Posted by: masterwarlord | April 17, 2012

MW Top 20s – Pokesets 10-1

10 – Kabutops by Kholdstare – MYM 10

Kabutops is a combo set that is much more simplistic than the others on this list, and doesn’t have as much to vary up his combo game in comparison to the others. None the less, the way Kabutops goes about comboing his foes is simply too cool to resist – essentially, that watery slope on the side of the Pikmin stage in Brawl can actually be constructed in Brawl, and Kabutops can wait at the bottom to attack foes who slide down to knock them back up further into the slope. The water also slides off the sides of the stage, and due to Kabutops’ ability to swim in the water he can use this as a recovery, among other brilliant moves hidden among the combo fodder such as Scald/Boiling Water and the ability to drown foes as one of his primary kill methods.

9 – Electivire by Darth Meanie – MYM 9

At the surface, Electivire appears to be a very simplistic ammo bank esque character who can simply put on the hurt to a proportionate amount based off how many units he has in his ammo bank to spend. While Electivire can be played in this way, he still has some limited combo potential with no electricity at all, and thus has to make strategic use of his mechanic to make things desirable once he runs out of charge. Aside from that, Electivire also has to vary his combos based off how many units he has to make use of, yes, but it’s also generally stupid to use things all in one go, as Electivire prefers to keep some for defensive purposes – Electivire can build charge much more easily if he can spend some of said charge to defend himself as he’s doing so. This defensive/offensive shift also helps with making Electivire’s versatility more pronounced, but it’s still obviously quite flowing due to being needed to attain Electivire’s charge. While building up an ammo bank defensively doesn’t seem all that great initially, in combination with a comboing character it adds some much needed variety to their game.

8 – Slowbro by MarthTrinity – MYM 10

Slowbro’s a set that is far more adaptive than either of the combo sets listed before due to the simple nature that it varies so much based off how the enemy plays against Slowbro. With defensive play, Slowbro can attempt to not take any knockback or stun whatsoever and shrug off everything the enemy attempts save for throws, attempting to forget to take knockback whatsoever. Slowbro can mindgames foes into whether he’s going to take knockback or not, and can use it as a means of transportation about the stage considering he’s, shockingly, slow in the movement department. Perhaps best of all, Slowbro can even use his knockback directly against his enemies by turning on his nair, enabling him to pick up momentum from the foe to use for said move.

7 – Gallade by Legendoflink – MYM 10

Gallade is another character that varies based off interaction with the foe, though this time is one of those characters that use damage rather than knockback. Having Gallade’s mechanic for comboing be something beyond his control really helps in convincing me that this character would undoubtedly have more unique combos than even the likes of Electivire, and it also has some other aspects involved to add to the fun with projectiles Gallade can outrun at high percentages to use as comboing tools, as well as Future Sight serving a similar purpose. Both of these also gives the foe more to dodge even when used outside of combos, giving Gallade some offensive tools to use before he gets to high enough percentages to start truly comboing.

6 – Magmortar by Darth Meanie – MYM 8

Magmortar at his core is just a camper with trap-char elements added in to supplement the camping, but it’s very well done and many of the elements that make it up remain unique. While Magmortar has the traditional camper walls that he lobs projectiles over, he also has massive lava pits that foes must approach over that he can either hover over fine or camp inside of. He can obscure the path of his projectiles or himself with Smokescreen as well, something rarely seen in a –camper- moveset rather than a trap moveset, and can reverse the foe’s controls inside the smokescreen to make them unaware of the fact their controls have been reversed. This is one of very few movesets where the moveset maker has so much to talk about in each of the sections that the standards come at the very end, and for the most part it’s justified. There are literally countless sets similar on a very basic level to this, but this is probably the best representative.

5 – Sandslash by Kholdstare – MYM 7

This is another Khold moveset which is very basic at the core. Essentially, it’s an MYM 5 trap character, though not quite as heavy on the traps as said movesets. The core concept Khold brings in with this one is Sandstorm, something the entirety of the stage and all traps. Sandslash can even go invisible inside the Sandstorm himself if he so desires, making his non-trap based moves more relevant as he goes around “ninjaing” foes. While this might sound rather overpowered, the Sandstorm can’t be up constantly, making Sandslash play some hit and run with the foe while the Sandstorm’s down. While not capitalized on in particular, said hit and run exists on some level, which is rather a rarity.

