Posted by: HalfSilver | April 20, 2012

Every Single Moveset and Its Franchise

If there’s anything I’ve noticed during years and years of watching this MYM contest evolve, it’s that a lot of MYMers want to see their favorite franchises represented.  Kupa’s always making his Donkey Kong and Mario villains, Kat’s always finding new ways to make Lucky Star sets, etc.  I wanted to see Tales of Symphonia represented when I first showed up in MYM2, so I made sets from that game along with 4 billion extras.  It’s really a newcomer trend: a lot of younger MYMers tend to make sets for a select few franchises at first, and then branch out into new ones when they gain experience.  Of course some *coughkupacough*  never really move on to new franchises.  Though apparently when you work for a long time on one specific type of set, you can get really GOOD at making that type of set.

Anyway, when considering characters to make sets for, I’m sure you’ve wondered if any of those characters have had sets before: good sets or bad.  Well I’ve been sick for a few days, and instead of lying around like a potato watching anime, I’ve done days of the worst kind of busy work to solve that problem once and for all!  I’ve separated EVERY SINGLE MOVESET EVER MADE into categories according to its franchise, with all placing sets (and all PKS victims and disqualified sets) listed first.  Unless a specific franchise has at least 3 movesets to its name, you will probably find those sets under a “General ___” category.  Some companies such as Valve and Capcom have their own categories as well as separate franchise listings, and GIANT franchises like Mega Man and Mario have been split into 2.  I’ll definitely update this list every so often: idk if this can be turned into a more permanent section on the Bunker.  So yeah; read the fruits of my sick labor and stand in awe and disgust :p  If there’s any franchise or character you’re curious about, just control+f them or however you want to do that.  Tell me if you find this useful at all. . . if not you can just punch a kitten or blame FA or something.

Table of Contents

1. Ace Attorney series
2. General Action Games/Shooters
3. Animal Crossing
4. Animated Film (non-Disney)
5. General Anime
6. Avatar The Last Airbender
7. Baten Kaitos
8. Banjo-Kazooie
9. General Beat-em-Ups
10. Bioshock
11. Blazblue
12. Bleach
13. Bobobo-bobo-bobo
14. Capcom
15. Cardcaptor Sakura
16. General Cartoons
17. Castlevania
18. General Comics
19. Courage the Cowardly Dog
20. Crash Bandicoot series
21. Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross
22. Custom Robo
23. Danny Phantom
24. DC Comics
25. Death Note
26. Devil May Cry series
27. Digimon
28. Disgaea series
29. Disney
30. Donkey Kong series
31. Dragonball series
32. Dungeons and Dragons series
33. Fate/Stay/Night and Type-Moon
34. General Fighting Games
35. Final Fantasy
36. Fire Emblem
37. FLCL
38. Fullmetal Alchemist
39. F-Zero
40. Golden Sun
41. Guild Wars
42. Godzilla
43. Guilty Gear
44. Gundam
45. Halo
46. Harry Potter
47. Haruhi Suzumiya
48. Heroscape
49. Homestar Runner
50. Homestuck series
51. General Horror Games
52. Illbleed
53. Internet and Computer Randomness
54. I Wanna be The Guy
55. Katawa Shoujo
56. Kid Icarus series
57. Kingdom Hearts
58. Kirby series
59. League of Legends
60. Legend of Zelda series
61. Literature
62. Live-Action Film
63. Live-Action TV
64. Looney Tunes
65. Lord of the Rings
66. Lucky Star
67. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
68. Magic: The Gathering
69. Mario series
70. Mario RPGs/Paper Mario series
71. Marvel Comics
72. Mass Effect
73. Megaman series (Classic, Battle Network, Legends and Starforce
74. Megaman X and ZX/Zero series
75. Metal Gear series
76. Metroid
77. Mischief Makers
78. Mortal Kombat
79. Mother series
80. Music
81. My Little Pony
82. Myths and Folklore and Religion
83. Naruto
84. No More Heroes series
85. Random Objects and Animals
86. Okami
87. Old-School Games
88. One Piece
89. Original Characters
90. Panel de Pon
91. Phantasy Star series
92. Pixar
93. General Platforming Games
94. Pokemon
95. Product Mascots
96. Puella Magi Madoka Magica series
97. Punch-Out!
98. Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari
99. General Puzzle Games
100. General Racing Games
101. Rayman
102. Real Life People
103. General RPGs
104. Sailor Moon
105. Sega (non-Sonic)
106. Sgt. Frog
107. Shakugan no Shana
108. Shin Megumi Tensei/Persona series
109. The Simpsons
110. Simulation Games
111. Sly Cooper series
112. Sonic the Hedgehog
113. Soul Calibur series
114. Soul Eater
115. Spongebob Squarepants
116. Spyro the Dragon
117. Starfox series
118. Star Wars
119. General Strategy Games
120. Street Fighter series
121. Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle
122. Super Smash Bros. series
123. Tales Of series
124. Team Fortress 2
125. Tekken series
126. Touhou series
127. Valve (non-Team Fortress 2)
128. Viewtiful Joe
129. Warcraft
130. Wario Land and Warioware
131. The World Ends With You
132. Xiaolin Showdown
133. Yu-gi-oh
134. Yu Yu Hakusho

Ace Attorney series

MYM3 Phoenix Wright by Chief Mendez (placed 11th)

MYM8 Miles Edgeworth by TWILTHERO (placed 15th)

MYM12 Manfred Von Karma by MasterWarlord (placed 5th)

MYM13 Luke Atmey by Katapultar (placed 14th)

MYM13 Zak Gramarye by Big Mac (placed 23rd)

MYM2 Phoenix Wright by Slickslicer

MYM4 Apollo Justice by kitsuneko345

MYM4 Klavier Gavin by kitsuneko345

MYM5 Ema Skye by kitsuneko345

MYM11 Mask DeMasque by Junahu

General Action Games/Shooters

MYM7 Doppelori by Junahu (placed 1st)

MYM13 Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight by tirkaro (placed 39th)

MYM1 Sam Fisher by BananaNut

MYM2 Altair by Chris Lionheart

MYM2 Carl Johnson by Kiki52

MYM2 Duke Nukem by sethpenguin

MYM2 G-red by Umpadumpalump

MYM2 Jade ( (Beyond Good and Evil) by TimeSmash

MYM2 Jak by Dark Paladin X

MYM2 Marcus Fenix by Rampaging Wang

MYM3 Baz by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 Bill Rizer & Lance Bean by Chief Mendez

MYM3 Hayden Tenno (Dark Sector) by xX Boezy Xx

MYM3 Saki Amamiya by Gryphon

MYM3 Shadowrunner by smashbot226

MYM3 The Stranger by BlueYoshiPinkShoes

MYM4 Paul Ferenc (Far Cry 2) by Alfa

MYM4 Sergeant Cortez (Timesplitters) by jimnymebob

MYM5 Klarrann (Ninety-Nine Nights) by Chris Lionheart

MYM5 Ratchet and Clank by Hyper_Ridley

MYM8 RTS Army by Getocoolaid

MYM9 Hideaki Kobayakawa by ieyasu tokugawa

MYM9 John Marston by Pikmin3000

MYM10 Oichi by tirkaro

MYM11 Malcolm by Koric

MYM13 Jak and Daxter by Jimnymebob

Animal Crossing

MYM2 Animal Crosser by firemario149

MYM2 Tom Nook by Demon_Parasite

MYM5 Animal Crosser by SirKibble

Animated Film (non-Disney)

MYM11 Aisling by ProfPeanut (placed 41st)

MYM11 Po (Kung Fu Panda) by ProfPeanut (placed 46th)

MYM11 Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha (placed 45th)

MYM12 Iron Tail by Davidreamcatcha (placed 35th)

MYM1 Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) by Paralasalud

MYM1 Jungledyret Hugo by RWB

MYM1 Pippi Longstocking by RWB

MYM8 Sophie Hatter by HeoandReo

MYM10 Iron Giant by BlackFox

MYM11 Burgermeister Meisterburger by BKupa666

MYM11 The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 The Once-Ler by Davidreamcatcha

General Anime

MYM6 The Count (Berserk) by MasterWarlord (placed 1st)

MYM1 Conan Edogawa, Anita and Heiji by RWB (placed 31st)

MYM5 Excel by half_silver28 (placed 39th)

MYM5 Hyatt by MarthTrinity (placed 25th)

MYM7 Inspector Lunge by MasterWarlord (placed 33rd)

MYM8 Hitagi Senjougahara by half_silver28 (placed 36th)

MYM9 Electric Gamma by phatcat203 (placed 34th)

MYM9 Miroku by half_silver28 (placed 38th)

MYM12 Jeanne D’Arc by Katapultar (placed 22nd)

MYM12 Negi Springfield by darth_meanie (placed 37th)

MYM10 Clare (Claymore) by half_silver28 (placed 48th on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Motoko Kusanagi by Mediator

MYM1 Astro Boy by courte

MYM1 Chiyo and Osaka by Megadio26

MYM2 Alucard by Shiek_pwns

MYM2 Hakafu Sonsaku by fly666monkey

MYM2 Katsumi Liqueur by Harkness

MYM2 Lucy by MarthTrinity

MYM2 Roger Smith by MarthTrinity

MYM2 Zatch Bell and Kiyo by GreatClayMonkey

MYM3 Ashitaka & San by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Beyblade by TWILTHERO

MYM3 Inuyasha by BronzeBlade7

MYM3 Kite (.hack) by smashbot226

MYM3 Kuroudou Akabane by Eternal Smasher

MYM3 Lil’ Slugger by MarthTrinity

MYM3 Ueki Kousuke by Tianxiazhai

MYM4 Astro Boy by WolfCypher

MYM4 Haru Glory by phatcat203

MYM4 Kyoya Hibari by phatcat203

MYM4 Sunako Nakahara by Evilgidgit


MYM7 Lightweight Female Protagonist (Lucy) by MasterWarlord

MYM7 Rena Ryuugu by half_silver28

MYM8 Dio Brando by Katapultar

MYM10 Enrico Pucci and Whitesnake by LegendofLink

MYM10 Gon (Hunter x Hunter) by koolerkid

MYM11 Invidia (11eyes) by SirKibble

MYM11 Princess Kraehe by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 Agiri Goshiki by Katapultar

MYM12 Angel (Angel Beats!) by SirKibble

MYM12 Hellmaster Fibrizo by Katapultar

MYM12 Gray Fullbuster by SirKibble

MYM12 Kirika Ueno by Katapultar

MYM12 Sakurako Ohmura and Himawari Furutani by Katapultar

MYM13 Athena by Katapultar

MYM13 Mukae Emukae (Medaka Box) by Katapultar

MYM13 Ryota Ijima by Katapultar

MYM13 Tabitha Orleans by Katapultar

Avatar The Last Airbender

MYM2 Aang by Vrael

MYM2 Toph by RWB

MYM12 Azula by The Warrior of Many Faces

Baten Kaitos

MYM3 Sagi by TWILTHERO (placed 39th)


MYM3 Kalas by Stroupes


MYM4 Kalas by PrepareYourself


MYM4 Milliarde by TWILTHERO


MYM2 Banjo-Kazooie by Eternal Smasher (placed 24th)

MYM11 Grunty by Junahu (placed 35th)

MYM2 Cap’n Blubber by El_Duderino

MYM3 Banjo Kazooie by ElPadrino




MYM4 Banjo-Kazooie by cena_wolf

MYM4 Banjo-Kazooie by UnSaxon51

MYM6 Weldar by Koppakirby

MYM7 Mumbo Jumbo by Koppakirby

MYM8 Gruntilda Winkybunion by DiamondFox

General Beat-em-Ups

MYM4 Undead Hero by dancingfrogman (placed 27th)

MYM9 Gray Knight by Pizzamasta (placed 44th on raw Top 50)

MYM3 Death Adder by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Gilius Thunderhead by Spadefox

MYM3 Shannon (God Hand) by Spadefox

MYM10 Mike Haggar by smashbot226

MYM10 Scott Pilgrim by mrtownsend826

MYM11 Marian (Double Dragon) by Koric


MYM3 Big Daddy & Little Sister by KoJ (placed 26th)

MYM2 Bioshock Jack by smashbot226

MYM3 Bioshock Jack by smashbot226


MYM9 Unlimited Hazama by Thrice (placed 50th)

MYM6 Nu-13 by SkylerOcon

MYM10 Arakune by majora_787

MYM10 Taokaka by majora_787


MYM2 Hollow Ichigo by RWB

MYM3 Renji by BronzeBlade7

MYM4 Rukia by aeolous

MYM5 Madarame Ikkaku by aeolous


MYM1 Bobobo-bobo-bobo by GreatClayMonkey

MYM5 Tsuru Tsurulina III by Katapultar

MYM6 Heppokomaru by Katapultar

MYM6 Suzu by Katapultar

MYM8 Suzu by Katapultar

MYM10 OVER by Katapultar


MYM2 Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta by Patchi (placed 50th)

MYM8 Sir Arthur by MarthTrinity (placed 25th)

MYM12 Chakravartin (Asura’s Wrath) by ForwardArrow (placed 12th)

MYM2 Leon Kennedy by ginobeeto

MYM4 Fiona Belli by Tanookie

MYM8 B.B. Hood by cutter

MYM11 Deviljho (Monster Hunter) by majora_787

MYM11 Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley

MYM11 Jinouga (Monster Hunter) by majora_787

Cardcaptor Sakura

MYM1 Kero-Chan by Evilgidgit

MYM2 Sakura Kinomoto by Evilgidgit

MYM2 Syaoran Li by Evilgidgit

General Cartoons

MYM1 Farthing Fox by RWB (placed 44th)

MYM1 The Warners by ArchemedesVI (placed 24th)

MYM2 Aqua Teen Hunger Force by El_Duderino (placed 2nd)

MYM2 Invader Zim by Sindel (placed 19th)

MYM2 Ren and Stimpy by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 16th)

MYM3 Leonardo by TWILTHERO (placed 9th)

MYM8 Skeleton by Axx o Nn (placed 13th)

MYM9 Penny Gadget / Inspector Gadget by Junahu (placed 47th)

MYM10 Mr. Mime (Powerpuff Girls) by Smash Daddy and Nicholas1024 (placed 26th)

MYM11 Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord (placed 29th)

MYM13 Princess Bubblegum by Davidreamcatcha (placed 31st)

MYM1 Ace Lightning by Evilgidgit

MYM1 Ben Ten by paralasalud

MYM1 Gir by Dragonblood21

MYM1 Peter Griffin by UberBob

MYM1 Tale Team (Troll Tales) by RWB

MYM1 Tommy Pickles by Sabrewulf238

MYM1 Velma by Sabrewulf238

MYM1 Woody Woodpecker by Chilindrino

MYM2 Andy French by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 Fred Fredburger by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Kenny by Chris Lionheart

MYM2 Lego Guy by cheap_josh

MYM2 Samurai Jack by Sente

MYM3 Ed by the melon!!!!!

