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MW Top 20s – Pokesets 20-11

Pokesets are commonly done as one day endeavors for the sake of getting more moveset activity, but the sheer quantity of them means that many of these Pokesets end up being quite exceptional anyway – many of the sets on the top 20 were made in a single day. Of course, there’s plenty Pokesets here that were more elaborate production as well, some even being produced over a matter of months. To be considered at all for this list, you have to have the most basic essence of a Pokeset – no humans involved (Joy, Hugo, Grunt) and no OCs, so Smot has to go get in line with Shadowdeth.

20 – Klink by Legendoflink – MYM 9

The set has two concepts at the core which are very strong. One is one gear rotating around the other at controllable intervals, making for some interesting hitbox locations by itself, but getting wackier when the other gear rotates around the main one while they’re not physically connected. The other of two concepts plays off the first concept, and has the two gears create danger zones between each other by shooting and/or reflecting projectiles at each other. While that’s all fantastic, the set cannot climb the list thanks to that being pretty much all it does – the execution is pretty off in this set, with most of the inputs being rather pointless, while not that many moves are needed for Klink to do what he does.

19 – Golurk by n88_2004 – MYM 9

Golurk is one of the best characters with a move with a move that records a series of actions to do in the future, and is rather ahead of his time for the whole invisibility and duplicates thing what with being posted in MYM 9. The mindgames presented by all of this are the most obviously appealing parts of the set, but most of the flow actually comes from emphasizing the more obvious part of Golurk’s character – his titanic nature. While the playstyle revolving so heavily around a dtilt trap is a tad tacky, most of the moves that space the foe along the ground work very well with Golurk’s pitfall traps, and it flows brilliantly into his whole invisibility and duplicates gig. Where the set doesn’t hold up as strong is when other aspects of Golurk’s ghostliness are brought up – random Shadow Ball projectile aerial for the sake of it, for example. Not only are these moves irrelevant, but Golurk doesn’t exactly come across as a generic prankster ghost, and with the already fairly heavy mindgames introduced in the Down Special these moves would probably be better off left out.

18 – Octillery by JOE! – MYM 8

Octillery’s moveset of making the foe trip with ink is rather innovative for a Pokemon like Octillery, as the ink surprisingly is –not- just a token slip’n’slide but rather more like Brawl Ice. More interesting still is how Octillery’s moves change while he’s latching onto the foe’s head, able to apply his projectiles directly to the forehead. The moveset is obviously most famous for applying this concept for doubles, turning Octillery into a turret that can latch onto any character – Nappa holding a ground chunk with Diglett in it while an Octillery’s on his head, anyone? As hilariously retarded as that is, the set is lower down the list due to there not being as much coherency in the playstyle for singles.

17 – Weezing by SmashDaddy – MYM 8

Weezing is another set with plenty of filler (Common with Pokesets) on this list, inhaling gas and shooting it back out in X direction to move it around, but the meat of what he does doesn’t happen on inputs but rather in a mechanic so it’s more justified than the three previous movesets. How Smady makes use of all of the gas that’s out as an extension of range for both the grab and Explosion is quite interesting. He can’t just treat it carelessly as an ammo bank due to his chain-grab wearing out too quickly if he uses it carelessly and his explosion using up all of it, and he generally needs the basic gas out to make stronger gas to makes his enemies flinch. It’s quite thought provoking for such a simplistic set.

16 – Jolteon by KingK.Rool – MYM 6

Hit and run is very rarely attempted, and even less commonly is it done right. Until more sets actually do that competently, Jolteon’s pretty much the best we’ve got for the genre, as his mechanic actually makes him play the mechanic of hit and run very literally. His moveset is limited to a miniscule amount of attacks when he has no charge, making those generic inputs far more relevant than they’d be otherwise. All of a sudden, though, Jolteon will discharge all of his static electricity right into the foe’s cocky ass, before fleeing from the foe. Granted, more varied ways of discharging electricity would’ve been appreciated.

