Posted by: n88 | March 18, 2012

Nate’s Sunday Recap – Week 5

Picture Largely Irrelevant

Why the hell am I doing the recap? We didn’t have one and no-one else seemed to be volunteering, so here we are. This was another less-than-ideal week in terms of activity, but there were still some highlights.

The week opened with Jun declaring the start of the new mini – a stupidly easy one that allowed people to take their pick from MYMX mini contests, with the only restriction being that participants could not pick a mini they had actually taken part in back in the days of MYMX. Despite the ease of this mini, there were surprisingly few participants, and I’m that much closer to being able to assign you all movesets next contest. In fact, Geto is the first MYMer to use up all four of his skips, making his prospects for winning this bet dim.

Anywho, BladeKnight popped out of the woodwork to bring us our first set of the week, Poison Ivy. I confess that I have not yet fully read this moveset, but it looks promising at a skim, and focuses on rampaging plant life and sexiness, as any Poison Ivy set should, and has an interesting take on prone abuse with its grabgame. Because the thread is moving like molasses headed uphill, the set has received only one comment so far. But that one comment was from Warlord, and he liked it, so I’m sure it will get some more attention soon. I’ll try to comment it within the next couple days, at the very least.

Then, following a rare Jun comment and a Warlordian wall, TWILT and HR brought us the second set of the week, Vergil, which pulls from Devil May Cry and the character’s UMvC3 appearance. Once again, I have not read the moveset fully (writing this recap has me feeling all guilty. I’m going to have to comment some stuff now), but from what I have read, Vergil offers some interesting concepts in his Devil Trigger form and ability to summon swords, both of which revolve around a meter mechanic. Vergil is meant to be an expert pressure character. Does this truly fit the character? I have no idea because I have never played video games.

Vergil was the last set of the week, despite being posted on Monday. However, there was an influx of minis nearer the end of the week. First off, MasterWarlord brought us the Claw Machine stage, inspired by Toy Story. It’s a fairly simple in layout, but offers some interesting gameplay shenanigans with the Little Green Men, who can be used for cover or as a means of attack, and of course the claw itself, which will attempt to drag players off the top blast zone to their doom.

Next, the great and terrible FIREBAR (the first of two 3v1 Boss minis) graced the thread with his presence, causing many a mini-maker and set-writer to flee the thread, lest they suffer his wrath.

Lord Shen then put in an appearance in the form of a cosplay mini from ProfPeanut. The highlight of the miniature moveset is Shen’s ability to create flares that attract the attention of minions. . . minions with cannons! In addition to playing with fire, Shen has a nifty tail-based counter and some Sheik-esque throwing knives to spice up his game.

The week’s penultimate mini was ForwardArrow’s 3v1 Bomber, taken on as a challenge – how hard can turning one of the most underpowered sets in MYM history to a boss be? Some of FA’s changes include adding missing abilities such as jumping and grabbing (and even some throws!), as well as numerical tweaks to elevate Bomber from the garbage tier he’s trapped in. Some other shenanigans, like duplicates, were also thrown into the mix to make Bomber a more effective threat.

And to finish things off, we have Dave’s Customer Service, which allows combatants to bid (using damage if no coins are available) on assists, bosses, and fighters of all sorts. Winning the bid allows the “monster” to enter the fray, possibly even on the side of the person who won the bid. This mini received intensely negative reception because the winner of the bid does not shout at customer service to send him or her their most powahful monstah.

That’s just about it for the last week in MYM, with little else of interest happening besides an attempt at another one-day RNG Pokemon movement, which failed to get off the ground. Hopefully this week will be a little more eventful, eh?


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