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TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview #14: Katapultar

I'm sorry.

Has it really been 14 interviews? Holy crap.

Anyway, welcome to another episode of the MYMer interviews! I’ll just keep this short and brief. Here’s the interview of the one and only Katapultar!

What do you consider your best moveset and why?

I believe Yutaka Kobayakawa to be the best set I’ve ever made. She’s a prime example of what one can achieve out of a very simple and powerless character they love if they go into enough depth with the game engine they’re trying to make the set for and make the most of it…I spent over a year trying to brainstorm ideas for her set, and thanks to my experiences with Ayano, the set that essentially served as Yutaka’s prototype, I believe I’ve managed to make the perfect set for Yutaka without delving too much into the likes of Penny Gadget, a set I constantly had in mind when making Yutaka – in other words, I believe her characterization to be top-notch, as even though some people would probably disagree that a sickly little girl shouldn’t have an offensive playstyle, she does want to become stronger, and I see her being in Brawl as participating in something she otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to do, something she’d want to make the most of while at the same time looking after her health. In other words, I kind of wanted to make sure that the player was stepping in Yutaka’s shoes when they attempted to use her. That, and Yutaka has a rather limited feel to what she can do and accomplish, which fits her very well.

Ayano would no doubt be my second set, mostly due to the set’s clean yet incredibly fitting organization which I’m very proud of. She’d probably be my favorite set were it not for her awkward translation into Brawl via her not having any proper attacks, even if it does fit her personality quite well.

Both sets I spent a loooooooooong time making, but that’s what you get for trying to make a set from a character of your favorite franchise…you want to perfect them as much as possible.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

Contrary to what you’d expect me to say, Jack Skellington would probably have to be one of my favorite sets of all time. If I’m not mistaken, and I probably am, his set is one of the first to actually have a symbolic playstyle that involves using the enemy’s shield as a threshold for fright, a transition which I believed to be quite creative and enjoyable as it piqued one of my big interests of seeing a basic Brawl mechanic being translated into a clever and fitting way. The set is also a prime example of the Professor’s writing style being put to excellent use, narrating clever moves such as that incredibly fitting Neutral Special both name and effect wise. I genuinely believe the set to be a work of art on it’s own that deserved to get 20 places higher in the MYMXI Top 50 from where it got.

I’m also quite fond of Rool’s Lucio Fulci due to the set being so atmospherically striking and memorable. Had I voted on the MYMXI Top 50 and not been selfish I would’ve SV’ed him and Jack, and assuming no changes’d be made by leaders, I believe Jack would’ve gotten 33rd and Lucio tied for 6th with Beezwax. As for other sets, I enjoyed Kips’ Viki set back in MYM1 for how great it was back in its time and the sheer amount of character love put into the set. I can’t quite think of any other sets though.

What do you look for in a moveset?

Any set with good writing style, characterization and organization works for me, since I seem to be an aesthetic person. I despise forced characterization on enemies, and basically providing the set isn’t too awkward I’m all cool with it – generally speaking, the above are things I try to do with my own sets. If there’s one thing I really like though, it’s clever use of Brawl’s mechanics in order to implement characterization and playstyle, like that seen with Jack’s.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

I could probably get inspiration from almost anywhere if I were to look into enough depth. But – character-wise, I’ll get my ideas from the actual character and what they do in an anime, providing what they do and who they are prove to be interesting. This is how Agiri and Kirika came to be. I may also get an idea from a video game for a single concept: the concept of Banette’s set came to be because of the move Pain Split. Generally speaking however, where I stand at this present day, I try to make a set for characters I like such as those from Lucky Star, but I like, need to have ideas for just how their sets would work in the first place.

How often do you cut movesets?