MYM3 Flippy (Happy Tree Friends) by Dark Paladin X

MYM3 Peter Griffin by mantlecore77

MYM3 Splendid (Happy Tree Friends) by Dark Paladin X

MYM4 Dexter by Akiak

MYM4 Hak Foo by evilgidgit

MYM4 Hoss Delgado by IvoryFlame

MYM4 Kenny McCormick by Snowstalker

MYM4 Prince Charnog & Splorg by Evilgidgit

MYM4 The Raptors by Hyper_Ridley

MYM4 Robot Santa by Chris Lionheart

MYM5 Arthur by BKupa666

MYM10 Princess Bubblegum by mrtownsend826

MYM11 Party Pete by Clownbot

MYM13 Grimlock by Hyper_Ridley

MYM13 Soundwave Superior by Bionichute


MYM3 Dracula by Chief Mendez (placed 1st)

MYM11 Death by Smash Daddy (placed 1st)

MYM3 Simon Belmont by Chief Mendez (placed 12th)

MYM4 Aeon by Spadefox (placed 26th)

MYM4 Jonathan Morris & Charlotte Aulin by Spadefox (placed 10th)

MYM4 Shanoa by MarthTrinity (placed 25th)

MYM7 Alucard by Junahu (placed 14th)

MYM11 Giant Bat by Junahu (placed 10th)

MYM11 Medusa by Junahu (placed 49th)

MYM11 Mummy Men by Junahu (placed 7th)

MYM2 Simon Belmont by fly666monkey

MYM2 Soma Cruz by Daesik

MYM4 Alucard by Tanookie

MYM4 Cornell by Spadefox

MYM4 Death by Hyper_Ridley

MYM4 Maria Renard by Tanookie

MYM6 Soma Cruz by Spadefox

MYM11 The Creature by Junahu

Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross

MYM4 Frog by SirKibble (placed 42nd)

MYM2 Frog by PKPower

MYM2 Serge by smasherk808

MYM2 Turnip by Smasherk808

MYM3 Crono by Ilucamy

MYM3 Crono by SirKibble

MYM4 Crono by Twilight-Emblem

General Comics

MYM12 The Weird Rider by Getocoolaid (placed 23rd)

MYM2 Snoopy and Woodstocks by HeoandReo

MYM6 Hobbes by Straked

MYM10 Chen by tirkaro

MYM10 Sam & Max by Barbasol

MYM11 Minnie the Minx by Junahu

MYM12 Calvin and Hobbes by The Warrior of Many Faces

Courage the Cowardly Dog

MYM11 King Ramses by Kholdstare (placed 26th)

MYM11 Le’Quack by MasterWarlord (placed 34th)

MYM2 Courage the Cowardly Dog by Mr.Victory07

MYM5 Courage by Mythic02

MYM11 Freaky Fred by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 The Black Puddle Queen by Kholdstare

Crash Bandicoot series

MYM4 Cortex & Tiny by MasterWarlord (placed 11th)

MYM6 Dingodile by MasterWarlord (placed 4th)

MYM8 Komodo Bros by MasterWarlord (placed 48th)

MYM9 N. Brio by MasterWarlord (placed 4th)

MYM10 Dr. N Tropy by Smash Daddy (placed 3rd)

MYM13 Koala Kong by MasterWarlord (placed 6th)

MYM13 Uka Uka by Big Mac (placed 26th)

MYM1 Crash Bandicoot by Apdat

MYM1 Crash Bandicoot by Moon/Sun

MYM2 Crash Bandicoot by The Jalepeno

MYM2 Dingodile by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Dr. N. Brio by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Pinstripe by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Ripper Roo by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 N. Tropy by Smasherk808

MYM5 Ripper Roo by Jimnymebob

MYM10 N. Oxide by Diamondfox/MasterWarlord

Custom Robo

MYM3 Ray 01 by Delta BP26 (placed 44th)

MYM2 Ray 01 by SirKibble

MYM2 Ray 01 by Umpadumpalump

MYM10 Rakansen by Barbasol

Danny Phantom

MYM10 Vlad Plasmius by darth meanie and MasterWarlord (placed 24th)

MYM11 Fright Knight by darth meanie (placed 33rd)

MYM13 ember by Kholdstare

DC Comics

MYM4 The Joker by MasterWarlord (placed 2nd)

MYM6 Raven by half_silver28 (placed 15th)

MYM9 Bizarro by darth meanie (placed 11th)

MYM10 Clayface by MasterWarlord (placed 18th)

MYM11 Batman by BladeKnight420 (placed 40th)

MYM11 The Penguin by BladeKnight420 (placed 32nd)

MYM12 Poison Ivy by BladeKnight420 (placed 49th)

MYM13 The Joker by Davidreamcatcha (placed 46th)

MYM13 Larfleeze by The Warrior of Many Faces (placed 47th)

MYM10 Two-Face by darth meanie (placed 41st on raw Top 50)

MYM2 Rorschach by IvoryFlame

MYM2 The Joker by BronzeBlade7

MYM2 The Penguin by Evilgidgit

MYM3 Batman by half_silver28

MYM3 The Joker by Spartan64

MYM8 The Joker by Getocoolaid

MYM9 The Joker Remix by Getocoolaid

MYM10 Mr. Freeze by smashbot226

MYM12 Doomsday by The Warrior of Many Faces

MYM12 Red Tornado by Getocoolaid

MYM13 Aquaman by Kholdstare

Death Note

MYM1 Yagami Light by MetaLord (placed 34th)

MYM3 Light & Ryuk by MarthTrinity (placed 25th)

MYM5 Ryuk by MasterWarlord (placed 5th)

MYM1 Light by omega_ridley_X

MYM4 Misa Amane by TWILTHERO

MYM4 Ryuk by Dokutayuu


MYM11 Mello by majora_787

MYM11 Teru Mikami by Kholdstare

Devil May Cry series

MYM2 Dante by MarthTrinity (placed 37th)

MYM7 Dante by Chris Lionheart

MYM7 Nero by Chris Lionheart


MYM12 Vergil by TWILTHERO and Hyper_Ridley


MYM1 Keramon by The Nerd

MYM3 Agumon, Greymon & Metalgreymon by killori

MYM4 Gatomon by Tornadith

MYM4 Puppetmon by Evilgidgit

Disgaea series

MYM4 Pleinair by emergency (placed 17th)

MYM8 Etna and Prinny by Junahu (placed 22nd)

MYM12 Old Man Geo by Junahu (placed 26th)

MYM5 Hero Prinny by emergency

MYM11 Raspberyl by crash826

MYM12 Fuka by Junahu


MYM1 Scrooge McDuck by RWB (placed 3rd)

MYM4 Hades by BKupa666 (placed 47th)

MYM4 Jafar by KingK.Rool (placed 21st)

MYM4 Peter Pan by Tanookie (placed 22nd)

MYM5 Sebastian by BKupa666 (placed 41st)

MYM6 Hades by BKupa666 (placed 11th)

MYM10 Edgar by BKupa666 (placed 17th)

MYM11 Dr. Facilier by smashbot226 (placed 15th)

MYM11 Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut (placed 48th)

MYM11 Gaston by BKupa666 (placed 22nd)

MYM11 Rapunzel by kitsuneko345 (placed 25th)

MYM12 Oogie Boogie by Katapultar (placed 25th)

MYM12 Professor Ratigan by BKupa666 (placed 19th)

MYM13 Stromboli by Davidreamcatcha and MasterWarlord (placed 44th)

MYM13 Tigger by BKupa666 (placed 33rd)

MYM1 Mary Poppins by Darkfur

MYM3 Donald & Goofy by mantlecore77

MYM3 Roger Rabbit by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Simba by BKupa666

MYM3 Stitch by Dark Paladin X

MYM3 Timon & Pumba by BKupa666

MYM4 Aladdin by ~Cruxis~

MYM4 Iago and Zazu by BKupa666

MYM4 Jack Skellington by evilgidget

MYM5 Scar & the Hyenas by BKupa666

MYM6 Chernabog by peeup

MYM11 DOR-15 by kitsuneko345

MYM12 Captain Hook by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 The Coachman (Pinocchio) by smashbot226

MYM12 Darkwing Duck by Violenceman

MYM12 Winnie-the-Pooh by ProfPeanut

Donkey Kong series

MYM2 King K.Rool by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy (placed 8th)

MYM5 Kaptain Skurvy by Bkupa666 (placed 44th)

MYM5 King K. Rool by MasterWarlord (placed 46th)

MYM6 Bleak by BKupa666 (placed 41st)

MYM7 Stanley the Bugman by BKupa666 (placed 24th)

MYM7 Zinger by BKupa666 (placed 23rd)

MYM9 Kaptain K. Rool by BKupa666 (placed 15th)

MYM9 Necky by BKupa666 (placed 10th)

MYM10 Baron K. Roolenstein by BKupa666 (placed 4th)

MYM10 Klobber by BKupa666 (placed 46th)

MYM11 Kloak by BKupa666 (placed 43rd)

MYM2 Dixie Kong by mantlecore77

MYM2 Donkey Kong by Veggi

MYM3 Cranky Kong by BKupa666

MYM3 Diddy & Dixie by Adapt

MYM3 DK Crew by MarthTrinity

MYM3 King K.Rool by BKupa666

MYM3 King K.Rool by MasterWarlord

MYM4 Baby Donkey Kong by SonicBoom2

MYM4 Chunky Kong by kigbariom

MYM4 Klump and Krusha by MasterWarlord and Bkupa666

MYM5 Krow by Wizzerd

MYM6 Kaptain K.Rool by BKupa666

MYM6 Klump and Krusha by BKupa666

MYM7 Klubba by BKupa666

MYM10 Dixie Kong by mentholcase

MYM11 King K. Rool by BKupa666

Dragonball series

MYM4 Kid Goku by TheSundanceKid (placed 31st)

MYM9 Burter by MasterWarlord (placed 28th)

MYM9 Captain Ginyu by MasterWarlord (placed 21st)

MYM9 Guldo by MasterWarlord (placed 33rd)

MYM9 Jeice by Smash Daddy (placed 5th)

MYM9 Nappa by MasterWarlord (placed 14th)

MYM9 Recoome by Smash Daddy (placed 45th)

MYM10 Krillin by Junahu (placed 5th)

MYM3 Tien by PKSkyler

MYM4 Frieza by Tubaam

MYM4 Piccolo by phatcat203


MYM9 Vegeta by Smash Daddy

Dungeons and Dragons

MYM11 Kobold Clan by Zook (placed 27th)

MYM4 Venger by Lenus Altair

MYM9 Gelatinous Cube by Zook

MYM12 The Beholder by Zook

Fate/Stay/Night and Type-Moon

MYM7 Rider by darth meanie (placed 20th)

MYM7 Saber by darth meanie (placed 43rd)

MYM8 Archer by darth_meanie (placed 49th)

MYM9 Nrvnqsr Chaos by darth meanie (placed 20th)

MYM9 Luviagelita Edelfelt by darth meanie (placed 40th on raw Top 50)

MYM8 Tatari by darth meanie

General Fighting Games

MYM8 Ryoko Kano by HeoandReo (placed 46th on raw Top 50)

MYM2 Yungmie by HeoandReo

MYM3 Athena Asamiya by MajinNecro69

MYM3 Bad Mr. Frosty by mantlecore77

MYM3 Fulgore by Hyper Ridley

MYM4 Ryuji Yamakazi by Smash Daddy

MYM4 Oume Gouketsuji (Power Instinct) by Spadefox

Final Fantasy

MYM4 Kefka by Spadefox (placed 12th)

MYM6 Cloud of Darkness by Junahu (placed 20th)

MYM8 Scarmiglione by UserShadow7989 (placed 5th)

MYM10 Wakka by half_silver28 (placed 30th)

MYM11 Yuffie Kisaragi by half_silver28 (placed 38th)

MYM2 Agrias the Holy Knight by Newuser12345215

MYM2 Black/White Mage by Arigon

MYM2 Celes Chere by TimeSmash

MYM2 Cu Chaspel by Zook

MYM2 Kefka by Sabrewulf238

MYM2 Sephiroth by fly666monkey

MYM2 Versus Prince by Black Waltz

MYM2 Zack Fair by BronzeBlade7

MYM3 Chocobo by Shadow5567

MYM3 Genesis by The Great Panda

MYM3 Squall by Dark Paladin X

MYM3 Vivi by Smash Daddy

MYM4 Cactaur by Pelikinesis

MYM4 Chocobo by Pelikinesis

MYM4 Dr. Cid by ~Cruxis~

MYM4 Luso (Final Fantasy Tactics) by The_Great_Panda

MYM4 Sephiroth by ~Cruxis~

MYM4 Tonberry by Pelikinesis

MYM5 Golbez by Spadefox

MYM8 Jecht by Katapultar

MYM8 Strago Magus by HeoandReo

MYM9 Auron by Smash Daddy

MYM10 Maenad by Koric

Fire Emblem

MYM2 Sothe & Micaiah by Chris Lionheart (placed 23rd)

MYM2 The Black Knight by Chris Lionheart (placed 31st)

MYM3 Mia by TWILTHERO (placed 15th)

MYM4 Lyon by Spadefox (placed 49th)

MYM6 Hector by Junahu (placed 16th)

MYM6 The Black Knight by Chris Lionheart (placed 9th)

MYM9 Sothe by Gcubedude (placed 30th)

MYM13 Lyn by ManlySpirit (placed 45th)

MYM2 Ephraim by Fayt_0774_4133_6454

MYM2 Ephraim by gorgon.

MYM2 Ephraim by TVTMaster

MYM2 Erk by SirKibble

MYM2 Jaffar by Chris Lionheart

MYM2 Lyon by Chris Lionheart

MYM2 Soren by Joshuasdaman

MYM2 Stefan by smashbot226

MYM3 Geoffery by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Gerik by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Nephenee by S.O.L.I.D

MYM3 Pelleas by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Sain by TVTMaster



MYM4 Bastian by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Calill by TVTMaster

MYM4 Haar by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Hector by LockeCarnelia


MYM4 Micaiah by Mardyke

MYM5 Camus by majora_787

MYM5 Duke Oliver by kirbywizard

MYM5 Lyn by UserShadow7989

MYM5 Sheeda by Chris Lionheart

MYM6 Oliver by kirbywizard

MYM6 Prince Reyson by ShinoandtheBallonFighter

MYM7 Maraj by ieyasu tokugawa

MYM7 Volke by ElPanandero

MYM9 Micaiah by gcubedude

MYM9 Sanaki by gcubedude

MYM12 Hardin by Conren

MYM12 Merric by Conren

MYM12 Tiki by Conren


MYM3 Naota Nandaba by Chief Mendez (placed 14th)

MYM2 Haruko by MarthTrinity

MYM2 Naota Nandaba by neoREgen

Fullmetal Alchemist

MYM1 Colonel Roy Mustang by MetaLord (placed 10th)

MYM1 Edward Elric by killbeast301 (placed 26th)

MYM5 Alphonse by MasterWarlord (placed 3rd)

MYM5 Gluttony by MasterWarlord (placed 42nd)

MYM5 Roy Mustang by Chris Lionheart (placed 16th)

MYM6 Gluttony by MasterWarlord (placed 21st)

MYM6 Sloth by MasterWarlord (placed 5th)

MYM2 Alphonse Elric by chubb-o-wub

MYM4 Alphonse Elric by Dokutayuu

MYM5 Edward Elric by TWILTHERO

MYM5 FMA Man (Envy) by MasterWarlord

MYM5 Lust by MasterWarlord

MYM5 Wrath by Baloo and SirKibble

MYM6 Envy by MasterWarlord

MYM6 Edward Elric by Hyper_Ridley


MYM13 Deathborn by Big Mac (placed 7th)

MYM2 Captain Douglas J. Falcon by Keykid19

MYM2 Samurai Goroh by Illusive

MYM3 Black Shadow by Illusive

MYM6 Mighty Gazelle by Dokutayuu

Golden Sun

MYM5 Mia by Tanookie (placed 32nd)

MYM2 Felix by KiraNumber7

MYM2 Isaac by Harkness

MYM2 Isaac by The_Great_Panda

MYM2 Ivan by SirKibble

MYM3 Felix by Roy-Kun

MYM3 Garet by mantlecore77

MYM3 Isaac by The Great Panda

MYM4 Isaac by Skyshroud

MYM6 Mia by _calming rain_

MYM10 Jenna by SirKibble

Guild Wars

MYM5 Gwen by Chris Lionheart (placed 28th)

MYM13 The Thief by Violenceman (placed 35th)

MYM2 Aiden by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Shiro Tagachi by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Death’s Mistress by Mindsmasher


MYM3 Gigan by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM9 Godzilla by Crewx

MYM9 Kiryu MG III by Crewx

MYM10 Gigan by Zook

Guilty Gear

MYM2 Bridget by quarzark (placed 39th)

MYM3 Sol Badguy by smashbot266

MYM4 Robo-Ky II by Lemonwater


MYM2 Chibodee Crocket by Shadow5567

MYM4 Gundam 00 by Darkslash

MYM5 RX-78-2 by Darkslash

MYM5 MSN-00100 by Darkslash

MYM7 Hambrabi by ieyasu tokugawa


MYM2 Digital Ph33r Master Chief by bivunit94

MYM2 Master Chief by quatripain

MYM3 Master Chief by kiki52

MYM4 Master Chief by cutter

MYM6 Master Chief by Budget Player Cadet_

Harry Potter

MYM2 Ginny Weasley by cena_wolf (placed 18th)

MYM13 Lord Voldemort by BKupa666 (placed 24th)

MYM3 Harry Potter by BKupa666

MYM6 Lord Voldemort by BKupa666

Haruhi Suzumiya

MYM1 Suzumiya Haruhi by Drascin

MYM2 Nagato Yuki by Professional Idiot

MYM4 SOS Brigade by Pelikinesis


MYM6 Kee-Mo-Shi by n88_2004

MYM11 Tul-Bak-Ra by n88_2004

MYM12 Isamu by n88_2004

Homestar Runner

MYM1 Homestar Runner by GreatClayMonkey

MYM1 Strong Bad by Patchi

MYM2 Trogdor by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Bear holding a Shark by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Pom Pom by TVTMaster

MYM3 Shapeshifter Strong Bad by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Teen Girl Squad by Sonic the Baron

MYM8 Strong Bad by HeoandReo

MYM13 Strong Bad by Davidreamcatcha

Homestuck series

MYM10 Gamzee by ForwardArrow (placed 48th)

MYM12 Doc Scratch by ForwardArrow (placed 21st)

MYM12 Karkat by majora_787 (placed 39th)

MYM13 Rose Lalonde by agidius (placed 22th)

MYM13 Sawtooth and Squarewave by majora_787 (placed 18th)

MYM9 Aradia Megido by crash826

MYM12 Equius Zahhak by PostmortemMessiah

MYM12 Sovereign Slayer by majora_787

MYM12 Terezi by majora_787

General Horror Games

MYM13 Mike Dawson by Junahu (placed 8th)

MYM1 Willis Brooke (Full Metal Uprising) by tirkaro

MYM2 (American McGee’s) Alice by Evilgidgit

MYM2 Maria (Sadness) by Kiki52

MYM3 Zombie by KoJ

MYM4 Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4) by MarthTrinity

MYM5 Mad Hatter (American McGee’s Alice) by evilgidgit

MYM9 Fat Zombie (Splatterhouse 3) by MasterWarlord

MYM9 Raw Shock (Silent Hill) by peeup

MYM11 Uboa by Sir_Slash


MYM10 Mr. Banbollow by Smash Daddy (placed 11th)

MYM13 Cashman by Smash Daddy (placed 4th)

MYM13 Killerman by ForwardArrow (placed 48th)

