Posted by: TWILT | April 2, 2012

MYmini Voting: Week 7 (REVOTE)

Welcome to another session of MYmini voting!

This week, called Extra Extra [Ver 2.0], got a decent amount of activity with 10 entries, was where you had to make a new…something. Yeah, be it a new mode, a new extra, a new category of items, it just had to be new. Anyway, you got 2 votes, let’s go!

EDIT: This has been brought to my attention that the previous poll had been trolled. webcomera’s Holiday Changes mini shows a very serious lack of effort put in the mini, especially compared to the other participants, yet still managed to get a large amount of votes. After asking several people in the chat, I have officially decided to disqualify the mini.

From now on, I will not just put your mini on the poll if it seems like you put little to no effort towards it. I’m not asking you to write an entire essay about it, but please try to put some effort in your work, or otherwise, I will disqualify it to avoid potential tampering with voting. All for the best.



  1. >mfw Holiday Changes win
    >mfw Junahu’s minis are all terrible

    This is a victory, people. A victory over our mini dictator. VIVA LA REVOLUTION.

    • Ouch, what a thankless job. No constructive criticism. Just imaginary rabble rousing about “toppling the despot”.
      Your anarchist touch is just wasted here. How about using it on actual established bodies of power, like the Leadership?

    • Yeah, don’t complain about Junahu, complain about someone who isn’t Junahu. ¬_¬

      Not to say I agree with Dave. Junahu does a good job on the minis, and deserves more respect than that.

  2. I am disappoint MYM

  3. I concur with Silver.

  4. Likewise.

  5. I have to agree as well.

  6. Well, Junahu – considering leadership hasn’t done anything extremely objectionable in my eyes, outside one member of leadership who I highly disagree with, it would be quite terrible to waste it on the leadership.

    That and we came up with that very nice little rotation system for minis that you abandoned at the start of this contest. That is more than enough cause for me to go after you. (chew)

    • Funny how you didn’t chase this up for… how long? 7 weeks? Not once did you approach me asking what happened to the deal.

      I’ll be honest, I just plain forgot about rotation. I’m human y’know, and it’s hard to keep track of verbal agreements that only exist on the Xat. But I refuse to accept that I’m the only one at fault here. If people actually wanted this to happen, they would have been on my case after week 2, not 7.

  7. Also – removing a mini? That’s just disappointing, TWILT.

  8. Well, quite frankly webcoroma’s mini doesn’t deserve to win and most people agree to that. Plenty of thoughts that the poll was rigged as well.

    On top of that, having it win would give webcoroma the wrong impression I think. Poor guy would have no idea he won because of a joke, and that’s really not fair.

  9. Yes, complain about the leadership, which is a 5 man entity that has power over a list nobody likes. Don’t complain about the single man dictatorship who directly says what we can and cannot do.

    Democracy indeed.

    • Gee, maybe I should apologise for running a service for a comparitively non-serious branch of MYM, the way I want to. Clearly I’m contaminating young minds with my propaganda.

    • Junahu, you are standing in the way of liberty. Can’t you see that people just want to be left in peace to make minis however they want without being judged for them? Once your petty rules and regulations and “competition” are out of the way, they’ll be able to joyfully post whatever extra they happen to come up with on a given day, and they’ll get comments that don’t need to measure up to your dictatorial stature, and there’ll be no more voting and no more top 30, and everybody will finally be happy.

      I mean, who do you think you are to set standards on how people should MYMini?

    • Then again, maybe without the competition the minis would lose their appeal. Do you suppose people do this stuff for pleasure and to sharpen their minds, or for competition and ego? I wonder whether I’ve been wrong about this all along.

    • My God Rool! You take this so seriously it’s pathetic, it’s just a game! And Junahu’s dictatorship is suffocating the fun. If you can’t see that, then you have truly lost your marbles.

      Scrupulous behaviour on behalf of a centralised bi-cameral mini committee is obviously what we need. David shall head the judiciary, Junahu heads the executive.

    • Nah, people are really making these minis just so they can force Nate to make a couple of sets.

      If I had to judge, though, mini topics should be chosen with the aim to inspire ideas into MYMers, not limit them.

  10. “From now on, I will not just put your mini on the poll if it seems like you put little to no effort towards it.”

    “From now on, I will not allow your set to be voted for if it seems like you put little to no effort towards it.”

    Now, can you imagine if we set the later rule into effect? This is a democracy – the people vote. It also especially bugs me as you set no standard for what “effort” is, and you make no effort to tell the newcomer how to improve – you just simply disqualify their entry. Imagine if we did that with Smashbot when he posted Haggar or LoL when he posted Mr. Minecraft – they wouldn’t have gotten very far, now would they?

    You also have very little connection to the minis outside the polls. If we -MUST- have someone judging the line of quality, I’d prefer it to be Junahu, as much as it sickens me to say that.

    • If you really hate it so much, nothing is stopping you from making your own mini competition separate from Junahu’s. This seems preferable to forcing Junahu to make changes to his own set mini standards.

  11. Have you seen the minis Junahu posts? They’re worse than the topics for said minis he comes up with.

    I’ll take mrtownsend as judge over him.

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