I’d say I do this quite often, because sometimes I’ll just get a half-***** idea and end up typing it, but then typing it has the magical effect of not making me want to work on it. Quite annoying. I actually cut movesets very often, about 2/3s of the ideas I think of – some of these I even get halfway through with before I completely stop working on them, either letting them sit on my files or completely throwing them away. It generally has to do with either lack of inspiration or lack of ideas, but I also try not to waste concepts needlessly. Thankfully though, I manage to think up of ideas pretty quickly, should I say so myself.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

I discovered MYM from the MYM4 Story Modes written on the User Blogs, and thought they were cool….yet I didn’t even know those characters in them had “movesets” for them! Somehow, in a way I don’t even remember, I found The Abyss which was well into MYM5, and looked up all the cool sets, the first one being for Black Doom who blew my mind in ways I can’t even remember anymore. I couldn’t find the link to the thread however, and it took a while for me to find it, which I did by posting on the User Blogs to ask where to find it…I remember Spadefox and MT from those times, with their long lasting impressions that stick with me even now. I’m not actually sure why I even began in the first place…perhaps it had something to do with the Story Modes, but whatever the case I haven’t stopped MYMing as of today.

I guess the reason I’ve stuck with the contest even today is that there are still a lot of characters I want to make movesets for, but most importantly I want to keep on learning and evolving from where I am so that perhaps one day I might be able to become a writer and make a living out of it. In my eyes, MYM is an incredible learning experience that has given me an understanding of how the world works, surprisingly enough, but has also given me a place I can call home…there were tough times, only one, where I felt like quitting, but the fact that I’m still here means it’s where I belong, and hope to stay until the end of its time, even when my real life changes.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

I almost feel as if my life has been a somewhat pampered one, but that’s because I am in fact autistic like a few MYMers are, much to my surprise…I’m actually more independent than most who call themselves that around me in real life, however. I don’t talk much both in real life and the internet (xat chat), but I feel myself to be quite the disciplined yet stubborn person who is quite difficult to please as I have few things I like, and what I like are things that aren’t commonplace; this is why I love anime, and why I dislike the Western pop-culture that infected my mind during youth. I also feel to be quite rebellious and prideful even if I don’t think I show it, as I hate being told what to do and look down on most people around me; I feel myself to be superior to most people around me, and am glad I was born autistic and given the chance to be different. I want to become a writer sometime in the future, but first I’m going to stick with MYM till the end to see what it offers me.

What’s the inspiration for your username?

I love cats, so I thought I would call myself Kat…and then I wanted to think of something cool, so then I thought of the word “catapult” that now makes me tingle whenever I hear it. Combined the two, and I got “Katapultar”, a username I’m quite proud of and have no need to change.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

There are quite a good deal of nice, friendly people in MYM like FA, Kibble, Nate, Smady (maybe Davy) in the chat, but since I’m a bit of a lone wolf and the kind of person who doesn’t speak unless spoken to I don’t really have any friends in MYM I can just casually speak to and hang around with. At the very most I feel I’m quite close to Junahu due to me generally following his teachings but putting them into my own perspectives, and quite enjoy the perspective he brings into MYM with his comments.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Rayquaza is probably my favoritest Pokemon, and one I’ve had an idea as to make a set for but won’t due to me not wanting to potentially pollute the Top 50 with another Pokemon moveset or end up getting another as the picture for my User Rankings instead of an anime character. If I ever made him I’d try and make sure his set is bad enough so he doesn’t get into the Top 50, or I could just ask people not to vote for him at all. I want to help out the weak thread however, so maybe I’ll make a bunch of Pokemon movesets and make sure nobody is able to vote for them in the end.

What is your favorite video game of all time?

In the past I used to love Super Smash Bros, Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II and Kingdom Hearts II and still do to a degree, but my favoritest game series is definitely Blazblue due to its excellent voice-acting (some of the peeps are voiced by people who voiced Lucky Star characters in the dub), characters, unique playstyles and just being really fun and fitting my tastes all too perfectly even though I’m not a hardcore fighting game person. Ironically enough however, it’s probably the last franchise I’d make a moveset for due to me not wanting to slander the excellency of the game unless I were to end up making a moveset for a character from that series who is not a playable character, such as Professor Kokonoe. I’m also rather fond of the Persona series for similar reasons to Blazblue in being anime style – were I to make a non-anime moveset it’d be from one of two series. Maybe Yukari Takeba due to not apparently being in the new Persona fighting game but more importantly the fact that she’s voiced by Michelle Ruff, my favorite voice actor/actress.