MYM13 Michael Reynolds by Smash Daddy (placed 5th)

MYM13 Queen Worm by Big Mac and Smash Daddy (placed 29th)

MYM13 Trent by Big Mac (placed 13th)

MYM13 Zodick the Hellhog by Big Mac (placed 20th)

Internet and Computer Randomness

MYM1 Anonymous by Kirby M.D (placed 1st)

MYM1 Firefox by vVv ChiboSempai (placed 45th)

MYM2 Meme Man by smashbot226 (placed 4th)

MYM4 Anonymous by Kholdstare (placed 38th)

MYM5 Richard (Looking for Group) by SirKibble (placed 26th)

MYM13 Lizard by ForwardArrow (placed 2nd)

MYM1 The Cursor by Sir Bedevere

MYM2 Dr. Octagonapus by BronzeBlade7

MYM3 Animator & Animation by peeup

MYM3 Bear holding a Shark by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Bitey of Brackenwood by GreatClayMonkey

MYM3 The Chosen One (Animator Vs Animation) by SirKibble

MYM3 Clipit by agidius

MYM3 Egoraptor by MarthTrinity

MYM3 Lolcat by agidius

MYM4 Black Mage Evilwizardington by Twilight-Emblem

MYM4 Smiley by john9blue

MYM4 Stickman by Akiak

MYM4 YouTube Toilet by Sonic the Baron

MYM6 Mekuri Master by tirkaro

MYM6 Thief Khee’bler by agidius

MYM11 QWOP by Kholdstare

I Wanna be The Guy

MYM5 The Kid by agidius (placed 7th)

MYM3 The Kid by Darkurai

MYM3 The Kid by Captain Pissweak

Katawa Shoujo

MYM11 Kenji and Hisao by darth meanie

MYM12 Emi Ibarazaki by Katapultar

MYM12 Lilly Satou and Hanako Ikezawa by half_silver28

MYM12 Rin Tezuka by smashbot226

Kid Icarus series

MYM3 Grim Reaper by KingK.Rool (placed 32nd)

MYM6 Eggplant Wizard by Wizzerd (placed 26th)

MYM12 Tempura Wizard by majora_787

Kingdom Hearts

MYM3 Sora by Chief Mendez (placed 40th)

MYM7 Axel by Kholdstare (placed 41st)

MYM8 Ventus by TWILTHERO (placed 45th)

MYM12 Larxene by Junahu (placed 11th)

MYM12 Luxord by Katapultar (placed 4th)

MYM12 Lexaeus by ProfPeanut (placed 31st)

MYM12 Marluxia by MarthTrinity (placed 20th)

MYM12 Vexen by Kholdstare (placed 45th)

MYM12 Xemnas by smashbot226 (placed 43rd)

MYM12 Zexion by ProfPeanut (placed 7th)

MYM13 Young Xehanort by Katapultar (placed 50th on raw top 50)

MYM1 Sora by peeup

MYM2 Riku by The_Great_Panda

MYM2 Sora by BlueYoshiPinkShoes

MYM3 Demyx by peeup

MYM3 Sora by Conspiracy

MYM3 Sora by tarman727

MYM3 Xemnas by smashbot226

MYM3 Xigbar by smashbot226

MYM4 Marluxia by princesspeachluver13

MYM4 Vexen by princesspeachluver13

MYM4 Zexion by princesspeachluver13


MYM10 Sora by Chaos Swordsman

MYM12 Axel by Kholdstare

MYM12 Demyx by FrozenRoy

MYM12 Roxas by Kholdstare

MYM12 Saix by Kholdstare

MYM12 Xaldin by ProfPeanut

MYM12 Xigbar by smashbot226

Kirby Series

MYM4 Chef Kawasaki by KingK.Rool (placed 1st)

MYM2 Adeleine by SirKibble (placed 36th)

MYM2 Biospark by SirKibble (placed 47th)

MYM3 Powers Kirby by KingK.Rool (placed 6th)

MYM3 The Squeak Squad by KingK.Rool (placed 8th)

MYM3 Waddle Doo by SirKibble (placed 29th)

MYM4 Capsule J2 by MasterWarlord (placed 20th)

MYM4 Halberd Crew by MasterWarlord, KingK.Rool, and SirKibble (placed 6th)

MYM4 Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright by SirKibble (placed 3rd)

MYM4 Simirror by agidius (placed 16th)

MYM4 Super Star Helpers by SirKibble (placed 9th)

MYM4 Wheelie by Hyper_Ridley (placed 19th)

MYM4 Wiz by Kholdstare (placed 32nd)

MYM5 Computer Virus by SkylerOcon, SirKibble and MarthTrinity (placed 29th)

MYM5 Miracle Matter by KingK.Rool (placed 4th)

MYM5 Super Star Helpers: Ultra by SirKibble (placed 17th)

MYM6 Adeleine by SirKibble (placed 14th)

MYM7 Bomber by Koppakirby (placed 49th)

MYM9 Shotzo by Plorf (placed 41st)

MYM11 Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy (placed 23rd)

MYM11 Mr. Dooter by SirKibble (placed 47th)

MYM12 Kirby Enemy Team by Junahu (placed 14th)

MYM13 Dark Meta-Knight by Plorf (placed 16th)

MYM6 TAC by KingK.Rool (placed 40th on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Waddle Dee by OddCrow

MYM2 Daroach by Chrono Centaur

MYM2 Knuckle Joe by SirKibble

MYM2 Sir Kibble by SirKibble

MYM3 Kirby’s friends (ChuChu,Coo,Kine,Nago,Pitch,Rick) by Smasherk808

MYM3 Sir Kibble by Akiak

MYM3 Whispy Woods by Smasherk808

MYM4 Blipper by Frf

MYM4 Bonkers by SirKibble

MYM4 Butterfly Kirby by SirKibble

MYM4 Chilly by flyinfilipino

MYM4 Daroach by Hyper_Ridley

MYM4 Dyna Blade by SirKibble

MYM4 Gordo by Chief Mendez

MYM4 Marx by Baloo

MYM4 Meta Knight by Lord Sakurai

MYM4 Squishy by Spadefox

MYM4 Trident Knight by Hyper_Ridley

MYM4 Waddle Dee by Snowstalker

MYM4 Zero Two by majora_787

MYM5 Paint Roller by Wizzerd

MYM6 Daroach by darth meanie

MYM6 Poppy Bros. Senior by Koppakirby

MYM7 Noddy by Koppakirby

MYM11 Dedede Remix by MasterWarlord

MYM11 Galacta Knight by majora_787

MYM11 Goriath by MasterWarlord

MYM11 Landia by Kholdstare

MYM11 Magolor by SirKibble

MYM11 Metal General by majora_787

MYM11 Whispy Woods by SirKibble

League of Legends

MYM8 Urgot by Chris Lionheart (placed 47th)

MYM10 Malzahar by n88_2004 (placed 39th)

MYM10 Wukong by Hyper_Ridley (placed 45th)

MYM10 Yorick The Gravedigger by Hyper_Ridley

MYM11 Rumble by kris121

MYM11 Skarner by Hyper_Ridley

Legend of Zelda series

MYM1 CD-i Link by cdilink  (placed 36th)

MYM1 King Ganonidas Boss by Crom (placed 37th)

MYM1 Mask Link by Sir Bedevere (placed 9th)

MYM2 Toon Zelda/Tetra by SirKibble (placed 6th)

MYM3 Fierce Deity Link by Kholdstare (placed 28th)

MYM4 Midna by half_silver28 (placed 48th)

MYM5 Tingle by Wizzerd (placed 40th)

MYM6 Vaati by SkylerOcon (placed 24th)

MYM6 Zant by KingK.Rool (placed 2nd)

MYM7 Dodongo by Kholdstare (placed 50th)

MYM7 Wallmaster by SkylerOcon (placed 44th)

MYM11 Phantom by Kholdstare (placed 16th)

MYM13 Skull Kid by FrozenRoy (placed 9th)

MYM7 Dead Hand by Wizzerd (placed 41st on raw Top 50)

MYM11 Linebeck by Junahu (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM2 Mask Link by Stroupes

MYM2 Skull Kid by Samurai Sushi

MYM2 Tingle by Smasherk808

MYM2 Vaati by Smasherk808

MYM2 Zant by mantlecore77

MYM3  Cel Link by smashbot226

MYM3 Darknut by majora 787

MYM3 Death Sword by majora 787

MYM3 General Onox by Illusive

MYM3 Impa by Gryphon

MYM3 Midna by Darky Dee

MYM3 Skull Kid by Ris747

MYM3 Skull Kid (Twilight Princess) by majora 787

MYM3 Skull kid w/ majoras mask by –WAMY–

MYM3 Sword Ganondorf by SkylerOcon

MYM3 Sword Zelda by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Tingle by B.B.

MYM3 Toon Ganon by Darkurai

MYM3 Toon Ganon by Harkness

MYM3 Trident Ganondorf by SkylerOcon

MYM3 Zora Soldier by TVTMaster

MYM4 Dark Link by majora_787

MYM4 Harkinian, the King of Hyrule by Spadefox

MYM4 Ocarina of Time Link by Dokutayuu

MYM4 Shadow Beast by Kholdstare

MYM4 Toon Link Remix by SkylerOcon

MYM4 Wolf Link & Midna by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM5 Ganondorf Remake by Budget Player Cadet_

MYM5 Medli by Wizzerd

MYM5 Midna & Wolf Link by drag0nscythe

MYM5 Zant by Condog

MYM6 Gameboy Color Link by n88_2004

MYM6 Kafei by koppakirby

MYM9 Ganondorf Dragmire by tirkaro

MYM10 Majora by majora_787

MYM10 Redead by majora_787

MYM10 Tetra by ProfPeanut

MYM11 Moon Child by Sir_Slash

MYM11 Lord Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel

MYM12 Veran by n88_2004

MYM13 Bang Head Against Wall Guy (Wind Waker) by SirKibble


MYM1 Cthulhu by El_Duderino (placed 8th)

MYM1 Luggage by El_Duderino (placed 35th)

MYM1 Don Quixote de la Mancha & Sancho Panza by MetaLord (placed 38th)

MYM1 Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia the Robbers Daughter) by RWB

MYM1 Waldo by TidalSpiral

MYM3 Firestar by Darkurai

MYM3 Stanley Yelnats by half silver28

Live-Action Film

MYM1 Bob Hoskin’s Mario by El_Duderino (placed 35th)

MYM1 Buddy (Six String Samurai) by El_Duderino (placed 21st)

MYM2 Sweeney Todd by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 32nd)

MYM6 Velociraptors by JOE! (placed 36th)

MYM7 Chucky by BKupa666 (placed 35th)

MYM7 Dr. Strangelove by Wizzerd (placed 4th)

MYM7 Fat Bastard by BKupa666 (placed 39th)

MYM7 The Predator by Frf (placed 26th)

MYM8 Spartan Warrior by JOE! (placed 42nd)

MYM10 Pennywise the Dancing Clown by BKupa666 (placed 2nd)

MYM11 Sweeney Todd by half_silver28 (placed 39th)

MYM13 Willy Wonka by BKupa666 (placed 50th)

MYM1 Kelsi Neilson by cena_wolf

MYM1 King Leonidas by MysticKenji

MYM2 Indiana Jones by sethpenguin

MYM3 The Blue Raja by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 Captain Jack Sparrow by BKupa666

MYM3 Chosen One [Kung Pow! Enter the Fist] by Sonic The Baron

MYM3 Indiana Jones by BKupa666

MYM3 King Arthur by The Real Inferno

MYM3 Master Betty (Kung Pow! Enter the Fist) by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Jack Torrance by KoJ

MYM3 The Spleen by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM4 Audrey II by Zook

MYM4 Babe by Sonic the Baron

MYM4 The Dragonfly by TWILTHERO

MYM4 Happy Gilmore by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Italian Spiderman by Spadefox

MYM4 New Goblin by Pelikinesis

MYM5 The Three Stooges by UserShadow7989

MYM6 Pennywise by BKupa666

MYM8 Jason Voorhees by Katapultar

Live-Action TV

MYM3 Dalek by KoJ (placed 46th)

MYM3 Drake & Josh by TWILTHERO (placed 45th)

MYM11 Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Bill Braski by El_Duderino

MYM1 Dwight Schrute by nobletoast

MYM1 Hyacinth Bucket by Evilgidgit

MYM2 Dr. Cox by the melon!!!!!

MYM2 Gonzo by Evilgidgit

MYM2 Mr. Bill by peeup

MYM2 The Fonz by BronzeBlade7

MYM3 Hannah Montana by nakedsnake

MYM3 King Mondo (Power Rangers) by Evilgidgit

MYM3 Sylar by IvoryFlame

MYM3 Vyvyan Basterd by Sly Fox

MYM5 Peter Petrelli by bivunit94

MYM10 Julius Rock by GibbytheCreator

MYM12 Angel by n88_2004

Looney Tunes

MYM11 Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha (placed 9th)

MYM11 Flat Top by KingK.Rool (placed 24th)

MYM11 88 Teeth by n88_2004

MYM11 Double Header by BKupa666

MYM11 Hammerhead by MasterWarlord

MYM11 Jukebox Jaw by Kholdstare

MYM11 Mouse Man by KingK.Rool

MYM11 Piggybank by Junahu

MYM11 Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha

MYM11 Wolf Man by KingK.Rool

Lord of the Rings

MYM13 Sauron by smashbot226 (placed 30th)

MYM3 Sauron by smashbot226

MYM3 The Third Agers by Chris Lionheart

Lucky Star

MYM12 Yutaka Kobayakawa by Katapultar (placed 34th)

MYM1 Izumi Konota by RWB

MYM11 Ayano Minegishi by Katapultar

MYM11 Chun by Katapultar

MYM11 Yukari Takara by Katapultar

MYM12 Cherry by Katapultar

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

MYM7 Subaru Nakajima by darth meanie (placed 6th)

MYM6 Nanoha Takamachi by darth meanie (placed 40th on raw Top 50)

MYM2 Nanoha Takamachi by Newuser12345215

MYM2 Subaru Nakajim by Newuser12345215

Magic: The Gathering

MYM13 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord by ForwardArrow (placed 1st)

MYM8 Jace Beleren by cutter (placed 30th)

MYM9 Sarkhan Vol by LegendofLink (placed 27th)

MYM10 Teferi by LegendofLink (placed 28th)

MYM11 Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow (placed 37th)

MYM11 Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow (placed 2nd)

MYM11 Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow (placed 3rd)

MYM11 Vorinclex by ForwardArrow (placed 17th)

MYM13 Gatsaf by FrozenRoy (placed 49th)

MYM11 Elspeth by LegendofLink

MYM11 Gatsaf by ForwardArrow

MYM11 Sheoldred by ForwardArrow

MYM12 Grim Poppet by ForwardArrow

Mario Series

MYM9 Bowser Jr. by BKupa666 (placed 1st)

MYM2 Shy Guy by smashbot226 (placed 33rd)

MYM2 Waluigi by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy (placed 29th)

MYM2 Weegee by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 15th)

MYM3 Dry Bones by Iron Thorn (placed 34th)

MYM3 Magikoopa by KingK.Rool (placed 49th)

MYM4 Pokey by The Trophy Master (placed 37th)

MYM5 Bowser Jr. / Shadow Mario by BKupa666 (placed 10th)

MYM5 Bowser Remake by dancingfrogman (placed 38th)

MYM5 Lemmy Koopa by Hyper_Ridley (placed 12th)

MYM6 Mushroom by Jimnymebob (placed 46th)

MYM6 Toadsworth by Meadow (placed 37th)

MYM7 Kamek by KingK.Rool (placed 8th)

MYM7 Morton Koopa Jr. by MasterWarlord (placed 36th)

MYM8 Kamek by n88_2004 (placed 8th)

MYM8 Lakitu by Kholdstare (placed 43rd)

MYM8 Mr. Luggs by BKupa666 (placed 24th)

MYM9 Chain Chomp by n88_2004 (placed 37th)

MYM9 King Boo by BKupa666 (placed 8th)

MYM11 Bowser by BKupa666 (placed 5th)

MYM11 Fire Snake by Zook (placed 31st)

MYM11 Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord (placed 13th)

MYM12 Black Hole Bowser by MasterWarlord (placed 18th)

MYM12 Gooper Blooper by BKupa666 (placed 17th)

MYM12 Jarvis by Bkupa666 (placed 6th)

MYM12 Wizard Bowser by Smash Daddy (placed 16th)

MYM9 Blooper by n88_2004 (placed 44th on raw Top 50)

MYM11 Reznor by MarthTrinity (disqualified from voting by creator)

MYM1 Birdo by Tanea

MYM1 Mr Mario Paint by Oh Gibdo

MYM2 Baby Mario Bros. by SirKibble

MYM2 Birdo by mantlecore77

MYM2 Bowser Jr. by IvoYaridovich

MYM2 Chain Chomp by gorgon.

