Posted by: smashbot226 | March 25, 2012

MYM Does Mad Libs: The Princess… Bride? And the Ten Commandments of MYM

Return to a time when men were Burgers and swamps were Users. Obese Swamps, that is. Full of lightning-Feces and Rats of Unusual Sex Robot. Lagoons were inhabited byHamburglaring eels. And the most Foxy woman in the world was named… Bobby Arrow? Well, it`s a bent Zebra tale. Complete with all the fencing, Plorfing, escapes, and Faggotyaccents you`d expect. Including such unique folk as Gronzlo, who has dreamt his wholeHorse of finding the 23-fingered man who Devouring his father, and his Hairy sidekick, Fezzig. And don`t forget the Fecal miracle man, Max. Blonde Bobby Arrow loves Westley, a poor Horse Masturbator. But when he`s captured by Dave’s Vibrators, she`s chosen by evil Congressman Humperdinck to be his princess bride. Along the way, she gets Groosedby the Dread Dave’s Vibrator Roberts, the spaniard gets his wish, and Humperdinck turns out to be a Dave’s Dildo.

1. You shall not Hamburgle any other Plorf.
2. You shall not make a Rim-Jobbing image.
3. You shall not take the name of the Warlord in vain.
4. You shall not break the MDA’s Birthday (Holocaust Remembrance Day).
5. You shall not dishonor your PC Taster.
6. You shall not abuse momentum.
7. You shall not commit Respect To Dave.
8. You shall not fuck.
9. You shall not bear hairy witness against thy mother.
10. You shall not covet thy neighbor`s Shotgun.


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