to learn how to adapt on the fly with him, which I just find really awesome. Along with the shockingly positive reception for Hoppip, this set was what kick-started me in MYM with how inspiringly awesome it was.

I guess I may as well mention a few other sets, while we’re at it. Some recent sets like Kabutops and Death have truly enthralled me, and I have some sets that are still really nostalgic for me and I thought were so darn cool back in my lurking days, such as Dracula, Dimentio, Lemmy, and Team Rocket Grunt. I guess another set that really caught my attention recently was N. Brio, I can’t tell you how impressive that set was when I went back and read it. The set is amazingly open ended and yet all the moves work together in such fascinating ways. Really, it’s everything I intended to do in Urabrask, but done in a manner that is so much more fluid and less forced, it’s kind of incredible. I wish I knew how the heck you could create sets that good, I’m still trying to figure that out.

What do you look for in a moveset?

I would guess you could say I’m similar to someone like Warlord, in that I like sets for their concepts and how well they pull them off. Perhaps moreso the later, I want to see a set that gives me options and awesome stuff to play around with in my head, not forcing me and whoever I’m playing against into a rather uncomfortable linear game plan. I also rather like it when sets are I guess, fluid, and there isn’t a forced or mechanical feel to how they play. I don’t entirely know how to describe it, but it’s come in the way of me liking a fair few sets that I really can’t explain my distaste for.

On a side note though, I actually do care about characterization, but more so really with my own sets. It’s very cool for me when the playstyle of the character connects to who the character is, and I’m always happy with myself when I pull that off.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

I… actually don’t have any idea, honestly. Sometimes I just think about how to get a character to work, and then an idea just clicks with me and I run with it. I know I tend to get ideas when I’m bored in school or going out for walks. That said, I still don’t think I can place it on anything exact that really triggers me to come up with set ideas.

How often do you cut movesets?

Depends on at what point it’s considered cutting. I rarely cut a moveset once I get started typing it up, truth be told. I’ve only done it twice, for sets I wasn’t really interested in making anyway. At the same time, I’ve gotten a lot of set ideas I scrapped long before even starting on the set in question. This is for a wide variety of reasons, either I can’t come up with ideas beyond a couple important moves, or the set is too linear or tacky for my liking, or maybe it’s just been done before and I don’t think I could add anything interesting.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

I discovered MYM from being linked to here from elsewhere. I don’t even know where the link came from, maybe I was lurking GameFAQs or something. Either way, I found Smashboards and then wandered into General Brawl Discussion and clicked on this big thread that seemed interesting. And well, I found a pretty cool little forum game about creating sets for Smash Bros. At the time I was still riding the Brawl hype and I’ve always loved designing game ideas, not to mention the prospect of having favorite characters of mine who didn’t appear in the game fight just appealed so much to me. Then I proceeded to lurk for about 3 years before actually joining, though I did make sets on occasion.

As for why I continue to make sets, it’s really fun to share ideas I like with other people, and imagine characters I really like fighting in Smash. I imagine that’s why all of you came here and make sets. It’s really fun to imagine Doc Scratch playing with some poor saps head, or Homura having a projectile fight with Death, or perhaps seeing those 3 put aside their differences and try to take down Kang or Fibrizo together.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

I’m really not all that interesting in real life, to be quite honest. I got to school, get average grades because I don’t really care as much as I should, am a loner, and I’m mildly autistic. I’m sort of interested in programming and quantum physics, and am really reserved in public but kind of loud and obnoxious around people I know. I guess you could say I should probably get a life, but eh, who actually has one of those.

What’s the inspiration for your username?

I have absolutely no idea at all. ForwardArrow just kind of happened, really. No particular reason for it in the slightest.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

Ugh, I’ve come to be quite friendly with a lot of you people, to be honest. I guess I’d say my closest friends are Smady, Majora, Kibble, and DM. Those are the ones I tend to Private Chat with a lot, anyway. Yeah, I’m not very good at picking, honestly. There are a lot of other people I get along with as well, Agi, Silver, Warlord, Rool… I really like this community, to be quite honest.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

I can’t entirely place why, but Zapdos. I guess maybe because it was my first legendary, and for whatever reason the slightly ridiculous spiky look is more endearing to me than it is stupid.
That and for some reason it’s really fun to use in Pokemon battles, and I can’t place why. There’s a bunch of other ones I like, such as Porygon and the three I made sets for (Hoppip, Wailord, and Cofagrigus, Slaking doesn’t exist).