MYM2 Dry Bones by HYPER-MAN

MYM2 Dry Bowser by dancingfrogman

MYM2 F.L.U.D.D. by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 King Boo by dancingfrogman

MYM2 Old School Mario by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 Petey Piranha by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Princess Daisy by Falchion-

MYM2 Rosalina by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy

MYM2 Toad by veggi

MYM3 Boo by JackieRabbit5

MYM3 Bowser by BKupa666

MYM3 Bowser Jr. by Mario and Sonic Guy

MYM3 Bowser Jr by Snowstalker

MYM3 Bowser Jr. & Nina Cortex by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 Bowser’s Minions (Monty/Blooper/Goomba/Koopa) by theCaptFalconMaster

MYM3 Dry Bowser by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Goomba by Akiak

MYM3 Luigi the HouseWife by -Giga-

MYM3 Mama Luigi by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Mario Kart Mario by the Capt Falcon Master

MYM3 Princess/Athlete Daisy by Jiggy37

MYM3 Shy Guy by Akiak

MYM3 Shy Guy by TVTMaster

MYM3 Toadsworth by Stroupes

MYM4 Rosalina by Baloo

MYM5 Rosalina by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM5 Toadette by Meadow

MYM5 Waluigi by Mythic02

MYM5 Waluigi by Spadefox

MYM6 Blaster by Koppakirby

MYM6 Bowser Jr. by Atomic Yoshi

MYM6 Mario Remix by SkylerOcon

MYM6 Rosalina by n88_2004

MYM6 Tryclyde by BKupa666

MYM6 Wart by BKupa666

MYM7 Bully by Koppakirby

MYM7 Dr. Mario Remix by Koppakirby

MYM7 King Boo by n88_2004

MYM7 Mario (Vs Capcom Mix) by tirkaro

MYM7 Piranha Plant in a Pipe by goldwyvern

MYM7 Sparky ‘n’ Pidgit by Koppakirby

MYM7 Spear Guy by darksamus77

MYM7 Waluigi by Mr. Author

MYM8 Bob-Omb by n88_2004

MYM8 Pokey by n88_2004

MYM8 Toad by Getocoolaid

MYM8 Firebar by n88_2004

MYM9 Ludwig von Kupa by Shy Guy 86

MYM10 Dry Bowser by n88_2004

MYM10 Goomba by n88_2004

MYM10 Sir Weston by BKupa666

MYM11 Boom Boom by n88_2004

MYM12 Amps by n88_2004

MYM12 Bouldergeist by Getocoolaid

MYM12 Bowser Sphinx by n88_2004

MYM12 Bowser the Brash by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 Cap’n Bowser by Junahu

MYM12 Dry Bones by Junahu

MYM13 Kamella by Junahu

Mario RPGs/Paper Mario series

MYM2 Paper Mario by Vulcan55 (placed 1st)

MYM8 Dark Bowser by MasterWarlord (placed 1st)

MYM2 Fawful by IvoryFlame (placed 46th)

MYM3 Goombella by Meadow (placed 47th)

MYM3 Paper Luigi by SirKibble (placed 16th)

MYM4 Cortez by Hyper_Ridley and goldwyvern (placed 15th)

MYM4 Dimentio by MasterWarlord (placed 5th)

MYM6 Paper Mario by SkylerOcon and Wizzerd (placed 28th)

MYM7 Huff N. Puff by MasterWarlord (placed 16th)

MYM7 Mario & Luigi by darth meanie (placed 9th)

MYM9 Fawful by Nicholas1024 (placed 49th)

MYM9 Tutankoopa by KingK.Rool (placed 6th)

MYM11 Dark Star by n88_2004 (placed 19th)

MYM12 Junker Bot by Lucidthought (placed 42nd)

MYM12 Tubba Blubba by MasterWarlord (placed 38th)

MYM13 Kammy Koopa by Getocoolaid (placed 36th)

MYM1 Twink by Sabrewulf238

MYM2 Dimentio by Kitsuneko345

MYM2 Geno by Norm

MYM2 Mallow by mantlecore77

MYM2 Paper Mario by Darkwashu

MYM2 Paper Mario by Stroupes

MYM3 Doopliss by Meadow

MYM3 Mallow by agidius

MYM3 Shadow Queen by princesspeachluver13

MYM3 Shroob by IvoryFlame

MYM4 Count Bleck by Baloo

MYM4 Dimentio by Baloo

MYM4 Paper Mario by Baloo

MYM4 Paper Mario by john9blue

MYM5 General Guy by Apemasta’

MYM6 Koopa Bros. by Koppakirby

MYM6 Lord Crump by Zario777

MYM10 Admiral Bobbery by Getocoolaid

MYM10 Belome by Chaos Swordsman

MYM10 Doopliss by majora_787 and getocoolaid

MYM10 Geno by Chaos Swordsman

MYM12 Count Bleck by majora_787

MYM12 The X-Naut by Waver

Marvel Comics

MYM1 Polaris by PolarisJunkie (placed 50th)

MYM7 Gambit by half_silver28 and Smash Daddy (placed 45th)

MYM9 Dormammu by n88_2004 (placed 7th)

MYM9 Shuma-Gorath by MarthTrinity (placed 16th)

MYM9 Thanos by cutter (placed 48th)

MYM10 Ghost Rider by Kholdstare (placed 41st)

MYM10 MODOK by smashbot226 (placed 37th)

MYM10 Spider-Man by Nicholas1024 (placed 36th)

MYM11 J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord (placed 20th)

MYM12 Kang the Conqueror by n88_2004 (placed 9th)

MYM12 Nova by n88_2004 (placed 50th)

MYM10 Venom by n88_2004 (placed 42nd on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Eye-Scream by PolarisJunkie

MYM1 Thanos by LgndKnight

MYM2 Dr. Doom by IvoryFlame

MYM2 Juggernaut by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Thor by IvoryFlame

MYM5 Spiderman by JOE!

MYM7 Spiderman by Mr. Universe

MYM7 Venom by goldwyvern

MYM8 Black Cat by n88_2004

MYM9 Crimson Cowl by n88_2004

MYM9 Dr. Strange by n88_2004

MYM9 Fantomex by n88_2004

MYM10 Deadpool by Dark Paladin X

MYM10 Rocket Raccoon by smashbot226

MYM10 Satana by n88_2004

MYM10 Storm by Tanookie

MYM11 Jeff Madrox by n88_2004

MYM12 Sentinel by lordvaati

MYM12 Star-Lord by smashbot226

MYM13 Sandman by Nicholas1024

MYM13 Spiral by n88_2004

Mass Effect

MYM7 Harbinger by darth meanie (placed 17th)

MYM6 Saren by darth meanie

MYM10 Commander Shepard by LegendofLink

Megaman series (Classic, Battle Network, Legends and Starforce)

MYM2 Colonel.EXE by MarthTrinity (placed 45th)

MYM2 Protoman by SirKibble (placed 26th)

MYM3 Bass.EXE by Hyper Ridley (placed 22nd)

MYM3 Enker by Hyper Ridley (placed 42nd)

MYM4 Gemini Man by SirKibble (placed 14th)

MYM4 Mega Man by Chief Mendez (placed 46th)

MYM4 Roll (Battle Network) by Meadow (placed 23rd)

MYM5 Airman by agidius (placed 31st)

MYM5 Bass and Treble by Hyper_Ridley (placed 14th)

MYM5 Bubble Man by agidius (placed 22nd)

MYM5 Heat Man by SirKibble and Plorf (placed 23rd)

MYM5 Metal Man by Plorf (placed 9th)

MYM6 BubbleMan.EXE by darth meanie (placed 29th)

MYM6 Dr.Wily by UserShadow7989 (placed 50th)

MYM6 Hornet Man by agidius (placed 17th)

MYM6 Tomahawk Man by Plorf (placed 31st)

MYM7 Sheep Man by agidius (placed 3rd)

MYM7 VideoMan.EXE by darth meanie (placed 10th)

MYM8 Burst Man by Koppakirby (placed 29th)

MYM8 Concrete Man by Kholdstare (placed 31st)

MYM8 Megaman 10 Protoman by Junahu (placed 32nd)

MYM8 Napalm Man by agidius (placed 34th)

MYM8 Strike Man by MarthTrinity (placed 21st)

MYM9 Airman by Junahu (placed 32nd)

MYM10 DarkMega by darth meanie (placed 13th)

MYM10 Galaxy Man by Nicholas1024 (placed 16th)

MYM11 CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024 (placed 18th)

MYM11 Knight Man by Kholdstare (placed 50th)

MYM13 Beastman.EXE by FrozenRoy (placed 40th)

MYM13 Bubbleman.EXE by Nicholas1024 (placed 11th)

MYM13 Pharaoh Man by agidius (placed 19th)

MYM8 Van Pookin by Plorf (placed 44th on raw Top 50)

MYM10 Ice Man by Haylstorm (placed 49th on raw Top 50)

MYM4 Mega Man 9: Mega Man by Junahu (disqualified from voting)

MYM1 Bass.EXE by samusrules93

MYM2 Dr. Wily by mantlecore77

MYM2 Eddie and Beat by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 Megaman.EXE by SirKibble

MYM3 Cutman by SirKibble

MYM3 Gemini Spark by Spadefox

MYM3 Megaman StarForce by Delta BP26

MYM3 Numberman.EXE by Spadefox

MYM3 ServBot by PKSkyler

MYM4 Galaxy Man by KingK.Rool

MYM4 Protoman by SirKibble

MYM4 Protoman.EXE by SonicBoom2

MYM4 Rock Volnutt & Roll Caskett by ~Cruxis~

MYM4 Top Man by Pelikinesis

MYM5 Megaman.EXE by SkylerOcon

MYM6 Doc Robot by goldwyvern

MYM6 ProtoMan.EXE by darth meanie

MYM6 Servbot by UserShadow7989

MYM7 Chill Man by Kholdstare

MYM7 Hard Man by Koppakirby

MYM7 Wood Man by agidius

MYM8 Solar Man by Plorf

MYM9 Megaman.EXE by Nicholas1024

MYM10 Concrete Man by Nicholas1024

MYM10 Gemini Man by Nicholas1024

MYM11 Bass.EXE by phatcat203

MYM13 Drillman.EXE by Nicholas1024

MYM13 Flashman.EXE by Nicholas1024

Megaman X and ZX/Zero series

MYM5 Acid Seaforce by Hyper_Ridley and Spadefox (placed 1st)

MYM2 Vent by The_Great_Panda (placed 3rd)

MYM5 Leviathan by Chris Lionheart (placed 45th)

MYM6 Vile by Hyper_Ridley and Plorf (placed 44th)

MYM6 Wheel Gator by Hyper_Ridley and goldwyvern (placed 22nd)

MYM5 Ashe/Gray by Spadefox (disqualified from Top 50)

MYM1 MegamanX by Norm

MYM2 Anubis by CbGreiga

MYM2 Megaman (X) by Adapt

MYM2 Sigma by mantlecore77

MYM2 Zero by Chris Lionheart

MYM2 Zero (Megaman Zero) by Shadow5567

MYM2 Zero (Megaman Zero) by The_Great_Panda

MYM3 Sigma by Deception

MYM3 Vulturon by Hyper Ridley

MYM3 Zero by Shadow5567

MYM4 Overdrive Ostrich by goldwyvern

MYM4 Zero by Chris Lionheart

MYM6 Maha Ganeshariff by Plorf

MYM8 Deathtanz Mantisk by Plorf

MYM8 Childre by Thrice

MYM9 Flame Hyenard by Nicholas1024

MYM11 Fefnir by Nicholas1024

MYM11 Harpuia by Nicholas1024

MYM11 Leviathan by Nicholas1024 and majora_787

MYM11 Phantom by Nicholas1024

Metal Gear series

MYM3 Grey Fox by Chief Mendez (placed 5th)

MYM5 Raiden by Smash Daddy (placed 2nd)

MYM7 Revolver Ocelot by UserShadow7989 (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Zero Suit Snake by Super Drybones

MYM2 Johnny Sasaki by hippochinfat!

MYM2 Metal Gear Awesome Snake by Sun-Wukong

MYM3 Beauty and the Beast unit by Hyper Ridley

MYM3 Fatman by KoJ

MYM3 Raiden by tarman727

MYM4 AI Colonel by MasterWarlord

MYM5 Fatman by MasterWarlord and KoJ

MYM5 Revolver Ocelot by UserShadow7989


MYM7 Mogenar by Hyper_Ridley (placed 32nd)

MYM7 Samus Remix by JOE! (placed 22nd)

MYM8 Helios by Hyper_Ridley (placed 19th)

MYM7 Omega Pirate by Hyper_Ridley (placed 47th on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Phaaze by Darkurai

MYM1 Samus by courte

MYM2 Dark Samus by Sentey

MYM2 Ridley by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Rundas by MetaRidleyX

MYM2 Trace by Ramigigon

MYM3 Meta Ridley by majora 787

MYM3 Noxus by Delta BP26

MYM3 Omega Ridley by Hyper Ridley

MYM3 Ridley by Mario and Sonic Guy

MYM3 Ridley by SmashBrosMike

MYM3 Sylux by majora 787

MYM4 Ghor by majora_787

MYM4 Light Suit Samus by majora_787

MYM4 Rundas by cjrocker

MYM4 SA-X by PowerBomb

MYM5 Ridley by drag0nscythe

MYM6 Ghor by kirbywizard

MYM6 Gorea by Katapultar

MYM6 Gorea (. . .again) by Katapultar

MYM6 Nightmare by Katapultar

MYM6 Samus Aran by Katapultar

MYM7 Dark Samus by darksamus77

MYM8 Dark Samus by n88_2004

MYM9 Dark Samus by Nicholas1024

MYM10 Meta Ridley by vVv Rapture

MYM10 Trace by majora_787

MYM11 Kanden by n88_2004

MYM12 Phantoon by majora_787

Mischief Makers

MYM10 Marina Liteyears by Gcubedude (placed 42nd)

MYM2 Marina Liteyears by Raging-Banebou

MYM4 Cat Clancer by Chief Mendez

MYM4 Marina Liteyears by Shake~

MYM7 Marina Liteyears by IndigoFenix

Mortal Kombat

MYM2 Scorpion by fly666monkey

MYM3 Reptile by SmashBrosMike

MYM3 Scorpion by SmashBrosMike

MYM13 Shang Tsung by Getocoolaid

Mother series

MYM2 Kumatora by RWB (placed 40th)

MYM2 Teen Ness by PKSkyler (placed 11th)

MYM6 Negative Man by MarthTrinity (placed 10th)

MYM2 Jeff Andonuts by PKSkyler

MYM2 Paula Polestar by Kiki52

MYM2 Poo by PKSkyler

MYM3 Paula by PKPower

MYM3 Paula Polestar by PKSkyler

MYM3 Pokey Minch by PKSkyler

MYM3 Starmen by PKSkyler

MYM4 Kumatora by Baloo

MYM4 Salsa and Fassad by Weldar

MYM5 Jealous Bass by Baloo

MYM6 Guardian Digger by Koppakirby

MYM10 Hostile Elder Oak by MarthTrinity


MYM1 Ludwig Van Beethoven by MetaLord (placed 12th)

MYM2 Weird Al Yankovic by El Duderino (placed 5th)

MYM4 Electroplankton by Akiak (placed 41st)

MYM1 Anthony Kiedis by :034: by

MYM1 Dimedag Darrel by Sentinel

MYM1 Eddie by Z.Hoot

MYM1 Hatsune Miku by Patchi

MYM1 The Phantom of the Opera by Darkfur

MYM1 Tori Amos by PrettyGoodYear

MYM2 Jimi Hendrix by Sonic The Baron

MYM2 Judy Nails by Moon/Sun

MYM2 Maestro Max by Darkurai

MYM2 The White Stripes by MajinNecro69

MYM3 Elite Beat Agents by The Real Inferno

MYM3 Herman Li by piman42

MYM3 Highwayman by peeup

MYM3 Joe Perry by IvoryFlame

MYM4 Eddie the Head by Sonic the Baron

MYM4 James Hetfield by goldwyvern

MYM4 Three Days Grace by TWILTHERO

MYM5 Agent J (Elite Beat Agents) by UserShadow7989

MYM6 Me by peeup

MYM7 One Man Band by Kris121

MYM11 Len Kagamine by Sir Slash

My Little Pony

MYM10 Fluttershy by Junahu (placed 15th)

MYM10 Rainbow Dash by MarthTrinity (placed 14th)

MYM10 Twilight Sparkle by Davidreamcatcha (placed 47th)

MYM11 Octavia by ProfPeanut (placed 28th)

MYM10 Applejack by Kholdstare

MYM10 Pinkie Pie by Davidreamcatcha and Smashbot226

MYM10 Rarity by Kholdstare

MYM10 Trixie by BladeKnight420

MYM11 Cutie Mark Crusaders by SirKibble

MYM11 Zecora by smashbot226

MYM13 Derpy Hooves by The Warrior of Many Faces

MYM13 The Flim-Flam Brothers by Getocoolaid

MYM13 Garble by Hyper_Ridley

MYM13 King Sombra by Hyper_Ridley

MYM13 Queen Chrysalis by Kholdstare

MYM13 Trixie by The Warrior of Many Faces

Myths and Folklore and Religion

MYM3 Headless Horseman by KingK.Rool (placed 3rd)

MYM5 Father Time by KingK.Rool (placed 43rd)

MYM8 Dionysus by BKupa666 (placed 11th)

MYM13 Headless Horseman by FrozenRoy (placed 42th)

MYM1 Lord Odysseus by The Nerd

MYM2 God by Sudsy86_

MYM3 Santa Claus by BronzeBlade7

MYM4 Odysseus by MarthTrinity

MYM7 The Elves by KingK.Rool

MYM13 Bigfoot by Bionichute

MYM4 Sasuke Uchiha by TWILTHERO (placed 40th)

