Posted by: frostare | April 14, 2012

Kholdstare and MYM: A Personal Talk

Howdy everyone, and thanks for bothering to read this. In this post I’m going to explain the past, present, and future of MYM for me, as well as take a look into my mind and what’s been going on lately. So what better way to start than with the beginning?

I first discovered MYM from a Pokemon forum, believe it or not. There was a Mercurious-style contest on the Wii boards there, which was mainly full of Battle Revolution talk at the time, but there was a Smash Bros thread there. I was, at the time, a frequent member of the forum, and I decided to post a few “movesets” here and there out of interest and boredom. One of them was for Mudkip. So when someone posted a full-length moveset, I was amazed. This member was, in fact, TVTMaster, from MYM3. I inquired about how he had the time and effort to write a full length moveset, and he linked me to MYM, and his movesets Treecko and Zora Soldier. These two provided the interest for MYM.

While browsing the thread late in the contest, I remember being impressed and intimidated. I never thought I’d ever write one of those monsters. But then I saw a moveset that provided the spark to make one of my own: Nandaba Naota by Chief Mendez. I was drooling over the cool ideas, but mainly the presentation, which made the moveset like a real piece of entertainment rather than, say, an essay. I wanted to write movesets to entertain people then, which is why the moveset fueled me to create my own.

At the time, I was an even huger Zelda nerd than I am now, so I brainstormed for Zelda characters I really liked, ones I wanted to make a set for, one that  I wanted to see in Smash beating up on everyone and looking badass. The one that really came to my head was Fierce Deity Link. No, I did not read –WAMY–‘s moveset until after. So I wrote up Fierce Deity Link for fun, and posted it. I never expected the great reception it got, and I was giddy. You guys liking it so much is what made me stay permanently.

So I stayed. Remember how I posted a 4 specials for Mudkip? At the time, I was a 4chan meme loving retard, so I wanted my next moveset to revolve around memes, again to entertain people. So why not post one for the embodiment of 4chan itself: Anonymous? That way I could have as many memes as I pleased. So I brainstormed and decided to make Anon a legion of different personalities into one: the five boards I chose gave him distinctly different flavors of moves. And, as I hoped, Anon was received well, and was remembered fondly for a few contests.

After Anon, I wanted to keep the moveset train going. I got into the community, became a regular, not a newbie anymore. I still hadn’t forged any solid friendships at this point. So I decided to go back to Zelda and I posted Shadow Beast, since I was playing Twilight Princess at the time. I realized me and Silver started forming a friendship at that point, due to liking each other’s sets and my joking around by having Shadow Beast “tackleglomp” (PPL was around at the time, although not entirely hated, just viewed as more of a scrappy) Midna. Me, H_R, and MT were also becoming friends, because I remember them liking Anonymous a lot at the time. Sorry to others who did as well, as those are the ones that come to the top of my head. I’m sure I was friends with you too 😉 .

So I noticed the overpopulation of Kirby sets at the time, and I decided to make Wiz to become even more popular. I started bonding with the leaders at this point: Rool and Kibble (who made the top image) loved it, and Warlord graciously reviewed it, in which he liked it despite it being broken. So at the end of MYM4, I was one of the guys.

MYM5 is a hazy period, because I decided to troll everyone and become Scyphozoa for a while. The amount of people that wished me well on the “trip” showed that I had made many friends here, and I thank you all for that. So while as Scyphozoa, I enjoyed being a stranger again. In fact, that’s one of my odd (and sometimes negative) personality quirks: I love to “start over”. I repeatedly ditch projects and games halfway through because I want to experience the nostalgia/high of starting fresh again, which is very bad if you look at it objectively. But still, I did it, and everyone had a laugh riot when I revealed myself. And then nobody trusted a newcomer ever again. You can thank me for that.

Now, the strangest thing is, the past MYMs from 6 on have been a blur, one addled mess. I don’t remember vivid details from them much, and I don’t really feel like it right now. What I need to get to right now is my recent sets. Landia and my Organization XIII sets have been described as “rushed”. This kind of makes me sad. The past year, I’ve been feeling kind of off, and having anxiety issues. I’ve been preferring writing brief things that come to my mind. This makes them seem rushed. My attacks are often short and bland to other people. The thing is, every move I write, I tumble over it in my head until I write what I think the character should be doing on that input. I have a hard time recently writing for “the big picture”. I try to piece it together in the end.

Roxas, I wanted him to play like how cool it felt to play as him with two keyblades. I wanted to convey that feeling. Axel, I wanted a heated combo character. Vexen, I wanted a cowardly defensive and support character. Saix… well, I literally looked at him and said Ike clone, which is exactly what I want him to be outside of specials and his mechanic. He’s not up yet because today I was thinking, and am adding a few things to him. I’m thinking about making edits to all of them, even though how they are just now are how I envisioned them. I just know that how I envisioned them makes them look choppy, uncouth, and rushed. They look rushed because my mind has been in a fritz from the pain both from my kidney stone and from personal stress. I completed all of them a week ago.

So what happens next? I’ll be focusing on editing my Organization sets, then I’ll start to work on a Magic the Gathering set and a Story Mode. I’m going to ponder, and take my time. I’m going to slow cook these. I’m trying to break out of this “rushed” writing style I’ve developed since Landia. It’s going to take reworking of my mood and brain.

And after that? Finish sets and projects that I’ve put on hold, like the Beauty and Beast Unit which is part of my 4v4 project, and a final parting gift to MYM that will take about a year to complete. After that, it’s college, and my own, non-MYM related writing venture that I plan to be a secondary source of income for me for the real world. Sorry to put it like that. I’m not leaving yet, you’ll have me for at least another year. Every community I’ve been in has had its limelight. MYM’s is going to fade out like the rest of them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. (HUG)



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