What is your favorite video game of all time?

Probably either Portal 2 or Okami, leaning Portal 2. That game is just so much fun, even at the duller portions of the game being far more enjoyable than most other games I’ve played. Humor was great, all the twists on the traditional Portal gameplay were highly enjoyable, and the final showdown is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Okami pretty much took everything I loved about Zelda games and took it up a notch, while providing far more fun combat and a much better atmosphere and storyline. I admittedly don’t play as many games as a lot of people in Make Your Move, though.

What would you consider your least favourite set of yours?

I really, really dislike Slaking and Fruity Yummy Mummy, each for their own reasons. Slaking largely because of how bland his playstyle is, both in concept and in practice. His moves don’t work together at all, and yet he plays the same way every game. It’s terribly boring, not to mention my writing style is far worse than I intended it to be. I didn’t like it when I made it, and I sure as hell didn’t like it after it was posted.

Now Yummy Mummy is a bit of a different story. The set is arguably far worse than Slaking in some respects, namely the horrifying grab game in which he force feeds the foe acid to get them to vomit. This is in a set for a children’s cereal mascots folks, and on top of that it’s obscenely flowcharty and tacky in how it works. I still think Slaking is my least favorite of the two though, partially because Mummy I never took seriously and the fact that he’s OoC is pretty much on account of David saying we were making the movement grimdark versions of the cereal mascots. I certainly did run with that.

So, how about dat controversy between you and Dave?

I don’t think it is especially worth discussing, really. Some people don’t get along, such as me and Dave right now. Really, no reason to bring any of this stuff out of the chat, and even in chat I think it would be best if we just both ignored each other at this point. Yes I am being deliberately vague, because quite frankly I hate this whole stupid thing to begin with and don’t want to talk about it.

Why have you been lurking for so long?

My reasoning is probably going to seem a little silly to you lot, but meh. You see, my parents want me to inform them before I join a message board, and would probably get on my case if they found out I did without permission. Smashboards has a fair bit of sexual content, and they would take a look at the site beforehand, so… yeah. Yes, call me sheltered and such, but eh. I didn’t want to actually join until they just no longer cared. It wasn’t entirely that though, I was aware enough of myself to realize if I did join, I would probably look like a complete idiot. And trust me, you should be glad I did not join until recently.

How does it feel to have joined leadership so fast?

Kind of crazy, really. I’m not exactly upset, I was shooting for it since joining, since I always felt stupidly confident in my moveset making abilities(well, up until mid MYM11, that is). It feels weird though, to be considered one of the people in charge of the community… and I’m not entirely sure how good I am as a leadership figure. Mostly due to me having fairly little control of my emotions and going on outbursts/tangents in the chat all the time. It’s a really neat position to be in, I feel I’m up to the responsibilities it entails on some level, but it’s all a bit weird, if you ask me. Especially with the recent release of Kang, I wonder if n88 would have been a better choice.

Any movesets for the future?

I actually do have a fair few plans, though I posted them in the thread a while back. May as well say it here as well, though. As of writing this interview, I have a fair bit of progress on Elsa Maria, and mental plans for Albedo, Yawgmoth, and Madoka. The last of those sets should be quite… interesting to say the least. It’s going to be a very different type of set, and I look forward to see what you lot all think of it.

Sundance Question: What is the first word that comes to your head when asked to find rhymes for the following words?
A. Mother Trucker B. Trigger C. Maggot

A. Brother Ducker B. Tigger C. Baggot



  1. I don’t remember becoming your friend, FAggot.

  2. (CRYING)


  4. (CLAP)

  5. In all seriousness, I’d say your position as a Leader in the contest at all is not misplaced by any means given you’ve posted at least one (very) good set, and you’ve posted some pretty observant and to-the-point comments that were consistent. You’re also quite rational and friendly in the chat, so if all those traits don’t make for a good leader I don’t know what do.

    Also, I’m quite super-happy that my interview will (most likely) be next! Time for some fun…

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