MYM7 Nara Shikamaru by agidius (placed 28th)

MYM1 Naruto by GreatClayMonkey

MYM1 Uchiha Sasuke by MysticKenji

MYM2 Hinata Hyuga by Evilgidgit


MYM4 Kakashi Hatake by phatcat203

MYM4 Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru by majora787

MYM4 Naruto by sonicshadowshowdown

MYM4 Shikamaru Nara by peeup

MYM6 Itachi Uchiha by TWILTHERO

MYM6 Sasuke Uchiha by AKC12

MYM7 Kisame Hoshigake by ieyasu tokugawa

MYM10 Evil Naruto by StreamOverlord

No More Heroes series

MYM1 Travis Touchdown by Lelouch Vi Britannia

MYM2 Travis Touchdown by MarthTrinity

MYM9 Harvey Moisewitsch Volodarskii by getocoolaid

MYM10 Bad Girl by Getocoolaid

MYM11 Margaret Moonlight by Getocoolaid

MYM11 New Destroyman by majora_787

Random Objects and Animals

MYM1 The Nog by omega_ridley_X (placed 40th)

MYM4 Wispa by Junahu (placed 45th)

MYM2 Bug by Zook

MYM2 Link Cable by Zook

MYM3 A Rock by pure awesome

MYM3 Computer Trolley by Evilgidgit

MYM3 Pictionary Man by zacharia zako

MYM4 Bagel by Baloo

MYM4 Nintendo DS by missingnomaster

MYM4 Roomba by hyperhopper

MYM12 MegaMan X6 Gamebox by Waver


MYM9 Amaterasu by TWILTHERO (placed 36th)

MYM2 Ameratasu by ike is solid

MYM11 Okami Amaterasu by Holder of the Heel

Old-School games

MYM4 Mach Rider by Chief Mendez (placed 7th)

MYM6 Takamaru by Wizzerd (placed 43rd)

MYM2 L Block by MarthTrinity

MYM2 Pong Paddle by Velda

MYM4 The Ghost Gang (Pac-Man Ghosts) by Baloo

MYM4 Pac-Man by Baloo

MYM5 Balloon Fighter by SirKibble

MYM6 Spade Invaders by Koppakirby

MYM6 Sukapon by Wizzerd

MYM9 Tetris by Getocoolaid

MYM9 Pong by Nicholas1024

One Piece

MYM1 Roronoa Zoro by MetaLord (placed 29th)

MYM3 Gecko Moria by KoJ (placed 23rd)

MYM3 Monkey D. Luffy by KoJ

MYM3 Portgaz D. Trace by piman42

MYM6 Kalifa by kirbywizard

MYM6 Mr. 2 Bon Kurie by kirbywizard

MYM6 Perona by kirbywizard

MYM7 Monkey D. Luffy by Monkey D. AWESOME

Original Characters

MYM1 Flying Dutchman by :034: (placed 27th)

MYM1 Cena by cena_wolf (placed 15th)

MYM1 Cromag by Copperpot (placed 4th)

MYM1 Aves by Copperpot (placed 11th)

MYM1 Taga by Eaode (placed 13th)

MYM1 Fawriel by Fawriel (placed 5th)

MYM1 Ike by Fawriel (placed 6th)

MYM1 The GreatClayMonkey by GreatClayMonkey (placed 30th)

MYM1 Retsigam by MetaLord (placed 20th)

MYM1 Etheream by OddCrow (placed 39th)

MYM1 Hiro by omega_ridley_X (placed 33rd)

MYM1 Pork Man by RWB (placed 23rd)

MYM1 Elza the Pumpkin Witch by Sabrewulf238 (placed 22nd)

MYM1 Somasu Naitto by Somasu (placed 41st)

MYM1 Rythe by The Nerd (placed 17th)

MYM2 Chris and Ryann by Chris Lionheart (placed 17th)

MYM2 Erutashi Orrandey by Iron Thorn (placed 30th)

MYM2 Fed & Shade by GreatClayMonkey (placed 12th)

MYM2 smashbro by smashbro29 (placed 10th because he’s a cheating asshat)

MYM2 Super Eraser by bivunit94 (placed 25th)

MYM2 The Thing by El_Duderino (placed 20th)

MYM3 Ashencroft by Chris Lionheart (placed 48th)

MYM3 The CEO by cheap josh (placed 36th)

MYM3 Donna Levmen by Junahu (placed 4th)

MYM3 Street Performer by cheap josh (placed 24th)

MYM3 Teigen Kalos by Iron Thorn (placed 30th)

MYM4 Charley’s Ghost by cheap_josh (placed 44th)

MYM4 Hyper_Ridley by Hyper_Ridley (placed 39th)

MYM4 The Sandbags by Chris Lionheart (placed 24th)

MYM4 Skyler Ocon by SkylerOcon (placed 50th)

MYM5 Cutesy Beau by Junahu (placed 6th)

MYM5 Mewthree (Original Character) by Hyper_Ridley (placed 8th)

MYM5 MYM Man by SirKibble (placed 37th)

MYM6 Anne Elmtod by Junahu (placed 25th)

MYM6 Kholdstare by Kholdstare (placed 34th)

MYM6 Spadefox by Hyper_Ridley (placed 8th)

MYM7 Spadefox Remix by Hyper Ridley (placed 25th)

MYM8 The Item Tree by Junahu (placed 28th)

MYM8 Rocket Executive Hugo by MasterWarlord (placed 9th)

MYM9 M.Trinity by MarthTrinity (placed 25th)

MYM10 Aidan of Eander by Chris Lionheart (placed 49th)

MYM10 Chess Man by LegendofLink (placed 40th)

MYM10 E.E.D. Soldier by JOE! (placed 23rd)

MYM10 King Barbovor by MasterWarlord (placed 12th)

MYM10 Robo-Link MKIII by tirkaro (placed 50th)

MYM11 Box Man by Akiak (placed 21st)

MYM12 Smot by Smash Daddy (placed 2nd)

MYM13 Clayton by MasterWarlord (placed 28th)

MYM5 Nature by Horlin/Spadefox (disqualified from Top 50)

MYM1 Comrade Canada by ComradeCanada

MYM1 Malandros Nyclo by Darkfur

MYM1 Kurai Scaten-Oscuro by Darkurai

MYM1 The Cyberjunkie by El_Duderino

MYM1 Yutabooz by fums63

MYM1 Alien Guy by fums63

MYM1 Dude by fums63

MYM1 The Salesman by Insurance Salesman

MYM1 Aku by MysticKenji

MYM1 Kenji by MysticKenji

MYM1 Cally by omega_ridley_X

MYM1 Lupis by quazar games

MYM1 Chatu Ranga by RWB

MYM1 Temali by RWB

MYM1 Fuego by RWB

MYM1 Vooze by Sabrewulf238

MYM1 Edin Notin by SamusLord

MYM1 Sindel by Sindel

MYM1 S0crat3s by S0crat3s

MYM1 Winn by The Government

MYM1 Mikelo Chrors by The Nerd

MYM1 Warxe by WarxePB

MYM2 Aka-Chan by Raging-Banebou

MYM2 Amna Warrior by llovell

MYM2 Cloak Draknitis by WarxePB

MYM2 Mary Sue by HeoandReo

MYM2 PitSnake by DeathNote

MYM2 Quatripain by quatripain

MYM2 Quatripaintha Brawler by quatripain

MYM2 Seamus by Leprechaun_Drunk

MYM2 Steve Underhill by fly666monkey

MYM2 Ultimidget by anders157

MYM2 Underhill and Marissa by fly666monkey

MYM3 Bear Minimum by Illusive

MYM3 Beast Trio by BKupa666

MYM3 Bombastic Bag-man by IvoryFlame

MYM3 Chieftain Tuoli by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Chris Lionheart by Chris Lionheart

MYM3 Cop by Illusive

MYM3 Cutlass by cheap josh

MYM3 Erutashi Orrandey by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Fridgy by Joka

MYM3 Froggy by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Godtier by smashbot226

MYM3 HeoAndReo by Heoandreo

MYM3 Ian Guardian 787 by majora 787

MYM3 Negi-Kun by Negi-Kun

MYM3 Olympic Man by Evilgidgit

MYM3 Philip the forest bear, with anger management issues by cheap josh

MYM3 Pizzaman by cheap josh

MYM3 Ramses by majora 787

MYM3 Ranaru by Harkness

MYM3 Ray Fox by BoTastic!

MYM3 Sin-Paw-Dip by Shadow5567

MYM3 Spaceman G by cheap josh

MYM3 SuperCultist by cheap josh

MYM3 SMASHBOT226 by smashbot226

MYM3 Stanislav “Spade” Serkov by Spadefox

MYM3 Tiggah by BKupa666

MYM3 White Air Knight by HyperFalcon

MYM4 Ashencroft by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Beppo by IvoryFlame

MYM4 Cacturne by Baloo

MYM4 Chemistry Man by SparkZ

MYM4 Doggy & Bear by BKupa666

MYM4 Hobo Santa by Sonic the Baron

MYM4 Kelsey by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Late Christmas Shopper by Baloo

MYM4 Michael by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Moveset Preview Man by Jimnymebob

MYM4 Pyre Fierceshot by Chris Lionheart

MYM4 Sam Lionheart by Chris Lionheart

MYM5 Disaster by dancingfrogman

MYM5 Husayn Janan by Chris Lionheart

MYM5 Kira Trine by UserShadow7989

MYM6 Robo-Link by tirkaro

MYM6 Robo-Link MkII by tirkaro

MYM6 Shadowdeth by dancingfrogman

MYM6 Sixrch Battosai by princesspeachluver13

MYM6 The Errant by Darkurai

MYM6 The Squishy Wizard by Budget Player Cadet_

MYM6 Votarch by dancingfrogman

MYM7 Christmas Man by BKupa666

MYM7 Xamlues by SixrchBattosai

MYM8 Paris and London Traves by MYM’r

MYM9 Keith by n88_2004

MYM10 5 Minute Move Man by Davidreamcatcha

MYM10 Emidius Amarandos by majora_787

MYM10 Mafia Man by Nicholas1024

MYM10 Level 10 Fighter by tirkaro

MYM11 Garrick by majora_787

MYM12 Paper Man by n88_2004

MYM12 Player99 by JOE!

MYM12 The Fighter by tirkaro

MYM12 Y2X by JOE!

MYM13 2/7 Discord by Davidreamcatcha

MYM13 Flozar the Toucan by Waver

MYM13 Grinding Gears by Big Mac

MYM13 Rolled Scroll by agidius

Panel de Pon

MYM5 Elias by SirKibble (placed 21st)

MYM2 Lip by Spadefox

MYM3 Lip by Gryphon

MYM3 Lip by Spadefox

Phantasy Star series

MYM5 Sil’fer by Shake~ (placed 50th)

MYM11 Vol Opt by ForwardArrow (placed 42nd)

MYM8 Sarisa by Katapultar (placed 48th on raw Top 50)

MYM2 Heathcliff Flowen by tedward2000

MYM12 Dark Falz by ForwardArrow


MYM3 Andy’s Toys by BKupa666 (placed 18th)

MYM8 Mr. Potato Head by BKupa666 (placed 3rd)

MYM8 Hamm by BKupa666 (placed 47th)

MYM8 Slinky by BKupa666 (placed 16th)

MYM10 Sid’s Toys by MasterWarlord (placed 7th)

MYM12 The Prospector by MasterWarlord (placed 49th)

MYM1 Buzz Lightyear by Oh Gibdo


MYM2 Wall-E by Sonic The Baron

MYM3 Buzz Lightyear by TheSundanceKid

MYM3 Woody by BKupa666

MYM8 Rex by BKupa666

General Platforming Games

MYM4 Guntz by Spadefox (placed 33rd)

MYM6 Specter by UserShadow7989 (placed 38th)

MYM6 The Greaty Mighty Poo by BKupa666 (placed 19th)

MYM8 Axel Gear by Hyper_Ridley (placed 17th)

MYM10 Cosmic Spacehead by Smash Daddy (placed 33rd)

MYM12 Hockey Man by UserShadow7989 (placed 40th)

MYM2 Chibi-Robo by MPH_G&W

MYM2 Chibi-Robo by the_Capt_Falcon_Master

MYM2 Earthworm Jim by Travis Touchdown

MYM2 Earthworm Jim by PKBoy89

MYM2 Karnov by HeoandReo

MYM2 Stafy by Smasherk808

MYM3 Klonoa by Joka

MYM3 Toku and Enril by Eternal Smasher

MYM3 Ty the Tasmanian Tiger by TheSundanceKid

MYM3 Vectorman by truendymion

MYM4 N by agidius

MYM4 Plok by Pelikinesis

MYM5 Blinx by sandbags06

MYM5 Goemon by drag0nscythe

MYM5 Iji Kataiser by UserShadow7989

MYM6 Lolo (Adventures of Lolo) by Soulless9922

MYM6 Yae (Goemon) by drag0nscythe

MYM7 Joe Musashi by Kaiser6012

MYM10 Drilldozer by Plorf

MYM12 Basaran (Shadow of the Colossus) by majora_787

MYM12 Heroes of the Trine by LegendofLink

MYM12 Ico & Yorda by Violenceman

MYM12 Phaedra (Shadow of the Colossus) by majora_787

MYM12 Quote (Cave Story) by SirKibble


MYM10 Gengar by KingK.Rool (placed 1st)

MYM1 Arceus by Flying Dutchman (placed 42nd)

MYM1 Celebi & Mew by GreatClayMonkey (placed 14th)

MYM1 Feraligatr by :034: by (placed 16th)

MYM1 Flygon by MysticKenji (placed 46th)

MYM1 Furret by Fawriel (placed 32nd)

MYM1 Metapod & Kakuna by PolarisJunkie (placed 19th)

MYM2 Gardevoir by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy (placed 28th)

MYM2 Gengar by Dream Land Works (placed 22nd)

MYM2 Hariyama by kitsuneko345 (placed 38th)

MYM2 Typhlosion by Iron Thorn (placed 43rd)

MYM3 Delibird by kitsuneko345 (placed 31st)

MYM3 Mewtwo by LUVTOY77-ROGUE WIREFRAME (placed 50th)

MYM3 Pidgeot by KingK.Rool (placed 13th)

MYM3 Plusle & Minun by kitsuneko345 (placed 10th)

MYM3 Sandslash by SirKibble (placed 21st)

MYM3 Team Bigshots by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 38th)

MYM3 Team Rocket by dancingfrogman (placed 37th)

MYM4 Deoxys by Chief Mendez (placed 13th)

MYM4 Electrode by KingK.Rool (placed 34th)

MYM4 Snorlax by KingK.Rool (placed 28th)

MYM5 Azumarill by MarthTrinity (placed 35th)

MYM5 Ekans by KingK.Rool (placed 48th)

MYM5 Gligar by kitsuneko345 (placed 47th)

MYM5 Hypno by Tanookie (placed 30th)

MYM5 Jumpluff by KingK.Rool (placed 19th)

MYM5 May by SirKibble (placed 15th)

MYM5 Shellder by KingK.Rool (placed 18th)

MYM5 Steven Stone by MarthTrinity, MasterWarlord, Chris Lionheart, SirKibble, Hyper_Ridley and SkylerOcon (placed 36th)

MYM5 Team Rocket by Junahu (placed 20th)

MYM6 Banette by Katapultar (placed 33rd)

MYM6 Clefable by Junahu (placed 13th)

MYM6 Espeon by KingK.Rool (placed 18th)

MYM6 Mewtwo by darth meanie and JOE! (placed 7th)

MYM6 Scyther by Hobs (placed 49th)

MYM6 Slugma by Frf (placed 47th)

MYM6 Tauros by MarthTrinity (placed 39th)

MYM6 Umbreon by KingK.Rool (placed 30th)

MYM7 Abomasnow Remake by darth meanie (placed 46th)

MYM7 Abra by KingK.Rool (placed 11th)

MYM7 Arbok by Hyper_Ridley (placed 31st)

MYM7 Drifblim by Plorf (placed 30th)

MYM7 Golem by MasterWarlord(placed 40th)

MYM7 Houndoom by UserShadow7989 (placed 38th)

MYM7 Ninetales by MasterWarlord (placed 48th)

MYM7 Probopass by darth meanie (placed 42nd)

MYM7 Sandslash by Kholdstare (placed 15th)

MYM7 Swalot by MarthTrinity (placed 47th)

MYM7 Team Rocket Grunt by KingK.Rool (placed 2nd)

MYM8 Cacturne by Usershadow7989 (placed 35th)

MYM8 Empoleon by TheSundanceKid and agidius (placed 41st)

MYM8 Exeggutor by MasterWarlord (placed 40th)

MYM8 Forretress by JOE! (placed 33rd)

MYM8 Gamageroge by MasterWarlord (placed 14th)

MYM8 Hariyama by darth meanie (placed 7th)

MYM8 Haunter by n88_2004 (placed 26th)

MYM8 Magmortar by darth_meanie (placed 6th)

MYM8 Mr. Mime by flyinfilipino (placed 27th)

MYM8 Nurse Joy by Junahu (placed 2nd)

MYM8 Octillery by JOE! (placed 4th)