What would you consider your least favourite set of yours?

Effectively speaking, I don’t really have any love for any sets I made before MYMXI and despise most of them, but the one I’m the most ashamed of is my second variation of the Deformed Blonde person I posted in MYM8…that was by far my worst MYM, made all the more so by this set that I placed too much misguided “love” which was completely mis-aimed and could have otherwise been targeted at fans of the series. It WOULD have been the perfect example of character “love” gone awry had I not deleted it, with the set just being a pile of inexperience and me biting off more than I could chew, especially in the infamous extras department. Mind you, the set was made during the darkest moment of my life when I had felt that all hope was lost for me, and this was a character I was foolish enough to needlessly and unhealthily obsess myself with, but I now know to accept things for what they are and not make that same mistake in my life ever again, for it was a major learning experience. That time of my life, both real and MYM, was probably the most painful for me to look back at.

All and all, Banette and all my MYM11/12 works are the only sets I’m not ashamed of. Also Ronald McDonald.

So, what’s with you and Ronald Mcdonald?

Well, in order to rid myself of the plague that was the deformed blonde, I wanted to have a new character to take its place. The character had to be someone very well known…actually, I didn’t have this in mind, but it just turned out that Ronald McDonald would end up becoming my source of obsession to a degree due to the Ran Ran Ru meme videos that kind of blew my mind…I think I wanted to see all those videos. And although Ronald McDonald has ties to American fast food which I don’t actually eat and haven’t for over a year, he had ties to anime characters via Niconico videos; I imagined him to be an all-powerful evil force that would play the role as a villain to Lucky Star characters in my mind, because my imagination just goes crazy like that. Overall, the world knows Ronald and thus so do I.

What’s provoked you to be more active as of lately?

I believe the reason why I wasn’t active in the first place was because of school, but most importantly because Yu-Gi-oh was a MASSIVE distraction to me; at school, rather than think about cool moveset ideas, I’d end up thinking about Yu-Gi-Oh card combos instead that were pointless to me due to me not taking the game all that hardcore. Back in the days of MYM6-7-8 as well, my autism had the best of me, and those were dark times where I couldn’t say what I really felt in both real life and on the computer….perhaps I’m just using that as an excuse to justify my horrible works back in those days, and that in-experience was the real reason for it. Then again, I was cited as having good ideas that I didn’t follow up properly, so in the end really it was probably that I tried to rush the sets for the sake of making them and that I couldn’t fully express how I felt.

MYM10 and 11 were the times where I was trying to think up ideas and brainstorm quite a bit. The former year was when I had my final year of school, but that’s no real excuse since I barely got homework (which I did most in classes, and had a spare lesson – I’m no genius), though I was probably distracted with a lot of anime viewing, especially on Crunchyroll with the likes of Gintama’s over 200 eps.

Which brings us to the realms of MYM12 where you see me now and have thus prompted to ask me the question you did. Well, in actuality Yutaka and Fibrizo’s sets were finalized before the comp so I don’t really know for how much they count, but let’s just say that after MYM11 or so I got to thinking that I needed to make more movesets in order to make people notice me more, and that I had to make some that ventured outside the realm of my MYM11 works in order to appeal universally. What I truly want however, is to not only get into the Top 50 once again but also beat my old record, hopefully but very unlikely so with a Lucky Star moveset….and this is all for the Top 50 CSS and the User Rankings! I want something that represents myself better than that fluke-of-a-set Banette, something I know I did right competently and actually earned its spot. With the way the competition is going however, I’m quite sure that my chances of achieving this are almost guaranteed, but there’s still a ways for me to go, that’s for sure.

What’s it like being in Australia when the majority of the community is from America?