15 – Houndoom by UserShadow7989 – MYM 7

The sheer offensive nature of a character that creates so many traps on such a regular basis is the appeal of this moveset. Houndoom’s moves that do create fiery hitboxes on the ground create hitboxes of their own before they generate the traps, and Houndoom will be using them for actually attacking his enemies for the most part. Houndoom doesn’t even bother pressuring his foes towards the traps that much he’s so offensive (Though he very certainly can do that) – the purpose of the “traps” are more for Houndoom to power himself up. They can even potentially double as shields for Houndoom to attack foes from inside of while surrounding himself with disjointed hitboxes. Granted, if any of this said “conceptually overpowered” to you, you wouldn’t be alone.

14 – Hariyama by Darth Meanie – MYM 8

Hariyama is pretty much what that infamous “combo heavyweight” trope actually done successfully. His pummel adds extra time to a stunned state (“reeling”) enemies enter after being thrown, and he has some good prone abuse to compliment it without going into overkill. Perhaps more impressive is foes will be wrecking Hariyama just as bad if not worse as he wrecks the foe, but he can turn all of this damage around as well as enemy grabs with his Sumo, making matches with him sound rather heated, especially for such a severe heavyweight character. His token move to interact with his taking more damage, Belly Drum, is also more than that in that it works with his offensive style simultaneously, giving him superarmor to go offensive/approach with as well as possibly baiting the foe into approaching themselves.

13 – Gardevoir by ProfPeanut – MYM 12

Gardevoir is able to use the foe’s attacks as a tool. While she doesn’t have –direct- counters, she can absorb attacks the foe uses against her into her barriers before sending them right back out at the foe in a multitude of ways. She can also use the barriers as, god forbid, actual barriers to protect herself, but her moveset has enough options that she can generally multi-task and use the barriers for both offensive and defensive purposes. The barriers are even quite versatile when used defensively, as Gardevoir can not only move the barriers about with her but flip them from the vertical stance you’d expect into a horizontal one. How can barriers do all this? Lord knows, but it makes for a good set.

12 – Diglett by Junahu – MYM 9

Diglett is a moveset that is obviously incredibly commendable for the character that Junahu chose. Junahu’s decision to make creating mounds of dirt be done via the jump input not only was a great substitute for aerials, it gave Diglett the ability to space himself and make a little meat shield while simultaneously giving himself a perch to slide down boulders at his foes from. This is perhaps the most memorable thing from the set, and was later put to good use in Smot. While the grab-game is pretty fantastic in Diglett, the highlights are still just how amazingly Junahu got Diglett to work in the Smash context – anybody, not just specific MYM chars, can now spike someone through the stage.

11 – Garbodor by SmashDaddy – MYM 10

Garbodor manages to add something to the mix of Potato Head/Skeleton’s disjointed limbs by letting said exploded limbs hide inside of trash and emphasizing giving the individual body parts direct movement. As Garbodor, you really feel as if you are playing an animated heap of trash more-so than a specific individual, and Smady does this with only 3 separate controllable units and no minions involved at all, instead relying on what he does best with his usual stage control poison goop. Not only are foes avoiding trash to avoid direct damage, they’re avoiding it to avoid getting hit by one of the poisonous sharks lurking underneath the poisonous waters, waiting to strike – the trash being so good at limiting the movement of foes only elevates this further.



  1. Interesting picks, though I don’t really agree with Goruugu (I’ll never get the hang of calling him Golurk) being in the Top 20. Not too pleased with many of my Pokesets these days, come to think of it.

  2. >mfw octillery is lower than forretress

  3. Kind of disappointed Klink is so low, I really like that set for whatever reason.

    Ah well, it’s a pretty nice list regardless. Like most of these sets and even in the cases of the ones I don’t you justify your reasoning. Nice to see Houndoom get some love too on that note. Always liked that set.

  4. Klink is actually Gear and Golurk is actually Goruugu, but okay. Never liked either of them. The high placings for Houndoom and Garbodor, on the other hand, are immensely pleasing to me – both of them having made my top ten of their respective contests, as you no doubt know – and Jolteon’s placement tickles me to no end. The Eeveelutions were zonked-out sets, and flawed all the way through… but they had more than their fair share of good points, I think, and it’s nice to see that one that you originally couldn’t stand has weaseled its way into your good graces.

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