MYM8 Torkoal by n88_2004 (placed 44th)

MYM8 Weezing by Smash Daddy (placed 10th)

MYM9 Aianto by n88_2004 (placed 17th)

MYM9 Diglett by Junahu (placed 2nd)

MYM9 Castform by LegendofLink (placed 42nd)

MYM9 Electivire by darth_meanie (placed 26th)

MYM9 Emolga by Junahu (placed 12th)

MYM9 Goruugu by n88_2004 (placed 31st)

MYM9 Jalorda by Hyper_Ridley (placed 9th)

MYM9 Klink by LegendofLink (placed 13th)

MYM9 Landlos by MasterWarlord (placed 22nd)

MYM9 Muk by Smash Daddy (placed 43rd)

MYM9 Pokémon Breeder by LegendofLink (placed 44th)

MYM9 Spiritomb by n88_2004 (placed 23rd)

MYM9 Toxicroak by JOE! and darth meanie (placed 29th)

MYM9 Victreebel by MasterWarlord (placed 24th)

MYM10 Gallade by LegendofLink (placed 27th)

MYM10 Garbodor by Smash Daddy (placed 21st)

MYM10 Gastly by KingK.Rool (placed 38th)

MYM10 Haunter by KingK.Rool (placed 29th)

MYM10 Hoppip by ForwardArrow (placed 25th)

MYM10 Kabutops by Kholdstare (placed 10th)

MYM10 Mismagius by HollowKnight (placed 44th)

MYM10 Omastar by Agidius (placed 9th)

MYM10 Slowbro by MarthTrinity (placed 8th)

MYM10 Team Pedestal by phatcat203 (placed 35th)

MYM10 Trainer JOE! by JOE! (placed 19th)

MYM11 Venustoise by BlackFox (placed 36th)

MYM12 Gardevoir by ProfPeanut (placed 28th)

MYM12 Rattata by FrozenRoy (placed 10th)

MYM12 Rhyperior by JOE! (placed 32nd)

MYM12 Tropius by ProfPeanut (placed 46th)

MYM13 Ace Trainer JOE by JOE! (placed 3rd)

MYM8 Arcanine by goldwyvern (placed 49th on raw Top 50)

MYM8 Sazandora by Hyper_Ridley (placed 44th on raw Top 50)

MYM9 Nattorei by darth_meanie (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM10 Victini by Junahu (placed 42nd on raw Top 50)

MYM1 Tyranitar by Tyrannotaur

MYM1 Darkrai by MysticKenji

MYM2 Darkrai by smashbot226

MYM2 Deoxys by Adapt

MYM2 Deoxys by Harkness

MYM2 Deoxys by Ilex

MYM2 Empoleon by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Espeon by Sparkz

MYM2 Gallade by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy

MYM2 Garchomp by -Slash-

MYM2 Hitmonchan by ginobeeto

MYM2 Hitmonchan by PKSkyler

MYM2 Hitmonlee by PKSkyler

MYM2 Hitmontop by gorgon.

MYM2 Lickylicky by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Magcargo/’Joke Pokemon Trainer’ by Illusive

MYM2 Magikarp by Odlanier

MYM2 Magmar by the_Capt_Falcon_Master


MYM2 Skarmory by kitsuneko345

MYM3 Aipom by peeup

MYM3 Blaziken by Dark Paladin X

MYM3 Darkrai by Charizard92

MYM3 Froslass by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Hippowdon by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 Latias by Evilgidgit

MYM3 Magmar by the Capt Falcon Master

MYM3 Medicham by Smasherk808

MYM3 Meowth by -DXH-


MYM3 Mewtwo by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy

MYM3 Mewtwo by UtterKhaos

MYM3 Mightyena by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Pidgeotto by TWILTHERO

MYM3 Professor Oak by Greenstreet

MYM3 Staraptor by Cease Tick

MYM3 Staryu by SuperMetroid44

MYM3 Treecko by TVTMaster

MYM3 Xatu by Delta BP26

MYM3 Wes (Umbreon/Espeon) by smashbro29

MYM4 Bidoof by The Trophy Master

MYM4 Breloom by Iron Thorn

MYM4 Castform by Baloo

MYM4 Espeon by SparkZ

MYM4 Gallade by I Love Celebi!!208

MYM4 Gold Magikarp by KingK.Rool

MYM4 MissingNo. by airsmasher

MYM4 Professor Rowan by The Trophy Master

MYM4 Scizor by Lemonwater

MYM4 Scizor by UnSaxon51

MYM4 Smeargle by dancingfrogman

MYM4 Tyrogue by Jimnymebob

MYM4 Ursaring by XACE-K

MYM4 Wormadam by Chaos11011

MYM4 Wynaut by Akiak

MYM5 Articuno by Jimnymebob

MYM5 Gengar by Zook

MYM5 Magmortar by darth meanie

MYM5 Marowak by dancingfrogman

MYM5 MissingNo. by MasterWarlord

MYM5 Sandshrew by sandbags06

MYM5 Unown by kitsuneko345

MYM6 Abomasnow by darth meanie

MYM6 Darkrai by darth meanie

MYM6 Delibird by Koppakirby

MYM6 Espeon by _calming_rain_

MYM6 Flareon by KingK.Rool

MYM6 Flygon by Chris Lionheart

MYM6 Glaceon by KingK.Rool

MYM6 Heatran by Katapultar

MYM6 Hitmonchan by Frf

MYM6 Hitmonlee by Frf

MYM6 Hitmontop by Frf

MYM6 Jolteon by KingK.Rool

MYM6 Kangaskhan by KingK.Rool

MYM6 Leafeon by KingK.Rool

MYM6 Ludicolo by MasterWarlord

MYM6 Machamp by BurningCharizard

MYM6 Magnezone by darth meanie

MYM6 Metagross by SkylerOcon

MYM6 Pikachu Remix by tirkaro

MYM6 Poliwrath by Jimnymebob

MYM6 Primeape by Lusitania

MYM6 Rival Trainer by JOE!

MYM6 Roserade by leafbarrett

MYM6 Slaking by 32º Centigrade

MYM6 Slowpoke by Wizzerd

MYM6 Trainer Gold by TWILTHERO

MYM6 Vaporeon by KingK.Rool

MYM7 Bellsprout by Koppakirby

MYM7 caterpie by kingk.rool

MYM7 Cloyster by tirkaro

MYM7 Dusknoir by Neo Exdeath

MYM7 Hunter J by Katapultar

MYM7 Jigglypuff Remix by goldwyvern

MYM7 Jynx by flyinfilipino

MYM7 Lucario Remix by Wizzerd

MYM7 Magikarp by Junahu

MYM7 Onix by Plorf

MYM7 Parasol Lady Madeline by Meadow

MYM7 Psyduck by half_silver28

MYM7 Sableye by Zook

MYM7 Sandshrew by Plorf

MYM7 Shedinja by Katapultar

MYM7 Shuckle by Kris121

MYM7 Unown by Neherazade

MYM7 Venusaur by MasterWarlord

MYM7 Versatile Pokemon Trainer by Katapultar

MYM8 Blastoise by Getocoolaid

MYM8 Dunsparce by Koppakirby

MYM8 Kingdra by Plorf

MYM8 Gengar by wrkngclsshr

MYM8 Glameow by MYM’r


MYM8 Salamence by JOE! and Hyper_Ridley

MYM8 Typhlosion by Crewx

MYM9 Baibanira by Kholdstare

MYM9 Beeheyem by Katapultar

MYM9 Crustle by darth meanie

MYM9 Erufuun by Thrice

MYM9 Gigaiath by Kholdstare

MYM9 Jellicant by darth meanie

MYM9 Keldeo by Katapultar

MYM9 Mawile by crash826

MYM9 MissingNo. by Pikmin3000

MYM9 Steelix by Katapultar

MYM9 Tyranitar by Tenodera

MYM9 Ulgamoth by Katapultar

MYM10 Caterpie by Nicholas1024

MYM10 Cofagrigus by ForwardArrow

MYM10 Conkeldurr by flyinfilipino

MYM10 Genesect by smashbot226

MYM10 Hippopotas by n88_2004 and wrkngclsshr

MYM10 Meowth by lordvaati

MYM10 Mew by mentholcase

MYM10 Thor, God of Thunder by SirKibble

MYM10 Roserade by flyinfilipino

MYM10 Wailord by ForwardArrow

MYM10 Yanmega by LegendofLink

MYM10 Zigzagoon by Junahu

MYM10 Zoroark by smashbot226

MYM11 Buizel by darth meanie

MYM11 Copycat by Junahu

MYM11 Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord

MYM11 Cubone by LegendofLink

MYM11 Dragonite by Junahu

MYM11 Escavalier by Kholdstare

MYM11 Farfetch’d by LegendofLink

MYM11 Glaceon by n88_2004

MYM11 Grovyle by phatcat203

MYM11 Majora’s Sceptile by majora_787

MYM11 Medicham by phatcat203

MYM11 Pachirisu by Getocoolaid

MYM11 Pichu by LegendofLink

MYM11 Pokemon Trainer Mark (Pokemon TCG) by flyinfilipino

MYM11 Shelmet by Clownbot

MYM11 Slaking by ForwardArrow

MYM11 Swalot by Smash Daddy

MYM12 Ampharos by ProfPeanut

MYM12 Cacturne by Zook

MYM12 Chandelure by ProfPeanut

MYM12 Cryogonal by ProfPeanut

MYM12 Galvantula by n88_2004

MYM12 Scizor by FrozenRoy

MYM12 Shiftry by agidius

MYM13 Ghetsis by Katapultar

MYM13 Gigalith by The Warrior of Many Faces

MYM13 Magnemite by Conren

MYM13 Swampert by Kholdstare

MYM13 Zigzagoon by Xiroey

Product Mascots

MYM2 Johnny Turbo by HeoandReo (placed 35th)

MYM9 Windows XP Tan by Junahu (placed 35th)

MYM1 Captain Crunch by SuperSmashBrother

MYM2 Mr. Monopoly by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 The Delicious One by TheSundanceKid

MYM3 DS-Tan by tirkaro

MYM9 Ronald McDonald by Katapultar

MYM11 Count Chocula by Davidreamcatcha

MYM11 Fruit Brute by Clownbot

MYM11 Fruit Yummy Mummy by ForwardArrow

Puella Magi Madoka Magica series

MYM10 Homura by ForwardArrow (placed 22nd)

MYM11 Kyubey by ForwardArrow (placed 44th)

MYM11 Sayaka Miki by SirKibble (placed 11th)

MYM12 Elsa Maria by ForwardArrow (placed 47th)

MYM13 H.N. Elly by Katapultar (placed 15th)

MYM10 Charlotte by Katapultar

MYM11 Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow


MYM6 Disco Kid by BKupa666 (placed 48th)

MYM6 King Hippo by KingK.Rool (placed 23rd)

MYM6 Mr. Sandman by MasterWarlord (placed 42nd)

MYM6 Von Kaiser by SmashDaddy (placed 27th)

MYM7 Super Macho Man by Hyper_Ridley (placed 5th)

MYM5 King Hippo by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM6 Bald Bull by MasterWarlord

MYM6 Bear Hugger by kirbywizard

MYM6 Bear Hugger by MasterWarlord

MYM6 Great Tiger by Kholdstare

MYM6 Little Mac by MarthTrinity

MYM7 Aran Ryan by BKupa666

MYM7 Mr. Dream by Koppakirby

Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari

MYM9 Arle Nadja by Koric

MYM9 Schezo Wegey by Koric

MYM10 Doppleganger Arle by Koric

MYM10 Pierrot by Koric

MYM11 Draco Centauros by Koric

MYM11 Rulue by Koric

MYM13 Witch by Koric

General Puzzle Games

MYM6 Bubbles by Wizzerd ( (placed 12th)

MYM11 Cyrus by Smash Daddy (placed 14th)

MYM9 The Prince by TheKingOfAllCosmos/MarthTrinity (placed 3rd)

MYM1 Prince of all Cosmos by fums63

MYM2 Lemeza Kosugi by HeoandReo

MYM2 Lemmings by Smashed11

MYM2 Professor Layton by TMS

MYM2 Rocket (Rocket by Robot on Wheels) by ph00tbag

MYM3 Zoop Triangle by Eternal Smasher

MYM4 Bubblun by Baloo

MYM4 de Blob by Baloo

MYM5 The Goos by Wizzerd

General Racing Games

MYM11 Beezwax by MasterWarlord (placed 6th)

MYM12 Garbage Man by MasterWarlord (placed 15th)


MYM2 Rayman by Starwarrior27

MYM12 Rayman by Bionichute

MYM13 Mr. Dark by Bionichute

Real Life People

MYM1 Al Gore by frankisvital (placed 47th)

MYM1 Angry Video Game Nerd by The Nerd (placed 7th)

MYM1 Bill Cosby & Squirtle by Cheezball (placed 43rd)

MYM1 Friedrich Nietzsche by MetaLord (placed 18th)

MYM1 Genghis Khan by Insurance Salesman (placed 22nd)

MYM2 Jeff Dunham by the melon!!!!! (placed 27th)

MYM2 Stephen Colbert by IvoryFlame (placed 9th)

MYM4 Ken Hoang by BKupa666 (placed 43rd)

MYM5 Sakurai by TheSundanceKid (placed 24th)

MYM6 Joe Calzaghe by Junahu (placed 32nd)

MYM6 George A. Romero by KingK.Rool (placed 3rd)

MYM7 Jeff Hardy by TWILTHERO (placed 34th)

MYM8 Colonel Sanders by john! (placed 39th)

MYM11 Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool (placed 12th)

MYM13 Randy Johnson by FrozenRoy (placed 41st)

MYM1 Christer Lindarw by RWB

MYM1 Dave Chapelle by adaptor17

MYM1 Fusajiro Yamauchi by Darkfur

MYM1 Hitler by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM1 Les Stroud by WingedKnight

MYM1 Socrates by TheOfficialSonicFanboy

MYM1 Steve Ballmer by Krell

MYM1 Vladimir Ledin by Titan05

MYM1 Yahtzee by Kirby M.D.

MYM2 Barack Obama by cheap_josh

MYM2 Billy Goat Caller by BronzeBlade7

MYM2 Chuck Norris by mantlecore77

MYM2 H.P. Lovecraft by El_Duderino

MYM2 Karl Marx by Steck

MYM2 Norm Abram by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM2 Sakurai by BlueYoshiPinkShoes

MYM2 Salahuddin Ayyub by Kiki52

MYM2 YTMND Sean Connery by Sir Bedevere

MYM2 Shaq by Super Wec

MYM2 Squanto by Super Wec

MYM3 Bear Grylls by Stroupes

MYM3 Ben Franklin by quadz08

MYM3 Emeril Lagasse by the melon!!!!!

MYM3 Houdini by BKupa666

MYM3 Jeff Hardy by TWILTHERO

MYM3 Samurai Panda (SWF Mod) by BKupa666

MYM3 Yau-Man (Survivor) by BKupa666

MYM3 Youko (SWF Mod) by Darkurai

MYM8 Kilgore Trout by HeoandReo

MYM8 Wiz and Kupa by Smash Daddy

MYM9 Wiz & Kupa 2 by Smash Daddy

MYM10 Masahiro Sakurai by BKupa666

MYM13 Ashens by MasterWarlord and Davidreamcatcha

MYM13 George Washington by peeup

MYM13 Lady Gaga by Really Shy Guy

MYM13 Manny Pacquiao by Getocoolaid

General RPGs

MYM1 Viki (Suikoden) by Kips (placed 1st)

MYM3 The Bard (Trickster Online) by Meadow (placed 27th)

MYM4 Viola (Eternal Sonata) by Junahu (placed 29th)

MYM12 Etranger (Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman) by Junahu (placed 36th)

MYM1 Brian (Quest 64) by HyperFalcon

MYM1 Dean (Wild ARMS 5) by Ovan XIII

MYM2 Blue Slime by Zook

MYM2 Levin (Wild ARMS XF) by The_Great_Panda

MYM2 Mag Launcher (Evolution Worlds) by firemario149

MYM3 Brian (Quest 64) by HyperFalcon

MYM3 Django (Bokai by The Sun Is in Your Hand) by Gryphon

MYM3 Drizzt Do’Urden (Forgotten Realms) by pensfan728

MYM3 Fayt Liengod (Star Ocean 3) by The Great Panda

MYM3 Kovomaka Students (Magical Starsign) by Spadefox

MYM3 Parin (Gurumin) by ducky285

MYM3 Rand Marks (Breath of Fire II) by mantlecore77

MYM3 Seal Clubber (Kingdom of Loathing) by Weldar

MYM4 KOS-MOS by ~Cruxis~

MYM6 Akira (LiveALive) by UserShadow7989

MYM6 Will & Freedan (Illusion of Gaia) by PK-ow!