It’s actually…really good. I know I’ve been a bit racist at times, but that’s only against Pop Culture, and because I’m constantly exposed to it even over here. Being with an American community is a big break from real life, especially with the annoying slang and all, and everyone simply being the same and annoying as hell. I like to think of it as my second home, and a very good influence on me as to make sure I stay different where I am and don’t get corrupted by the real life environment. Essentially speaking, Pop Culture over here is basically a lesser version of that in America to the point where I think just about everything is American made.

In other words, I really like being with an American (and European) community due to being different from where I am.

Why do you like making so many anime sets?

People generally make sets for characters they like. I do so to let MYM have a taste of what I like, and because the comp naturally needs more lightweight female protagonist characters and anime sets (I’m not reluctant to make male characters though, and have a few ideas for some). Also, I generally think of movesets as telling other people what you currently like, and that’s what I’m doing with my movesetting.

Any movesets for the future?

I’m pretty much guaranteed to post Emi for the KS movement, if that’s still going on. If not, I’ll post it sometime whenever I feel like it instead. There’s also Hercule Barton from an anime Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, who contrary to the name is actually a little girl, and if I haven’t posted it yet after having typed this, I actually have Medusa polished and ready to post, but with a few iffy inputs that need cleaning. I also have ideas for Taiga Aisaka and Shiina on my computer, though I’ve lost motivation to work on either. I also have an idea for Gauron I’ve been reluctant to work on due to not having watched all of Full Metal Panic!’s first season yet and not being bothered to read the mangas.

There are also characters I’d actually WANT to make movesets for. These include a good portion of Lucky Star characters, mostly my favorite Minami Iwasaki, along with Yuki Nagato and possibly a character from K-ON!. That, and making movesets for main characters from popular animes is a bit of a must. Perhaps one day I might want to make a moveset for a character from the Fate series, too.

Sundance Question: What would your last meal be?

Probably the Wheat Biscuit crap, because I eat it for breakfast and desert, and maybe I’d end up dying in-between then. That’d depend on how I die, though. If I die however, it’d probably end up being all alone, with no help.



  1. Usershadow Remicks. (CHEW)

  2. US is dead (CRYING)

    Cool interview anyway, surprised how the whole Ronald thing was just randomness or something. Also you should totally make Gauron: MYM needs some FMP sets and that just might inspire me to make PONY or something. Kokonoe would be cool too: I just started playing Blazblue a couple days ago.

    • Silver. If you want UserShadow, I can get you him.

  3. If you say I should make those sets, then I’ll do em. I was going to buy Full Metal Panic while I was at the city yesterday but the discs were hanging loose from their containers…also I have kind of forgot some of the ideas I had for him due to contemplating on them for too long, but I’ll try and get down to it sometime.

    As for Kokonoe, it’s a decision between trying to just make a set for her in-person with the little potential she has that’d prompt her to be a comical character, or make her a summon character who uses Iron Tager and Lambda as AI summons who act on their own. Either way, the set would be in 1st person like Hazama’s, and you end up getting a good grasp on how the character would speak when you constantly hear them in-game.

  4. If you ever plan on making Fate character, you can always shoot me a PM about it if you have any questions, seeing as I know far too much about the universe.

    • Thanksies. While I feel I know a fair about about that universe to a degree, you probably know waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I do so I’ll be sure to throw one over to you when I’m feeling up to it. Especially for pictures, hehe.

  5. Heh, thanks for the compliment on Jack Skellington, Kat. It’s good to see you really being active this contest, as I still think you were unjustly ignored in the last one-

    “In the past I used to love…Kingdom Hearts II and still do to a degree,…”

    Excuse me while I beat myself up for forgetting to invite you to the Organization XIII movement.

  6. dommotoll, Prof.

    Also, good to see some love for Jack Skellington. Seriously underappreciated set that got fucked over in voting.

  7. No Fulci love here? I mean, Jack’s a great set too but I’m glad someone besides me loved that set’s atmosphere and such.

    Also, this was quite an interesting little interview, explained to me a lot about you, Kat. Very educational, if you will.

    • It’s funny because I intended for the interview to shed some light on myself since I never really said anything about myself in the first place, so I’m glad you feel that way.

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