4 – Gengar by KingK.Rool – MYM 10

Gengar won a contest recently, and pretty much everybody’s read it and knows all of the good points. Invisibility and duplicates is a very MYMish concept immediately, and this set cranks the meter up to 11 as it tries to exploit everything it can in the “genre” with no concern for how tacky it gets. The duplicates in this particular moveset aren’t something that are controlled for the most part, no. If they didn’t share your character’s model, they’d be more like simplistic minions with one unique to each input. Despite the simplistic nature of the minions, it’s very possible to pass yourself off as one of them by using the attack that you commanded them to do – most iconic a conga line that puts Party Pete to shame. Other elements in the moveset include something somewhat independent of the duplicates, but interacting a fair bit with the invisibility – hiding inside of shadows on the ground to creep up on the foe is rather devious when practically everything in the moveset realistically casts a shadow, and you can even control the source of light in the stage via Will’o’Wisps.

3 – Haunter by KingK.Rool – MYM 10

Taking a page out of his own book with Skeleton, Haunter is largely one of those disjointed limbs movesets as Haunter separate his hands from his body. With only one “limb” to separate from his main body though and not many attacks involving said main body, it’s more a matter of hide and seek in Haunter’s Poison Gas as you attack foes with the hands with next to no penalty while the main body is kept hidden away inside the gas. Aside from this, hiding in general with the Poison Gas is very rewarding, as the longer foes have to search for you inside not only will they take more damage but they’ll rack up a mechanic on themselves (“Fear”) that serves as Haunter’s primary KO method.

2 – Arbok by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 7

While many of HR’s sets in particular have rusted with age, Arbok has the luxury of being in the increasingly exclusive category of sets that get better with age. While Macho Man simply had a lot of moves that just so happened to do shield damage, Arbok feels much more natural with his moves, with more thought being given to each individual move. Essentially, Arbok is the best pure offensive character out there due to his reliance on simply hitting foes through dodges as an actual point in the moveset rather than an afterthought. As far as dealing with shields, Arbok has a plethora of grabs.  Arbok deals poison damage on many of his moves, and while poison damage seems strange on an offensive character, if the foe is badly poisoned when he grabs them it will be twice as difficult for them to escape (And making his main KO move in the fthrow more feasible to land), giving Arbok more incentive to continue his rushdown while giving the foe motive to flee. Arbok of course is spectacular at capturing prey who dares to run from him, particularly with his glorious dashing attack – it’s a keep dashing dash attack as Arbok slithers forwards at top speed, with Arbok pressing up and down to move through the Z planes at will.

1 – Espeon by KingK.Rool – MYM 6

Espeon has a lot of tacky stuff in it to be certain, with moves reacting to foes in certain ways with no particular explanation considering how all of Espeon’s animations look so similar. Regardless, tackiness to flow with the main concept works in a moveset when the main concept is as good as Espeon’s. For those somehow unaware, Espeon causes the foe to gain control of a projection in front of themselves that cannot affect the fight at all, while their actual character laggily follows their actions after the projection does. This enables Espeon to literally see into the future and react to foes based off what they try against him, leading to many moves that punish the foe for doing certain actions. This moveset’s existence has stopped movesets for similar characters/concepts from having been made outright due to how good this set is, as nobody knows how they can do it better. Then, you have Obi-Wan and Iron Tail who are so ashamed that they literally acknowledge that they are stealing directly from Espeon, the former even quoting Espeon’s Future Sight move in its’ entirety.



  1. Heh, Obi-wan was indeed such a bad set, I’m surprised anyone even remembers the thing.

  2. I pretty strongly disagree with this list, sort of feel that the only sets here I really like are Magmortar, Kabutops, and Gengar, with them all getting too low. Your opinion I suppose, though. Espeon’s entire gameplan always struck me as conceptually broken to an ungodly degree, in particular.

  3. Bit bummed that you think Goruugu is my best effort in the Pokeset department. Also, Rool’s Haunter is not that great. (CRS) That mechanic is just barely a step above freak points.

  4. It’s a hard list to make, but I don’t agree with the top three here.

    Haunter I can see deserving its place the most, but Nate’s right about the KO mechanic, and aside from that it’s the same idea that Skeleton, Potato Head and even Garbodor had, just with different limbs and more magic. Arbok’s main concept – hitting dodging opponents – doesn’t work in Brawl when even Mewtwo in Melee doesn’t actually dodge into the background, and this is touted as an in-smash set. Espeon is completely broken; speaking of dodging, this is a set that is based around slowing your opponent so harshly that it is impossible for them to hit you. It’s overly flashy and impractical.

    Not to sound like I dislike the list, I like it for stimulating some debate. I personally would’ve put Hariyama (based on what I read in MYM8), Kabutops and something like Golem in top three, which may go to show how different everyone’s opinions are on this.

  5. Where the hell is Buizel?

  6. Buizel was one-shotted by Electivire.

    Also glad to see Warlord still likes Arbok so much, though it’s pretty common knowledge by now that I prefer Serperior.

  7. Who is Sonicboom2?

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