MYM10 Ash (Phantom Brave) by Dark Paladin X

MYM10 Marona (Phantom Brave) by Dark Paladin X

MYM11 Battleheart by smashbot226

Sailor Moon

MYM1 Sailor Moon by Megadio26

MYM1 Sailor Mercury by Megidio26

MYM1 Sailor Venus by Megidio26

Sega (non-Sonic)

MYM1 Billy Hatcher by Sir Bedevere (placed 48th)

MYM2 Ristar by Eternal Smasher

MYM3 Nights by dancingfrogman

MYM12 Billy Hatcher by Junahu

Sgt. Frog

MYM12 Keroro Platoon by Katapultar (placed 44th)

MYM13 Putata by Katapultar

MYM13 Yukiki by Katapultar

Shakugan no Shana

MYM5 Wilhelmina Carmel by SirKibble (placed 34th)

MYM12 Khamsin Nbh’w by SirKibble (placed 29th)

MYM12 Shana by half_silver28 (placed 8th)

MYM5 Yuji Sakai and Shana by half_silver28

Shin Megumi Tensei/Persona series

MYM12 Ameno-sagiri by Smash Daddy (placed 1st)

MYM9 Jack Frost by wrkngclsshr (placed 40th)

MYM9 Pyro Jack by Smash Daddy (placed 19th)

MYM6 Mara by tirkaro

MYM7 Tohru Adachi by tirkaro

MYM8 Amane by wrkngclsshr


MYM9 Jack The Ripper by Smash Daddy

MYM12 Naoto Shirogane by WorkingClassHero

MYM12 Yu Narukami by TWILTHERO

The Simpsons

MYM2 Duffman by Moon/Sun (placed 42nd)

MYM1 Homer Simpson by Rhubarbo

MYM2 Homer Simpson by dancingfrogman

Simulation Games

MYM3 Nintendogs by Iron Thorn (placed 17th)

MYM6 Roller Coaster Tycoon by MasterWarlord (placed 40th)

MYM7 Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? by Junahu (placed 21st)

MYM2 Grim Reaper (The Sims 2) by fly666monkey

MYM2 Jack (Harvest Moon) by Iron Thorn

MYM3 Nintendog by SuperMetroid44

MYM8 Mii by goldwyvern

MYM9 Mr. Minecraft by LegendofLink

MYM11 Mr. Minecraft by ottobot

MYM12 Grox Empire by PostmortemMessiah

MYM13 Cooking Mama by rice819

Sly Cooper series

MYM3 Sly Cooper by piman42

MYM5 The Murray by kris121

MYM8 Dimitri by MYM’r

Sonic the Hedgehog

MYM1 Chaos by samusrules93 (placed 21st)

MYM3 Miles “Tails” Prower by dancingfrogman (placed 35th)

MYM3 Shade by Hyper Ridley (placed 41st)

MYM4 AOSTH/YTP Robotnik by dancingfrogman (placed 30th)

MYM4 Black Doom by Hyper_Ridley (placed 8th)

MYM4 Fang the Sniper by Hyper_Ridley (placed 18th)

MYM7 Silver the Hedgehog by MarthTrinity (placed 13th)

MYM9 Blaze the Cat by Junahu (placed 18th)

MYM10 Color Sonic by Chaos Swordsman (placed 43rd)

MYM11 Chaos 0 by LegendofLink (placed 4th)

MYM1 Every Loop de Loop from Sonic by blackadder

MYM2 Cream by Dark Paladin X

MYM2 E102-Gamma by dancingfrogman

MYM2 Emerl by CbGreiga

MYM2 Espio the Chameleon by Smasherk808

MYM2 Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel by dancingfrogman

MYM2 Knuckles by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy

MYM2 Metal Sonic by dancingfrogman

MYM2 Miles “Tails” Prower by dancingfrogman

MYM2 ‘Real Life SSB’ Sonic & Tails by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 Shadow the Hedgehog by gorgon.

MYM2 Shadow the Hedgehog by Sun-Wukong

MYM2 Tails by AbsoluteZero255

MYM2 Tails Doll by dancingfrogman

MYM2 Vector by Shadow5567

MYM2 Vector the Crocodile by Smasherk808

MYM3 Bark the Polar Bear by Smasherk808

MYM3 Bean (Sonic the Fighters) by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Big the Cat by MasterWarlord

MYM3 Blaze the Cat by Spadefox

MYM3 Chao by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Chaos by Spadefox

MYM3 Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik by Spadefox & KoJ

MYM3 Knuckles the Echidna by LUVTOY77-ROGUE WIREFRAME

MYM3 Metal Knuckles by dancingfrogman

MYM3 Metal Sonic by nakedsnake

MYM3 Rouge the Bat by Spadefox


MYM3 Shadow the Hedgehog by Roymyboy284

MYM3 Shadow the Hedgehog by Spadefox

MYM3 Shadow the Hedgehog by tarman727

MYM3 Silver the Hedgehog by Spadefox

MYM3 Tails by Mario and Sonic Guy

MYM4 Dr. Robotnik by dancingfrogman

MYM4 E-123 Omega by dancingfrogman

MYM4 Metal Sonic by Evilgidgit

MYM4 Scourge by goldwyvern

MYM4 Tails Doll by dancingfrogman

MYM4 Werehog Sonic by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM5 Amy Rose by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM5 Chaos 0 by dancingfrogman

MYM5 Dark Gaia by Hyper_Ridley

MYM5 Eggman by Spadefox

MYM6 E-101 MK II by dancingfrogman

MYM8 Knuckles by Nihongo-ookami

MYM9 Mephiles the Dark by Katapultar

MYM10 Sonic & Tails by LegendofLink

MYM11 Sonic The Remix by JOE!

Soul Calibur series

MYM2 Nightmare by xX Boezy Xx (placed 49th)

MYM2 Tira by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 21st)

MYM2 Yoshimitsu by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 7th)

MYM3 Cervantes by MasterWarlord (placed 2nd)

MYM3 Nightmare by MasterWarlord (placed 7th)

MYM3 Voldo by MasterWarlord (placed 20th)

MYM5 Zasalamel by MasterWarlord (placed 27th)

MYM12 Zasalamel by MasterWarlord (placed 33rd)

MYM2 Cervantes by smashbot226

MYM2 Nightmare by fly666monkey

MYM2 Yoshimitsu by sethpenguin

MYM3 Astaroth by smashbot226

MYM3 Inferno by xX Boezy Xx

MYM3 Ivy by princesspeachluver13

MYM3 Yoshimitsu by MasterWarlord

MYM4 Raphael Sorel by Lenus Altair

Soul Eater

MYM12 Medusa Gorgon by Katapultar (placed 27th)

MYM13 Asura by FrozenRoy (placed 32nd)

MYM6 Death the Kid by TWILTHERO

Spongebob Squarepants

MYM10 The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha (placed 6th)

MYM11 The Appetizer by Getocoolaid (placed 30th)

MYM2 Spongebob by gorgon.

MYM10 Dirty Bubble by MasterWarlord

MYM10 Man Ray and The Dirty Bubble by Getocoolaid

MYM10 Robo-Patrick by Davidreamcatcha

Spyro the Dragon

MYM1 Spyro by GreatClayMonkey

MYM4 Spyro by half_silver28

MYM8 Spyro the Dragon by Crewx

Starfox series

MYM1 Landmaster by MysticKenji (placed 28th)

MYM2 Leon Palowski by smashbot226 (placed 44th)

MYM3 Arwing by Sonic the Baron

MYM3 Krystal by JackieRabbit5

MYM4 Bill Grey by Spadefox

MYM4 Uncloned Wolf by dancingfrogman

MYM5 Leon Powalski by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy

MYM8 General Scales by Crewx

MYM8 Krystal by Nihongo-ookami

Star Wars

MYM1 Jedi Master Yoda by The Nerd (placed 25th)

MYM8 The Secret Apprentice by darth_meanie (placed 50th)

MYM10 General Grievous by n88_2004 and darth meanie (placed 20th)

MYM10 Lord Cronal by n88_2004 (placed 32nd)

MYM11 Darth Vader by n88_2004 (placed 7th)

MYM2 Darth Vader by darth meanie

MYM2 Darth Vader by PKBoy89

MYM2 Lego Darth Vader by IvoryFlame

MYM3 Darth Vader by MyNameIsRyan

MYM3 Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice by xX Boezy Xx

MYM3 Yoda by smashbot226

MYM4 General Grievous by Hyper_Ridley

MYM6 HK-47 by n88_2004

MYM9 Obi-Wan Kenobi by Nicholas1024

MYM12 Chantique by n88_2004

General Strategy Games

MYM3 Shaman (Populous: The Beginning) by Vaul (placed 19th)

MYM4 Advance Army by SirKibble (placed 4th)

MYM2 Battalion War Grunt by bowser king

MYM2 Bomberman by SirKibble

MYM2 King Suren (Bokosuka Wars) by HeoandReo

MYM3 Bulblax by Illusive

MYM3 Nova (Starcraft) by mutalisk332

MYM3 Worm Soldier by SirKibble

MYM4 Ed (Advance Wars) by Mardyke

MYM4 Kerrigan, Queen of Blades by Adapt

MYM5 Battalion Army by dancingfrogman

MYM9 Zephyr (Heroes of Newerth) by Chris Lionheart

MYM11 Captain Olimar Remix by Davidreamcatcha

MYM12 Regulus (Bomberman 64) by Koric

Street Fighter series

MYM3 Chun-Li by HeoandReo (placed 33rd)

MYM3 Dan Hibiki by HeoandReo (placed 43rd)

MYM8 Q by MarthTrinity (placed 18th)

MYM2 Cammy White by PolarisJunkie

MYM2 Ryu by Vulcan55

MYM2 Ryu/Akuma/Ken by peachfvl

MYM5 Cammy by half_silver28

MYM6 M. Bison by half_silver28

MYM7 Seth by ieyasu tokugawa

MYM8 Ken Masters by TWILTHERO

MYM9 Cody by Gcubedude

MYM10 Hakan by smashbot226

Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle

MYM9 Mona and Lisa by Junahu (placed 46th)

MYM9 Blaze by Junahu

MYM9 Yamato by Koric

Super Smash Bros. series

MYM2 Primid by Commander Blitzkrieg (placed 48th)

MYM2 Tabuu by MarthTrinity (placed 14th)

MYM12 Master Hand by Nicholas1024 (placed 24th)

MYM3 Master Hand by Commander Blitzkrieg

MYM3 Mr. Sandbag by Spadefox

MYM3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Darkurai

MYM3 This Game’s Winner by Sonic the Baron

MYM4 ??????? by SkylerOcon

MYM13 Arsenal Primid by SmashShadow

Tales Of series

MYM2 Sheena Fujibayashi by half_silver28 (placed 34th)

MYM6 Arche Kraine by Junahu (placed 6th)

MYM9 Rita Mordio by half_silver28 (placed 39th)

MYM3 Anise Tatlin by darkserenade

MYM3 Colette Brunel by half silver28

MYM3 Colette Brunel by Jiggy37

MYM3 Decus by darkserenade

MYM3 Jade Curtis by darkserenade

MYM3 Lloyd Irving by half silver28

MYM3 Richter by darkserenade

MYM3 Zelos Wilder by Chris Lionheart

MYM5 Raven by Chris Lionheart

MYM6 Jade Curtis by Darkurai

MYM8 Regal Bryant by Junahu

MYM13 Clumsy Assassin (Sheena Fujibayashi) by Junahu

Team Fortress 2

MYM7 The Spy by MasterWarlord (placed 12th)

MYM12 The Engineer by Davidreamcatcha (placed 30th)

MYM13 The Demoman by ProfPeanut (placed 37th)

MYM13 The Sniper by Big Mac (placed 21st)

MYM13 The Soldier by Smash Daddy (placed 10th)

MYM9 The Scout by Kholdstare (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM5 The Heavy by Iceddoughnut

MYM6 The Engineer by Sonic the Baron

MYM8 The Sniper by 32º Centigrade

MYM9 The Medic by Kholdstare

MYM9 The Soldier by Nicholas1024

MYM10 The Pyro by smashbot226

MYM13 The Heavy by agidius

MYM13 The Medic by BKupa666

MYM13 The Pyro by Davidreamcatcha

MYM13 The Scout by ForwardArrow

Tekken series

MYM2 Jin Kazama by Dark Paladin X

MYM3 Jin Kazama by Ultimate Dark Yoshi

MYM4 King by goldwyvern

Touhou series

MYM7 Cirno by tirkaro (placed 37th)

MYM7 Yukari Yakumo by emergency (placed 27th)

MYM12 Alice Margatroid by FrozenRoy (placed 13th)

MYM13 Patchouli Knowledge by FrozenRoy (placed 27th)

MYM13 Sakuya Izayoi by emergency and Junahu (placed 12th)

MYM13 Yoshika by Junahu

Valve (non-Team Fortress 2)

MYM1 Chell by Sir Bedevere (placed 49th)

MYM8 The Infected by Kholdstare (placed 38th)

MYM10 Portal Man by Nicholas1024 (placed 34th)

MYM12 The G-man by Davidreamcatcha (placed 41st)

MYM13 GlaDOS by Getocoolaid (placed 43rd)

MYM13 Nyx Assassin by ProfPeanut (placed 25th)

MYM2 Gordon Freeman by Demp

MYM3 Gordon Freeman by nakedsnake

MYM6 Poison Zombie (Half-Life 2) by Negi-Kun

MYM11 Zombie by Kholdstare

Viewtiful Joe

MYM1 The Joker by The Nerd

MYM3 Viewtiful Joe by BlueYoshiPinkShoes

MYM10 Viewtiful Joe by Chaos Swordsman


MYM5 Arthas by Chris Lionheart (placed 11th)

MYM7 Cairne Bloodhoof by MasterWarlord (placed 7th)

MYM7 Kel’Thuzad by MasterWarlord (placed 29th)

MYM7 Valozarg by MasterWarlord (placed 19th)

MYM8 Antonidas by MasterWarlord (placed 23rd)

MYM12 The Necromancer by MasterWarlord (placed 3rd)

MYM2 Tauren by 6footninja

MYM3 Hunter by peeup

MYM5 Illidan by MasterWarlord

MYM6 Thrall by Chris Lionheart

MYM7 Kael the Invoker (Defense of the Ancients) by peeup

Wario Land and Warioware

MYM2 Warioland Wario by dancingfrogman (placed 13th)

MYM5 Count Cannoli by KingK.Rool (placed 13th)

MYM10 Wario by MasterWarlord (placed 31st)

MYM2 Kat & Ana by ginobeeto

MYM2 Kat & Ana by Smasherk808

MYM3 Captain Syrup by dancingfrogman

MYM10 Ashley by Chaos Swordsman

MYM11 Pyoro by Junahu

MYM12 Mona by LordVaati

The World Ends With You

MYM6 Neku Sakuraba by Apemasta’ (placed 45th)

MYM7 Sho Minamimoto by SkylerOcon (placed 18th)

MYM3 Neku & Shiki by Mardyke

MYM6 Sho Minamimoto by Apemasta’

MYM7 Shiki Misaki by TWILTHERO


MYM8 Sho Minamimoto by Kojow-Jebi

MYM10 Sho Minamimoto by majora_787

Xiaolin Showdown

MYM8 Hannibal Bean by MasterWarlord (placed 12th)

MYM8 Jack Spicer by flyinfilipino (placed 37th)

MYM8 Omi by flyinfilipino (placed 20th)

MYM11 Kimiko by flyinfilipino (placed 50th on raw Top 50)

MYM7 Clay by flyinfilipino

MYM8 Raimundo Pedrosa by flyinfilipino and TWILTHERO


MYM6 Maximillion Pegasus by dancingfrogman (placed 35th)

MYM13 Cold Enchanter by FrozenRoy (placed 34th)

MYM13 Madolche Majoleine by Katapultar (placed 38th)

MYM4 Yami Yugi by Lenus Altair

MYM4 Yugi Moto by flyinfilipino

MYM12 Night’s End Sorcerer by FrozenRoy

MYM12 Two-Headed King Rex by FrozenRoy

MYM12 Zombie Master by FrozenRoy

Yu Yu Hakusho

MYM2 Yusuke Urameshi by PKSkyler

MYM4 Yusuke Urameshi by Lenus Altair

MYM5 Hagiri Kaname by phatcat203

Franchise Stats

So I’ve randomly taken a few more hours out of my life to come up with a ranking system for the 127 franchises that are listed here.  Each franchise received 5 points for each set, and all placing sets received a bonus of 1 to 55 points based on where they placed (50th and 49th added 1 point, and sets that came in 1st added 50 points plus an extra 5 for winning a contest).  Sets that only placed on the raw top 50 were included in this, but disqualified sets were not.  MYM12 sets were not factored into this, as there hasn’t been a top 50 yet.  But yeah, this is a bit of a bonus for people who come back to check on this list ❤

(1) Pokemon: 267 sets (97 placing) – 3574

(2) Original Characters: 150 sets (47 placing) -2008

(3) Mario: 93 sets (28 placing) – 1116

(4) Megaman: 57 sets (30 placing) – 1066

(5) Castlevania: 18 sets (10 placing) – 956

(6) Kirby: 55 sets (24 placing) – 955

(7) Mario RPGs/Paper Mario: 39 sets (16 placing) – 633

(8) Real Life People: 51 sets (15 placing) – 604

(9) Legend of Zelda: 55 sets (14 placing) – 592

(10) Sonic: 58 sets (10 placing) – 559

(11) DC comics: 21 sets (10 placing) – 549

(12) Disney: 33 sets (17 placing) – 512

(13) General Cartoons: 39 sets (11 placing) – 485

(14) General Anime: 46 sets (11 placing) – 477

(15) Live-action film: 31 sets (11 placing) – 400

(16) Donkey Kong: 27 sets (11 placing) – 381

(17) Fire Emblem: 39 sets (8 placing) – 377

(18) Marvel: 33 sets (12 placing) – 366

(19) Kingdom Hearts: 30 sets (11 placing) – 364

(20) Magic The Gathering: 13 sets (9 placing) – 327

(21) Crash Bandicoot: 17 sets (7 placing) – 323

(22) Soul Calibur: 16 sets (8 placing) – 314

(23) Fullmetal Alchemist: 15 sets (7 placing) – 302

(24) Internet: 22 sets (6 placing) – 301

(25) Illbleed: 13 sets (7 placing) – 285

(26) Dragonball: 13 sets (8 placing) – 283

(27) Megaman X: 26 sets (5 placing) – 271

(28) General Platforming Games: 30 sets (6 placing) – 270

(29) Warcraft: 11 sets (6 placing) – 263

(30) Metroid: 33 sets (4 placing) – 245

(31) General RPGs: 23 sets (4 placing) – 228

(32) Pixar: 13 sets (6 placing) – 225

(33) Music: 24 sets (3 placing) – 212

(34) General Action Games: 26 sets (2 placing) – 206

(35) Team Fortress 2: 16 sets (6 placing) – 205

(36) Ace Attorney: 10 sets (5 placing) – 193

(37) Star Wars: 15 sets (5 placing) – 192

(38) General Puzzle Games: 12 sets (3 placing) – 191

(39) My Little Pony: 16 sets (4 placing) – 176

(40) Punch-Out: 13 sets (5 placing) – 170

(41) Mother: 15 sets (3 placing) – 164

(41) Touhou 6 sets (5 placing) – 164

(42) Final Fantasy: 28 sets (5 placing) – 159

(43) Metal Gear: 12 sets (3 placing) – 155

(44) Myth: 10 sets (1 placing) – 151

(45) General Strategy Games: 14 sets (2 placing) – 147

(45) Homestuck: 9 sets (5 placing) – 147

(46) Shin Megami Tensei/Persona: 10 sets (3 placing) – 146

(46) Madoka: 7 sets (5 placing) – 146

(46) Tales Of: 15 sets (3 placing) – 146

(47) Death Note: 9 sets (3 placing) – 141

(48) Wario: 9 sets (3 placing) – 138

(49) Simulation Games: 11 sets (3 placing) – 127

(50) Street Fighter: 12 sets (3 placing) – 123

(51) Valve: 10 sets (6 placing) – 120

(52) Disgaea: 6 sets (3 placing) – 119

(53) Looney Tunes: 10 sets (2 placing) – 117

(54) Capcom: 8 sets (2 placing) – 116

(55) Xiaolin Showdown: 6 sets (4 placing) – 112

(56) Fate/Stay/Night & Type-Moon: 6 sets (5 placing) – 108

(57) Smash Bros. series: 9 sets (3 placing) – 107

(58) Old-School Games: 11 sets (2 placing) – 105

(59) Naruto: 14 sets (2 placing) – 102

(60) Banjo-Kazooie: 12 sets (2 placing) – 101

(61) Literature: 6 sets (3 placing) – 99

(61) Shakugan no Shana: 4 sets (3 placing) – 99

(62) Live-Action TV: 17 sets (3 placing) – 95

(63) Spongebob: 6 sets (2 placing) – 94

(64) Animated Film: 12 sets (4 placing) – 93

(65) General Racing Games: 2 sets (2 placing) – 89

(66) One Piece: 8 sets (2 placing) – 88

(67) Yu-gi-oh: 8 sets (3 placing) – 83

(68) Product Mascots: 10 sets (2 placing) – 80

(69) Harry Potter: 4 sets (2 placing) – 78

(70) The World Ends With You: 8 sets (2 placing) – 77

(71) Courage: 5 sets (2 placing) – 75

(72) Nanoha: 4 sets (2 placing) – 74

(73) Golden Sun: 11 sets (1 placing) – 73

(73) Starfox: 10 sets (3 placing) – 73

(74) F-Zero: 5 sets (1 placing) – 68

(75) Random Objects & Animals: 10 sets (2 placing) – 65

(76) General Comics: 7 sets (1 placing) – 62

(76) Guild Wars: 5 sets (2 placing) – 62

(77) General Beat-em-Ups: 8 sets (2 placing) – 59

(78) I Wanna be The Guy: 3 sets (1 placing) – 58

(78) Mass Effect: 3 sets (1 placing) – 58

(78) Danny Phantom: 3 sets (2 placing) – 58

(79) Kid Icarus: 3 sets (2 placing) – 57

(80) Soul Eater: 3 sets (2 placing) – 56

(81) FLCL: 3 sets (1 placing) – 51

(82) League of Legends: 6 sets (3 placing) – 49

(82) Panel de Pon: 4 sets (1 placing) – 49

(83) Baten Kaitos: 7 sets (1 placing) – 46

(83) Lucky Star: 6 sets (1 placing) – 46

(84) General Horror Games: 9 sets – 45

(84) Homestar Runner: 9 sets – 45

(85) Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross: 7 sets (1 placing) – 43

(85) D&D: 4 sets (1 placing) – 43

(86) Bioshock: 3 sets (1 placing) – 39

(86) General Fighters: 7 sets (1 placing) – 39

(87) Devil May Cry: 5 sets (1 placing) – 38

(88) Phantasy Star: 5 sets (3 placing) – 36

(89) Puyo Puyo: 7 sets – 35

(90) Mischief Makers: 5 sets (1 placing) – 33

(91) Bobobo-bobo-bobo: 6 sets – 30

(91) No More Heroes: 6 sets – 30

(92) Okami: 3 sets (1 placing) – 29

(93) Guilty Gear: 3 sets (1 placing) – 26

(93) Custom Robo: 4 sets (1 placing) – 26

(94) Gundam: 5 sets – 25

(94) Halo: 5 sets – 25

(95) Simpsons: 3 sets (1 placing) – 23

(96) Sega: 4 sets (1 placing) – 22

(97) Blazblue: 4 sets (1 placing) – 21

(97) Sgt. Frog: 3 sets (1 placing) – 21

(98) Bleach: 4 sets – 20

(98) Digimon: 4 sets – 20

(98) Godzilla: 4 sets – 20

(98) Katawa Shoujo: 4 sets – 20

(98) Mortal Kombat: 4 sets – 20

(99) Streets of Rage: 3 sets (1 placing) – 19

(100) Animal Crossing: 3 sets – 15

(100) Cardcaptor Sakura: 3 sets – 15

(100) Haruhi Suzumiya: 3 sets – 15

(100) Rayman: 3 sets – 15

(100) Sailor Moon: 3 sets – 15

(100) Sly Cooper: 3 sets – 15

(100) Spyro the Dragon: 3 sets – 15

(100) Tekken: 3 sets – 15

(100) Viewtiful Joe: 3 sets – 15

(100) Yu Yu Hakusho: 3 sets – 15

(100) Avatar: 3 sets – 15

(100) Heroscape: 3 sets – 15



  1. Holy Crap.

  2. Great list! It’s commendable that you took the time to do this, really. I also like the attention you gave to the MYMing peeps who make sets for the franchises they like. The only thing that could possibly make this list better is if all the individual franchises were put into different pages to make the viewing easier, though you don’t have to do that. Very interesting how certain franchises are dominated or only have movesets done by them from a certain author…

    • Yeah, there’s something special about looking at those six sets of mine under Type-Moon.

      And it really should just say Type-Moon, not F/SN / Type-Moon.

    • The Nanoha franchise has hilarious results. =]

      And lol, the two anime franchises I occupy 5/6 slots of happen to both randomly have had their main characters done by someone in MYM1. One of them’s permanently out of commission for me though, and the other I’m slowly working towards.

      And by the end of this contest, hopefully, the Shakugan no Shana and Katawa Shoujo franchises will be filled up even more, thanks to their respective movements.

  3. Silver you’re a madman. A -MADMAN-

    In other news lol I have the majority of Madoka and MtG sets. And is everything always my fault? (SAD)

  4. >sees Aisling listed under Literature

    It’s called “The Secret of Kells”, Silv. It happened to be nominated for Best Animated Picture.

    • fixed; totally thought SoK was a book (hippo)

  5. maaaaaan. this needs liiiiiinks~

    • Could do with some more bolding and a contents at the top.

      But I can’t say this isn’t fantastic work, Silver. Well done.

  6. trogdor is a homestar character.

    • I knew that, just put him under the wrong category somehow (waru)

      As for other concerns, I suppose I could add a contents section and bolding. But you can just go to the contest listings for links (d) I’m not going through every set a second time. I’ve already done enough insane busy work

  7. also there was another soldier set in MYM2 or 3

  8. This is fucking amazing. Always wanted to see this get done.

    Although yes, Junahu, begin your hostile takeover of this and pretty this list up and put it as a main page on the Bunker. I completely approve.

    Also Valozarg is an OC, and Pixar/DC should be renamed to Toy Story/Batman.

  9. Silver, you’re a madman. A glorious madman.

    The first thing I took away from this list is that there has never been any good moveset made for a character from Star Fox. Most untapped and underused franchise in existence? Let alone franchise that already has three reps in Brawl.

    • No surprise there. We’re talking about characters who Sakurai would’ve obviously taken a lot of creative liberty with and make each of those 3 characters represent their franchise with gadgetry scarcely used in their own games, with the blasters representing the fact that Starfox is a shooting game, and the Side/Up Specials representing momentum, and perhaps the reflectors representing the barrel rolls…and all the characters use these same mechanics in their games albeit with slight personality differences, so no wonder the 3 space animals all have the same movesets! Of course, you could simply take a boss from the dinosaur game or one from the main series and downsize them. Either that, or actually try to make a good Landmaster set, lol.

      Or maybe it’s possible that the peeps here simply don’t like the Starfox franchise, because they got too much of it from Brawl with the over-representation of the animals and the fact that they got top-tier on melee…I’ve never heard it be spoken in the chat.

    • I would argue that Marvel and DC are both far more untapped than Star Fox. Sure, they both have a decent chunk of movesets, but they have so many usable characters it’s not even funny.

    • Let me rephrase, then: as far as legit Nintendo franchises go, Star Fox is more or less the only one that has never received a legit, good MYM set. Kat, you make some good points as to why – but surely that rather strict template (with wiggle room for characterization) is a compelling challenge to SOMEONE or other? I could see Junahu churning out a hell of a Slippy moveset…

      And I remember reading a truly mindblowing idea for an Andross set back before Brawl came out. I should totally plagiarize it (although I’m sure that by today’s standards it’s pretty pedestrian).

  10. Or maybe it’s possible that the peeps here simply don’t like the Starfox franchise, because they got too much of it from Brawl with the over-representation of the animals and the fact that they got top-tier on melee…I’ve never heard it be spoken in the chat.

    Dunno how you haven’t. So much hate for the over-representation/overpowering of Starfox in xat.

  11. This is some pretty damn amazing work, SIlver. Awesome list.

    Apparantly I need to start making more Digimon stuff. How does that have so little?

  12. Color me impressed. Excellent work, Silver.

  13. So many franchises…. Will this list get updated as more movesets are made?

  14. Way to completely ruin sporcle quizzes (crs)

    This is a pretty big undertaking though. Respect.

  15. now accurate up to MYM13!

  16. I actually compiled data for the MYM14 sets a while back and deleted it, but then it occurred to me I could just post it here instead of asking to have the list updated. I thought I lost this data but actually found it hiding away in the corner of my recycle bin, so I’m just gonna post it here in case anyone wants to see. Note a couple of sets might be in the wrong categories due to being difficult to accurately pinpoint a specific “general” category for it, such as with Nintendogs.

    Here goes:

    General Action games
    Strider Hiryu by TWILTHERO (placed 38th)
    Sir Daniel Fortesque by BridgesWithTurtles (placed 42nd)

    Animated Film (non-Disney)
    Little Nemo by peeup (placed 44th)

    General Cartoons
    Ant Hill Mob by Big Mac (placed 24th)
    Gruesome Twosome by Big Mac
    Dipper and Mabel Pines by APC99

    Crash Bandicoot
    Nitros Oxide by valve3 (placed 40th)

    Water Dragon by Junahu (placed 50th)
    Bone Golem by Junahu (placed 25th)
    Carmilla by Junahu (placed 18th)
    Richter Belmont by Junahu (placed 17th)

    DC Comics
    Ares by TheKalmarKing (placed 28th)
    Lobo by darth meanie (placed 23rd)
    General Zod by APC99

    Disgaea series
    Axel by LycorisalKnight (placed 48th)
    Salvatore the Magnificent by Katapultar (placed 4th)
    Magic Knight by Katapultar (placed 35th)

    Vanellope Von Schweetz by Keybladeguy
    Scrooge McDuck by TewnLeenk

    Donkey Kong
    Kudgel by MasterWarlord (placed 6th)

    Guilty Gear
    Slayer by Lemonwater
    Sol Badguy by Lemonwater

    Fate/Stay Night / Type Moon
    Saber Alter by darth meanie (placed 5th)

    Fire Emblem
    Lethe by FireEmblemnier

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Gluttony by MasterWarlord (placed 10th)

    Blood Falcon by Z1GMA

    Kingdom Hearts
    Armored Ventus Nightmare by FrozenRoy

    Kirby series
    TAC by Junahu (placed 49th)

    Legend of Zelda
    Tingle by FalKoopa
    Solider by StaffofSmashing

    Live-action TV
    Zoboomafoo by BridgesWithTurtles

    Lucky Star
    Minami Iwasaki by Katapultar (placed 36th)

    Mario series
    King Boo by JOE! and Smash Daddy (placed 15th)
    Waluigi by Smash Daddy (placed 3rd)
    Koopa Troopa by n88_2004
    Hammer Bro by FalKoopa
    SSB Luigi by FrozenRoy

    Marvel Comics
    Ultron by n88_2004 (placed 26th)
    Spider Man by JOE! and n88_2004 (placed 21st)
    Selene by n88_2004

    Megaman series
    SwallowMan.EXE by FrozenRoy
    Megaman Starforce by Thekewlusername
    Elec Man by APC99
    Blizzard Man by Getocoolaid
    Quick Man by APC99
    Ring Man by Z1GMA
    Magnet Man by APC99
    Guts Man by Conren
    Dive Man by Z1GMA
    Ring Man by Koopakirby
    Dust Man by Junahu

    Omega Ridley by Hyper_Ridley

    Mortal Kombat
    Rain by Z1GMA (placed 31st)

    Movesetter Harems
    Khold’s Harem by Kholdstare
    TWILT’s Harem by TWILTHERO
    Junahu’s Harem by Junahu
    Tirk’s Husbands by tirkaro

    Old-School Games
    Pac-Man by Pacman9

    One Piece
    Jinbe by TheKalmarKing

    Original Characters
    Bubble Witch Marin by UserShadow7879 (placed 2nd)
    The Producer by UserShadow7879 (placed 39th)

    Volknerr by Getocoolaid
    Son Pikong by TWILTHERO

    Phantasy Star series
    Dark Falz by ForwardArrow (placed 20th)

    Croagunk by FrozenRoy (placed 22nd)
    Koffing by Smash Daddy (placed 16th)
    Gyarados by DiamondFox (placed 27th)
    Vespiquen by Conren (placed 9th)
    Pinsir by JOE! (placed 14th)
    Whiscash by BridgesWithTurtles (placed 7th)
    Nidorino by Junahu (placed 41st)
    Rotom Frost by Junahu (placed 29th)
    Avalugg by ForwardArrow (placed 47th)
    Lord Magnemite by Conren
    Ho-oh by JOE!
    Blaziken by Thekewlusername
    Heracross by TewnLeenk
    Pichu by StaffofSmashing
    Trainer Rosa by TWILTHERO
    Jigglypuff Remix by darth meanie

    General Platforming Games
    Spider by Dr. Slavic

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Tomoe Mami by darth meanie (placed 12th)

    No More Heroes
    Bad Girl by TheKalmarKing

    General RPGs
    Vyse by BridgesWithTurtles (placed 19th)
    Nisa by Katapultar (placed 43rd)
    Necrolyte by smashbot226 (placed 37th)
    Riesz by Koric

    Shin Megami Tensei
    Kusumi-no-Okami by Junahu (placed 30th)

    Simulation Games
    Nintendogs by StaffofSmashing, Keybladeguy and APC99
    Steve by Chris Sifniotis

    Shadow the Hedgehog by Getocoolaid (placed 46th)
    Jet the Hawk by BridgesWithTurtles (placed 34th)
    Merlina by tirkaro
    Sonic 06 Eggman by Junahu
    Dr. Robotnik (and the Mean Bean Machine) by Davidreamcatcha

    Star Wars
    Mace Windu by FrozenRoy (placed 33rd)
    Rahm Kota by Frozenroy

    Street Fighter
    Cody Travers by CrossoverMan

    General Strategy games
    ChuChus by BridgesWithTurtles (placed 32nd)

    King by Z1GMA

    The World Ends With You
    Sho Minamimoto by FrozenRoy (placed 1st)
    Megumi Kitaniji by FrozenRoy (placed 13th)

    Reisen Undongein Inaba by FrozenRoy (placed 11th)
    Remilia Scarlet by FrozenRoy (placed 8th)

    The Six Samurai – Kamon by FrozenRoy (placed 45th)

    • Great work Kat. I know Roy has been working on this too so you guys should gather together your information.

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